28 December 2008

The Wyler Nation Vacation Sweepstakes: Contestants

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Here's a preview of the Wyler Nation Vacation Sweepstakes Contestants:

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The Gay Drew Carey

When he asks, "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" He isn't referring to the show...

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27 December 2008

A Little Perspective on Rape, the Law, and the Way We All React to Things


"So this is how it is. The innocent suffer, the guilty go free, and truth and fiction are pretty much interchangeable. ...There is neither a Santa Claus, nor an Easter Bunny, and there no angels watching over us. Things just happen for no reason, and nothing makes any sense." Veronica Mars

As a first year law student I tend to be a bit long winded, they are still teaching me to get to the point. Please read on though, as I would like to present some thoughts for your consideration.

In Wassell v. Adams (Susan WASSELL, Plaintiff-Appellant,v. Wilbur L. ADAMS and Florena M. Adams, doing business as Ron-Ric Motel, Defendants-Appellees.) a woman brought a suit in negligence against a hotel where she was raped. Here the woman could not sue her attacker or bring charges against him because he was unknown to her and not apprehended, at least not by the time this case was tried. Wassel claimed that the hotel had no phone for her, no security for her room or the rest of the hotel, and had failed to warn her of crime in the area that she was visiting. The hotel clearly had knowledge of the criminal element in the area, and had taken some measures to protect its property, specifically theft resistant TV sets. Wassell claimed that the hotels knowledge of crime and response to that knowledge was negligent, the hotel had formulated and executed a response that did nothing to protect or warn its guests! When Wassell was attacked in her room and raped she had no means of summoning help, she had to resort to her own trickery to escape the rapist at much great peril to herself. The reporter sighting for this case is Wassell v. Adams, 865 F.2d 849 (7th Cir.(Ill.) Jan 05, 1989) (NO. 88-1118) for those of you who have a mind to read the facts yourself and develop your own thoughts.

The relevance of this case to Mason’s situation as I see it is that a jury found Wassell 97% responsible for her own rape. When I learned this case I thought it was preposterous, how can anyone be responsible for their own rape? Did she shout “NO” while manually guiding the shaft inside of her? Did she assume some type of vertical splits stance, in the nude, and then knock her attacker off balance so that his penis fell in? Apparently the answer in this case was that compared to the hotel she was 97% responsible for the rape, not compared to her attacker. For me this was unacceptable, and I thought it might be something for the people out in internet land to ponder when they tell Mason he ought to press charges. A court of law can be a very unsympathetic place. In that case no one questioned that Wassell was raped, Wassel was not in any way acquainted with her attacker, and Wassell was not a porn star. Still, Wassell was found in a court of law, before a jury of her peers, to be 97% responsible for her rape. How certain can anyone be that if Mason went to court he would be able to protect anyone from a future attack? Mason has very reasonably pointed out that adults should be responsible for their own actions, and I am trying to point out that the court very frequently says the same thing Mason has said. Going to court is not a choice to be made lightly; it requires a well thought out decision and consultation with a legal expert.

To that end, I should also point out that this was a case before an Illinois court in 1989 and probably not at all indicative of the law in Texas. I am not suggesting that action in court is inherently a bad idea in this case. I just think that writers out there suggesting that Mason’s choice not to press charges indicates some sort of deceit on his part are not as familiar with the law as they would like everyone to believe. The choice to go to court should be made by a legal professional who has a chance to examine the relevant law and the evidence available. The choice not to go to court can reflect case law like Wassell v. Adams, a case reflecting a jury who would not likely have come to a decision that would have vindicated Mason or protected any future victims. Despite the interaction of intelligent and skilled professionals in the legal arena and a jury of one’s peers, the court is at the end of the day a forum for no more than legal transactions and cannot be relied upon for proclamations of truth.

Mason’s choice regarding legal inaction should be viewed as a personal reflection on the inadequacy of the court system and cannot reasonably be used to infer that he is lying about his attack. Anyone who knew the first thing about the law could tell you that much, and thus we must assume that those attacking Mason’s choice are misinformed or naïve, and I hope we can all find some sympathy in our hearts for their ridiculous know-it-all grand standing. Everyone will be able to remember fighting with their parents or a teacher as a young child, insisting that they were right and that they knew exactly what the answer to a situation was, only to find out over time that mom and dad or Mrs. Crabapple at Malow Junior High probably had it right. Apparently, some people take more time to grow out of this phase than others, and I for one will be keeping the maturity and developmental progress of those individuals in my prayers. God speed, foolish queens, God speed.

