26 November 2008

This is NOT a Free Country

I created this nation, I set the rules. Let it be known far and wide that this is not a free country. This is an autocracy. There is only one law here and that law will be strictly enforced:

If you don't have anything nice to say then don't say anything at all.

That's right, I'm taking away your freedom of speech. No longer will voices of dissent be heard. No more insults bashing my overly large but fragile ego. No more accusations of lies or conspiracy. No more doltish comments left by simpletons who fail to comprehend my writing. From this moment on, these borders are only open to my friends and fans. All cretins are now and forever indiscriminately banned.

It is important to remember that I created this place for lovers not haters. I intend to keep it that way. And don't you ever forget, this is not a free nation, this is WYLER Nation.

24 November 2008

I Want Trey

If you haven't watched his videos yet then you definitely need to. I have jerked off so many times watching this stud in action that I have cum all over my computer desk. Sure he claims to be "straight" but you couldn't tell by the way he interacts with his scene partners. The boy fucks like an alpha male, asserting his power over his willing and ready bottom boys. Oh how I wish I could be his bottom boy... Like Harley, Trey seems to have a raw sexual interest in other men. His videos showcase a hot hunk enjoying some hot homosexual playtime. He's intense and energetic, often working up a sweat while pounding away. You certainly won't see Trey in any run of the mill straight guy bore fest videos where its clear the models are just doing it for the money. This beefcake seriously loves plowing boy hole and isn't afraid to show it.

And like Harley, it's also quite apparent that this is a stud that likes to swing both ways. By that I mean he loves to get his hole filled with cock just as much as he loves to give it. It sends my dick shooting for the stars whenever I see Trey's big tool flopping about as his ass gets stretched out by equally attractive muscle jocks. There's only a handful of porn stars out there that can offer you the best of both worlds, Trey is definitely one of them.

Speaking of hole, have you seen his?! I can't help but lick my lips every time I look at it. I can only imagine how good it tastes. Going back and forth between sucking his dick and licking out his hole would be like heaven! I pray to the Gay Sex Gods that one day I get to experience that.

22 November 2008

It's Time

I haven't had sex in two weeks. No load has left or entered my body in TWO WEEKS. Thats 14 full days of no fapping, no fucking, and no sucking. It seems like such a silly accomplishment, what's two weeks of abstinence compared to what some of you have achieved. But for a person whose life is sexually driven, it was quite the feat. I wouldn't say that its anything to be proud of, I'm just surprised I was able to do it. With that being said, it's about time for me to get down on all fours, lube up my hole, and accept my handsome reward(s).



21 November 2008

A Totally Different Wyler Part Two

My brother is alot of things that I am not. He is cool and easy going. Disciplined and responsible. He can get along with almost anybody and has no problem fitting in wherever he goes. I stick out like a sore thumb. Every time he found himself in a tough position, he'd always take it in stride whereas I'd flip out at every obstacle I encountered. He was always the one with the brains and the looks. I just tried harder. He played sports for fun, I hit the gym out of necessity. He'd read the chapter once and ace the test. I'd study for hours and still fail. By the time his high school days were over and mine began, it was apparent that there was only one thing I beat him at... dick size, mine is bigger. But regardless of our differences, we accept each other and love each other unconditionally.

He was great at math and loved cars. I figured he'd turn out to be a mechanical engineer or something along those lines. So I was shocked when I found out he opted to join the Navy instead of going to College. Eventually that shock turned into pride, just like when he found out I was gay. I think when I first told him, he was utterly disgusted and grossed out. But it didn't take much time for his disgust to turn into acceptance and support. Now whenever I visit him, he insists on taking me out to the gay bars and asking me about my love life. He's so open and understanding that I can't believe I didn't tell him sooner. My brother is definitely a person I know I can count on.

In the words of countless elementary schools kids past and present, "My big brother is cooler than your big brother."

Why My Dick is Uncut

I just wanted to take sometime to answer those of you who asked why it is that my brother is cut while I am uncut.

