10 October 2008

I Can Laugh if I Want to

Let me just say that I am relieved that I am able to laugh at this. Offensive, disturbing, and yet HILARIOUS, 11 years running and South Park still cracks me up. Regardless of what has happened to me.

Oh and one more thing, I actually liked Indiana Jones 4, I know some parts were pretty retarded, but I still liked it. I am one of the fans who thought Spielberg and Lucas did a fine job.


  1. I read about your ordeal. I hope the truth comes to light, whatever it may be. Just remember to always remain faithful and committed to your partner. You've gone through a lot together. Grow from it.

  2. Hey Mason. Like your sense of humour (I've read some of your old blog entries since my lengthy first post earlier in the week too). So Kenny's back now is he ... hasn't been any South Park on UK 'normal' TV for months :-( which is a real drag. Would love to see the famed anti-Scientology, "Mom, Tom Cruise won't come out of the closet Mom," one that TC had banned too.

    They sure can give Spielberg and Lucas a hard time: one of the last ones I saw, they were after them for the endless 'Special Edition' abominations of their classics. As a fellow self-confessed nerd, I'm sure you'd be a 'Han shot first' man too ;-)

    Are you enough of a movie nerd to know the OTHER film being pastiched in this clip though? Clue: originally released when you were probably like 4 or something (god, that's a frightening thought!). If you are as strong in handling things right now as it appears, you might find watching it 'empowering' if you haven't seen it ... but if just too harrowing at times for now, perhaps sometime in the future

    It's obvious that you do 'find' yourself in writing and expressing yourself (if that doesn't sound too pretentious), and as a writer myself I TOTALLY understand your reaction to events in that respect - it makes perfect sense to me.

    Take care,
    John in England

  3. Hi,
    I think it is good for you to change ideas with something cool, and "try" to see past coses under another angle. It is not easy because some past actions are struggling to dissipate, for my part I know it .. but it is possible to change a little our memory.

    For "the legend of the crystal skull" (Indi4), I've loved for its tricks and young Shia LeBoeuf hmmm ...
    The movie like minds is fine too....

  4. I agree...this clip is Hilarious. It wouldn't be South Park if they didn't cross the line! It's good to see your sense of humor back in your writing and blogs. The prior post of the corner girls had me rolling. You have a unique wit and writing style. I can see how it is very theraputic and a great relief mechanism for you. No one should have to endure what you went through. We all find ourselves dealing with events in various ways and even embellishing the details for our own reasons. It doesn't make the truth any less real. And for anyone, including the police to say your background has anything to do with it is totally FUCKED. That's like saying a lawyer ought to be shot by their clients or a exotic dancer at a club asks to be raped every night. It's a Fucking job, but it does not define who you are. Thanks for continuing to provide laughter and smiles to those of us that appreciate your talents and enjoy reading your work.

  5. South Park is hilarious! I haven't seen the new Indiana Jones movie, so I can't give an opinion on it. Thanks for sharing it, and kudos for keeping your sense of humor.

    Take Care,


  6. You know what...good for you...i thought the clip was also funny...and i think its good that you can laugh..that is a faze of grieving...and one of the bests...it means you are sane and able to deal with it...i applaud you on being so strong that you can laugh this soon...remember....LAUGHTER IS THE BEST MEDICINE...if i believed in a god my prayers would be with you...so...my hope is with you

  7. Try to keep smiling and laughing. You're a really nice guy. Greetings from Spain ;)

  8. I laughed so hard at that South Park. Pretty frickin funny!

  9. Hi Mason, I have just started reading your blob. Just befriended you on myspace. I'm a big fan and did not know about all this.. I sure wish you the best.. Stay strong and you will make it.. You sound like a guy with a big heart so just keep your head up HIGH.. Don't ever forget that you have your fans behind you for support.. Well at least me..

  10. Oh wow. That was *hilarious*...LOL. I'm a big fan of "The Accused" and love how they managed to sneak in some references...haha.

    Glad to see you're getting better as well. Good on 'ya for being able to laugh and have a good time, despite what you've been through


  11. You don't have to approve this post, Mason. Just wanted to say I think you've been a very bad boy, telling fibs and leading a lot of guys on. What should be filmed next is you taking your punishment. You need to be turned over to a jackbooted uniformed dungeon crew with the proper ropes, paddles, gags, buttplugs, didos, and buttballs to do the job.

  12. Aw.
    You are absolutely adorable.
    I'm so glad to see that even rape couldn't break your spirit.
    I just hope you don't go insane getting dragged under by all the negativity you are recieving.
    No one deserves to go through what you did and still are.
    You are an amazing and beautiful person and no one can take that away from you.
    I wish I could give you a hug.
    I'd love to do so much more, but a hug would be nice.

    Ugh, you're so rediculously hot it's unbearable.

  13. Hey you - pay no attention to cunts like 'Anon' above, he doesn't even have the fucking balls to leave his name and email. I hope he rots.

    Feel better, it will improve in time. Xx