05 October 2008

Rape Reality

Dallas, Texas – A gay adult film actor filed a report with the Dallas Police Department claiming that a 28-year old Army Captain brutally raped the actor and his husband at gunpoint the evening of September 22nd.

The reported Army Captain who served in Iraq, is accused of home invasion, robbery with a firearm, and sexual battery by multiple perpetrators, the Dallas County Sheriff's Office reported.

According to a police statement the victim, aged 24, is a sex worker in the gay porn industry known as Mason Wyler, who has been in the business for over 3 years. The statement reveals that Mason and the Army Captain had chatted a few times via Yahoo Messenger and agreed to meet up for casual sex before the soldier was deployed.

Upon entry of the victim's residence, the Captain and the Porn Star began kissing. Things then moved to the bedroom and their clothes quickly came off. The Army Captian then asked if he could tie Wyler's wrists together and perform oral sex on him, Wyler agreed. When the Captian tried to gag him, Wyler's husband objected.

Thats when the Captain pulled out a M9 Pistol and reportedly threatened their lives. The accused then began punching and kicking both victims knocking Wyler's Husband unconscious.

The statement claims that Wyler broke free from his wrist restraints and tried to wrestle the gun out of the Captains hands but was unsuccessful.

Eventually Wyler and his husband were immobilized, gagged, and blindfolded with belts and duct tape. Through out the whole ordeal the soldier supposedly sodomized the victims repeatedly with a broom stick, anally and orally raped the victims while strangling them with a power cord, made the couple drink urine, and brutally beat them.

After a few hours the soldier made a call to invite over some accomplices. But it is still unclear as to whether or not other people participated in the reported crime.

After the Army Captain was through he simply left, leaving both victims tied up and badly wounded, Wyler allegedly managed to untie himself and escape to a nearby home, where the occupants called 911. The accused was able to get away before police arrived on the scene.

The victims were taken to Parkland Hospital in the Dallas Medical Center, where a sexual assault exam was performed. Their clothing, blood, and urine was collected and sent off to be processed at the Sheriff's Office DNA lab.The Dallas Police have not named any suspect


  1. omg i so sorry!!!! im so shocked right now. im speechless. how could someone do that... thats disgusting. I really wish i could say something that would actually help... It hurts me to read that. i hope he gets life. that sick bastard... im soo sorry darling...

  2. I am so sorry this happened. Many wishes for your well-being are going out today.

  3. Mason, I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you. I can't believe somebody would do this to you. He should fry for this, it's despicable. Try to be strong and hope you are feeling better soon. Wish I could give you a big hug. Best of luck to you sweetie.

  4. omg, i feel so bad for you. i can't believe someone would do this to you, he should be thrown into jail and left there. i hope you feel better soon, have some love and hugs from australia

  5. The scars from this moment will never go away. I have been there, and I know it. Be strong, times a head will be rough, and you will probably delete this blog. Be strong Mason, that is my only advice. It will take a tough guy to get through this.

  6. so much sorry to hear this u should be more careful with strangers next time. and why did u kiss him anyway...

  7. Omg hun,this seems unreal! I wish I were there with you right now so I could hold you and keep you safe.I was violated years ago and I still shake anytime I think back on it.I hope you have someone to stay with to help you thru this.Please contact me if you ever need to talk,love Nick.

  8. Shouldn't you tell folk this didn't happened and you are being ironic?

  9. OOOHHH wow i cant even believe this. Mason i hope you are doing better and i cant believe that someone would do that to u. thats the kind of world we live in that people will hurt you like that. I dont know where the world went wrong but if someone found ur wallet before they would give it to u without any questions asked now if someone finds it ur screwed because they will either want all your money or do what they did to you. All i can say is i am so sorry Mason but keep your head up and you are def in my thoughts while you are going through this tough time because its super hard and it sucks.

  10. I think you should tell these people this was a fantasy. They seem confused.

  11. Dude, this was NOT a good idea...

  12. Mason, I'm so sorry this had to happen to such a wonderful person.

  13. This is awful and they sure as hell better convict his ass. NOBODY deserves what you went through. Some people can't seem to separate the fantasy side of who they see on their DVD's with the actual person who actually exists there. I hope you have a speedy recovery and am soo sorry for what you had to go through.

