27 August 2008

The Guessing Game Part 2

Last time on "The Guessing Game" Brad had just surprised me by getting in the shower with me completely naked, without any invitation and seemingly free of any ulterior motives. I was fed up with beating around the bush and trying to guess what he was wanting from me so I just flat out asked him.

“What are you doing?”

Brad: “What do you mean?”

Mason: “Why are you in my shower?”

Brad: “Ha. Didn’t your mother teach you to share?”

Mason: “You know what I mean.”

Brad: "Yeah I know, I'm was just joking with you. I thought you might enjoy the company."

Mason: "You just came in here to keep me company?"

Brad: "Well, I also thought you might want this."

At first I didn't know what "this" was but then I looked down and saw that he was stroking his cock. I seriously couldn't believe my eyes. I had been talking to Brad on and off for the past six months and even though I had been lusting after him for quite awhile I never felt like the feeling was mutual. The topic of sex was never discussed between us and every time I tried he would change the subject. Most of the time it was just small talk in between sets at the gym. I didn't even know if he was gay or not, I assumed he was but it was never confirmed until that moment. And this was the first time we had ever officially hung out.

Though I was a bit confused and shocked by how forward he was being, I was much too focused on watching his dick grow bigger in his hands. I hadn't had sex or sucked cock in almost three weeks, which felt more like three years for me, I was starving for some action. Needless to say, the sight of his meat made my mouth water, my already rock hard cock twitch, and my hungry hole open up. Slowly his pole reached full mast and drops of pre-cum started to ooze out.

Brad: "Well are you just going to stare at it or are you going to suck it?"

Mason: "I want to."

Brad: "Then what are you waiting for, get on your knees and do it already."

Mason: "I'm not sure I should."

Brad: "Why the fuck not?"

Mason: "I just ended a very serious relationship and I don't think I'm ready to move on."

Brad: "Man, you're killing my boner. You sucking my dick has nothing to do with you're relationship. I just wanted to get off but whatever, I'll go."

He was right, his cock had gone completely limp and me abstaining from sex wasn't going to change the fact that I was now single. I had been on a cock-free diet for weeks and for what? Because I was sad? That didn't make any sense, how would giving up something that I really love to do make me feel any better? I was about to pass on a free meal from a ridiculously hot stud. What was I doing?! If I was ever going to get back to being myself I had to start now. I knew I had to stop him.

Mason: "Wait!"

Brad: "What?"

As he turned around I dropped down to my knees.

Brad: "So now you want it?"

Mason: "Yes!"

Brad: "What made you change your mind?"

Mason: "You were right. This has nothing to do with anything else. Its just about getting off."

Brad moved back towards me putting his dick right in my face but when I leaned forward to suck it he grasped my hair in one hand and pushed me back. Every time I opened my mouth to let him know that I wanted it in there, he would tease me by sticking it in for a split second before pulling it back out and rubbing it all over my face.

Brad: "You should of taken it when I offered. You're not going to get so easily now."

Mason: "What do I have to do to get it?"

Brad: "You can start by begging for it."

Mason: "Fuck I want it so bad. I'm starving for it. Please Please Please give it to me. I'll do anything!"

Brad: "Good try but I still don't think you deserve it yet. Try harder."

I'm not used to begging for anything... And it felt kind of weird doing it. I mean yes I fantasize about being in this situation so it was a turn on that it was happening to me but at the same time I needed to get off so bad that it was annoying to have to wait. Especially since his dick was right there in front of me. The whole "look but don't touch" rule never sat well with me. After a few more minutes of begging he finally budged a little bit.

Brad: "You say you'd do anything for my dick?"

Mason: "Fuck yes! Anything you name it. Just let me suck on that dick of yours please!"

Brad: "Why don't you put on a little show for me. Lay back and finger your hole for me."

Laying back on a tile floor, with my legs pressed up against my chest, ass up, fingering myself, while water is spraying down on me from every angle isn't exactly the most comfortable of positions but I did say I would do anything and I keep my promises. Besides, seeing him stroke his dick while he watched me made it worth the uncomfortable positioning. Knowing I would get to taste his dick was definitely worth it.

I started out with one finger but then he told me to stuff two in there, then three. He seemed to really enjoy bossing me around and loved it more that I followed his orders. I loved how worked up he got and how dominant he was getting. But I hated how I still didn't have his dick in my mouth. It was like I was a starving baby trapped in a cage with a piece of candy dangling in front of me, just a bit out of reach.

Brad: "Fuck you are hot. You're going to make me cum just from watching you."

Mason: "Wait! You haven't let me suck it yet."

Brad: "But I'm so fucking close dude. You want to suck it then get up and suck this load out of me."

In a flash I was back on my knees, engulfing his thick, pulsating cock. I savored every flavor, from the raw taste of his meat, to the salty taste of the sweat on his nut sack, and down to the sweet sweet taste of the liquid seed that was leaking out of his piss hole. I couldn't get enough. Barely five minutes into it and all of the sudden...

Brad: "FUCK! I'm gonna cum!"

Mason: "MMMMM."

Brad: "Here it comes... Fuck!!! Ahhhh!!!"

