25 October 2008

The Sluttier Mason Wyler

Every morning, without fail, I wake up with a raging hard on. Usually I get on all fours and jerk myself off while I suck off whoever is in bed next to me, most of the time thats Marcus. As soon as the cock I'm sucking on releases a load of cum down my throat, my dick reacts with a release of its own... it's like an instantaneous reaction. Generally shooting my wad once in the morning is enough to clear my head, energize me, and get me ready to start my day. Of course there are days when I wake up alone, like today, and I'm left to fend for myself. In those cases, my trusty right hand and my dirty imagination are usually enough to get me off and out of bed. But some days, like today, its just not enough.

I've jerked off five times already and my dick just keeps getting back up. To make matters worse, Marcus isn't just out, he is out of town. He drove up to Dallas to make sure our furniture gets moved out on time. I opted to stay in Houston to unpack most of our belongings. FUCK what a mistake that was.

It's times like these that I really shouldn't be left to my own devices. Granted Marcus and I had a talk just before he left and we both agreed that it would be OK if we slept with other people if one of us was out of town. But I was really hoping that I wouldn't want to. I mean we just got back together and he's still recovering from our incident. I thought something so traumatic would slow down my sex drive, at least for awhile. I feel pretty fucked up for being so cock hungry this soon after getting raped. I just can't seem to help myself, I'm addicted to cock, and that addiction has only gotten stronger. I figure I could spend my years fighting what I really am or embrace it. I'm choosing to embrace it.

Right now theres only one thing standing in my way, my brother. He is in town visiting and will be staying with me for a few days. I have to play tour guide and show him around instead of trying to find big dicked studs to plow my hole until they burst. Which is obviously what I wish I was doing right now.

You can bet that as soon as my brother leaves I am going to go on an all out cock binge until Marcus gets back. I plan on stuffing my face and spreading my hole with the hottest, juiciest man meat Houston has to offer. And its even better that next week I will be on my way to California for an eight day porn shoot. It's just a matter of time now. I know this all makes me sound like a selfish greedy cock slut... but I never said I wasn't.

Should I fight my cock addiction or give in to it?

24 October 2008

Become a Citizen: Writers

I wish I could constantly write on this thing but I simply don't have enough exciting material to use for around the clock postings. Despite my career of choice, my life is pretty mundane. So I have decided that I need a handful of creative and well spoken bloggers to join the Wyler Nation team. I'm looking for people who have a way with words and who love to share their thoughts with the public. I want writers of various mindsets, whether it be liberal, conservative, naughty, innocent, bitchy, or sweet, all are welcome. Write stories about your opinion of the latest news story, lessons you've learned, reviews of products you've used, fantasies you've imagined, interviews you've conducted, or anything else that your heart desires. I currently get anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 hits a day and I have only been tracking my traffic for the past 14 days. I know with more Wyler Nation authors and more frequent posts we can build up the readership. So if you have any interest in becoming a citizen writer for Wyler Nation then please email a sample story to WN_Writers@yahoo.com

Living Beyond Our Means

Alot of people have been greatly affected by our volatile stock market and failing economy. I am one of those people. I had put a good amount of the money I made over the years into the stock market. At first I thought it was a smart idea, I was able to save enough to make a very large down payment for a home, pay off a huge portion of my student loans, and was also able to purchase my own car. It afforded me a lifestyle I never imagined possible for myself. But the stock market is almost like a finer form of gambling and just like with any other game, sometimes you lose. Well I lost. Alot. I figured now was a good time to make some money saving changes.

Marcus and I have been going back and forth between Houston and Dallas for over three years now. Marcus loves Houston and I love Dallas so we could never really choose just one to call home. We'd spend a couple of months at our place in Dallas then spend a few weeks in Houston. The drive is almost 5 hours long and its a boring 5 hours. Not to mention the cost of traveling all the time, on top of the money spent keeping two places: utility bills, cable, internet, HOA fees, mortgage payments, property taxes etc. Coupled with the fact that my phone isn't ringing as often as it used to... Its just a little more than this fading porn model and his Asian boyfriend can afford at this time.

So we sold our place in Dallas. It was more expensive to keep and after what happened there we just didn't feel like keeping it. Houston is now where I actually live. Not just for a few months but all year round. My presence in Dallas will now be limited to a single two day trip each month to visit family and friends. How much does that save me? Enough to keep up with my responsibilities.

How has the economy affected you?

21 October 2008

Bobby the Barebacking Bottom Boy

To the tune of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer":

Bobby, the Barebacking Bottom Boy
had a very hungry hole.
And if you ever saw it
you would even say it glows.

Every time a man would say:
"Bobby, can I fuck your ass bareback today?"
Bobby with a trusting heart,
Says "As long as you don't have STD's then lets start!"

All of the big dicked top men
loved to fuck and fill his hole.
They never wore a condom
because Bobby loved riding bareback pole.

Then one dreadful Halloween
A doctor came to say:
"Bobby with your bareback ways,
you've been infected with syphilis and AIDS!"

Then all the gay boys hated him
as they shouted out with glee:
"Bobby with your unsafe sex,
you'll die alone in misery!"

Bobby chose his own path. Now you choose yours.

A Public Service Announcement brought to you by

*Photo is from Eurocreme Studios, "Bobby" is a fictional character made up solely for the purpose of this PSA, and by no means has any relation to the model shown in the picture above.

Now before people try to misconstrue my message let me just say this: I do NOT believe your life is over by any means, if you become HIV positive. I do NOT believe you are any less of a person or that you should be treated unfairly if you contract HIV or any other STD.

I got this idea from a Public Service Announcement I remember seeing back in Junior High. It consisted of a little girl sitting alone in her bedroom singing the classic nursery rhyme "Hush Little Baby" but the lyrics were changed to something like "Hush little baby don't you cry, your Momma's got AIDS and then she'll die..." It went on to say a bunch of characters from childhood stories would get AIDS too. Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Prince Charming etc. It was meant to be very stark and chilling, basically trying to scare people into using condoms but the use of storybook characters gave it a dark comical quality as well.

Although I am not always a perfect angel when it comes to practicing safe sex, I do believe it is a very important issue in today's world. And I do believe that people should be properly educated on all the risks involved with unsafe sex to enable them to make their own informed decisions.