  14. I agree that this was a very bad idea, man!

    There are a lot of gay people in the world who were actually victims of violence. Many were attacked, beaten, tortured, killed, even executed in some countries... You are basically saying that their suffering is jerk off material to you.

    Not good, man, not good... :(

  15. Cant seem to find the article or any information about this oon google, usualy can find the article in the news section

  16. My heart goes out to you. I hope these cretins are locked away for a very long time...perhaps in jail they will get to see what it feels like to be so violated. I hope you make a speedy physical recovery and they haven't left you with any illnesses. I hope the mental scars will heal quickly...

  17. I dnt know if this is actually real or not, but anyone who gets beaten and raped is always scarred for life. I know that I was... Even if this is not real, it is a story that some people need to hear. Some dnt realize how serious this situation can be for anyone. Anyone can get attacked and anyone can be helpless to stop it. People who comment you and say this "is not cool man" probably has never had it happen to them. Whether real or not the story sometimes still needs to be told. Take it as a book that has a detailed chapter in it about a horrible situation that happens in everyday life to many people. If this really did happen to you Mason, I am so sorry. Things like this should never happen, but they do.
    Much love and sincere compassion,
    (Can you taste my Rainbow?)

  18. I am so saddened to hear what happened to you. I am glad that they got the captain in custody and that his accomplices are caught soon.

    I wish you a speedy healing.


  20. is this for real?

  21. Dear Anonymous,

    Go fuck yourself.


  22. It was bound to happen.......

  23. You should get out of this business man..and do something meaningful with your Life. This business is nothing but trouble.

  24. Man, I don't even know what to say, except I hope you are feeling better and on your way to recovery. That someone could do this is simply disgusting!

    My prayers are with you, Mason!


  25. Mason I agree with you in your comment to anonymous. People should at least have the guts to say who they are if they are gonna post cooments, have the balls to stand behind what you believe, if you don't you have no integrity. I did check the Harris County Sherriffs Dept. and did not see him listed as an inmate, did he bond out?

  26. que mal que te paso eso ... soy tu fan y quien te hizo eso guapo...

  27. I'm truly sorry! Unfortunately it happens more than we think. It happened to me seven years ago, so I can relate to what you are experiencing. I sent you a much longer message on MySpace. If there is anything I can do please let me know...


  28. OMG Man I am speachless. I say we get together and hunt those fuckers down!!!! Its people like that that make this world a bad place. Man the police captian needs to go fuck himself. I am so filled with anger. How could he say you were asking for it!!!! Mason your an amazing guy!!! This shouldn't have happened to you.

  29. Mason - I'm shocked and speachless! I'm so sorry about what happened. I'm sure you were scared and hurt, but I hope you are on the mend. Please get well soon. I hope the guys get what is coming to them. They are sick individuals. Hang in there.

  30. First off all Mason, let me say how sorry I am to hear about this happening to such a wonderful young man such as yourself. I have been a big fan of yours for years.

    Secondly, this series of events is very disheartening as this is happening on the eve of the tenth anniversary of the murder of Matthew Shepard.

    I am originally from Casper, Wyoming. Matt's mom and my mom were close friends. I had to fly home from Kansas City for his funeral and it was held at my church there.

    I will be attending a formal awards ceremony this Saturday, October 11th, which is National Coming Out Day and there will also be a candlelight vigil in honor of Matthew.

    My prayers will be with you throughout this time and I pray all will be well with you and the assailants will be brought to justice.

  31. Fight back, Mason! xo

  32. Don't be sorry for him previous blogger...he was asking for it!
    If i was his boyfriend I would of dumped his ass months ago...I don't understand guys who have boyfriends and still do porn while parading their asses all over the net.
    Get a real job man.

