12 October 2008

Marcus Wyler: "I Got Raped Too"


By Marcus Wyler

When Mason first said the words "We were raped", to a person we have never met before, I was infuriated with him. I wasn't ready to admitt to myself that it had happened, and so telling other people felt out of the question to me. My way of dealing with the problem was to put all of those nightmares and memories in a box and try to forget about them. I wanted to hide them away from the rest of the world as if the whole ordeal never occured. I didn't feel comfortable lying about it when people asked me "What happened to you?" but I didn't feel like talking about it either. I felt like going silent, turning myself into a mute.

Mason on the other hand felt like venting all of his emotions to anyone and everyone who asked, looked, stared, talked, or walked in any way shape or form that made him feel like they were curious about what happened to his face. As uncomfortable as it was for me to be with him while he divulged the details to a listening ear, I was too afraid to be away from him so I withstood it.
I understood that way dealt with the trauma in different ways and as always, I put my feelings aside because I wanted to see him happy.

When Mason told me he was going to post a blog about it for everyone to read, I freaked. It was already bad enough that I was always referred to as "Mason's Boyfriend" instead of my actual name, I didn't want "rape victim" tacked on as well. I didn't want my shame and humiliation to be public, I didn't want other crazy people to know where we lived, and I didn't feel the public had any right to know.

But Mason didn't feel shame or humiliation, just anger. He wanted to express his anger publicly, he wanted people to offer their sympathy, and he wanted to find people who had experienced the same thing and vent with them. I didn't see anything wrong with that. I mean when I am angry, its nice when I meet people who are in the same boat as me, who can relate to me, and WANT to talk about it. It's just that I was ashamed, not angry, and I didn't want to talk about it, so Mason couldn't really rely on me for that.

It was clear that if he we both wanted to deal with the situation in our different ways that we would have to compromise. He wanted to report what had happened but he wanted to make sure I was OK with it. I told him to erase me from his story, I told him to change certain details, and he did so willingly.

Now I am not the type of person to really care about what strangers on the internet have to say about my life. Tons of people never believed I was Mason's Boyfriend until they saw me with him in person so I've learned to just ignore the doubters. But when Mason showed me what alot of you had been saying about him it kicked my shame to the curb and got me enraged. I not only felt like people were attacking my boyfriends credibility but I also felt like they were demeaning the extremity of my own experience.

I have always been happy to just sit on the sidelines while Mason basked in the spotlight but since so many of you felt the need to pull apart Mason's story and try to cast this as a mere publicity stunt, I felt the need to defend the facts.

I know some of you people are impatient and like to jump to conclusions but try to bear with me here. This is the first time I have openly spoke out about it.

First lets establish some general facts.

1. Legal Name

Mason's real name, partially censored for privacy reasons, is Me Be Ace.
Of course some documents list the Last Name (Surname) 1st, the First Name 2nd, and the Middle Name 3rd as is the case with the Texas State License.

2. Location

Me Ace and I lived on Main St Dallas, TX 75202 when the crime happened.

Now lets establish facts involving the legitimacy of our rape claim.

1. There are two people who were raped. Me Ace and Myself.

This is Me Ace's Report Record

And this is my Report Record

Please note that the police filed separate reports for the both of us. If you compare the two reports you will see that the info given on our address matches up, the Officer REVIEWED BY: 47458 is the same, the investigator assigned is the same, and the date and exact time is the same. So it is clear to anyone with half a brain that these two people were raped together and reported the same crime.

It is also clear that these two people lived on the exact same street as did Me Ace and I during the date this report was taken.

2. The Date of the Crime

The date of the crime according to the police reports was 9/20/2008 at 20:00(8pm) meaning that is about the time the rape began NOT the time the police were called.

Below are Ace Me's Parkland Hospital Paper's he received after the rape examination was completed.

Please note the dates and the wording in the document listed below. I am not trying to imply that anyone is dumb but just in case you did not know what a contusion is, it's a bruise.

3. Correlation to Rape claims from Ace Me and Myself

The Hospital Receipt

Our Bank Statement

Please note, underlined in RED is the $100 charge from Parkland hospital on the exact date as the documents listed above. Underlined in BLUE is charge that correlates with the 2nd page of my police report which is listed below the Bank Statement.

Page 2 of my Police Report.