I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore

In my post titled, "A Guilty Pleasure", I revealed my affinity for Eastern European Bareback Porn Flicks and the boys that star in them. I said that if I was only more daring or more stupid that I would be in Prague getting my ass plowed bareback by all the hot gay cock that the Czech Republic has to offer. Well today I want to confess that I might actually be that daring/stupid. That's right, I can't deny it any longer, I want to be an American barebacking bottom slut for Hot Eastern European Porn Models, taking load after load deep inside me until my ass looks like a torn-up cream filled twinkie. If given the chance I would let most of those Czech boys breed my hole raw but here are a few studs in particular I would LOVE to get used by:

Jose Manuel. In my opinion this guy is down right gorgeous!
With a dick like that I'd let him fuck me any time, any where, and any way he wants to no limits and no questions asked. Just looking at him makes my mouth water and my ass twitch. Hell, as soon as he whipped out his cock, I'd have my ass out with my pants down around my ankles, all he'd have to do is spit on my hole and slide his dick in. My throat and pussy would be his property to use and abuse however he pleased.




26 December 2008

Your Voice Is Irritating

Is there an unwritten law somewhere that forbids people who have been sexually assaulted from having carnal desires and indulging in them? Is there some sort of biological, life-shattering, "I'm a victim so I can't have fun anymore" switch inside all of us that's suppose flip on when someone attacks you in such a manner? If there is then I was born without it and totally oblivious to it. Apparently getting raped is suppose to be immediately followed by the loss of your sex drive and the end of your promiscuity. Apparently getting raped is suppose to replace said sex drive and promiscuity with a life consuming fear of strangers, intimacy, and sex itself. I also didn't realize that after getting brutally raped at gun-point, drugged, and humiliated for a few hours, that you were suppose to be able to think clearly about what to say and do next regardless of how angry you were at the time. I didn't know that you were suppose to have an impeccable memory of the incident and that you were to put your life on hold just to seek vengeance. I mean if I knew all that then I surely wouldn't have gotten raped.

Recently I have become aware of some bitter old queens who have written articles that cited the fact that I have chosen not to press charges and tied that in with sarcastic comments saying I have made a "miraculous recovery" from being raped and "just in time for my Wyler Nation Vacation Sweepstakes." Thus implying that my rape claim must indeed be a hoax. As if being raped is like getting Cancer. Oh yes, I was diagnosed with butt rape cancer, doctors gave me 9 months to live but by the grace of god and two months of abstinence chemo therapy from the outstanding Justice Department Hospital for Butt Rape Cancer, I am butt rape cancer free. Now I'm a changed man! No more gang bangs and flip fucks for me... I don't know about you but I didn't know that rape victims had to go through a life altering recovery period before moving on with their lives.

Mrs. Knowitall, What page is that on in our Human Sexuality Text Book? I can't find it.

I would be lying if I said it hasn't affected me because it has. But in different ways than some people might expect and not to the same extent. At first I was engulfed in anger, I thought I would seek revenge either through the justice system or through other means. But that anger has since died down and I no longer seek revenge or justice, I only long to put this all behind me. So no, I am not pressing charges, he already took away few hours of my life, why would I spend anymore time on him?

Some people voiced the opinion that it was my duty, my responsibility to put the rapist behind bars in order to safeguard others. It's not. If you participate in risky behavior then sometimes there are consequences. People need to learn that for themselves. I did something stupid, I invited a guy into my home that I did not know at all really. I wasn't attacked walking home at night or in some dark alley way. He didn't break into my apartment and rape me, I welcomed him in and wanted to have sex with him... until he went psycho. Now none of that excuses what he did to me, it's still RAPE but at the same time I am not entirely blameless. What happened to me was a rude awakening . It was my first major consequence of being a promiscuous slut.

These days I am still as slutty, if not more so but I am little more cautious about it. I've learned it's best to first meet in a public venue where people can see us. I've learned that if my mind is distracted by his raging hard-on clearly outlined in his jeans and my judgment is clouded by my overpowering lust to get filled then I should just take him into a public bathroom stall and let him fuck me there instead of bringing home. I'm sure I've learned other things but nothing else is coming to mind right now...

Seriously speaking though, as hard as I try to fight it, getting raped has had negative affects on me. There are nights when I can't get it off my mind, I have nightmares, and then I have trouble falling asleep. Sometimes I crave having a top treat me like a whore and sometimes it pisses me off, like just randomly a guy talking dirty to me might trigger the memory of being assaulted. I can't seem to control those emotions. I can't stop myself from thinking rapist every time I see an Army bumper sticker or a soldier, even though I know it's wrong. What's even more messed up is that every now and then remembering some of the details of the rape turns me on. And yes it makes me feel sick... but hard at the same time. I'm confused, maybe even a little crazy. I don't know what to make of all these conflicting emotions but my mind has always been a little out there so this is nothing new. I still have an insatiable sexual appetite and a dark sense of humor. I still laugh at South Park and distasteful jokes. I still enjoy almost all aspects of gay sex. I still have the same fantasies and even some new ones. I'm still me

I know some of you question me and wonder why after all this I still pursue a life centered around sex. The answer is simple. I love sex. I love being a slut. I may have been raped but I'm not broken. Why would I give up the things that I love? Let me say this, while he was raping me he told me that he was punishing me for being who I was, for making porn, for being "dirty", he said I was getting what I deserved. He said that I needed to learn that being a slut meant he could use me however he pleased. In every other context that kind of talk is somewhat hot but I got the feeling that he actually believed what he was saying. I feel as though "cleaning up" my act would be like backing up his statements. I refuse to believe that a person who embraces his sexuality and everything that it consists of, as long as it does not bring harm to others, deserves to be treated the way my boyfriend and I were treated that night.