  33. Mason, I'm so sorry this has happened to you. Best wishes to you my friend...

  34. Hey ANYONE who is telkin shit needs to step off!!! You think someone would actually put make up all over their body to tell some fucking story!!!!! GO FUCK YOURSELF WITH A PLUNDGER!!! You can't imagine how he must be feeling inside!!!!! YHOU AILL BURN in HELL!!!!

  35. I know I've read stories like this on your other sites that were "fantasy" so I'm assuming this story was the same thing. Maybe you should put a disclaimer on the end of your story, so as to NOT confuse the gullible.

    PLUS - your story makes our men and women in the military look like idiots during a time when our folks in the military deserve our praise and thanks.

  36. Wow! I am amazed at the writing, saddened by the acts, and wish you a quick recovery, I know the scars will always be there mentally and emotionally. my prayers are with you.

  37. mason- I said it on myspace and I'll say it here. I believe, I have been there as well, and I think that it's important to talk about these things when they happen. All too often they are not discussed and the rape victims wind up as suicides.

    To the nay sayers- Didn't your mother's ever teach you right. If you don't have anything nice to say... don't say anything at all.

  38. My mother did teach me right...and fantasy or not...ask and you shall receive..he joked for weeks about being raped..well u know what..someone fulfilled his wishes...

  39. Thank you to the people who believe me and support me. For those of you who seem to be too STUPID to read - look at the top of this blog posting.. do you see where it says "BY MASON WYLER" do you see it? you know what that means?? That means I wrote the report myself you fuck twat. Still don't get it? It means this isn't an article out of some newspaper. It means its an article I wrote myself to report what happened to me. I don't think any newspapers would care about a gay porn whore enough to write that some war hero is accused of raping him. Of course some people aren't going to believe me, given that I wrote a rape fantasy before and because I'm in porn but thankfully most of you do believe me. And in case you didn't catch the part where I said Danny Vanarro isn't his real name, then I'm saying it here. It's NOT his real name.So for all you assholes out there, learn how to read and analyze before you talk your shit. SERIOUSLY.

  40. i feel so bad and i can relate to this cause i have be raped forcefully to it sucks but be strong and keep your head up high and do not let anyone put you down for what happend that was my mistake i though it was my fault why did i let him or why did i not do this or that. but you did the right thing and just remember if you need to talk i am here if uwant my email or aim or yahoo just get at me on myspace or leave a comment and i will give it to you and what the hell is this world comming to stupid PEOPLE

  41. if this is a bullshit story..you deserve to get locked up...

  42. Mason I am sorry for what has occurred no one deserves this treatment. And at the same time might this be a wake up call that you were not asking for ?
    Maybe it is time to get another profession and move on or go about doing things a little differently from now on.

  43. whats really sad is Mason even your fans don't know whether to believe you anymore. You post so many rape fantasies online where your gang raped outside of a bar, pissed on and choked until you pass out but wake up while your getting fucked.
    Then only to reveal that it was just a fantasy at the end of the story making your fans feel sorry for you then making them look silly.

    Then you report that you lost your wallet and that you will give the person who gives it back to you a nice reward. Gee what kind of reward would that be ? Sex, bj....whatever!

    Your a porn star who pays the bills getting fucked and abused for a living its that very job and your compulsion that led to the end of your relationship.

    I pity you and I feel sorry for you at the same time. I just wonder how or when you will use this to get your ex boyfriend Marcus to come back to you. That is after you let him know that your reward to the man who returned the wallet went a little out of control.

    Use your money that you make from your movies to support your college dreams don't ask your fans for donations or offer them a call for their donation (that you will hang up on them when the next caller rings in) Follow your other co workers footsteps and get another job when your not shooting films and save money and do it yourself.

    Quit posting your fantasies because the hard truth is..one of them came true and you almost died from it.

    Is all this worth it ? Apparently Marcus did not think so.


  45. No one deserves this. No matter what fantasies they have had or spoken of before. The reality is much more brutal and scarring than any fantasy and no is asking for that. Nothing gives another person the right to violate another, no matter the profession, promiscuity or any for any reason. To indicate otherwise is to endorse depravity and a sick anarchy that I doubt any of those who have applauded this act are capable of living with or experiencing themselves.