In case you are having a little bit of trouble putting it all together, Ace Me and I went down to Houston on 9/18/2008 to visit family. On the morning of 9/20/2008 we stopped by Spec's liquor to purchase some alcohol before heading back up to Dallas. Included in that purchase was a bottle of Level Vodka. We arrived back in Dallas around 6:30PM. The rapist asshole showed up around 8pm. The raping ended and we escaped around Midnight or so. We were taken to the hospital around 4am the morning of 9/21/2008. They charged Ace Me and I for the rape kits, I do not have health insurance and therefore I skipped out on the bill.

Yes, a couple of these facts do not match up with Mason's original posting but those details have nothing to do with whether or not he was telling the truth about getting raped. It was I who asked him to change those details. I don't need to explain why and I don't need to defend my reasons. No, I will not go into every gritty detail nor do I feel the public has any right to know. Read the short description in both Police Reports, thats all you need to know. The evidence above speaks for itself.


For those of you who believe this was just a ploy of his to make money and sell more videos let me just clarify a few more things.

Mason does not make ANY money from video sales, he is not paid any royalties, and I highly doubt getting raped would increase sales anyway. As I understand it, most porn stars are paid a one time fee for each scene that they do.

And despite what some may believe he is in no need for money. Yes he did a fund raiser (which was very successful btw) but who wouldn't want to make extra money on the side if they could? He continues to get plenty of work in the adult film industry and in the next few months you will have even more proof that he is in no way strapped for cash.

Furthermore, claiming to have been raped would not get him more work and Mason is not stupid to believe it would have. People who have been claiming that are way out of line.

For those of you who say he made it up for attention. Well that is partly true. He didn't make it up but I'm sure the POSITIVE attention he got was something that he wanted and probably needed. Like I said earlier, he wanted to vent to people who were willing to listen. And I know this is biased because I love him, but I didn't see anything wrong with that even though it was not how I was dealing at the time. Everybody here knows that sometimes getting alot of attention in a time of need is a good thing and sometimes being left alone is a good thing. It all just depends on the circumstances and your personality. Grabbing for attention does not discredit someones story.

Keep in mind that he didn't tell people just for the attention, he wanted to alert our gay community that there are still bias towards us amongst the rest of society. But it seems like there is more bias within our community. Its amazing how quickly some of you daytime masturbators turn into self righteous bashers.


  1. WOW i still cant believe what happened to you guys. Dont worry i believe everything that has been said and i am so sorry that had to happen to the both of you. Mason knows exactly how i feel about the whole situation and how cruel people are in the world we live in today so marcus coming from another markus i just want to let you know that my thoughts are with you as well and if u need anything just let me know Mason has my number or just shoot my an e-mail anytime the obth of you. talk to you both later

  2. The worst part about it all is the both of you having to keep on proving to people that this happened. Why the hell would anyone make this up or any of the pictures???

  3. It's absolutely horrific that this has happened to the two of you. It's also appalling the lacj of compassion exhibited by all too many. Man's inhumanity knows no bounds.

    I wish you both a speedy and full recover, both physical and emotional.

  4. your story makes me cry...i hope this makes it easier for you to come to terms with what happened if you haven't already done it yourself

  5. Hey Guys, I am also unsure as to why anyone would doubt this. I do not feel you should give a fuck what other people are saying, maybe just basing it on Mason blog entry about the fantasy aspect thing I dont know. I feel for anyone in your position cause its 1 thing to live a fantasy with someone you are familiar with and another to be forced to live it. Most of us do have those type of fantasies we would willingly share with 1 we feel comfortable with.I love everthing Mason has done to this point and am looking forward to seeing much more from him. You, Marcus are one lucky dude and you both are fortunate to have each other. Obviuosly you share deep feeling for one another. I admire that in this community. Yes we all greive in different ways and having someone care enough to protect your feelings shows a deep commitment for you. Your feelings I also admire, your willingness to say to hell with me let me help my man out here. Mason, Marcus, I have followed it from Masons 1st blog posting and have never once believed it was a lie or publicity stunt. I think there ar emuch easier ways to get publicity and give Mason credit to think of them. I have not believed the doubt surrounding this as an observer, so I am sure as a unwilling victim it has to have been grueling to say the least. Mason I love you always and Marcus again I think you are one lucky individual to have someone like Mason. til next time ...Don

  6. people are so stupid no joke you shouldent have to go through all this just so people will quit talking shit

  7. thank you. i believed mason from the start, and i am glad that you are backing up your man. those doubters and those people leaving the nasty comments need to piss off. i'm sorry about what happened to you guys, and i hope that through this all you are able to stand strong and help others who are going through or have gone through similar situations.