Well, according to my mother, some hippie organization is the reason why I have an uncircumcised dick. They sent out mass mailings claiming that circumcision was a crime against nature and brutally damaging to a babies overall development. Kind of like the PETA of foreskin advocates. My mother received one of their colorful letters right before I was born and it was apparently enough to convince her that leaving my penis unscathed was paramount. And that my friends is why my dick looks like it does today.

20 November 2008

I Want Zack Cook

Sometimes a guy can be so hot that all reason and logic go out the window. A man so gorgeous that the rules and steps other boys adhere to do not apply to him. I believe Zack Cook is that kind of guy. I've worked with over 100 different models so far and I can honestly say that only a handful of them are comparable to Mr. Cook. A simple glance at this stud could turn a straight man gay. Well, maybe not... but in the looks department, I think he puts most porn models to shame, myself included.

What makes Zack a cut above the rest? Lets start from the top down. He has a boyish yet devilishly handsome face. His smile seems to reveal a mischievous side. A side of him that I would love to explore.

Mr. Cook has what I would consider to be the perfect muscular development. Some guys can be too small and others can be too big, Zack is just right. I could literally get down on my knees and worship his muscles like it was a religion. His body is a work of gym sculpted art.

Then there's his dick. I don't know specifics but it looks like an appetizing piece of cut meat if ever I saw one. It definitely makes my mouth water and my hole hungry. I am certain, if given the chance I would be more than happy to suck his cock, have him use my hole, and swallow his spunk.

He is so fucking hot to me that I would beg, steal, and borrow just to be in a scene with him. I'd give my left nut just to lick his right nut. I'd foot the bill and start my own porn company just to hire him as my first scene partner and lick up his freshly shot load off of his sweat drenched chest.

If I were ever so lucky to get to work with Zack, I'd probably instantaneously orgasm upon hearing the news. And then again as soon as he got naked in front of me. And then again as soon as I got a taste of his dick. And then again as soon as his dick penetrated my hole. Hell, I'll probably blow my load half a dozen times if we ever shoot a scene together. But believe me when I say, I'll make sure that Zack cums just as much.

Random Love

There are many things in his world that I love. Some much more than others. This is just an extremely small sampling of my incredibly long love list.

1. Cats can be cute but I'm a dog person. I love puppies!

2. I wouldn't call myself a people person. I lack some very vital social skills so I love it when I am actually able to make a new friend.

3. I love it when guys shoot streams of warm jizz all over me. But I love to swallow more.

4. I met this guy over a year ago. He's hilarious, naughty, and down right sexy. He made time to show Marcus and I a wonderful time in his Windy City. I love him for that.

5. I love gay erotic art. Especially pieces that illustrate rougher, dirtier sex scenes. It never ceases to arouse my creative side.

17 November 2008

A Totally Different Wyler

Imagine a Wyler that is brunette instead of blond, cut instead of uncut, and hairy instead of smooth. A Wyler that watches the WWE, Nascar, and the NFL instead of Anime, Star Trek, and HGTV. One who sounds like he is from West Texas not West Hollywood and that chose to join the Navy instead of the Gay Porn Industry. Can you picture him? Well if you can't then here is a picture of him.

He is my brother, my older brother. And I just want everyone to know that I am proud of him and who he has become. We are as different as night and day but I love him just the same.

16 November 2008

Ignorance is Bliss

Questions & Answers: Part Six
Retractions and Revisions

Before reading this let me be clear, in the context of this post I am talking strictly about times when the opportunity to have sex with a guy that I find hot presents itself. I'm not saying that I turn every encounter I have into something sexual. I know the difference between a friendly hello and a sexual hello.

In, Can I Have Sex With You?, I tried to explain that I could have sex with people that I find physically attractive even if they had a lack luster personality. Which is actually just partly true.

I do it alot in my line of work. When deciding on whether or not I want to do a scene, I'm not given much time to get to know my potential scene partners. I can't call them and interview them before hand. We don't get to go out on a date first or read each others horoscopes. Most of the time a studio will just email me an offer, telling the date of the shoot, what type of scenes they want me in, how many scenes they want me to do, and who my scene partners would be. I basically just have to look at their pictures and decide from there in about a day or two before they offer my spot to another model. If I accept the offer and I get there to find the guy is a complete jack ass, then I still have to do the scene. In those cases I just focus on the fact that the guy is at least good-looking and not focus so much on the person behind the exterior. Even though its rare, sometimes it really does feel like a job. So that right there is one of the main reasons why it is safe to say that most of the extramarital sex I have is based solely on looks and not personality.