19 October 2008

The Truth Comes Out

By Marcus Wyler

Here's the TRUTH about Mason Wyler:

  • He is a nail biter and he bites them alot, especially when he is watching a movie or is in deep thought.
  • Whenever he feels like he has done something wrong, he imitates Eric Cartman from the TV show South Park.
  • His right nipple is sexually wired to his dick, it's his "on" button, simply grazing it or rubbing it is a sure-fire way to get his attention.
  • He built his own computer.
  • He has vocal talent and I don't mean when he has a dick in his ass, I mean the boy can sing.
  • He has an older brother in the Navy.
  • Mason used to want to get off at least two times a day, Now its more like four times a day.
  • When we go to museums he reads every word on every plaque, it takes hours to get through just one wing of a museum. He also likes to touch priceless artifacts when the museum workers aren't looking.
  • His favorite art/architecture style is Art Deco.
  • He is versatile.
  • He is an avid gamer, he owns a PS3, an XBox360, and he built his computer to play PC games. He does NOT own a Wii and has no desire to ever own one.
  • His musical taste includes classical music, soft rock from the 70's and 80's, classic country ie. Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner, jazz, blues, disco, show tunes, opera, and some pop from the 90's.
  • He has never tried, used, or experimented with drugs ( I don't count marijuana as a drug).
  • An apartment, a dog, and a 60" television were the only possessions he wanted out of life before he met me.
  • If he is in the shower for longer than five minutes then there is a 90% chance that he is jacking off.
  • He does not enjoy going out to gay night clubs or bars. Nine times out of ten, if you take him to a gay bar he will begin to look like he wants to leave by 11pm.
  • For Mason, going to bed at 2am and waking up at noon is a responsible and healthy sleep schedule.
  • He has ZERO gay friends.
  • His cum is tasteless.
  • Alot of his jokes are tasteless and offensive, most of them aren't even funny, but hang out with him long enough and he will do something that will make you laugh.
  • When he bottoms, he gets kind of bossy (and I don't mean he says, "Yeah, fuck my ass, give it to me harder/deeper" like you hear him say in his videos. I mean he says things like, "Wait, hold on, I don't think I can take it, don't go too deep. Did you cum yet? Pull out. How was your day? Did you have any trouble finding the place? What are you majoring in?) unless you know how to be dominant with him.
  • He has never been to a gay house party, a gay circuit party, or a gay pride parade.
  • When he gets angry, his face gets red and he makes an angry claw gesture with his hands.
  • He likes it when you talk dirty to him in bed.
  • He would love to live in London, Buenos Aires, or any city in Italy.
  • He doesn't think he is the hottest thing since sliced bread.
  • If you take the time to get to know him you would find out that he is incredibly unique, simply one of a kind.

14 October 2008

Ask The Nation: Hygiene Issues

Hi Mason,

I'm having some troubles in regards to sex, so who better to ask than a porn star(or whatever level of celebrity you've attained)?

I am an 18 yr old who is fairly inexperienced but I'm willing to learn more and more from this other guy who I'm seeing at the moment. We've had sex about four times now and he's barebacked me all 4 times (thank god he has a small dick because it hurts enough as it is).

Apart from the pain there is one rather unpleasant issue with this...shit. The last two times I have noticed the smell of shit and afterwards I've wiped it off my ass (vomit), he hasn't said anything, I don't know whether he didn't notice by some miracle or he's just being polite but there is nothing more embarrassing.

I basically wipe my ass raw every time I go to the toilet and each time before I go to see him I have a shower and try to wash my douche out as best I can, I even bend over and try to get some water in there but once he starts screwing me everything seems to go all...well u know. Its a serious turn off and there is nothing more disgusting that I can think of than shit on a penis. So I pose thee this question:

What should I do to clean out my douche? What do you do? Is there some sort of cleanex I can stick up there or will I have to start wearing a scented pine tree around my ass?

Please, I beg u if u have the time give me some advise because this guy I'm with is going to introduce me to his friend in the near future who is unbelievably hot. He also has a rather large phallus.

Sincerely Yours,
Sydney's soon to be Total Cock Slut :)


Dear Inexperienced,

You're not alone. Everybody has an asshole and everybody poops. I've known lots of people who in the beginning failed to figure out the proper way to convert there exit only tunnel into a two-way street. And there are other porn performers on that list. But sex of course is a learning experience and when it comes to anal hygiene its pretty easy to learn the error of our ways.

The first thing we need to clear up is your vocabulary, Your definition of the word "douche" seems to be incorrect. A douche is not your pleasure zone. The word douche generally has two meanings, it is often used as a noun meaning a device used to insert a stream of water into your anal cavity (and vagina for women) or it is used as a verb meaning the act of cleansing. See visual example on the left.

Now that we have that straightened out you should have an idea of what I will say next. YOU NEED TO DOUCHE OUT YOUR HOLE. Wiping is never enough. There are many different devices available to us when it comes to anal hygiene. From stand alone rubber and plastic ones all the way to stainless steel contraptions that attach to your shower head. Regardless of which one you choose make sure you know how to properly operate it. The one above speaks for itself, fill it with warm water, insert the tip into your anus as far as it can go, squeeze most of the water deep in your hole, hold the water in you for a few minutes, then release. Repeat this a few times till the water you flush out is clear.

If you choose to go with a fancier one, like the one shown on the right, then make sure not to OVER fill yourself with water and make sure the water pressure isn't extremely high, rupturing your intestines would probably hinder your hopes of becoming Sydney's biggest bottom boy.

Some people choose to go with a local pharmacy device better known as the enema. This works perfectly fine as long as you remember to empty out the solution it comes stocked with and replace it with water. This is very important because the sodium phosphate solution it comes stocked with is a LAXATIVE, meaning it will cause you to shit all night instead of fuck all night.

Remember that patience is a virtue, some days it may take just two flush outs until you are good to go and other days it may take alot more.

And don't let the fear of making a no-no stop you from enjoying the pleasure of having your hole stuffed. Though if you are thorough then the chances of giving someone a brownie surprise are pretty slim, but sometimes, Shit Happens. Don't let the embarrassment ever stop you from getting back on the horse and trying again. Just make sure you flush yourself out more the next time around.

If the problem persists, which I doubt it would, but if it did, you might want to try investing in some Colonic Hydrotherapy. Google it.

I hope this advice helps you become the best total cock slut Sydney has ever plowed. Make sure you keep us updated!

Gay Porn's Currently Over-Exposed Cock Slut
Mason Wyler

What advice would you give Sydney's soon to be Total Cock Slut?

12 October 2008

Marcus Wyler: "I Got Raped Too"


By Marcus Wyler

When Mason first said the words "We were raped", to a person we have never met before, I was infuriated with him. I wasn't ready to admitt to myself that it had happened, and so telling other people felt out of the question to me. My way of dealing with the problem was to put all of those nightmares and memories in a box and try to forget about them. I wanted to hide them away from the rest of the world as if the whole ordeal never occured. I didn't feel comfortable lying about it when people asked me "What happened to you?" but I didn't feel like talking about it either. I felt like going silent, turning myself into a mute.

