22 August 2008

The Guessing Game

I could barely catch my breath. I had made the mistake of agreeing to go jogging with Brad, a guy I’ve had a huge crush on ever since I met him a few months ago. My idea of jogging is half a mile in six minutes, Brad’s idea of jogging is two miles in ten minutes. By the time we reached the one mile mark I felt like my heart was about to explode. The only thing that kept me going was the sight of Brad’s body glistening in the sun as sweat trickled down his bare torso.

Brad: “I thought you worked out everyday”

Mason: “I do but I don’t run everyday.”

Brad: “Aren’t you planning on running a marathon in six months?”

Mason: “Yeah and I have six months to train.”

Brad: “Well today is a great day to start. Keep up!”

I wish I had his energy. I’m more of a wake up at 10AM, go to bed at 2AM kind of guy, Brad on the other hand felt it was perfectly within reason to bang on my door at 4:30AM, clearly stating that I had agreed to go jogging with him in the “morning.” Admittedly I did tell him just to come over and wake me up when he wanted to go jogging, but I didn’t think it’d be that early. Note to self, be more specific in the future. Oh well, I finally got to watch the sunrise, something I haven’t done in quite sometime.

After the jog Brad came over to play soul caliber, I honestly just wanted to pass out on the sofa, but we were both drenched in sweat and my urge to get clean over powered my desire to fall asleep. I set a towel out in the guest bathroom for Brad and headed into my own bathroom to unwind in a long refreshing shower.

Mason: “I set a towel out for you in the guest bathroom. Feel free to take a shower. I’m going to do the same myself.”

Brad: “Thanks. I could definitely use a shower.”

A few minutes later…

Knock Knock – My bathroom door opens

Brad: “Hey man do you have shampoo, there wasn’t any in there”

Brad was completely naked. If I hadn’t of been so tired I probably would of gotten an instant erection. All I could muster up for him was a semi but it was enough to give him a hint. A hint that he either totally missed or intentionally ignored. Or so I thought.

Mason: “Oh yeah. Sorry about that, here you can take this bottle in there.”

Brad: “Wow. You’re shower is awesome. You have like six shower heads in here.”

Mason: “Seven. Theres the rain shower above me.”

Brad: “Oh cool! Move over I’m getting in there.”

What the hell… not that I was complaining. I just didn’t know what he was thinking. Did he really just want the ultimate shower experience, like I did when I had seven shower heads installed, or was he teasing me. This boy had the sexiest Double Mint smile that he knew would drive anyone wild, otherwise he wouldn’t of smiled so much plus had the body of an Adonis that could only be sculpted by a life in gymnastics. His manhood was nothing to scoff at either. I mean it was huge! And I’ve seen a lot of cock in my day.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t read him. Every time I looked into his piercing blue eyes trying to decipher his inner most thoughts all I could think was “HOT!” and then I immediately think about Oprah Winfrey naked in an attempt to stop my dick from giving him a full salute.
I know you must be wondering why a kid with my job experience is all worried about what someone else is thinking. But I’m human. I love playing the guessing game just as much as the next person but my arousal caused me to grow impatient, I just had to ask.

Mason: “What are you doing?”

Brad: “What do you mean?”

Mason: “Why are you in my shower?”

Brad: “Ha. Didn’t your mother teach you to share?”

Mason: “You know what I mean.”

Brad: “…. Guess what he said and how this story ends. Seriously write your guess as a comment. I want to know what you think happened.


  1. i think he probably still did not understand what you meant and kept showering. That is not what i want to happen but who knows. Tell the rest of the story. lol

  2. Well, having read your previous blog I'm assuming that you kept playing word games with each other and then you eventually got out of the shower and nothing happened. Then again, it's you and ANYTHING could have happened.

  3. Then you dropped the bar of soap and... he did nothing.

    Then you lathered up and... he washed his hair.

    Then you rinsed off and... he stepped out of the shower.

    Then you walked out into the room naked and... he thanked you and left.

  4. WEll, I'll TRY to be a little more psychological about it. . . . . .

    After you told him, YOU know exactly what I'm talking about, He said, actually i don't. Making it a kinda awkward situation.