    Mason, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I hope you know you did nothing, NOTHING to deserve this. I hope you will have the strength to fight through this and find yourself again; and the strength to insure you do your part to get this depraved sociopath locked away. Know that you will have a lot of support through this ordeal. Don't let him take YOU away from you. You're a good guy and I know you can continue to be. All my best and much love to you.

  46. people that are calling him a liar is quite rude. No one was there when it happend, by the look of the pictures, why would he go through all that just to make u belive him. Second of all im in the military and just because people are in the military doesnt mean that they could not do something like this... And all of u guys that say bein a porn star is bad, but yet will turn around and buy the movies and say that ur a fan of his makes u a hyprocrite. So i guess all in all i belive what he says b/c i was not there to not say it didnt happen.. And im sure yall dnt even knw him personaly to be calling out his personality and him as a person.. And any1 who disagress with me let me knw

  47. I just thought I should all let you know what peices of shit you are for saying he was begging for fantasy and reality are two completly diffrent things im sure you all have fantasize about shit all the time does that mean you should get raped and fucked by a broom....I dont think so no one deserves that I used to sell my self in cali and I had some really fucked up shit happen to me that people should not have to go through and I honestly dident have a choice of career I had two options fuck for money or die and im sure none of you know what thats like or how that makes someone feel my parents told me I was asking for cause I chose to be gay and god was punishing me for it just because someone says something dosent make it a reality and no one deserves to feel like less of a person because of what they do to pay the bills and you all judge but im sure your no better than the rest of us you dont know the whole situation so if you dont have anything positive to say shut up

  48. I'm so sorry this happened to you and hope you are well and using the people who love you as supports.

  49. Even if this may be a fantasy hes living aka a big fake calling this "he called/asked for it" is very rude. nobody asks for being raped the way he discribed. even if you ar in this business nobody has the right or cause to do things as described.

  50. Ithiel, I think that responses to Mason's blog fall into three categories:

    1. Responses from those that feel the story is factual.
    2. Responses from those that feel the story is fictional.
    3. Responses from those that feel Mason is a liar.

    Saying Mason is a liar, would be saying Steven King is a liar.

    It is my opinion, as it appears others, that this is a fictional story, written by Mason Wyler. Is it a lie? Well that's what makes it "fiction...." however I want to go on record that I am not calling Mason a liar.

    Just a bad judge of his audience at times.

    We need to understand the differences between the three types of people described above before we start throwing inappropriately placed responses.

    Wondering why I'm still bothering with this...


  51. You're a strong, determined person, and while you need to go through a period of healing (physical and emotional), you will prevail.

    Meanwhile, the psychopathic sadists who did this to you should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Some of what they did to you will probably happen to them in prison. It's sick justice, I knonw. Rapists are at the bottom of prison society. From what you say, the evidence to convict (your battered body, the sperm samples, and the main perp's wallet) is pretty powerful.

    Hang in there. Many prayers are coming your way.

  52. It would have a bit more impact if there weren't naked pictures of you everywhere during the scrolling. I'm sure you could probably suspend those pictures for a while as you discuss your incident. Just a thought.

  53. Creepy (and ironic) that this sounds a lot like the 'fantasy' post written a while back.

  54. There are no words. I'm so sorry that this has happened to you and I empathize. Blessings. You will be stronger once you get through this hell. I wish we could make all the evil people in the world just disappear all at once.

  55. What is the source for this article?

  56. I shot a huge load after reading this.Thanks Mason.

  57. Mason are you all bruised up? Hows your hole doing? Did it bleed when they raped you? Did they cum inside you? Maybe they pozzed you.You can now go on to making bareback vids for treasure island and take poz cum up your ass on camera .If you do test poz for hiv it could be a blessing in disguise.You can go on to becoming the new aids poster boy for gay men everywhere.I can picture your hot body covered in lesions getting fucked bareback by 100 guys and drinking their piss and guzzling down all their poz cum.I'm hard just thinking about it.Baby you've found your calling,as an aids whore.