Mason: "MMMMM. Gulp, gulp, gulp."

I know some of you think things like this must happen to me all the time, but they don't. Well maybe while I'm out of town for a porn shoot, but that doesn't really count. At a porn shoot I am usually staying at a hotel or a big house with a handful of other gay models so of course things are bound to happen.

But in my everyday Texas life things like this rarely ever happen to me. I don't normally go out to any gay bars, most of the guys I click with online don't live anywhere near me, most of my friends are married heterosexual nerds, and the only venue I frequent where I would cross paths with hot guys in person is the gym. And even then my gaydar is pretty weak so I can never tell who is gay and who isn't while I'm there.

So in reality I was very fortunate and very happy that I had met Brad. Even more so that he had just blown his load down my throat. I was so glad to finally break my dry spell that I decided not to cum. I wanted to stay horny and keep the sexual energy flowing through out my body. Something that I knew would help me have more fun and loosen up once again.

Brad: "Ah. Damn. Fuck that was good."

Mason: "Fuck that tasted good. I want some more!"

Brad: "Haha. Thanks man. "

Mason: "Can I keep sucking on it or does it get too sensitive after you cum?"

Brad: "It gets pretty sensitive. I usually need a few hours in between."

Mason: "Awww OK. Well you can definitely use my throat anytime you need your dick sucked just let me know. I'd love to be your cock slut again"

Brad: "Hot. I will probably call you sometime this week for a repeat then. Maybe next time I'll fuck you. If you're up for it."

Mason: "I'd love that."

25 August 2008


When I was little my parents always told me to look before I leap. Being a child I didn't really know what they meant. As a toddler I'd often find myself rolling around in a field and not realizing I was rolling around in dog shit before it was too late. There were numerous occasions where I pointed out the fact that the lady in front of us at the check out counter was fat, or told my grandmother that her cooking was horrid. I didn't know when to keep my hands to myself or not to walk out of store with a toy I didn't pay for. Every action had an equal reaction... sometimes the action was a little over blown but none the less, I learned.

Through out my adolescent years I learned that revealing one's homosexuality could lead to some very big trouble in terms of bullying & gay bashing. And I learned that sex doesn't always lead to love but that love always leads to sex.

All those life lessons and everything else in between has shaped me into the adult I am today. An adult that fully understands what my parents meant when I was a child.

As an adult, it wasn't an easy decision for me to do porn. When I was offered the opportunity to get myself into the adult industry, I had to seriously think about it. I though about how it could adversely affect my future career plans. I knew that it could come back to haunt me when I tried to get some white collar, 9 to 5, desk job. I knew that I could lose some friends, get an STD, damage my chances of a happily ever after. And I definitely knew it wouldn't be a lifelong career. I knew there were countless risks involved. Nobody needs to tell me that.

But I also knew that it was something I wanted to do and that I would enjoy doing it. I knew that there were plenty of guys in porn who were also doctors, teachers, and any other job title in there everyday life. I knew that despite all the odds and the naysayers that when my day to leave the industry came, I would land on my feet and be ok.

Yes I know I theres a chance that some of the people who interview me for a job might watch gay porn, and yes I know that some of those people might recognize me, and yes I know that some of those people might turn me down for the job just because of that. But I will still keep trying and eventually, I'll get hired.

Because if you seriously think about it, the chances of every job interviewer being someone who watches gay porn, recognizes the fact that I've been in gay porn, and then being someone who is against hiring me for that fact, are pretty damn slim. And yes I do realize that they run background checks but did you realize that most of the porn studios I worked for actually operate under a different name than what is published to the public. A generic discreet name that sounds nothing like a porn company.

There is always going to be a chance that someone somewhere that I work with will recognize me and there is always a chance I will get fired for it. But theres a chance I could win the lottery. Point being, anything is possible.

What will most likely happen is a year after I stop doing porn Mason Wyler will be forgotten in all of Porndom, buried under the hundreds of new up & coming stars of the industry and my life will become what most of you like to call "normal."

22 August 2008

The Guessing Game

I could barely catch my breath. I had made the mistake of agreeing to go jogging with Brad, a guy I’ve had a huge crush on ever since I met him a few months ago. My idea of jogging is half a mile in six minutes, Brad’s idea of jogging is two miles in ten minutes. By the time we reached the one mile mark I felt like my heart was about to explode. The only thing that kept me going was the sight of Brad’s body glistening in the sun as sweat trickled down his bare torso.

Brad: “I thought you worked out everyday”

Mason: “I do but I don’t run everyday.”

Brad: “Aren’t you planning on running a marathon in six months?”

Mason: “Yeah and I have six months to train.”

Brad: “Well today is a great day to start. Keep up!”

I wish I had his energy. I’m more of a wake up at 10AM, go to bed at 2AM kind of guy, Brad on the other hand felt it was perfectly within reason to bang on my door at 4:30AM, clearly stating that I had agreed to go jogging with him in the “morning.” Admittedly I did tell him just to come over and wake me up when he wanted to go jogging, but I didn’t think it’d be that early. Note to self, be more specific in the future. Oh well, I finally got to watch the sunrise, something I haven’t done in quite sometime.