    YOU, being how you are, needing to figure people out, told him. He played like he didn't know what he was doing and he just wanted to experience your AMAZING seven head shower, Which BTW is AWESOME!

    Now this is the tricky part because i don't know if he's gay, but i know he knows you want him and find him very attractive, so he is toying with you. He could have took a shower by himself, BUT he wanted to shower and fool around with you so he made up that 'shampoo' excuse. He prolly wanted to make sure he had YOU read right.

    With your questioning, it still wasn't clear so he made you lay it out. ONCE everything was sorted, you two did indeed shower, BUT there was LOTS of 'Opps, excuse me, Sorry, can i get over there" until your Oprah mental thing didn't work anymore and he popped one too. . . Yadda yadda YADDA, you two did had AMAZING fun, you didn't think of 'him' ONCE and he prolly stayed the night and i bet it will happen again and HOPEFULLY you two will start dating.

    Am i close or remotely close or am i way out in left field?? PLEASE Finish it or tell me the REAL finish.

    Take it easy


  5. I'm a bit of a romantic. So I'd hope that he did know what you were talking about and was just playing coy. Hopefully he turned around and gave you a kiss and you can give us details from there...

    But if your luck is as mine is then nothing happened. He ended up getting out of the shower and saying "Thanks, see you tomorrow for tomorrow's jog..."

    So let me know please...

  6. He said he likes you alot but he doesn't want to mess things up but would like to shower with you and wash each other down.
    He likes to hang with you but because you at a different place just want to take it slow so slow it down, shower and head off to play your game.

  7. Brad: "Well, I couldn't help but notice you today while we were jogging."

    Mason: "What did you notice?"

    Brad: "How beautiful your body was and how your cock bounced up and down in your shorts."

    Brad: "But I am sure that you would never go for a guy like me..."

    Mason: "Actually I think you are quite attractive and I noticed you too."

    Brad continued to shower slowly lathering up his chiseled body. I could see the soap dripping down his ripped abs and to his semi aroused cock. I wondered if I should make a move, or let him be the one. At that moment he turned to look at me, his gorgeous blue eyes stared into mine for what seemed an eternity. Without thinking I reached out and put my hands behind him pulling him closer to me. I could feel the heat from the water and his body against mine. I closed my eyes and leaned in for a kiss. Brad kissed me with the passion of ten men. I have never felt so good about someone. When he finished kissing me I realized that I was now fully erect.

    Brad: "I think we are both finished in here, why don't we move this to your bedroom?"

    Mason: "I like that idea very much."

    When we got to my room, I could feel myself getting very nervous. My legs were getting weak and I could see the water dripping down his thick muscular legs. The thought of being with Brad made me tremble. Any thoughts I had about being nervous were quickly gone as soon as he layed me on the bed.

    Brad: "Let's take this nice and slow and enjoy each other."

    Mason: "Trust me, I am going to enjoy every minute of this."

    Brad turned me onto my stomach and started massaging my legs. His strong hands felt like fire against my skin. My cock was throbbing underneath me wanting him badly. I felt Brad's warm breath against my ass. He was kissing me gently and then I felt it. His hot tongue swirled my hole and then darted inside. I felt my whole body tense up as he began to work me over. Never in all the guys I had been with had I ever felt so much passion in a man. Brad continued to make me moan until I felt like I would explode. Then he reached over and slid his condom on while kissing my back. I could feel his huge cock pressed up against my ass. I was more ready for this than ever. Brad slid his cock into my hole and I let out a moan. Brad and I made love for hours until we both exploded in a very hot ending.

    Brad: "So, same time tomorrow?" he said with a coy smile.

    Mason: "I will be ready. And tomorrow we can train a little harder, if you know what I mean."

    Well, that is what I think happened. Maybe it's close to the truth.

  8. I hope he encouraged you to get in and you both started kissing and cleaning each other off. What I hope didn;t happen is he got in and shut the door and started to shower himself making you wait for him.