  58. Well Mason I stand by my comment, nobody but nobody deserves to be beaten, raped and molested, drugged and violated. I can't offer a solution I just hope you get over this as soon as possible and the rapists haven't infected you with anything more than temporary loathing. I sincerely hope the bastards get what's coming to them. If you give up your work I sincerely hope post grad college works out...I'm one of the thousands that believe they know you because we've seen you so much..have a heart folks give the kid a break and donate....

  59. Holy fuck, not a great choice in wording I'll admit, but holy frackin fuck.

    Dude, I'm hoping your holding up OK all considering. No one deserves what happened to you.

    You seem like such an affable guy I cant help but feel applaud and sickened at the person who took advantage of you. I wish you all the best dude.

  60. Try some cabbage soup,dat shood do ze trick

  61. git the fuk outta houston man.
    i usd to live in montrose, miss the trees but not the jugheads.
    miss u.
    when u cummin bak to frisco??
    $ coming...

  62. Rape can be a beautiful thing as long as its consensual.

  63. I am SO SORRY to hear this. Rape is rape, and what you choose to do for a living as absolutely NOTHING to do with it.

    Good luck and stay strong!

  64. Mason.I gotta piss ,open up.Pig!

  65. OMG I am so sorry!!!! I'm so shocked right now. I'm speechless. How could someone do that to someone else... thats disgusting. I really wish I could say something that would actually help or make you feel better... It hurts me to read that someone would do that to someone else. I hope he gets life. That sick bastard... Then they would why some other stars are unapproachable. I'm soo sorry darling... I hope you get better soon. Bob

  66. i dont even know what to say or why i feel compelled to say it.
    im very sorry and i hope..i dont know.
    than k god youre verbal about it. this kind of thing, you cant stay the victim.
    i hope you are ok.

    -a stranger

  67. Mason,

    My heart goes out to you. Remain strong and listen to your heart, it will lead you to the right path. I am speechless after reading this.

    No one, no matter what industry they are in deserves to be brutally beaten and raped. If anyone thinks so, they should consider Matt Shepard and what happened to him 10 years ago today.

    Take care Mason. Love and prayers from Phoenix.

    Dave Moreau

  68. Mason: I have never visited your page, but linked here from an entry on another blog. I read your post and saw the pictures and wanted you to know that my heart aches for the pain and suffering you've been through. This was a terrible violation, a crime against your person and you have nothing to recriminate yourself about. I have seen most if not all of your vids and enjoy your work and believe that you are a role model. That may sound strange, but you celebrate your sexuality openly and you can and will never know how many young men not only look to you as a symbol of sexuality, but also of for taking pride in one's sexual self. I know there are countless young men out there who see you as much more than you describe yourself. I am a social worker by profession for more than 25 years and although you believe that you are alright, may I return a small portion of the favor you have done for me and others like me who appreciate your contribution to the adult industry, and suggest that you seek some counseling. There are numerous resources out there ready to help that will not judge you and will support you in your efforts to become healed after this vicious attack. I care that this happened and I hope you recover and not let it make you bitter, angry or emotionally shut off from others. You are a beautiful spirit and it wounds me to see that damaged in any way. I wish the best for you. My thoughts are with you.

  69. I hope you find justice. Those guys needs to be put away for a long time. No one deserves to be raped and beaten.

    I don't think any words can take away your pain and only hope that time will heal your emotional wounds. I hope you stay strong through this.


  70. I am so sorry for yo. for what it's worth you have my symapthy and I wish for a fast healing of your body wounds. I only hope you are not left too shocked from the fact, and that will take longer to heal...

  71. dear mason, i am totally shocked about what happened to you. i'll keep my fingers crossed, hoping you will get justice. and i am shocked about the freaks saying to were lying. this is a manner of prejudging. this is crude and i condemn it. mason, all world's luck to you! e.m.

  72. Well Mason it comes with the territory. Im not saying what happened to you was right.. it definitely wasn't but don't you want to do something meaningful with your life? Your only going to be cute and 24 for so long and then you have to find something else to do that is unless your making gobs of money and putting it into investments.