Mason on the other hand felt like venting all of his emotions to anyone and everyone who asked, looked, stared, talked, or walked in any way shape or form that made him feel like they were curious about what happened to his face. As uncomfortable as it was for me to be with him while he divulged the details to a listening ear, I was too afraid to be away from him so I withstood it.
I understood that way dealt with the trauma in different ways and as always, I put my feelings aside because I wanted to see him happy.

When Mason told me he was going to post a blog about it for everyone to read, I freaked. It was already bad enough that I was always referred to as "Mason's Boyfriend" instead of my actual name, I didn't want "rape victim" tacked on as well. I didn't want my shame and humiliation to be public, I didn't want other crazy people to know where we lived, and I didn't feel the public had any right to know.

But Mason didn't feel shame or humiliation, just anger. He wanted to express his anger publicly, he wanted people to offer their sympathy, and he wanted to find people who had experienced the same thing and vent with them. I didn't see anything wrong with that. I mean when I am angry, its nice when I meet people who are in the same boat as me, who can relate to me, and WANT to talk about it. It's just that I was ashamed, not angry, and I didn't want to talk about it, so Mason couldn't really rely on me for that.

It was clear that if he we both wanted to deal with the situation in our different ways that we would have to compromise. He wanted to report what had happened but he wanted to make sure I was OK with it. I told him to erase me from his story, I told him to change certain details, and he did so willingly.

Now I am not the type of person to really care about what strangers on the internet have to say about my life. Tons of people never believed I was Mason's Boyfriend until they saw me with him in person so I've learned to just ignore the doubters. But when Mason showed me what alot of you had been saying about him it kicked my shame to the curb and got me enraged. I not only felt like people were attacking my boyfriends credibility but I also felt like they were demeaning the extremity of my own experience.

I have always been happy to just sit on the sidelines while Mason basked in the spotlight but since so many of you felt the need to pull apart Mason's story and try to cast this as a mere publicity stunt, I felt the need to defend the facts.

I know some of you people are impatient and like to jump to conclusions but try to bear with me here. This is the first time I have openly spoke out about it.

First lets establish some general facts.

1. Legal Name

Mason's real name, partially censored for privacy reasons, is Me Be Ace.
Of course some documents list the Last Name (Surname) 1st, the First Name 2nd, and the Middle Name 3rd as is the case with the Texas State License.

2. Location

Me Ace and I lived on Main St Dallas, TX 75202 when the crime happened.

Now lets establish facts involving the legitimacy of our rape claim.

1. There are two people who were raped. Me Ace and Myself.

This is Me Ace's Report Record

And this is my Report Record

Please note that the police filed separate reports for the both of us. If you compare the two reports you will see that the info given on our address matches up, the Officer REVIEWED BY: 47458 is the same, the investigator assigned is the same, and the date and exact time is the same. So it is clear to anyone with half a brain that these two people were raped together and reported the same crime.

It is also clear that these two people lived on the exact same street as did Me Ace and I during the date this report was taken.

2. The Date of the Crime

The date of the crime according to the police reports was 9/20/2008 at 20:00(8pm) meaning that is about the time the rape began NOT the time the police were called.

Below are Ace Me's Parkland Hospital Paper's he received after the rape examination was completed.

Please note the dates and the wording in the document listed below. I am not trying to imply that anyone is dumb but just in case you did not know what a contusion is, it's a bruise.

3. Correlation to Rape claims from Ace Me and Myself

The Hospital Receipt

Our Bank Statement

Please note, underlined in RED is the $100 charge from Parkland hospital on the exact date as the documents listed above. Underlined in BLUE is charge that correlates with the 2nd page of my police report which is listed below the Bank Statement.

Page 2 of my Police Report.

In case you are having a little bit of trouble putting it all together, Ace Me and I went down to Houston on 9/18/2008 to visit family. On the morning of 9/20/2008 we stopped by Spec's liquor to purchase some alcohol before heading back up to Dallas. Included in that purchase was a bottle of Level Vodka. We arrived back in Dallas around 6:30PM. The rapist asshole showed up around 8pm. The raping ended and we escaped around Midnight or so. We were taken to the hospital around 4am the morning of 9/21/2008. They charged Ace Me and I for the rape kits, I do not have health insurance and therefore I skipped out on the bill.

Yes, a couple of these facts do not match up with Mason's original posting but those details have nothing to do with whether or not he was telling the truth about getting raped. It was I who asked him to change those details. I don't need to explain why and I don't need to defend my reasons. No, I will not go into every gritty detail nor do I feel the public has any right to know. Read the short description in both Police Reports, thats all you need to know. The evidence above speaks for itself.


For those of you who believe this was just a ploy of his to make money and sell more videos let me just clarify a few more things.

Mason does not make ANY money from video sales, he is not paid any royalties, and I highly doubt getting raped would increase sales anyway. As I understand it, most porn stars are paid a one time fee for each scene that they do.

And despite what some may believe he is in no need for money. Yes he did a fund raiser (which was very successful btw) but who wouldn't want to make extra money on the side if they could? He continues to get plenty of work in the adult film industry and in the next few months you will have even more proof that he is in no way strapped for cash.

Furthermore, claiming to have been raped would not get him more work and Mason is not stupid to believe it would have. People who have been claiming that are way out of line.

For those of you who say he made it up for attention. Well that is partly true. He didn't make it up but I'm sure the POSITIVE attention he got was something that he wanted and probably needed. Like I said earlier, he wanted to vent to people who were willing to listen. And I know this is biased because I love him, but I didn't see anything wrong with that even though it was not how I was dealing at the time. Everybody here knows that sometimes getting alot of attention in a time of need is a good thing and sometimes being left alone is a good thing. It all just depends on the circumstances and your personality. Grabbing for attention does not discredit someones story.

Keep in mind that he didn't tell people just for the attention, he wanted to alert our gay community that there are still bias towards us amongst the rest of society. But it seems like there is more bias within our community. Its amazing how quickly some of you daytime masturbators turn into self righteous bashers.

10 October 2008

I Can Laugh if I Want to

Let me just say that I am relieved that I am able to laugh at this. Offensive, disturbing, and yet HILARIOUS, 11 years running and South Park still cracks me up. Regardless of what has happened to me.

Oh and one more thing, I actually liked Indiana Jones 4, I know some parts were pretty retarded, but I still liked it. I am one of the fans who thought Spielberg and Lucas did a fine job.

09 October 2008

The Corner Girls: Oh Yes He Did


Daphne: GURL! Did you hear what I just heard?

Juanita: What'd tchu hear chica?

Daphne: You know that porn slut Mason Wyler? Well he just went and got himself raped.

Juanita: Oh no he didn't.

Daphne: Oh yes he dids.

Juanita: I reads his story all over the internets, Chica and his story just don't add up.

Daphne: Bitch please, we both know your 24 year old ass cants read.

Juanita: Uh huh Chica, you wrong, my 12 year old son 99 Cent Special taught me how last year.