  9. I don't know what actually happened. But in my minds eye, you share the shower, starting into one another's eyes as you wash until neither could take it and you both lean in to kiss and start going at it right there with the water from multiple showerheads raining down on you.

    congrats. I've never seen SO many comments on a blogs second day!

  10. masonfans_fromINDONESIAAugust 22, 2008 at 11:36 AM

    well, what I'm hoping is that you and he ended up making out in the shower! but since you ask about it, i have a feeling that the ending was not a "happy ending"...

    i'm so happy that you now have your very own blog! keep posting your writing! I am a big fan of your writing (and film)!

    and PLEASE share us what was the rest story of it!!

  11. Brad: "No I don't, but why don't you show me?"

    Thats what I would've said lol

    Can't wait to hear the ending ;)

  12. I wouldn't be surprised if this was all made up. That said, I'm guessing he said something like "because I want to fuck you into the next level of consciousness" or something, and then the two of you proceeded to suck, fuck, and fondle each other into next week. Either way, it's definitely a hawt setup, and you should continue the story, if only to alleviate my blueballs. ;)

  13. I hope this is real, and not one of your stories! Not that I don't like your stories, but I think right now you needed this kind of encounter Mason!! Here's what I think happened!

    Brad: "I really don't know what your talking about Mason!"

    Mason: "Well, maybe I could show you?"

    Brad: "How would you do that?"

    Mason: "Like this!!"

    Mason moves in on Brad, taking Brad's strong shoulders in his arms. Mason leans in to kiss Brad, who pulls back at first, but then stays perfectly still. Mason gives Brad a deep, full kiss, that seems to last for several minutes. Mason pulls back, and Brad's face is expression less.

    Mason: "I'm sorry man, I shouldn't have done that. It's just since the break up, I've been so lonely. I'll go use the guest bathroom, you can finish your shower in here."

    Mason opens the door, and is half out of the shower, when he's slowed, as one of Brad's arms pulls him to a stop!

    Brad: "I didn't say you had to leave, just caught me of guard that's all!"

    Mason: "You want me to stay?"

    Brad: "Yeah I do, but I've never done this before. I don't know what to do!"

    Mason steps back in, and closes the door. He scoops Brad up in his powerful arms, and kisses Brad again, even more passionately than before!

    Mason: "Don't worry baby, I'll show you how!"

    Brad: "You mean like you did a minute ago?!"

    Mason: (laughs) "Yeah, just like that!"

    Brad: "Awesome!!"

    Mason & Brad finnish their shower, but don't seem to get very clean! They were too busy paying attention to each other!! ;) After a 45 minute shower, they both go to Mason's bedroom, were they both stay till lunch, catch a quick bite, then go back till dinner. After dinner they watch a little bit of the Olympics.

    Mason: "Well I have enjoyed today so much Brad, and we need to do it again sometime soon. But I need to get up early tomorrow, so if you don't mind..."

    Brad: "Oh yeah, that's no problem! Can I use the bathroom real quick first?!?"

    Mason: "Sure!"

    Brad goes into the bathroom, and Mason picks up, and goes to get ready for bed. After a few minutes, Brad comes into Mason's bedroom in an old pair of sweat pants, and no shirt.

    Brad: "Are you ready for bed ?"

    Mason: (Puzzled look on his face) "Do you carry sleep wear with you all the time?"

    Brad: "Actually since you broke up with your boy friend, I had kinda hoped you & I might..."

    Mason: "I thought you'd never done anything like this before?"

    Brad: (looks sheepish) "Well I haven't, but I've wanted to. I was hoping you could be my first, that's why I asked if you wanted to go running with me today." (a look of defeat comes over his face) "But if you want me to, I'll leave!"

    Mason: "Well as long as your hear," (Mason pulls back the covers on the bed) "you might as well stay! To tell you the truth, I've kinda been thinking about you for a lately too!"

    Well, Brad & Mason didn't get a whole lot of sleep that night, but the hole in Mason's heart begain to fill up a little! And did I mention that Mason asked Brad to moving in 4 days latter!!

    I hope the real story was something close to that Mason. Please let us know what really happened!!

