25 August 2008


When I was little my parents always told me to look before I leap. Being a child I didn't really know what they meant. As a toddler I'd often find myself rolling around in a field and not realizing I was rolling around in dog shit before it was too late. There were numerous occasions where I pointed out the fact that the lady in front of us at the check out counter was fat, or told my grandmother that her cooking was horrid. I didn't know when to keep my hands to myself or not to walk out of store with a toy I didn't pay for. Every action had an equal reaction... sometimes the action was a little over blown but none the less, I learned.

Through out my adolescent years I learned that revealing one's homosexuality could lead to some very big trouble in terms of bullying & gay bashing. And I learned that sex doesn't always lead to love but that love always leads to sex.

All those life lessons and everything else in between has shaped me into the adult I am today. An adult that fully understands what my parents meant when I was a child.

As an adult, it wasn't an easy decision for me to do porn. When I was offered the opportunity to get myself into the adult industry, I had to seriously think about it. I though about how it could adversely affect my future career plans. I knew that it could come back to haunt me when I tried to get some white collar, 9 to 5, desk job. I knew that I could lose some friends, get an STD, damage my chances of a happily ever after. And I definitely knew it wouldn't be a lifelong career. I knew there were countless risks involved. Nobody needs to tell me that.

But I also knew that it was something I wanted to do and that I would enjoy doing it. I knew that there were plenty of guys in porn who were also doctors, teachers, and any other job title in there everyday life. I knew that despite all the odds and the naysayers that when my day to leave the industry came, I would land on my feet and be ok.

Yes I know I theres a chance that some of the people who interview me for a job might watch gay porn, and yes I know that some of those people might recognize me, and yes I know that some of those people might turn me down for the job just because of that. But I will still keep trying and eventually, I'll get hired.

Because if you seriously think about it, the chances of every job interviewer being someone who watches gay porn, recognizes the fact that I've been in gay porn, and then being someone who is against hiring me for that fact, are pretty damn slim. And yes I do realize that they run background checks but did you realize that most of the porn studios I worked for actually operate under a different name than what is published to the public. A generic discreet name that sounds nothing like a porn company.

There is always going to be a chance that someone somewhere that I work with will recognize me and there is always a chance I will get fired for it. But theres a chance I could win the lottery. Point being, anything is possible.

What will most likely happen is a year after I stop doing porn Mason Wyler will be forgotten in all of Porndom, buried under the hundreds of new up & coming stars of the industry and my life will become what most of you like to call "normal."


  1. hey you are so very right don't let others get u down anything is so very possible and just because u do porn shouldn't limit ur future job because u r super smart and one day u will be aka professor Wyler keep up the good work and everything u do don't change for anyone

  2. Mason, whatever happens in life, whether it be good or bad, just know that it is your life and you chose to live it how you wanted to. If people disagree with how you live, fuck them because its not about them being happy, its about YOU being happy doing what you're doing. Live and be happy. Good luck buddy.

  3. Instead of putting your effort into convincing sleezy old trolls and yourself that your porn career isn't going to affect your future and begging for $$$$$ online.... why not get a real job like the rest of the world and WORK for what you want... only way you will ever be successful!

    Just my humble opinion Mason :-)

  4. hey mason... I am a huge fan of yours and i agree with alot of what you said in this post.. but i must say that I agree with alot of the posters on here as well. You are obviously talented, can write well, and are smarter than many people your age... why not take that effort and put it into accomplishing your goals and getting a job say in education or something where you could use your writing skills or as one poster suggested get your own porn production company going online. Asking for donations makes you look desperate, untalented and lazy. Nothing in life is free and even though you may get a few dirty old men giving you money to talk on the phone with you, bottom line is you will never get anywhere in life unless you sacrifice and work your ass off for it.

    Good luck my friend

  5. Two things, one of them in response to some of the other comments:

    1. If you can get people to give you money merely for talking to you, then good for you! Contrary to some people, I think it is a creative way of expanding a market. Never be ashamed for presenting a service that the market will bear.

    2. I'm a little offended that you think I will forget you a year after you "retire" from the biz...or anytime thereafter for that matter.

  6. I agree with mark,

    Most won't forget you Wyler, thru movies and interviews etc :)


  7. WEll as EVERYONE else has said to you, it is your life. If you are TRUE to your fans and NOT just use us for ratings and empty promises, no matter what you do or where you go, the ones that REALLY like you and heart you will stay in touch with YOU if YOU do the same.

    I know it may be EMPTY to you, but i will be here for you through Highs and lows and 'NORMAL'

    It will ALL work out.

  8. Hi Mason,

    It's nice to see that your life is moving. It must be an exciting time, even if--perhaps--challenging. You've got great goals for yourself; don't let the naysayers sway you.

    Great luck in life and love,
    from an old friend.

  9. I am offended that you are thinking that we are going to forget you because you stop doing porn..nah!!..not me..i love what you do and how you do it and will always keep you in my mind and n my video collection.
    now, about the tribulations in your life that you mentioned..do not worry too much..let time pass, you can not change the past or predict the future..you only have today and use it to the max: be thankful for being alive and being able to do things on your own, for breathing, do good to others everyday, that enrich your life and makes you feel awesome.
    follow your dreams, do not hesitate and if you hear the dogs barking keep going, if you see the torches ahead on the road , keep going..never ever stop!!...keep going get better all the time
    jimmy from miami

  10. You know, I think there are people out there that might know that you've done porn and hire you anyway. I don't know what kind of 9 to 5 you might someday be looking for, but I suspect that there are people out there that just won't care as long as you can do the work.

  11. Mason, I can's speak for the rest of porn fandom, but I can't imagine forgetting you. And at the risk of being called a dirty old man by some anonymous poster, let me also encourage you to explore your current field as long as it feels right and live without regrets.

  12. If you showed up in my office looking for a job, and I recognized you, it would be a BONUS, not a deterrent. I'd hire you on the spot.