Daphne: Yeah well I don't think anybody knows the full story except for Mason and whoever he is accusing. I mean, maybe he wanted to mix a bit of fact and fiction, writers have been known to do that as a way of slow release.

Juanita: Since when did your hooker ass become little miss psychologist? That puta is such a dirty slut he probably dreamed it up and thought it was real. He writes about it all the time.

Daphne: No he doesn't.

Juanita: Oh yes he does, I just fingered my twat last night reading one of his stories. But I won't do it anymore, not after this. He's disgraced all of the working gurls who have been raped before, as if it wasn't hard enough to get the po po to believe us before.

Daphne: OK miss street walkin CSI, I'm soooo sure you're right about how rape victims would never try to change or hide details of their story when they first try opening up and telling people about it.

Juanita: I am sure Chica, if you're gonna talk about it why lie?

Daphne: And how many times have you been raped?

Juanita: Zero.

Daphne: Exactly gurl. And even if you had been, wouldn't mean you know the truth in Mason's case.

Juanita: Don't be so stupid chica, the stupid whore just wants the attention... maybe he isn't getting enough dick during his night shift anymore. Or maybe he had one enormous pinga go all the way up in him and poke his brain, gave him brain damage, tchu know.

Daphne: GURL... you know that ain't right. No dick is THAT big.

Juanita: Whatever, I had a trick last night that had a pinga as big as a pringles can, I charged him double and got double the fun.

Daphne: You must be loose hoe.

Juanita: Not as loose as Mason's ass.

Daphne: Thats wrong gurl. He just got raped.

Juanita: Oh no he didn't!

Daphne: Oh yes he did!

08 October 2008

Rape Reality Part 3: The Closing Statement

Why did I want to cover up certain facts you might ask. Well I didn't want people knowing that my boyfriend was involved, well more like he didn't want people knowing. He had the reaction that most of you think I should of had. And I tried my best to appease him.

You know what I mean, The whole being too ashamed and destroyed to talk about it with friends, family, and much less strangers. The kind of rape victim that doesn't really want people to know that they got raped and has a sudden sense of growing paranoia that it will happen again and is deathly afraid of another rapist finding them. And God forbid a rape victim ever blog about it and show pictures of the injuries. Yes, I know, that's how most rape victims I see on TV act and thats how my boyfriend reacted to it. Which is much more understandable then the way I have reacted. But what can I do but be me.

Still don't believe me? Well that's OK, it's not really you that I am worried about proving myself to. I was able to talk with most of the major gay blogs and gay porn news magazines. And I gave them the personal information needed to confirm my attack with the Dallas Police Department. And to be quite honest, in the gay community, they are the only ones that need to believe me. Be sure to check out the latest GAYVN Article where the author was able to confirm with the police.

Why did I write about it at all? Well because I enjoy writing and I enjoy letting people read about my world. Yes of course I love getting attention and yes I love making money doing what I enjoy. If someone handed me a $100 bill and said, "Here I want you to have this just because I like you, no strings attached." I sure as hell wouldn't say no... Please do not twist my words around and say that I am a cheap prostitute that guys could fuck for $100, because that is NOT what I am saying. I am just saying that I admtt that I love the fact that people read what I write and I appreciate the guys who make deposits into BankWylerNation, I fess up to the fact that I wanted an easy way to pay for school, I'm lazy when it comes to 9 to 5 mainstream work. But all of this has nothing to do with why I wrote about the rape.

I seriously just wanted to write about it and let people know what was going on with me. I knew some people might recognize me when I was out running errands. I knew people were going to wonder about my bruises. I just thought I'd beat them to the punch (bad choice of words?).

I also know that a few friends of mine look forward to my updates. And before this past week my updates have been very inconsistent, I would write one blog and then take another month to write another. The thing is my life, outside of the porn world, is pretty boring, and writing wise, I am only able to write what I know. As inhuman as this sounds, me getting raped was like my cure for writers block. It gave me something to talk about. Something I thought was worthwhile and that some people could really relate to.

I agree that the way I went about telling people I got raped was probably not the best way to go about it, turning it into a customized news article, changing details instead of just leaving them out. I just have an affinity for being as descriptive as possible... but hell its my rape case, not yours, and I should be able to say whatever I want to say about it.

I also agree that I don't think most normal people would be sitting around blogging about it to the world and showing pictures of their injuries. But I think we can all agree that its safe to say that I am nowhere near normal.

Remember the previous posting I made about how my sex drive is off the charts and its causing problems in my love life? Well this may be another mistake to say this but just barely 24 hours after getting raped, I was actually horny. I would think that is absolutely not normal for a rape victim but I could be wrong.

I know this may sound crazy, but I'm actually not traumatized from this experience, although I could have a mental break down later on in life. I'm just angry, I'm angry at the fucker who raped me, angry at the police officers who didn't care, angry at the hospital who charged me for a rape kit, and angry at people who either didn't believe or said I deserved it and/or wanted it.

And seriously, no joke, they made me pay for the rape kit... I know alot of you out there say that Texas has funds for rape kits, well I didn't get those funds. You are only an expert on your own life, you are no experts on my life or the circumstances I have been in. So please don't assume that because you have a certain job, or a degree in whatever field, or that you have been raped yourself, that you know what my story is suppose to sound like for it to be true.

I of course will not publish every detail of this case, I will not reveal what information I do or do not have to the public, there shouldn't be a need to. Some people think they know everything, don't ask questions for the sake of better understanding, don't think before they speak... some people do not have the ability to think that everybody is different and there for will react to certain events in different ways, and to those people.... Would you seriously, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, stop following my life, stop reading what I have to say, stop reading what is reported about me, just forget that I ever existed, and STOP posting shit about me.

Honestly, I can't believe I went through all this effort just to prove myself. But I love my job and I had to make sure that the studios I work with all know that I wasn't lying about getting raped and that this wasn't a publicity stunt gone awry.

Again you can read the article and my interview at

07 October 2008

The Cold Hard Facts

I did some research this morning and found a website called RAINN.ORG which stands for Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network. On there they give the statistics of the sexual abuse crimes that happen in our country. Most if not all of the information they give has been gathered from U.S. Department of Justice. I just thought I should share how little hope there is for rape victims of getting any legal justice:

  • If rape is reported, there is a 50.8% chance of an arrest.
  • If an arrest is made, there is an 80% chance of a prosecution.
  • If there is a prosecution, there is a 58% chance of a conviction.
  • If there is a felony conviction, there is a 69% chance the convict will be sent to prison.
So out of all the rape cases reported there is only a 16.3% chance the accused will end up in jail.

