09 October 2008

The Corner Girls: Oh Yes He Did


Daphne: GURL! Did you hear what I just heard?

Juanita: What'd tchu hear chica?

Daphne: You know that porn slut Mason Wyler? Well he just went and got himself raped.

Juanita: Oh no he didn't.

Daphne: Oh yes he dids.

Juanita: I reads his story all over the internets, Chica and his story just don't add up.

Daphne: Bitch please, we both know your 24 year old ass cants read.

Juanita: Uh huh Chica, you wrong, my 12 year old son 99 Cent Special taught me how last year.

Daphne: Yeah well I don't think anybody knows the full story except for Mason and whoever he is accusing. I mean, maybe he wanted to mix a bit of fact and fiction, writers have been known to do that as a way of slow release.

Juanita: Since when did your hooker ass become little miss psychologist? That puta is such a dirty slut he probably dreamed it up and thought it was real. He writes about it all the time.

Daphne: No he doesn't.

Juanita: Oh yes he does, I just fingered my twat last night reading one of his stories. But I won't do it anymore, not after this. He's disgraced all of the working gurls who have been raped before, as if it wasn't hard enough to get the po po to believe us before.

Daphne: OK miss street walkin CSI, I'm soooo sure you're right about how rape victims would never try to change or hide details of their story when they first try opening up and telling people about it.

Juanita: I am sure Chica, if you're gonna talk about it why lie?

Daphne: And how many times have you been raped?

Juanita: Zero.

Daphne: Exactly gurl. And even if you had been, wouldn't mean you know the truth in Mason's case.

Juanita: Don't be so stupid chica, the stupid whore just wants the attention... maybe he isn't getting enough dick during his night shift anymore. Or maybe he had one enormous pinga go all the way up in him and poke his brain, gave him brain damage, tchu know.

Daphne: GURL... you know that ain't right. No dick is THAT big.

Juanita: Whatever, I had a trick last night that had a pinga as big as a pringles can, I charged him double and got double the fun.

Daphne: You must be loose hoe.

Juanita: Not as loose as Mason's ass.

Daphne: Thats wrong gurl. He just got raped.

Juanita: Oh no he didn't!

Daphne: Oh yes he did!


  1. This rape stuff is fucking bullshit! So what if you're a porn star, so what if you're a slut (Your words)? You said "NO!" As soon as you said that, and he continued, it became rape, and the idiot fucking cops should have realized this, and not made jokes.
    And I don't care if kissing him was "Asking for it." Again, as soon as you said "NO!" he should have stopped!
    Hope they were clean! And hope they catch them! They ought to cut the fuckers balls and cocks off so they can never do this again.
    Hope you and Marcus are doing fine, and hope to see you in a hot video after you recover, but understand if you can't.

  2. Hey Mason-

    Christopher here...

    huge fan of yours


    n hung too!! lol

    Was interested in maybe meeting up w you when ur in Chicago... cool, hung, dom top here who would give anything for a few minutes w his porn hero~~ lemme know.

    Not online much for chat- perfectoCK@hotmail.com is me
    *also perfectoCK on Manhunt w a few pix- fyi-
    Take care man and have fun. U R AMAZING!!!!!

  3. hi...

    i'm not a fan ..i actually didn't know who you are before i read a post about what happened to you and your boyfriend...and i just wanted to say that i hope you're doing ok...and that everything will work out for you in the end...
    i don't really know what else to say in a situation like this,i just wanted to show support :)....

  4. Mason,
    Thanks for the add. I'm glad you are coping with everything that's been going down lately. I wanted to tell you not to let things others say get you down. There are alot of bitter people out there that see someone that is better, more attractive or more successful than they are and all they can do is try to bring them down. They enjoy seeing people fall. You can't take too much stock in anything they say. You are better than they are & I for one appriciate your sharing your thoughts & feelings. I am not one of those bitter fags that feels better about myself by making others feel bad about themselves..although I have known plenty of them!
    I just wanted to thank you for all of the fantasies you have given me (through your films) How I wish I had been one of your co-stars! ;)
    And thank you for accepting my friend request so I can know more about the real you.
    You are an amazing person so don't let anyone bring you down!
    Thanks for your time

  5. I just wanted you to know not everone are idiots.

    I have read what some "people" have said about you and all of this horrible buisness and I found it disgusting.

    You did the right thing and dealed with the rape the right way, you whent through it in your mind and put it out there, you didnt bury it in you subconscious.

    I hope you wont let them influende you in any way, you are what you are and it is good. I happen to like your personality and hope it never changes.

    Ignore the idiot who spew shit through their mouths and continue with your blog and let your life continue.

    Hope you and your boyfriend will be alright.

    Love from Sweden

  6. Im really sorry
    To hear about what happened to you. I really hope you are ok. I just read about the account on queerclick.

    At first, I will admit, I thought it could be a publicity stunt, but after reading what you said, I would find that hard to beleive. I admire you for your strength.

    Being in the public eye does not give people an excuse to treat anyone in that way.

    My thoughts are with you - and if there's anything I can do to help support, just say the word man

  7. Hi, my name's Bryan. I was reading anothing online blog when I learned what happened to you. Know that I am truly very sorry for the pains you have gone through. I've been through a lot of terrible shit in my life too, I feel for you.

