21 October 2008

Bobby the Barebacking Bottom Boy

To the tune of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer":

Bobby, the Barebacking Bottom Boy
had a very hungry hole.
And if you ever saw it
you would even say it glows.

Every time a man would say:
"Bobby, can I fuck your ass bareback today?"
Bobby with a trusting heart,
Says "As long as you don't have STD's then lets start!"

All of the big dicked top men
loved to fuck and fill his hole.
They never wore a condom
because Bobby loved riding bareback pole.

Then one dreadful Halloween
A doctor came to say:
"Bobby with your bareback ways,
you've been infected with syphilis and AIDS!"

Then all the gay boys hated him
as they shouted out with glee:
"Bobby with your unsafe sex,
you'll die alone in misery!"

Bobby chose his own path. Now you choose yours.

A Public Service Announcement brought to you by

*Photo is from Eurocreme Studios, "Bobby" is a fictional character made up solely for the purpose of this PSA, and by no means has any relation to the model shown in the picture above.

Now before people try to misconstrue my message let me just say this: I do NOT believe your life is over by any means, if you become HIV positive. I do NOT believe you are any less of a person or that you should be treated unfairly if you contract HIV or any other STD.

I got this idea from a Public Service Announcement I remember seeing back in Junior High. It consisted of a little girl sitting alone in her bedroom singing the classic nursery rhyme "Hush Little Baby" but the lyrics were changed to something like "Hush little baby don't you cry, your Momma's got AIDS and then she'll die..." It went on to say a bunch of characters from childhood stories would get AIDS too. Jack & Jill, Humpty Dumpty, Prince Charming etc. It was meant to be very stark and chilling, basically trying to scare people into using condoms but the use of storybook characters gave it a dark comical quality as well.

Although I am not always a perfect angel when it comes to practicing safe sex, I do believe it is a very important issue in today's world. And I do believe that people should be properly educated on all the risks involved with unsafe sex to enable them to make their own informed decisions.


  1. Mason... I am glad your getting back into your writing.. You have such orginal thoughts and messages.... I love reading your post... I feel so horrible for what happened to you...I was rape at a young age, so i understand how you feel....Please never stop writing... I could care less if you never post a naked picture again(you are gorgeous though)... but please keep writing because that makes you so much more hotter than you ever can be physically

  2. Glad you posted this and I pray people pay attention to the overall message to stay healthy

  3. Mason, i think your a very thoughtful guy to even go out of your way to post this. Im a naughty guy by having bareback sex. But its mainly with my b/f and 2 other guys we are very close to. So, im very thanksful for this so that all can make these decisions on there own with out so much pressure.

  4. This is a very good thing you're doing, Mason. Respect! However, I would love to know which movie that photo came from. Any body know?

  5. Did you play any bareback videos?
    Please don't do it again if so.
    Take care.

  6. The thing that's insanely frustrating is that too many people don't care about the disease anymore. "Well, there's new drugs now so blah blah blah". The truth is, no one seems to die from AIDS anymore - they die from the diseases that the drugs cause. The reasons for people's lack of responsibility or care are spread far and wide. It just saddens me that so many people just don't seem to give a shit.

  7. Die alone in misery? Seriously? This is productive how? Sad....

  8. I have a saying I like to use when people wonder why I associate with other people they don't like, i'll modify it to apply to sex too:
    "It's nobody's business where I stick my dick unless i'm sticking it in you."

    Trying to get someone who fucks raw to quit is like trying to get someone who smokes to quit. Once they take that first drag, they don't want to give up what feels good no matter how much hard evidence is put before them that it's damaging their health. And, unfortunately, all the PSA's in the world won't help. They've just gotta find the strength to quit on their own.

    Never give up the effort, tho.

  9. Die alone in misery? I also can't believe you said that...
    Didn't you do a bareback piss video?

    Seriously, this cries of hypocrisy.

    You're a cum slut and you know it. Thats why you gobbled every ounce of goo you could in your Active Duty videos, that is just as unsafe as barebacking.

    Stop preaching and be a PORN "STAR", that is all you are.

  10. Here in Costa Rica there was also an ad similar to that, but instead of AIDS, it was meant to prevent teen pregnancy. It had little Heidi looking pregnant towards the mountanins... It was kinda cool, until the Catholic Church started to babble and it was thrown into the trash

    Greetings from Costa Rica ^^

  11. Is it weird that I pictured Sarah Silverman singing this song? What can I say? I love that bitch, and your writing kinda reminds me of her stuff. Anyways, funny stuff, and it gets the message across.

  12. haha. best laugh of my day. love your blog.

  13. I imagined Sarah Silverman singing it too. She has to see the lyrics, lol.

    The guy in that photo looks familiar. Is he Mason's evil twin brother? Just kidding.

  14. You know what I could see?

    A mason + condom = love photo-shoot that turns quickly into a chairty calander with 50% of proceeds going to aids research.

    Or something.

  15. That's a nice picture of you with a large stiff cock in your ass. You've got a beautiful ass and an inviting hole. Keep those videos coming.

  16. i cant help but see sydney's soon to be cock slut in this story

  17. Mason, what you have to say is absolutely correct. I have a partner for over 9 years in a monogomous relationship. We have bareback sex because we have been negative for that long. It is the only safe way to have it. And I must say it is one the fringe benefits for being in a relationship that long. I highly recommend it!

  18. I think your intentions are the best but each person knows what they doing.
    If you want to take a risk doing bareback sex do it!
    I don't like anal sex I prefer oral sex and there's no such a great thing and feeling like taste a man's cum after he shoot in my mouth.

  19. Mason! I do admire your sentiments but your poetry scanning is awful.Love your work otherwise.

  20. mason, ur sexy as hell... but DUDE -- you DID a bareback vid!


    and now this? kinda mixed message, don't ya think? and right after the whole rape thing, that some guys are just not buying?

    look -- wouldja just be ur hot slutty self and leave the rest alone?

    seriously tho -- i love ya.