  14. I'm going to guess that you ended up bottoming but probably felt a little guilty about it afterward since your relationship just ended but you still want your boy back. Life is complicated isn't it?

  15. I believe that it ended just like in these pictures:

  16. And yeah, I don't think that I have seen anything more hotter in my life. That looked very fucking hot and alot of fun.

  17. i think that
    he started playiin wiif ur cock
    deen adveentually got in de shower
    and at de end of de daii
    u guys fuck happily ever afteeer

  18. He said: "What do you mean? I really do not know what you are getting at." You pinched your left nipple and got an instant hard-on. He dropped on his knees and started sucking you like crazy, stammering with his mouth full: "Aha, nooow I get it". Then you came and he guzzled your cum until there was none left. By now he was fully hard as well, but you saind "I am sorry, I am really spent" and left a great opportunity to get fucked go astray... That's what happened, isn;t it?

  19. Mason..
    I love hearing your stories!!! You are pretty damn giving to your fans because you share things so much and are opinionated and not afraid to let yourself be heard.

    You are one gorgeous guy........

  20. Mason: “What are you doing?”

    Brad: “What do you mean?”

    Mason: “Why are you in my shower?”

    Brad: “Ha. Didn’t your mother teach you to share?”

    Mason: “You know what I mean.”

    Brad: "Well, sharing is caring man. Move your ass over and let me in."

    Mason: "Alright, I guess there's some room ..."

    Before I finished my sentence, Brad pushed past me brushing his hard ass against my semi-erect. Oprah wasn't working for me anymore, so I thought of Dr. Phil, but not in a suit, sort of naked with a beer belly over a little wiener - it was working to hold down my erection. What's worse is that Brad didn't give me any space and had me sort of pushed up against the tile. The fur on his ass was barely tickling my cock, and of course my half salute reached a little higher.

    Brad: "Aw, sorry man. Looks like I should give you some space before this gets embarrassing for both of us."

    Brad flashed his white teeth at me again and his baby blues twinkled. I switched on the shower heads, and his eyelashes were all wet and thick. I looked down for a sec and followed the water through his five o'clock shadow down on his square jaw as it streamed further to his dark nipple hair. His treasure trail was soaked, which channeled the water to the base of his cock. It was like a little waterfall jetting off the end, and his cock kept growing fatter giving the water more meat to play with.

    Mason: "Alright man, I'm not stupid. Are you going to use that thing or what?"

    Brad: "Naw, I'm just joshin' you. I wanted to see what you'd do, but I'm too worn out for all that right now."

    Brad turned around displaying his huge, muscled shoulders, and squirted a load of my Oil of Olay for Sensitive Skin body wash with lavender infusion into his huge hands. He sort of mussed up his face and hair with both lathered hands and began to back his thick muscled ass into my erect cock. Dr. Phil failed me this time, so I had to bring out all stops, Rosie O'Donnell in a G-String. It was working.

    Brad: "My ass is all itchy from running. Don't you hate that?"

    Mason: "Uh, yeah, want me to scratch it?"

    I sort of laughed and sort of smiled, tickling my index finger into his soaked hole expecting him to back away, but he didn't. He just stayed still and the bubbles were coming down his spine into the crook of his ass. He backed up again, not saying a word, so I tried my middle finger in for good measure. I gently stretched his hole with my fingertips.

    Mason: "You're one tight dude. It's like a thousand rubber bands in there."

    Brad didn't say a word. He just sort of massaged his ass into my fingers and started jerking off with my Oil of Olay. That shit is expensive, but I didn't say anything. I knew I had a Sams Club box full in the cabinet.

    Mason: "You like this, huh kid?"

    Brad just turned his head and smiled. My balls were relaxing in the hot water and my cock just twitched in unison with my fingers. I got down to my knees still working them into his hot meat.

    Brad: "What'r you doin' guy?"

    I licked my lips within an inch of his wanting hole ready to service him with my face.

    Mason: "Just let me scratch that itch for ya. My tongue can get places you can't."

  21. Well I know this is very late but I suddenly took an interest in your blog. I want to know what happened!