For people who believe that rape is a crime so important from a news standpoint, that for it to be real, it would have to make regional news, if not national news, then think again. According to the department of justice there are over 64, 080 rapes a year, thats 1 reported rape every 8 minutes. I don't know about you but the only rape cases I ever see in the news these days are child rape cases. When you watch the news, do you see a rape story every 8 minutes? I don't think so.

  1. U.S. Department of Justice. 2006 National Crime Victimization Survey. 2006.
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06 October 2008

Rape Reality Part 2: The Truth

The truth is I did get raped by a guy who claimed to be a Captain in the U.S. Army. And the truth is I did invite him into my home. He was attractive and he looked normal. I guess thats incredibly stupid of me to judge someones character based solely on appearances. But I trust people on day one until they lose it instead of making people earn my trust. We had a bit of small talk, he told me that he was gay, and that he had seen some of my work and kept up with my myspace page. I did come on to him. I kissed him and he kissed me back. But within a few short moments things quickly turned ugly. All the sexual abuses that I listed in my news report truthfully happened to me.

Truthfully for the first few hours of the attack I fought back and I fought back hard, I assume that since he was a big strong army guy that he thought it was going to be easy to over power me and get me under control, but I sure as hell surprised him. When he pulled out the gun it scared me shitless and I stopped fighting for a bit but then I figured I really was going to die and if that were to be the case then I'd rather go out fighting instead of being some blubbering victim.

So I started to struggle against him once more. I seriously bit a chunk of flesh out of his upper chest trying to wrestle him off of me, I also tried gouging his eyes out but every attempt I made to break free from him failed.

I was beaten and strangled to the point that I passed out numerous times during the night, each time I came to he was either fucking me or tying me up with whatever he could find. I ended up getting my wrists and ankles tied behind my back, and attached to a belt that was wrapped around my neck so that if I struggled I would end up just strangling myself.

I was screaming for help so loud that he ended up not only blindfolding me but taping my mouth shut. I almost had a helmet of duct tape covering my face and at one point I thought I was going to suffocate to death. When he noticed that I couldn't breath, he took the tape off of my nose, maybe he just wanted me to be alive and in pain while he raped me, I don't know.

The truth is, I'll admit, that my mind is pretty fucked up. I'll admit that my sexual promiscuity has put myself at risk countless times and until the other night I have been pretty lucky. I'll admit that I am a slut who has some pretty sick fantasies at times BUT this twisted fantasy was always meant to be just that, a fantasy, I never wanted it to become a reality. Just because someone is a slut who talks dirty doesn't give anyone the right to abuse that person.

The truth is that I think the rapist did call over some friends to use me once he had gotten his fill of me. By then the drugs (which I was unaware that he had injected me with at the time) had already taken affect and I was much more subdued and mellow. My muscles started to go limp, including my ass, which the gang of murderers and rapists interpreted as me wanting more cock up my hole. If I could of shit on them I would of.

The truth is that my first instinct was to yell at my neighbors after I escaped because I know they were home and I KNOW they could hear me screaming for help through the walls. AND YET LIKE MOST FUCKING AMERICANS, THEY DID NOTHING. Some people are so afraid to get involved in other peoples lives when they need it most. You always read those horror stories of kids getting raped in apartment complexes where the neighbors hear it but don't call the cops.. then act all shocked when they find out exactly what was going on... I was sickened to hear that and ENRAGED when it happened to me.

The truth is the police were eventually called. Six of them showed up, Four of them were ex-military, and all of them were assholes. The FIRST thing they asked was, "Have you been doing any illegal substances or drinking?" and keep in mind they knew why they were called over.

I said no.

My blood was pumping, mind racing,I was going nuts, and I had no idea that the guy had squirted GHB into my asshole. I just thought he wanted to get my insides wet, hell he shoved ice cubes up in me. I think the bastard just got off seeing me squirm in pain. As hard as it is for some of you to believe, I have NEVER done any drugs other than marijuana, which I don't consider a drug anyway. So I didn't know that the effects I was feeling was from a drug and not from getting knocked around and choked so many times.

They took my answer with a grain of salt.

They all had looks of doubt. "Come on, you love sex...and with a guy in the military, thats like a dream come true for you, just admit it you sick fagot and stop wasting our time", is what I'm sure they were thinking.

I'm not your average joe in terms of personality, I can't shut up under normal circumstances and last night I couldn't stop talking for the life of me, it might have been the drugs that were forced into my body or it might have been the sudden adrenaline rush I was feeling after I escaped, but either way I couldn't shut up, which led the cops to believe I was just a cracked out fagot that wanted it and was just freaking out.

Like some of you have said, rape victims have a hard time talking about their situation with loved ones and friends, let alone a public forum BUT FUCK THAT. I want everyone out there to know that there are some sick fucks in all types of uniforms and to be cautious. I told my neighbors, the cops, my friends, my mother, my brother, the nurses at the hospital, the lady at the front desk that asked what happened, and any body else who stared at my fucked up face. Screw being ashamed and quiet about it. I was kind of proud that I gave a guy who was almost 6'2" and probably 220 lbs a pretty good fight. AND yes I know thats pretty fucked up that a slut who just got raped is proud and I'm sure the cops were thinking the same thing.

It probably didn't help that I had copies of my porn laying all over the house when they came in to collect evidence. And it probably didn't help that I didn't follow their orders to just sit down and not to walk around to keep me from smudging any finger prints the rapist may have left behind. And I sure as hell didn't help when I made nasty comments about people in the armed forces, I was pissed off and couldn't help it. SERIOUSLY, I didn't know there was a certain way you're suppose to act after you get raped. Do they offer a rape victims etiquette class? I should probably take it. I'm surprised there aren't more insane crazy rape victims out there, because I'm seriously about to go off my rocker!

The cops were serious assholes though, while two of the investigators were busy finger printing my whole house, the other four were holding me hostage in my living room. "JUST SIT THERE SIR, WE DON'T WANT YOU CONTAMINATING EVIDENCE", one pig oinked. "Uh. I need to take a piss", I said. "Well they haven't collected evidence from the bathroom yet and you might have some of their DNA on you so you probably shouldn't do anything until we get to the hospital", the asshole in blue said. I seriously wanted to yell, "THE DNA IS IN MY ASSHOLE YOU FUCKING PIG!" But I was at least able to keep that to myself.

I kept asking them, "I'm sure you will get his DNA after my exam, why on earth do you need to take all my stuff?" to which they replied "We just just have to"... "We just have to?" thats not a very good reason. On top of that they took things that had nothing to do with the case, like my main computer, my cell phone, and my clothes, the clothes that I had on when the guy came over and just random clothes on the floor. One pig told me that once the stuff becomes evidence, I'd probably never get them back, and the stupid fucking piece of shit chuckled, like it was funny.

Two of the cops were talking about rough sex with their wives and how they have to pin them down... not saying they're rapists.. just saying that talking about rough sex at a rape scene.... WOW... seriously?