After the jog Brad came over to play soul caliber, I honestly just wanted to pass out on the sofa, but we were both drenched in sweat and my urge to get clean over powered my desire to fall asleep. I set a towel out in the guest bathroom for Brad and headed into my own bathroom to unwind in a long refreshing shower.

Mason: “I set a towel out for you in the guest bathroom. Feel free to take a shower. I’m going to do the same myself.”

Brad: “Thanks. I could definitely use a shower.”

A few minutes later…

Knock Knock – My bathroom door opens

Brad: “Hey man do you have shampoo, there wasn’t any in there”

Brad was completely naked. If I hadn’t of been so tired I probably would of gotten an instant erection. All I could muster up for him was a semi but it was enough to give him a hint. A hint that he either totally missed or intentionally ignored. Or so I thought.

Mason: “Oh yeah. Sorry about that, here you can take this bottle in there.”

Brad: “Wow. You’re shower is awesome. You have like six shower heads in here.”

Mason: “Seven. Theres the rain shower above me.”

Brad: “Oh cool! Move over I’m getting in there.”

What the hell… not that I was complaining. I just didn’t know what he was thinking. Did he really just want the ultimate shower experience, like I did when I had seven shower heads installed, or was he teasing me. This boy had the sexiest Double Mint smile that he knew would drive anyone wild, otherwise he wouldn’t of smiled so much plus had the body of an Adonis that could only be sculpted by a life in gymnastics. His manhood was nothing to scoff at either. I mean it was huge! And I’ve seen a lot of cock in my day.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t read him. Every time I looked into his piercing blue eyes trying to decipher his inner most thoughts all I could think was “HOT!” and then I immediately think about Oprah Winfrey naked in an attempt to stop my dick from giving him a full salute.
I know you must be wondering why a kid with my job experience is all worried about what someone else is thinking. But I’m human. I love playing the guessing game just as much as the next person but my arousal caused me to grow impatient, I just had to ask.

Mason: “What are you doing?”

Brad: “What do you mean?”

Mason: “Why are you in my shower?”

Brad: “Ha. Didn’t your mother teach you to share?”

Mason: “You know what I mean.”

Brad: “…. Guess what he said and how this story ends. Seriously write your guess as a comment. I want to know what you think happened.

21 August 2008

Who I Am & Where I'm Headed

I'm just your average atypical guy in his mid-twenties who grew up in the lower middle class of America. As a child I was deemed strange and weird. Through out elementary school I often found myself eating lunch alone and befriending the special ed kids. They were the only ones who truly understood me. Many a times I was caught talking to myself, not to imaginary friends, but simply to myself. I could hold deep conversations with myself for hours, regardless of who was around. Up until middle school I was my own best friend.

Once I entered my teen years I slowly began to get the feeling that weird wasn't a synonym for cool. Being cool got you popularity but being weird just got me beat up. Of course I tried to be cool, but it was a lesson in life that you can't pretend to be something that you're not and I was definitely not cool.
By the time I started high school I was tired of being the kid who got picked on so I turned to weight lifting hoping that gaining physical strength and muscle would ward off any more attacks. To my surprise it worked. I made it out of my teens alive and went straight to college.

I went to a couple of different universities but I ended up at the University of North Texas. I majored in Social Studies Education. It was there that the pressures of fitting in just melted away and I was free to just be me. As a sexually repressed homosexual I was finally able to openly seek out other gay guys, and have sex without shame or embarrassment.

I made many choices in college, some good and some bad. Some of the choices I made had little to no affect on my life, others would change my life forever. Getting into the porn industry was one of those choices. Strangely enough, I never really watch porn, even before getting into the business. My masturbation material of choice was always men's fitness magazines and my imagination. I have been doing adult modeling for the past three years and it has been an experience that I have both loved and hated. It has put me with sexual partners that were less passionate than a blow-up doll, turned hot sexual encounters into day-long painful endurance tests, and caused some of my former closest friends to cut ties with me. But that’s all part of the job and I knew it when I started.On the other hand, Porn has given me some of the best sexual experiences in my life, fulfilled many of my fantasies, introduced me to more friends than I could of ever dreamed of having, paid for my student loans, and it has uncovered a self-confidence in me that I never knew I had.

I have never been an ambitious person, I have always been content with a simple life, simple goals, and simple rewards. For as long as I could remember all I ever wanted was a stable job, independence, and a place to call home. Just like anyone else I would love to have someone incredible to share that with but I never really got my hopes up that I would actually fall in love. The idea seemed so foreign to me. But just like it happens in a Hollywood movie, it happened to me, when I least expected it. Now that I know what being in love feels like it has become one of my life goals to get that feeling back.

Nobody knows what the future holds but I am currently trying to save enough funds to pay for graduate school. I am aiming to get a Doctorate in Education so that I can skip the whole high school teaching gig and head straight for a college professor position. At the same time I am training for a Marathon and a Bike Race, for the purpose of raising money and awareness to help find a cure for some of the world’s most debilitating diseases. If I have any money left over after all that then I want to take a road trip across the country, something I have been planning for years. And maybe buy some new underwear.