Now when it comes to recreational extramarital sex. The story is a little bit different. For me, most of the sex I have, involving guys who aren't Marcus, is just sex. Its all about pure physical pleasure and desire. I already have someone special in my life and if I want to make new friends, then I'll make new friends at a different time. But when I'm horny and Marcus isn't available, if an opportunity arises then I just want to get off and have some fun. Plain and simple. I don't need nor do I want to get to know a guy that I probably won't see again after I'm fucked and he cums. The times I have seen a previous hook-up again, it was because his cock tasted so good I wanted more.

I try my best to keep things strictly sexual because outside of filming, a personality can be a deal breaker. One little statement can turn what would of been a sweat inducing, cum drenching night, into a sex-less waste of my time. And why on earth would I want to ruin the chance of a free, hot, protein filled meal? Just like you, there are many things a person can do or say to me that would completely turn me off.

One person can have many different faces. For example: Bob is a complete bore in public, at parties he just sits there and doesn't say much, you could have a more enjoyable conversation with a mute than with Bob, but get him naked and he turns into a totally nasty, verbal, dominant top.

Now see, if I take the time to get to know Bob's non-sexual side first then I probably would never find out that he's hot in bed. I would lose interest five minutes into our non-sexual conversation and move on. And honestly, I'd rather spend hours getting fucked by a wild hot stud than spend five minutes getting to know the non-sexual side of a person that I might end up disliking. I mean, if the main goal here is to have sex, then lets talk sex, not life stories, not movies, not work, not politics, not relationships, JUST SEX.

I'm not saying that every guy I have sex with is a person I wouldn't ever be friends with. Obviously it would be cool to find guys that I would love hanging out with and having sex with. I'm just saying that when I'm horny for a guy, getting to have sex with him is more important to me than finding out if he voted for McCain or Obama.

So when I said good looks can make up for an unattractive personality, it was a mistake. The correct statement would be: If I found out that the dick I wanted to suck was attached to someone I found mentally unappealing, then I most likely wouldn't suck it. So when it comes to a potential bedmate's non-sexual side, ignorance is bliss.

15 November 2008

A No Sex Update

I've made it through an entire week without sex. Thats seven whole days without blowing my load, without sucking dick, and without getting fucked. Some days were pretty difficult for me, the days when swallowing a load was all I could think about. Other days were a breeze, sex never even crossed my mind. I never believed that I'd make it through three days let alone seven. I was sure by the fourth day I'd be on my back, legs in the air, with a dick planted deep in my hole while another one fucked my face. I thought I'd get so stuffed with cock that I'd be drowning in cum. I thought every day I didn't get filled was going to be pure agony. But overall it hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be. Probably due to the fact that I've been immersing myself in a world of video games and running.

The cold weather has really helped me focus on the running. Cold weather means no shirtless men at the park, no shirtless men at the park means I don't get sidetracked as easily when I run. I'm free to train without the fear that I might pop a boner two miles down the track.
When I'm not training or working out, I'm playing video games. Which has been a perfect distraction for me during my recess from sex. I mean who can think about sucking dick when the Super Mutants and Enclave soldiers are attacking? I surely can't.

The beginning of the day is always the hardest part for me. I still wake up every morning horny as hell, my dick fully erect, and since yesterday, oozing a stream of pre-cum. I guess holding my jizz in for a week can cause an overflow. I have found myself stroking my cock and fingering my hole in bed or in the shower a few times. But somehow I've managed to get through the week without any major slip ups.

Writing about Harley yesterday was especially tough for me. Just thinking about the guy gets me all hot and bothered. But I was asked to name other porn models I would love to work with and I am determined to answer most, if not all of the questions y'all have sent in. Even if the answers to those questions might get my mind thinking thoughts that I probably shouldn't be thinking if I want to reach my goal of two weeks without sex. I know I still have more questions to answer, I will get to them, just be patient and check back often.