After they collected my statement and "evidence" and they were finally done belittling me they handed me a card with a case number on the back, "Call if you want to press charges", they said - the number on the front was the number for the traffic violations office. WOW THEY REALLY DO CARE.

Then they took me to the shittiest hospital in the city, where I got to wait, then wait some more, and wait some more. Then finally after 5 hours of waiting along side hobo's, hookers, and heroine addicts I was finally put in a room where I got to wait another hour for a fucking rape kit, a medical exam that took about 15 minutes to complete. And just to put icing on the cake was handed a medical bill for the exam, $100. LOVELY.

When I finally got home I found my walls, carpet, and furniture covered in black finger print dust not to mention the drops of blood spattered across the floor. Not one of the drops of the blood looked as if they had been swabbed for samples... something I thought the police would want to match with the DNA taken from my hole. And upon further investigation I found something even more startling... the tape and papers used to collect finger prints.. all of it containing the assholes finger prints were crumpled up and thrown into my trash can.

For those of you who seem to be genuinely worried about me, don't be, I'll be fine, I was already pretty messed up before this so maybe this will make me less of a stupid slut. Maybe this will get me to quit doing porn and try incredibly hard at a normal lifestyle.

I checked myself into a hotel room because I couldn't stand to be in that house alone. It wreaked of sweat, piss, and rapist cum. I have been sitting here ever since, playing the events over and over in my head, thinking about what he did to me, trying to figure out what I should do about it, planning my revenge, and then I wrote that article. Like I said earlier, the report was written by me but the crime reported in it is fact.

I'm done trying to prove that I'm telling the truth, if you don't believe me then FUCK you and quit reading my blog. LIKE RIGHT NOW. JUST CLICK THE X. I usually welcome people's criticisms and differing opinions.. but this isn't about your opinion... its about my health and well-being. I WRITE BECAUSE IT MAKES ME FEEL BETTER. Is that pathetic to you??? THEN GO FUCK YOURSELF!

For those of you who are truly my fans and friends, please excuse my erratic behavior. I'm a mess right now.

I've been writing and talking about it to whoever will listen, hoping to write and talk about it so much that I have nothing left to say about it and can hopefully move on.

05 October 2008

Rape Reality

Dallas, Texas – A gay adult film actor filed a report with the Dallas Police Department claiming that a 28-year old Army Captain brutally raped the actor and his husband at gunpoint the evening of September 22nd.

The reported Army Captain who served in Iraq, is accused of home invasion, robbery with a firearm, and sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, the Dallas County Sheriff's Office reported.

According to a police statement the victim, aged 24, is a sex worker in the gay porn industry known as Mason Wyler, who has been in the business for over 3 years. The statement reveals that Mason and the Army Captain had chatted a few times via Yahoo Messenger and agreed to meet up for casual sex before the soldier was deployed.

Upon entry of the victim's residence, the Captain and the Porn Star began kissing. Things then moved to the bedroom and their clothes quickly came off. The Army Captian then asked if he could tie Wyler's wrists together and perform oral sex on him, Wyler agreed. When the Captian tried to gag him, Wyler's husband objected.

Thats when the Captain pulled out a M9 Pistol and reportedly threatened their lives. The accused then began punching and kicking both victims knocking Wyler's Husband unconscious.

The statement claims that Wyler broke free from his wrist restraints and tried to wrestle the gun out of the Captains hands but was unsuccessful.

Eventually Wyler and his husband were immobilized, gagged, and blindfolded with belts and duct tape. Through out the whole ordeal the soldier supposedly sodomized the victims repeatedly with a broom stick, anally and orally raped the victims while strangling them with a power cord, made the couple drink urine, and brutally beat them.

After a few hours the soldier made a call to invite over some accomplices. But it is still unclear as to whether or not other people participated in the reported crime.

After the Army Captain was through he simply left, leaving both victims tied up and badly wounded, Wyler allegedly managed to untie himself and escape to a nearby home, where the occupants called 911. The accused was able to get away before police arrived on the scene.

The victims were taken to Parkland Hospital in the Dallas Medical Center, where a sexual assault exam was performed. Their clothing, blood, and urine was collected and sent off to be processed at the Sheriff's Office DNA lab.The Dallas Police have not named any suspect

03 October 2008

Mason Wyler's Guide to the Gay Porn Galaxy

Often times I get asked for tips and advice on how to get started in the porn industry. Now I'm not claiming to be an expert on the business, but I am willing to share what I've learned from my experience working as a porn model for the past three years with those of you seriously thinking about getting into adult film entertainment.

First, you need to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Do I really want to be in porn?" In my experience it wasn't that big of a decision for me, I knew it was something I have always wanted to do, I knew the possible consequences and rewards of becoming a porn model and in the end I knew that for me, the pros outweighed the cons. But that may not be the case for you. It may very well affect your future job options especially if you're career goal involves being in the public eye or working for the republican party. Be forewarned that although some porn companies choose to operate under legal names that are non descriptive like "Conwest Resourcing" or "Belator Inc" others have no problem using their studio names as their legal names. Just be prepared to answer future interview questions like: "What is Adult Resource Management? What did you do for them? And why did you only work for them in May and then again in September?" Or "Can you tell me what kind of company Excelsior Media is?" Or "You want this job? Then why don't get down on your knees and suck this dick, you fucking porn slut." Just kidding about that last question... nobody's asked me that...yet. Other things that you should also to take into account is how porn may greatly affect your love life, your relationship with your family, and your standing with friends and colleagues.

Secondly, you need to seriously ask yourself, "Am I physically attractive enough to be in porn?" For newcomers in the porn world, your body is your resume. It's your only way in, forget what you hear about a friend who knows a friend who knows a guy that directs porn. It doesn't matter what connections you may have or may not have. If you're hot, then you're in, if you're not hot, then well, you're not in. It's as simple as that. Yes there are studios catering to niche markets for almost every look and body type, but if you're wanting to work in the mainstream porn world and make it to true porn star status then there are honestly only three "types" of looks that you could achieve that with: College Jock, Body Builder, and Muscle Daddy. I myself never made it to what I consider porn star status but everyone's definition is different. If you consider anyone in porn to be a porn star then truly everyone could be a porn star if they wanted to be.