  8. First let me say I believe Mason ... and I feel very sorry for him that this happened.In response to the person who asked why he keeps having to prove to people that this happened it's because he wrote a blog about a fantasy of his where he was raped a month or so ago. I was confused at first also ...I thought it was just another story.

  9. Marcus and Mason, you are both very brave and deserve admiration, not accusations. I hope this puts an end, once and for all, any doubters. Or at least if they still doubt, to shut their traps. You don't need to be questioned and required to give details of a horrible experience to such people, or anyone if you don't want to.

    Bless you both.

  10. Mason said that one guy showed up at 8pm then the guy called his friends afterwards. If you were there with Mason at the time the one big military guy showed up, why couldn't both of you fight him before his friends showed up? I do believe your stories but I just want to keep the stories straight.

  11. Markus and Mason I sorry for happend to you both and I can understand how you feel.

    Just ignore the doubters and move on with your lives there are actually more people who believe you that the vocal ones who don't

  12. Marcus, I'm assuming that pic of you was before the incident.

  13. I'm sure that sharing all of that couldn't have been easy, especially if you are a private person and trying to deal in your own way. It's always amazed how shallow and hateful our own community can be. Even though I don't personally know either of you, I'm sorry for everything the two of you have had to endure. Unfortunately we've got a long way to go with our own internal compassion and tolerance before we can expect the rest of the world to follow. Please know that there are a few decent people left and I for one appreciate your taking the time to share with us search a personal moment.

  14. I still say that it was a horrible thing to happen to anyone. I still say that those who didn't have anything good say should've kept their opinions to themselves. And I think that all of those who spoke up "anonymously" were people who knew that their opinions were reactionary opinions. They were probably the opinions of people that were the perpetrators. Stalkers actualizing their fantasies. Anything you guys need the bf and I are here ... as are many others who are glad to rally to your support. I have been in the same position as you both and talking about it is something that you can do in your own way in your own time. Screw what others think until such times come to bear.

  15. Olli & ChristianOctober 12, 2008 at 9:04 PM

    Marcus, that was nice of you to back your man up.

    Everything will be alright... Just don't pay attention to those fuckers anymore.

    You guys could move out of Texas?
    Like SoCal or Somewhere up North? Chicago!


  16. Wow, I am amazed at how inconsiderate and flat out stupid people can be. It seems that in our society today, if someone reaches out for help in any way, you have people criticizing or just trying to be hurtful to make themselves feel better than someone. I think that Mason had a great way of reaching out for help. Sometimes we all need someone to listen. Not to talk really but to just listen. It is also nice to know that when you are at your lowest, others have been there too and maybe they can understand and help.

    What happened to you both was horrible and that bastard deserves to burn in hell. I have always supported our military and still do but this bastard doesn't deserve to live.

    I hope you were able to find the therapy in the support you were given. For those who are only trying to bring your down, may god be with you if this type of thing ever happens to you. I hope you are able to find support because it wouldn't come from any of us.

    Mason and Marcus, I wish you a speedy recovery both physically and mentally. You will both be in my thoughts and prayers.

  17. I never doubted Mason or you for a minute. I was not surprised the facts were fuzzy, that's what happens in the case of traumatic events. I hope you are doing OK and recovering from any injuries. But your psyche is probably the most damaged. I would get to therapist pretty soon. You may feel OK on the outside, but on the inside, there's a lot of anger and shame you have to deal with before it festers.

    Then I would hire a lawyer and/or a investigator and SUE THE SON OF A BITCH! For the sake of the rest of us, the rapist asshole has to get locked up.!

  18. Well,this finally set the record straight.Marcus is so much better a communicator than you mason.You should have let him tell the story from the beginning,then nobody would have doubted you.I can see why you love him so much.Marcus has a good head on his shoulders.Peace.

  19. Let's hope that time and justice can gradually put this behind you. It's appalling that just because Mason works in the adult entertainment industry some feel the need to judge him by different standards from the rest of us.