    My point is the more people you sleep with the more trouble your asking for. Im constantly telling my friends to be careful about letting strangers into their house.
    Let this be a warning to your readers.

  73. I am so very sorry that this horrible thing happened to you. There is nothing to warrant such behavior. A violent act like this not only robs one of dignity (among many other concerns) it can also steal the innate trust and kindness that is so rare in people today.

    Things aren't always easy for gay folk no matter where we are. I grew up and spent over half my life in Houston before moving to San Francisco many years ago. I just can't imagine this happening in my home town. I will be following what happens in this case.

    I hope you have lifelong friends and family to cling to in this horrific time. I wish you comfort and peace.

  74. I don't know Wyler, and I don0t think I have ever seen any of Wyler's movies, but in this posting a question popped in my mind. What is a military officer doing with GHB with him?

    if this story is true, what an awful event. my deepest condolences.

    if this is NOT true, like some comments seem to think so, its a very poor and (again) awful attempt of role playing.

    Either way, noone that is raped is "begging" for it. That goes against the definition of rape. I hope all rape perpetrators get the maximum sentences the law regulates, be it in this case, as in all others. Rape is not a joke.

  75. After a long time I came to this blog to see if you've updated some...and I read that horrible story, I'm shocked!!
    Hope you get better but I know that must be difficult forget a rape, and I wish this motherfuckers will be raped for the rest of their fucking miserable lives in jail.
    I love you Mason!
    Daniel from brazil

  76. This is awful. I am so sorry Mason. I am a big fan of yours. I really feel for you. xx

  77. mason firstly I just want to say how shocked and saddened that this has happened to you. You have fans all over the world like me in the UK that love you and support you.

    In time you will hopefully recover from this awful thing that has happened, you will never forget it but you will overcome it.

    I hope the awful people that did this get what they deserve.

    I hope you feel better soon and know that I will always support you and care from afar.

    Rich UK x x x x

  78. i hope u can find your way after this devastating tradegy. all the best during your healing. have u considered suing the bastard who did this to u?

  79. Mason sorry for you, the photos speak for them ... It must be awful to find as the hands of a madman.
    You should perhaps consult the association of defense because they can help you win this case.
    I'm French and I think that your righteousness is strange ...
    You're a brave boy seems to me, and it would be a pity to drop the charges against this asshole.
    Whatever the outcome of your case, it will be difficult for the poor forget this experience.
    May the coming days be
    better for you Mason
    Hugs Michel (from South West of France)

  80. Mason
    i'm sorry it happened, nobody deserves that
    we all love you

  81. Mason, no matter what happens with going after these 'people,' make sure that you find someone you can talk to about this. I am not sure about the wisdom of sharing this with the world via the web, but please make sure that you get some kind of counsel in the near future. As much as you might be feeling the need to 'get over' this, talking it through with someone you can trust will do wonders.


  82. I encourage handsome, really I'm sorry. is not as crazy as there are people around the world.
    a big hug and encourage
    a kiss
    Your friend bo

  83. dear Mason, I just read your story on the main gay website here in Italy www.gay.it. I'm a senior medical officer in the military and such behaviors here are absolutely unbelievable. I hope you will recover from it. And hope judges will do their job too. Be strong. Pier

  84. Steven, upstate NYOctober 10, 2008 at 8:45 PM

    Dear Mason, I'm so sorry that this has happened to you.I've be a fan of yours since I first saw you in the Corbin Fischer videos.I hope that the men involved are sent to prison a very long time.

    Hugz, Steven.

  85. i am very sorry to hear what happened to you i will say i kinda know what you are going through as 5 years ago i got drug raped at the end of a night out with friends no 1 seen me being marched out of the club by the guy but i remember coming in and out of being druged and was in a car park with no glasses and trousers or shirt on and then it all a blur but when i cam round i was 10 minutes away from my house with this guy who i didnt know so i shoved the guy in a taxi and went home to bed and cryed myself to sleep and i was to ashaned to go to the police so nothing got done about it, i now dont go in to town now dont go on the gay scene unless there is a good friend of mine with me and we share a cab home at the end off the night so that way i know i will be save and get home safely. so all off you be safe and tc and you to wyler nation it get easyer as time goes on.