Next, If you have already sent your pictures to a few places and never heard back from anyone then WORK OUT AND GET MORE MUSCLE. Its not like its a requirement, but I think it helps. Especially if you are somebody who is simply average. If you think you may be too skinny or too fat to be in porn, then you probably are. Gain muscle, lose fat! Trust me when I say muscle will help your chances in the porn world and it'll probably even help your sex life. I'm no Mr. Olympia, hell most of the guys I've worked with had way more muscle than me, but I've been in almost 100 scenes with this one step above twink body, just think what having alot more muscle could do for my career. Yes, yes twinks are cute, I'm personally in love with one, and yes, plenty of people out there are chubby chasers but again, keep in mind that I am giving advice to those of you who want to be in the MAINSTREAM porn world not the niche markets. Muscle has been the in thing for decades and it doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. I'm not saying to go over board, too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing, I'm just saying, if the you don't get any call backs after you've applied to various studios then maybe you should hit the gym, gain some muscle, and then send out new pictures. If that doesn't work then get even bigger and if even that fails then you probably just aren't meant to be in porn. There's not much else you can do about it.

After you get your body in order, you need to get your face in tip top shape. If you don't already have a good face care regiment then you should start one. Even though alot of the older studios like Colt, Falcon, and Titan have make-up artists on hand many of the newer giants like SeanCody.com, RandyBlue.com and CorbinFisher.com do not. And even with make-up these studios do very little in the way of airbrushing a video so unless you yourself are a Monet with a make-up kit then all those blemishes you want to hide will show up just fine on video. Even more so now with the porn industry's slow progression towards HD quality video. Your face is one of only 4 assets you have starting out. Those being your body, dick, ass, and face. Although each studio weighs each asset a little bit differently, it is always important to take very good care of your face. It's not like you can become a porn star if the camera man only ever shoots you from the neck down. If acne is your problem then I suggest an investment in some prescription Differin Gel or something like it. If you have scars then depending on how bad they are I would say don't worry about it. Scars give you character, acne does not. And yes I have had zits during a shoot and it did affect their opinion of me.

Once you have your body, mind, and face in line then its time to make sure you've got the right equipment, the equipment that you really can't change without alot of money and a plastic surgeon. HOW BIG DOES YOUR DICK NEED TO BE TO BE A PORN STAR? I'd say it can't be smaller than 7" and thick. Having a huge dick will definitely move you to the front of the line, anything 9" and bigger. 10" would definitely put you in a class of your own but if all you got is 7 inches then that would suffice. The size of your dick is of course a pretty important attribute the studios consider when deciding to cast you or not, its of course crucial if you plan to be a top. But size isn't everything. The look of your dick and the way it compliments your over all image also matters. If you are 5'7" and just slim and defined then your dick probably doesn't need to be 7" too look good on you, at the same time someone who is 6'3" and 250lbs of muscle should probably have at least 8" of dick, anything else might look tiny on him. As bottom the size of your penis doesn't matter much as but it will still be something that is considered. Basically, if you have an above average sized penis that fits your body type, isn't super curvy or funky looking, then you should be alright. You don't need a super sized donkey dick to be a porn star but you can't have a Tiny Timmy either.

The last asset you need to consider is well, your ass. This asset isn't really a deal break by any studios standards but a nice ass never hurts... well, unless its getting fucked hard but you know what I mean. Having a full round buttocks will greatly enhance your chances if you want to be a porn star bottom. And nothing turns me on like a hot top with a hot ass, gives me something to grab onto when I'm on my back. If your ass needs a bit of improvement then doing squats and spending time on the stair master should do the trick.

Now it's time to take pictures and send them out. They don't need to be professional that just have to be good quality, RECENT, and large. To find out where to send your pictures, go to each of the porn companies websites, on there they should have a link to an online model application, most if not all of them have one. Make sure that you fill out the entire application. After you've sent them out then you are done, all you can do is sit and wait to hear back. With me, some studios replied immediately, some even in the same day, some didn't respond until months later, while others didn't respond at all. On top of your look and what they are looking for, timing also has alot to do with whether they respond or not. Lots of times if you apply a few weeks before a planned shoot then you will almost always hear back. And there's no way of telling when they might be looking for new models and when they are not so it is best to apply through out the year. Keep in mind that this isn't manhunt we are talking about here, if you send out pictures that are old and look nothing like you now, the studio will send you back with a bill so not only will you have wasted time, you will have wasted money.

If you are actually offered a shoot then here are a few more things you should consider:

*Some shoots can take as little as 30 minutes to shoot while others take upwards of 6 hours. You can never be entirely sure which shoot might unexpectedly take longer than planned. So as a bottom be prepared to literally get fucked for hours with only a few short breaks in between. As a top be prepared for chaffing and being expected to stay hard for hours, with or without Viagra.

*You don't need to live in California to work in porn, the studios worth working for will fly you out to wherever the shoot location is, pay for your airfare, your hotel, and your food on top of your scene rate.

*If you are a bottom then make sure you properly and thoroughly douche out your hole before walking onto the set. SERIOUSLY, you may think it's common sense but I have seen a few guys that had no idea that they needed to do it or didn't think it was necessary who had streams of brown gooey liquid running down there leg, nothing kills a hard on like the smell of shit.

*If you are a top then make sure you wash your junk before walking on set. Nut musk is not a smell most other porn stars are fond of. You want the cocksucker to go "Mmmmmm" when he is sucking your dick, not gag.

*If you do make a name for yourself in the porn world, don't act like you're a celebrity, because you're not. The moment your ego gets bigger than your dick, people will notice. Its more attractive to stay humble and realize that we work in West Hollywood not Hollywood.

*We have sex for a living, some people call that being a whore, get used to it. I don't see myself as that but that doesn't stop people from saying otherwise.

*You don't have to have sex with the director to continue working in porn. I've been in the business three years and have never slept with the boss... although there are a select bosses I've had that I would love to bend over for.

*The pay rate varies greatly and is dependent upon many factors such as: Which studio the shoot is for, What you will be doing in the shoot, How you market yourself to the studio, how big of a "star" you are, and the factor that matters the most of course is your level of physical beauty. The hotter you are the more money you can ask for. Its a science trying to figure out how much you think that they think you are worth and getting it.

*Many studio owners have an affinity with coercing "straight" boys into having gay sex thus those particular studios have been known to shell out the big bucks for guys who claim to be heterosexual. If you decide to play that role then it is best that you start off slow with your sexual "experimenting". There is a set routine that these boys follow and it goes a little something like this: "Straight" model does jerk off scene, "Straight" model plays with a sex toy, "Straight" Model gets his dick sucked by a guy, "Straight" model fucks a guy, and so on until finally the "Straight" model gets his hole plowed a few times. Point being, if you want to play straight boy then take it slow, don't let your first scene be some huge gang bang. I always thought it was best to just be yourself but I suppose if you wanted to make more money then playing it straight might be to your benefit.

*Never let yourself be pressured into doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable but at the same time realize that it is a job and it isn't always fun and games.