    I've blogged about this at http://www.gaytravellersnetwork.com

  20. I don't know what upsets me most, the fact that you 2 had to go through this or the fact that you two are made to feel like you have to prove it to anyone. It's a sick and sad world we live in where rape victims are put on trial and made to defend themselves.

  21. Mason,stop defending yourself.You gave us enough proofs.God,I know how painful it is for you to need to prove to some people that this has happened.Instead of showin` their support they act like real assholes.They(the assholes) should pray that this would never happen to them.

    My thoughts are with you both

  22. Hey. I don't think I've commented on your blog before, but I just read what happened to you. I wish there was something I could do for you. I'm so sorry. And my thoughts are with you and your boyfriend. That may sound very trifling, but I mean it, and if we were friends or even just neighbors, I would do whatever was in my power to help you and take some of the burden of what happened from you. Take care of yourself, and don't listen to any of the shit that the cops or the business throw your way. And if you just want someone to talk to, I'm here. Yeah, I know I'm a stranger, but I don't want anything from you, just for you to know that I care.

    You've given me lots of pleasure from your movies and your site, I owe you for that, and hope that maybe you can find some comfort in these words.


  23. Wow, is still all I have to say, and in your bulletin you told us to no longer write ya cause your mailbox is full. Hmmmm, never knew that could even happen HAHA. Well Feel better kiddo and I might be dumb for thinking this but it gets me to bed at night "EVERYONE GETS THEIRS, whether it be by the person they wronged or a slap by KARMA..EVERYONE GETS THEIRS" And btw, thats bull shit you had to pay for the rape kit

  24. I don't get it... Is there really any doubt in anybody's mind that this happened? Are people really that cynical?

    You guys -- this whole thing has been such a nightmare for you. I just hope you're both recovering well. You have a LOT of support out here, I hope you both know that.


  25. Ok, is it just me or is this story hot? Damn i wish it was recorded, would make one hell of a video!

  26. Um, i'm not surprised there is a bias. I mean, a whole lot of the community still resents people who can actually live a life outside their gay neighborhoods and clubs. Take it from me, I think you're both handling this the right way. I think you should both stop trying to prove it and move on to the whole either activist or righteous indignation stage! Burn the rapists or the fake-fag-everyone is a myspace journalist-Dr. Phils. But that's just my opinion. To put it in Anime terms, "what would sesshoumaru do?"

  27. Bro,
    It's horrible to hear what happened to you. I would only offer unconditional support and solidarity, while reminding you that your personal gifts define you and what you'll become. The act of psychotic sadists does not. I wish you healing and recovery.
    The people who matter already believe what you write. Those who don't are not worthy of any more attention. I am glad that Mason's fund was successful. I was one of the people who contributed (even being out of work), but I didn't take advantage of calling him. I was just interested in doing something for nothing for a person in whom I see great potential. Best wishes. :-)

  28. No, it is not only you... the whole idea of a hot porn star getting raped for real makes me rock hard... would have love to see the bitch getting humiliated...

    Sorry for that Mason... just being honest.

  29. Mason -

    I'm sure there is a usual list of characters in the porn world that you knew would question your motives in discusing this in public. But has there been anyone that has surprised you in making a negative comment about this?

  30. You two queens are full of shit! You knew you wanted it rough, it got out of hand and now are bitching about it -- calling it rape, when that's what you wanted.

    Serves you right for letting complete strangers come into your house and rough you up -- like you wanted it to -- but couldn't take.

    You two queens are not rape victims, just whiners.

    I say, when is this video going to come up? Surely the attention you wanted is in full force -- just the right time to release the video of your rape fantasy.

  31. I have waited to send this because I don't know quite what to say. I am so sorry that this happened to both of you. I think you should press charges against the sick mf that did this. Make him PAY! I only wish the best to the both of you.

  32. Just know you have alot of people standing behind you. Doesn't matter what kind of job you do or if you are a slut, virgin, or just your everyday Joe, Nobody deserves to be Raped. Just like with women, no means no. Men should think about how many times they have taken home a drunk boy from the bar and might have done the same thing. Maybe not with so much violence, but still had sex with him. We need to stick together. Just because we are gay doesn't mean we can't be raped. Too many times people think "you're gay and you've had sex with strangers before" it is a big differents.
    I wish you both the best and keep moving forward. I do wish you would press charges, but I can fully understand if you don't.
    Just remember love and prays are with you both.