If you still do not believe me, If you still think this was all a hoax or publicity stunt for whatever reasons, If you still believe someone who was raped would not be craving dick and getting it this soon after the event... And you couldn't get the message from all the pictures above... Then let me make things clear...


Now shut up and suck my dick!

24 December 2008

The Wyler Nation DICKtionary: Jock

Jock: Noun. 1: A male athlete that is on a varsity high school, college, semi-professional, or professional sports team. 2: An incredibly physically attractive, muscular, sports-playing man that embodies the epitome of masculinity to some people. 3: The image hordes of gay men think of when they fantasize about straight boys.

Fabian Hambüchen is currently the Jock that I lust after. For those of you who do not know who he is, Fabian is THE star from Germany's Olympic Men's Gymnastics team. He's a 21 year old pole-grabbing, leg-spreading, short, flexible muscle god. I'm sure if given the chance, I could come up with one hell of an interesting floor exercise with him. Who is your favorite Jock?

When I think Jock, I think HOT. I normally picture a handsome, muscle-bound, athletic stud who is certainly unattainable and way out of my league. However, some people think that anyone who plays sports, regardless of their physical features or ability to be used as jerk-off material can be considered a jock. What qualifies a person to be called a Jock in your book?

The guys below are professional athletes, are they jocks as well?


14 December 2008

Run Sluts Run!

OK, stop looking at the whore outfit and check out the creepy boy in the background... I wonder what he's thinking. I'm thinking he has the makings of an American Psycho. What's your guess?

A Better Christmas Gift For Your Dog


Unless your dog is Japanese, I don't think it truly enjoys playing with inanimate objects. Sure they might be intrigued for a few days with whatever new toy you buy it but that intrigue will soon wear off. Why not save money and give your dog something that it will get a lifetime of enjoyment out of.


Just think of how much fun your dog will have with it! Dogs love terrorizing smaller animals. Why else do you think those chew toys you buy at PetsMart squeal every time your dog bites into them? This year get your dog something special, get him something that's fun AND edible, get him a Stray Kitty. Stray Kitties can be found for free, roaming all over inner city neighborhoods and suburbs.

13 December 2008

I Want Nicolas

Remember my first video on Corbin Fisher, when the camera man asked me what kind of girls I liked in attempt to play me off as a straight boy? And while answering that question I mentioned Dolly Pardon, instantaneously revealing that I was actually a homosexual. Or maybe you might remember reading on there about how my "ex girlfriend filled out the model application" for me. Well meet Nicolas, "he's straight" and his "girlfriend has watched him on Sean Cody and she liked it."

Looking at his videos I can't help but wonder what a straight boy is doing swallowing cum on camera, let alone getting double fucked. I suppose the one eyed snake is just too enticing for a sensitive prostate to ignore, even a heterosexual prostate. If that were the case for Nicolas then I would be happy to point him to porn studios that specialize in women strapping on dildos and fucking their male partners. But something tells me he actually prefers the penis over the pussy. I can't quite put my finger on why I get that feeling... hmmm...

I think it would be beneficial if I got to know him on a more personal level. A little face to face contact. Followed by some face to cock, then some tongue to hole, and then some cock to hole. More specifically, my cock in his hole. Exchange some fluids. You know, that sort of thing. Maybe then I would better understand where or better yet how, he is cumming from all this.

Who here thinks that his "girlfriend" has a pair of low hangers and a super thick 10 inch cock that Nicolas rides every night until it sprays his insides with warm boy batter?

11 December 2008

The Wyler Nation DICKtionary: Cum Dumpster

Cum Dumpster: Noun. 1: A gay male that allows just about anyone to inseminate his rectum. 2: A homosexual man that desires large quantities of fresh semen to be released deep inside his anal cavity 3: A bottom that will indiscriminately beg numerous tops to fuck his ass bareback, breed his hole, and fill him with cum. 4: The highest level of Slut attainable on the Wyler Nation Cock Slut Scale. 5: Dawson from Treasure Island Media.

Even though the chances of me having sex with Dawson are slim to none, he is by far my all time favorite Cum Dumpster. I would LOVE to eat his hole out after he's had a long, fully-filling day at the office but that's just because I'm always thirsty for cum and I know his ass would be overflowing with it! Do you have a favorite "Cum Dumpster?"

In your opinion, what does it take for someone to be labeled a "Cum Dumpster?"