  86. mason: we believe you. non-consensual sex is NOT fantasy, it's rape; fight until your attackers are locked up! i've been sexually assaulted, nothing like the horror you went through, but horrible just the same. be strong, we support you, buddy!

  87. mason... stay strong... your fans are out here standing behind you... and we'll be here for whatever you need... also my hand of friendship goes out to you bf/significant other/bff... this is a total tragedy that should NEVER happen to any GLBTQ person EVER!!!

  88. Mason,

    I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you and your BF. I hope they put this a-hole away forever and catch his a-hole buddies as well. Please keep us informed of the outcome of the trial.

    I wish you the best of luck. Stay strong and safe.

  89. I'm so very sorry to read about you and your husband's traumatic experience.

    Walk with me, the path of life,
    to explore every bend of the road
    Enjoy with me the beauty of life,
    along its wonderful way
    Find comfort with me, in each other's arms, when grief crosses our path Find strength with me, in each other's strength,
    when despair lies in wait
    Laugh with me, a single true laugh,
    to enlighten another's distress
    Cry with me, a single true tear,
    to understand true happiness
    Cherish with me, the wonders of life, as they need to be preserved
    Rejoice with me, in the mysteries,
    of what is yet to be
    Find peace with me, in each others souls, when the world has gone insane Find love with me, in each others hearts,until this life has been fulfilled And when the path comes to an end I hope we can say from within We've known the beauty of true love, our love came from within.

  90. Mason, I am so sorry to hear about this and will keep you and your husband in my thoughts.

  91. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you and your husband Mason.
    I personally know that the armed forces and police can be assholes, when a good friend of mine was falsely accused of molest they treated him like a criminal until he was proven innocent. Shoving and headbutting a 18 year old boy in a holding cell until he cried in fear.
    Eventually he survived but much wiser for his experience.
    So..Keep strong and you will have justice! I strongly advise you to get a good lawyer on your side to do your legal work.
    I hope the police will convict that asshole for life, the whole gay community should stand by you!

  92. Mason -- Please give us an update on the case. Did they identify and arrest AlL of the criminals involved? Why haven't their names been released? Please tell us what's going on. It seems like there's no justice in this case! When will the trial begin? We're pulling for you! Take care!

  93. A big hug from Spain.
    Always in my heart.

  94. Dear Mason,

    I am truly sorry that this horrible event happened to you and your husband. Rape is a horrible thing and no one ever deserves it. If the bastard who did this is ever found, I hope he is castrated without sedation and made into the prisonyard bitch. Just remember that you have your friends and fans supporting you and that we are praying for your recovery during this traumatic event. I hope you get well soon.

    Your adoring fan in California,


  95. Dear Mason:

    Hi, I´m luke from Argentina. i was shocked when i saw this pictures and read the article you´ve posted, i´m deeply sorry.

    Big fan gotta say, I´m basicly 21, virgin (not even a kiss...) nice guy, but NO experience... i´d like to get some pointers on this, and since you are my... "first huge crush?" lol... i though maybe you could help me

    When you got time, send me an email to lscott512@gmail.com (also have the primary hotmail account, wich i´ll give to you once you send me to this one)

    i´ll be awesome to see an email from U... like to say a few things.

    Have a great day mason, and take care. =D

  96. I just came across your post today. I'm a fan so I'm shocked to read about your horific ordeal. I hope the police caught the bastard. I live in Chicago so let me know whenever you're in town so that I can get your autograph. Hugs and kisses for you and your boyfriend.

  97. hi, my name is mark and I writes from italia. I didn't know before now what it has happened to you. I am really been sorry and I hope that the guilty ones pay for the evil that they have done you.

  98. hello mason im jerry 24 ijust heard about what happened i know a year too late i hope youre okay really i wish you nothin but health and success heres my email gerjy2002@hotmail youre anice guy handsome who doesnt deserve that shit sorry for my swearing