19 October 2008

The Truth Comes Out

By Marcus Wyler

Here's the TRUTH about Mason Wyler:

  • He is a nail biter and he bites them alot, especially when he is watching a movie or is in deep thought.
  • Whenever he feels like he has done something wrong, he imitates Eric Cartman from the TV show South Park.
  • His right nipple is sexually wired to his dick, it's his "on" button, simply grazing it or rubbing it is a sure-fire way to get his attention.
  • He built his own computer.
  • He has vocal talent and I don't mean when he has a dick in his ass, I mean the boy can sing.
  • He has an older brother in the Navy.
  • Mason used to want to get off at least two times a day, Now its more like four times a day.
  • When we go to museums he reads every word on every plaque, it takes hours to get through just one wing of a museum. He also likes to touch priceless artifacts when the museum workers aren't looking.
  • His favorite art/architecture style is Art Deco.
  • He is versatile.
  • He is an avid gamer, he owns a PS3, an XBox360, and he built his computer to play PC games. He does NOT own a Wii and has no desire to ever own one.
  • His musical taste includes classical music, soft rock from the 70's and 80's, classic country ie. Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner, jazz, blues, disco, show tunes, opera, and some pop from the 90's.
  • He has never tried, used, or experimented with drugs ( I don't count marijuana as a drug).
  • An apartment, a dog, and a 60" television were the only possessions he wanted out of life before he met me.
  • If he is in the shower for longer than five minutes then there is a 90% chance that he is jacking off.
  • He does not enjoy going out to gay night clubs or bars. Nine times out of ten, if you take him to a gay bar he will begin to look like he wants to leave by 11pm.
  • For Mason, going to bed at 2am and waking up at noon is a responsible and healthy sleep schedule.
  • He has ZERO gay friends.
  • His cum is tasteless.
  • Alot of his jokes are tasteless and offensive, most of them aren't even funny, but hang out with him long enough and he will do something that will make you laugh.
  • When he bottoms, he gets kind of bossy (and I don't mean he says, "Yeah, fuck my ass, give it to me harder/deeper" like you hear him say in his videos. I mean he says things like, "Wait, hold on, I don't think I can take it, don't go too deep. Did you cum yet? Pull out. How was your day? Did you have any trouble finding the place? What are you majoring in?) unless you know how to be dominant with him.
  • He has never been to a gay house party, a gay circuit party, or a gay pride parade.
  • When he gets angry, his face gets red and he makes an angry claw gesture with his hands.
  • He likes it when you talk dirty to him in bed.
  • He would love to live in London, Buenos Aires, or any city in Italy.
  • He doesn't think he is the hottest thing since sliced bread.
  • If you take the time to get to know him you would find out that he is incredibly unique, simply one of a kind.


  1. Wow I feel like I know you A LITTLE better. lol Well I hope things have gotten better for you and Marcus. So you should message me soon or call wink wink. Hit me up on the space.

  2. HAHAHAHA I love it. I think I'm like 3/4 of those things.

  3. he sounds like a very sweet guy and the weird thing is that he and i have some of the same talents that i do

  4. wow you built your computer?!?! so did i. although i built mine more for "work" related areas, gaming as a by product.
    wouldn't mind meeting and talking computer stuff sometime. hell i'm looking to upgrade, if not just build a newer better one. maybe we can talk parts. *drools a bit*mmmmm computer porn...oops sorry about that. now i have to go to tigerdirect.com lol thanks mason. =)

  5. Thanks, Marcus, for the "insider" information. You make Mason sound like a friend most of us would want to get to know better.

  6. Hahaha I love that you mentioned the fabulous Dolly Parton in your newest posting. She's a total guilty pleasure of mine. I actually just went to see the closing L.A. performance of "9 to 5: The Musical," tonight, and Ms. Dolly wrote the music and lyrics for the whole show. It was fantastic, and I can't wait till it hits Broadway in April. I'm already counting down the days till the cast album is released.