  33. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU SICK PEOPLE who think it would make a hot video! Really!?! I have been raped before as well, and let me tell you - it's not HOT nor is it a fantasy. It's a VERY tramatic experience and can take years to recover. This is horrible act that shouldn't be taken taken so light-hearted.

  34. i belive that you guys keep proving all this crap, you have nothing to prove. people talk shit on you to make you feel bad for what happened and that you deserved it. not because they dont belive you. because this is hard, its such a tramatic experience... but you have nothing to prove to anyone but your self... when you keep going about it, people want to keep going to.... and they will your rape does not directly effect anyones live on the internet. it effects you and his lives and those that were involved. let it go, go on with your life and say fuck you to all the haters. honestly....

  35. We all here just want to support you. Me and my girlfriends are real fans and we believe you (like it's even necessary to say that). Amazing how women are sometimes more conscious of this stuff. :( Look for some counseling and don't worry, this bastard will get his day. You did get more publicity and not all good, but you do get LOTS of more love from the ones that already love you. I DO!!


  36. Hey Guys, I think it is ridiculous that you have to prove to some people that this happened! Why would anyone make something like this up. My thoughts are with you two.
    Talk to you both later...

  37. Hey man,
    I'm really sorry this happened to you guys

  38. Fiquei chocado quando soube a chei muito corajoso Mason quere usar sua força, sua raiva para combater isto! Fiquem com meu Abraço!
    Fabio (de São Paulo - Brasil)

  39. Marcus, what I see is that you love Mason, and that´s a strength and power that´ll make you both get over this. To be sincere, from the beginning I believed Mason´s words, but there was something missing, now the pic´s complete. I feel sorry for human race because we are half way to the point of stopping being animals, I feel extremely happy that you´re together to back one to the other up, any time, any means. I do really care about you both, I really identify myself with you ´cause I´d do exactly the same you´ve done to support Mason. Hugs and kisses from Peru, hope you keep on being together, being a couple and being one of the other. LOL

  40. Hello Mason. My name is Javi. First, sorry for my poor english, i´m from spain and i´m not good at english. I hope that, you understand what i wanna tell you in this letter.
    I just read what had to happen to the both of you and i´m so, so, so sorry...i don´t have words to explain to you how i am sorry. I hope you and your boyfriend are better. I can´t imagine the horrible hell you are now leaving, but you have all my best wishes. You can write me, if you want, at cafekimera@hotmail.com
    Your spanish friend:

  41. mike_at_warpzone_dot_caOctober 24, 2008 at 6:56 PM

    It is truly horrific that you two had to go through this incident in the first place. What's worse is that you have to go through so much trouble to try and "prove" it.

    I never doubted this incident for one second, and have always felt it was the real deal. The pain I felt for you guys when I heard what had happened is something I cannot quantify, only to say it was immense.

    I commend you two for putting up with all you have, considering all the negativity some of Mason's "fans" have delt out.

    For anyone who isn't totally convinced this is real, I can assure you more than anything this incident did happen, and the Police reports aren't fake. You can look it up for yourself on the Dallas Police website.

    How anyone could doubt this is beyond my comprehension. What possible gain is there? I'm just glad you two are getting through this as easily as possible.

    All the best and much love


  42. I feel very very sorry that had to happen to you guys, i believe and support you.,,is hard! but try to forget this bad situation

    Kisses And Love For You Guys!

  43. Note: To those sick idiots who think it’s hot for someone to be raped, and particularly for the moron who keeps asking for a repost of certain items - Grow Up!

    That was not a scene! No-one deserves that for any reason whatsoever.

    Fantasy is one thing, reality another. Human imagination and where it can take us without consequences in the real world is a wonderful thing. It’s how we can explore ourselves fully.

    Harmful actions in reality are inexcusable.

    Harmful actions are not only limited to physical, they can also be mental. It seems that you’re trying to harm mentally as well as condoning harm physically. I can only feel sorry for you and the pitiable life you must have to want to cause harm to others.

    Karma exists and there is more than one way for fate to intercede as the ones who perform such acts will eventually find out.

  44. What a horrible situation for you two. I am so sorry!

    When will you give us an update? Are these jerks in jail already?