I'm not sure how much longer I will last with this no sex business. Not only because I'm starving for cock (I swear I've lost like seven cum pounds since the start of this no-dick diet) but
I've also been having to change my underwear upwards of three times a day. Sometimes the pre-cumming has gotten so bad that it seeps through my shorts. I'm not saying this to try and turn anyone on. It's just simply ridiculous to go through that many pairs of underwear in one day. What do you think I should do?

14 November 2008

I Want Harley

Questions & Answers: Part Five

I don't know who stole the cookie from the cookie jar or which way the cookie crumbles. I can't tell you which one came first, the chicken or the egg, or why on earth the chicken crossed the road. And I definitely don't know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. I've always come up with a different number each time I've counted. But there's one thing I'm sure of, if I ever get to work with Harley, it would be one of the hottest fucks of my life.

My reasons for why Harley would be a guaranteed hot scene partner:
  • He kisses! This may seem like a little thing to most viewers but it really is a big factor in whether or not their is visibly chemistry in the scene. I never question any of the other models sexuality. If they say they're gay, straight, or bisexual, then so be it. I'm not an expert on anyone but myself. But this is gay porn, it's a job, and people are paying to see gay sex, even if its gay sex involving "straight" guys, they still want to see GAY action. And GAY action involves kissing. I never understood how getting your dick sucked by a guy, sucking dick, fucking a boy, or getting fucked is somehow less gay than kissing. No kissing usually results in a lame scene, for those who were in it and those who watch it. I'm not saying that I haven't had hot scenes where kissing wasn't involved, I'm just saying its rare.
  • He's dominant! Being dominant and aggressive are definitely two things I find attractive in a top. When I want to get fucked, I want a guy that really gets into making me his cock slut. An alpha male knows how to take control and likes to get rough. I need a hair grabbing, face fucking, pin me down, spit on my hole, and ram his cock into me balls deep, kind of fucker. Sadly, I've been with one too many guys who were the total opposite of what my ideal top should be. Complete and utter duds. Whether it was due to their lack of attraction towards me or because they are simply boring in bed, I don't know. But honestly, making a video of sticking a dildo into a fleshlight would of turned made for a more exciting video than some of the scenes I've been in.
  • He's expressive! I love how vocal he gets. He is quite the moaner. His volume acts as an indicator of the level of pleasure he is experiencing. The only thing missing is the dirty talk. I'm a HUGE fan of guys that talk down and dirty to their bottoms. But Harley definitely makes up for the lack of verbal abuse with his shear intensity. His face never looks bored or like he's just going through the motions like I've seen with other models.
  • He's handsome. Like I've said before, I like many different types of guys. Harley is one of those types. He has an adorable clean cut look about him, almost dorky until he takes his clothes off. He has physical features that I equate to manliness : Chest hair, a fit but not overly muscled body, tall stature, and a big dick. Please note: In my book, the opposite of manliness is boyishness, which I find just as attractive.
  • His penis. Have you seen it?! I mean a penis isn't the first thing I look at when I'm deciding on whether or not I want to bend over for him. Generally,a cock isn't a deal maker or a deal breaker for me, I tend to like them all as long as they're attached to a man I'm attracted to. I have never once found a guy physically attractive and then changed my mind after I saw his dick. Cut or uncut, big, small, straight, or curved, it's all good. What matters to me is how you use it, not how big it is. But that doesn't mean I don't go extra crazy for a big, pretty penis. A big, pretty penis is always a definite plus. And Harley's dick is big and beautiful. Which just adds to his overall hotness.

12 November 2008

Fucking Brilliant

Questions & Answers: Part Four

My all time favorite composer and song writer is without a doubt Jim Steinman. He is responsible for a number of the hits from artists like Meat Loaf, Bonnie Tyler, Celine Dion, and Air Supply. His music speaks for itself.