*Know the difference between being told it's a one on one scene and getting there to find out they want to stick you in a gang bang as the bottom AND being told you will be working with a hot Latino muscle dude and getting there to find out your scene partner was a no show and now you're working with a white twink boy. The first situation is utterly messed up and you definitely should just walk out while the second situation is just something that happens from time to time and you should probably just suck it up and deal with it. Yes, you can usually ask to see who your scene partners will be before saying yes to a shoot. But be aware that sometimes things change at the last minute and you might get stuck with someone else. Its all part of what makes it a job and why its called acting.

*Be safe and know the health risks. In an effort to make the porn world safer, more and more studios are requiring full and frequent STD testing and do not use models who test positive for anything but your health is honestly your own responsibility. Just because a model's test results are negative today does not mean he didn't contract HIV yesterday. And HIV isn't the only thing you should worry about, theres a whole plethora of STDs that you could possibly get. Wearing condoms during sex is the only way to safe guard yourself from disease. I am no angel when it comes to safe sex and each time I participate in unsafe practices like cum swallowing I am putting myself at risk. A shot to the chest is just as hot but I can never seem to close my mouth when a dick starts to spew. Yes its hot and so far I've been lucky but its a dangerous game I'm playing with every load I swallow. Save yourself the stress and keep it clean.

*It's your money that you've earned, do whatever you want with it, but I highly recommend saving the money you make because porn is not a highly secure income. You may be in the porn industry for a lifetime but the survey says that you will probably be done before the year is over.

*If you make it into porn and you are a top then email me and we can try to get a scene together! I'm sure by now you know how much I love my job and how much more I love cock. Believe me, my deep throating skills are probably the best... And contrary to popular opinion, my ass is still pretty tight. But I suppose you can be the judge of that. Just kidding, I am so not trying to get a hook up through this blog entry. Well maybe I am. You know I had to throw a line out there.

*HAVE FUN! If you are going to be in porn then do it because you love to have sex and show off and let the money be an added bonus NOT the sole reason for doing it. Be a hooker if you just want easy money. They probably make more anyway.

02 October 2008

What's a boy to do?

I've never put much thought into casual hook-ups while being in a relationship. When I was with my boyfriend, it was never really an issue because we had a sexually open relationship, although, technically speaking, we were required to approve a potential fuck with one another first or at least tell each other about it after the fact. As far as I knew, we were mostly honest with each other. The few times I tried to hide things from him, Marcus would somehow find out about it one way or another and it'd always get me in trouble. Towards the end of our relationship Marcus tried to limit our sexual encounters outside of our relationship. I was getting hornier and hornier for more cock while he seemed to be going in the opposite direction. He wanted a more exclusive set up while I wanted to keep the status quo. It's not like I didn't find him attractive anymore or that I wanted to break up, he just wasn't as sexually driven as me, I wanted to have sex 3 or 4 times a day, and he was satisfied having sex once a week. When I did manage to get his clothes off it was always well worth it, he was definitely as nasty as I was in bed and I loved it! But once a week just wasn't enough for me.

Although our sex life wasn't the only reason why we broke up, it was one of the reasons. Sex is very important to me and not because I want it to be, I think I am a sex addict and when I don't get my fill then my mind gets all out of whack. But as fate would have it, as soon as Marcus left, so did my sex drive, I suppose when my heart is broken so is the rest of my body. I am not sure I am capable of loving anyone else besides Marcus and so for the past couple of months I have put my all into convincing him to give "us" another go. Four weeks ago we agreed to a fresh start, a slow start, but a start none the less... which is better than nothing. We wanted to clear the slate and start all over, with everything. So we moved down to Houston, got new furniture, and began the whole dating process over again, something we had skipped the first time around. I don't know what it is about him but I just wasn't ready to give up.

He's an Asian boy, Filipino actually, but born here in Texas. Tight little hairless body the color of caramel. Perfect little five inch cock that stands curving up when he's got a hard white cock stuffed in his face. Lightly haired nuts that pull up when he's about to spurt and a perfectly smooth pink butthole that opens up whenever I eat him out. Sometimes his hole clenches around my tongue like a little fist. He loves getting his ass licked out. The deeper the better and the louder he moans like a cum hungry whore. Til it's all sloppy wet with spit just begging for a dick to plow it. Then he flips me over and fucks me raw. It's the fucking hottest thing to watch him blow his load up my twat in a mirror. Sometimes it's the only way I can get off. Watching it happen, watching my cunt open up like a mouth for his jizz, then watching his hot little cock spear my pussy again and push his load up inside me. I'd even finger myself afterward. Rubbing his load up inside my ass walls. Barebacking is something that we reserved solely between him and me since we’re both HIV negative and want to keep it that way. The rules for our previous relationship stated no barebacking with anyone else. Condoms or just cock sucking, and whenever we played with someone else together, it was always safe, even between Marcus and I, so we wouldn't tempt anyone into fucking me raw.

This time around we agreed that we wouldn't have sex with other people until we figured out what we wanted from each other first.

The thing about me is that I like to think that I am not simply easy, that I am not just a piece of ass that any old average Joe can get but that for the right guy, a hot guy, that has a hot dick, and the right attitude, I am a sleazy little slut as dirty as they come. My standards maybe shallow but they are standards that I stick too. I can usually control myself and I know my limits. I only ever do what I want to do and I'm usually good with suppressing my temptations when its for an important cause.

But this new beginning makes me feel as though history is going to repeat itself. I often come on to Marcus two or three times a day only to be refused access to his private parts. I really want this to work but not getting dick is killing me. I'm jerking off 3 times a day and I'm still horny. Recently I started working out at the 24 hour fitness in Midtown. It's the biggest gym in the gayest neighborhood in Houston, so it's always packed with hot gay men and you can always tell who's cruising. A handful of guys have come up to me and hinted that they'd love to get to know me... feed me a free "meal" and explore my "insides"... Especially when I go down into the steam room. So far I have graciously turned down every offer. But each week it is getting harder to say no. I still love Marcus and I want things to work out but either he needs to start putting out more or I need to get a membership at a gym frequented by females and old people or we need to talk about having sex with other people because if something doesn't change soon I'm just going to start cheating...

I need some advice!!!
What's a cock hungry slut to do?

01 October 2008

Feeding Time

This is from a shoot I did awhile back for a very small fetish studio. I had been doing the same type of shoot for almost two years straight and I was on the verge of becoming bored with my job.

So I thought it was about time I tried something new.

I didn't know what to expect.

I never knew piss could taste this good.

After the piss quenched my thirst, I needed dick to feed my hunger.

All that eating made me thirsty all over again and so I drank.

He knew I was a total slut for his cock. And that he could use my hole anyway he wanted to.

After a deep hard dicking his fuck stick was ready to explode and I was hungry for his load.

Huge spurts of cum began to spew out of him.

With my mouth wide open I tried to catch as much of it as I could.

He covered my entire face.

But I wanted more.

So I sucked out all remaining drops of cum and licked his dick clean.