    I don't know you, and chances are, we will never meet in our lives, but I read your blogs, and I want you to know that this was in no way your fault. It'd be about the same as a soldier being shot in his own home and thinking, "well, I get shot at at work, it's about the same." I only use them as a reference because they're not all bad. I have family in the service, but I can understand your hostility none-the-less. Anyway, it's not your fault. You seem like a genuine and honest person.

    I pray for that justice will be served in your case and that your healing process is quick. It may seem strange, but if you ever need someone to talk to on the outside of your current world, please, don't hesitate to write to me. I'm just some guy in Idaho :)


    Bryan Padilla

  8. OK To Chris ^^^

    Shut the fuck up dumbass!!

    Mason just got back with his ex boyfriend
    And you wanna ruin it?

    You're so stupid. Leave him alone. lol

    If you're that desperate buy a dildo.
    If not, then keep looking on manhunt or get a frighen friendster lmao

  9. Hi mate, I was shocked to read about what happened and even more shocked to hear about the way you have been treated since - by the authorities and the online community.

    I have been through a similar ordeal in the past and know what you are going through - I hope they catch the bastards soon.

    If you need someone to talk to or anything at all then just let me know.

    love and peace

  10. There are some things I just will not put online for the simple reason that anyone who can read it, will read it and anyone who can comment on it, will comment on it. Once it's on the internet, it's out of our control.

  11. This is a great, creative way to vent some of the anger you've got to be feeling.

    I wouldn't know what to say about your ordeal without sounding trite, but I will say that I can understand, and it's good to see that you've got the blog as an outlet.

    My best wishes for your physical and emotional recovery.

  12. Ha!

    Where did you found these girls?

    Have you considered a career in writing? You have talent.

  13. Mason you have gone off the deep end girl! You have totally lost it ok.Are you hoping to have your rape portrayed on South Park?

  14. Oh no you didn't mami! Oh yes I did mija! Gurl,you bad gurl!

  15. Mason : I know how male on male rape is a shocking thing, and totally different from the "rape" fantasies some guys have. That it sometimes seems hot to hear about only confuses the issue even more. I have two buds who are prison guards in upstate New York, and the things they told me about seeing always made me feel super guilty about being turned on by at hearing it.

  16. Hi Mason, I've seen a lot of your videos, so I was interested when I saw a reference to your blog in another one. I wasn't prepared to find a horror story unfolding after I clicked on the link to come here.

    I'm sorry about what happened to you and I hope you get justice for it - those guys deserve to be punished.

    I can't help thinking how an act of violence like this is the product of all the hatred that gay men bear themselves and each other. Hatred, jealousy, resentment, insecurity - these are far too common traits in our world and I wish there were a way to put an end to it. Every time I see a personals ad with statements like "straight acting" or "straight looking" or "no fats or fems" I think of all the religious and other crazies who hate us - and here we are hating each other and ourselves too.

    I hope you recover quickly and find time to continue your activism against the hatred that can destroy all of us.

  17. SOO FUNNY!! Where did you learn such great Spanish?!

  18. That was hilarious but as we all know the morons will try to read too much into it and STILL not believe you. They need realize that just because they have an idea of something or someone, it does not make it fact.

  19. Sorry about what happened to you...(hugz). I heard about this on Advocate.com. Please see a therapist about this. On a lighter note, I hope to see you on Wrath of the Lich King :).

  20. Hey Mason

    An sorry to hear about your ordeal, I admire your strength. Take a few weeks off and come back stronger than ever.




  21. If & when the person gets caught that you're accusing, if this ever goes to trial, you can be sure the defense is going to be looking to this blog for anything to pick apart your story. The more crazy & funny things you post here trying to make light of it & the more times you change your story, the less likely they're going to get a conviction. Don't get me wrong, I believe you...but you've caused enough doubt here with your different variations that it's going to be very easy for them to discredit you in court.

  22. Lol man your funny as fuckin shit!!! way to laugh at it, thats a good step. I love it, your amazing. Keep it up man, keep those pearlly whites flashin........... Oh no she didnt!!!! Chola hold my baby. Juanita gona get hur weave ripped out!!!

  23. hey man
    very sorry about this.
    fan of yours over here in l.a. so when i saw this today, just wanted to let you know that i'm very sorry this happened to you.
    hope you're recooperating well...
    when/if in l.a. be happy to meet up and make ya feel better...
    take care man

  24. I've said it before and I'll say it again nobody that is NOBODY should go through an ordeal like 'Mason' and his bf...no means no as people are saying...Mason obviously has a great fertile brain and talent for scripting...I hope you mind heals as fast as your body...and the bastards haven't infected either of you with ANYTHING...keep strong...love ya

  25. Anon 6:58 - Just what did those prison guards tell you about?

  26. Joey, I don't know if it's right to go into the details of some of those prison observations on here. But both guards would tell me it became common to see some muscular tattooed bruiser lying on his cot pumping away before realizing there was some young guy under him with- like in the Offspring song Spare Me the Details, his "feet all up in the air."

  27. Well who WOULDN'T want Mason's fine ass? The boy is hot.

  28. I read about your ordeal in another site that covers LBG political issues and found my way here. I'm really sorry for what happened to you and ashamed of the attitude of the police and the military.

  29. I like it daddy Mason! More and more please.

  30. You are a clever and wonderful man. Getting to know and appreciate you is a real joy for me Mason. It's nice to read this common thread of decency and true compassion in the comments. I am so heartened to hear such a cry of outrage and love. I'm so sorry this happened and so moved by your grace and strength. Welcome back, I've missed you.