    Wow. I'm REALLY gay. :-)

  7. haha "did you have trouble finding the place? what are you majoring in?"

    do you actually ask them that when you're having sex? that'l get'em hot for sure

  8. I thought you were both bottoms Marcus...but you almost always top?

  9. The only point I find interesting is that he likes Dolly Parton.

  10. Mason as a bossy bottom?! Who knew?

  11. This is awesome and remarkable similar to some things I would say

  12. Thanks for sharing! I always learn something new about you. Have a great week!

  13. Hmm so I really have something in common with a porn star!
    (I built my own PC too)

    Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner,,hmm now you KNOW their history together right? ;)

    He has ZERO gay friends.
    Uh after the last few weeks WHY WOULD YOU WANT ANY???

    He has never been to a gay house party, a gay circuit party, or a gay pride parade.

    No great loss,just a bunch of Nelly judgmental homos's who needs em, and I say this after volunteering and seeing the "pride committee" up close!

    Why should ANYONE choose their friends based on where they stick their dicks (if they have dicks)

  14. Let me bite that right nipple and you boss me around!

  15. Thanks for sharing some things about Mason, he sounds like someone we would all love to know. I want to say all the best to the both of you!! Have a good week!!!

  16. this was real neat, thanx for sharing :D

  17. Wow I feel like i know mason a little better now thanks for posting

  18. I repeat. Marcus, u love the man. Mason is lucky you´re by his side. One who loves is the one who will never lose the chance to be loved. Keep on being as you are, and getting to know each other best. LOL

  19. Hmmmm, very interesting, but I do have one question, why do you have no gay friends. Dont want drama? Ha, well we arent all drama. So yeah, Nice job Marcus, its good to know a little more about Mason

  20. Does he now Italy??? The most fucking conservative country in Europe. Welcome.

  21. You and Marcus are a great couple. I am very sorry about you both being raped. You must be working out - those muscle look buff and your definitely defining. How are your classes going? Keep up the writing, I always enjoy reading your postings & blogs. Shows a lot of talent. Have a great week.

  22. Wow! Sounds Like Mason, and me have a lot in common! I think we could be really good friends! I like a lot of the same music Mason does, and I'm the same when going through exhibits, I have to look at & read everything!! I guess I'm just inquisitive!! I'm not knowledgeable enough to build a computer, but I think it's cool that Mason built his own. Boy, I wish I lived in Texas, I would have liked a chance to get to know you & Mason as friends!!

  23. I have something in commom with Mason Too.I hate gay clubs.
    By the way I hate the rainbow universe you know.

  24. Mason, you're luck to have a guy like Marcus.

  25. la mento mucho lo que le paso, fuerzas para seguir, saludos, roberto_ramires15@hotmail.com

  26. Hey Marcus ^^
    It's good that you are fully expressing what Mason is truly like. Let Mason tell us about you, and if they are of the high standards you put about him, then I think you are a match made in heaven :)
    Keep up the good work guys ^^
    P.S I'm not sure you want to come to London, the people there are quite snobby, but then again I'm talking about my native people lol
    P.S II You'll know which anonymous I am because I always use 'Ciao' at the end of my opinion.
    Good luck then
    Ciao once again ^^

  27. Hey Marcus ^^
    You too sound like a match in heaven :)
    Sorry about the things that has happened to you. It must be hard. Hear this, I'll be praying for you both that nothing like that happens again, I promise!
    Good luck guys ^^
    P.S. You'll know what anonymous I am because I always use 'Ciao' at the end of my piece. Goodbye! ^^

  28. OK... are you trying to make me fall in love with him?!?!?!?

  29. you are adorable Mason;if i was twenty years younger i would chase you, catch you, and then . . . . .

  30. Just bearing my soul here- I've Read many ur steady blogs you should upate again..many of your life situtions include mine and without a doubt I no u hear this al the time butt I've been through tuff times and iroinicly have a lot to do with your blogs that I don't care to post I no shit ain't sweet anyway don't guewss cuz ur wrong ..lol ... submisivly one day if I can, maybe reemburst you no this sound corny.may all the all the happness you bring be brought back to you heart b4 tart __ Dylan