From the movie Streets of Fire starring Diane Lane

Bonnie Tyler - Loving You's A Dirty Job

Bonnie Tyler - Faster Than The Speed Of Night

Barbra Streisand - Left In The Dark

Air Supply - Making Love Out Of Nothing At All

Meat Loaf - It's All Coming Back To Me Now

Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell



11 November 2008

Mason: The Gay Gamer

Questions & Answers: Part Three

***Warning: If you're not a gay gamer then you might not like or understand what you are about to read. And YES, You can be a gamer AND still have a life.

Cock may be my addiction but video games are my passion. I spend more time questing than I do cruising. I have gulped down more Nuka Cola's in the past week than the total amount of cum loads I have swallowed in my lifetime. I've killed more necromorphs on the U.S.G. Ishimura than the number of guys that have plowed my hole on Planet Earth.

So what kind of gamer am I?

Even though I own four different gaming systems, I would consider myself mainly a Sony Play Station Loyalist and a PC Gamer.

I built my own PC, specifically for gaming. An Asus 8AN32 with SLi Mother Board, An AMD Opteron 185 Processor overclocked to 2.9 GHz, A Zalman CNPS9500A LED CPU Cooler, Two NVIDIA 8800GT Graphics Cards, 2 GB of DDR500 RAM, and a Western Digital 300GB Raptor Hard Drive... Now thats my idea of poetry. The rig is a couple years old but it still runs every PC game I play with ease.

Games that I play on PC are:

World of Warcraft: I just started playing it a month ago. I'm a Blood Elf Paladin, level 57. I play on Mal'ganis.

Fall Out 3: I found my father and freed him from Tranquility Lane. I chose to knife all the residents to death myself instead of having the Chinese invade.

Bioshock: I originally bought and played this game on the XBOX 360, in fact it was the ONLY reason why I bought an XBOX 360. I just bought it for the PC as well to compare the versions. I like it on the PC more. Better graphics.

Other games for the PC that I own but do not play that much anymore are: Oblivion, Age of Conan, Crysis, Fable, STALKER, F.E.A.R., The Orange Box (Half-Life 2, Team Fortress, Portal), and Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.

Why am I Play Station loyalist? When I was younger I used to play Nintendo. But then I got burned by the N64, the games were lacking and they were entirely too expensive. Then Sony revealed their Play Station gaming system and it had me at hello.

Final Fantasy VIII
Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil
Resident Evil 2
Silent Hill

I was hooked.

And then came the Play Station 2 and thus began one of the longest love affairs I've ever had in my 25 years of life... Oh the memories:

Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy 12
Metal Gear Solid 2
Metal Gear Solid 3
Ace Combat 4
Ace Combat 5
Xenosaga 1
Xenosaga 3
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II
Soul Caliber III
Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution
Marvel Vs. Capcom: 2
Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry 3
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 3
Shadow of the Colossus
God of War
God of War 2

Then on November 17, 2006 I fell in love again, this time with the Play Station 3.

Though I may have an affinity with the culture of the past, I also have a great appreciation for new gaming technology and cutting edge graphics. I'm an out and proud technophile and the Play Station 3 speaks to my heart.

First of all, unlike my sex partners, when it comes to video games not only do I need something pretty to look at but I also need a great deal of substance. The games on the play station 3 tell stories that I find enthralling. Science fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, and War. Take your pick. I LOVE that the games play out almost like interactive movies, which I know some people despise. The more cut scenes and story they put in a game, the more I like it.

Second of all, Blu-rays are amazing, the picture detail is superb, HDTV required of course. And in the arena of home entertainment, size definitely matters. Bigger is better, I went with the 55-inch SXRD Sony KDS-55A3000. And don't forget about surround sound. Blu-rays are packed with HD sound. If you want to get the full experience then you need to make sure you buy a receiver and speaker system that can give it to you. Trust me, if you care about sound quality, there's a HUGE difference. I chose an Onkyo receiver and definitive speakers to compliment the Sony PS3 and HDTV. It's so amazing I could cream my pants.

I've never done porn just for the money, but thinking of being able to afford my idea of the perfect home entertainment system definitely helped me take some of the bigger cocks in my porn career.

So what GAMES have I played on the PS3?

Resistance: Fall of Man
Resistance 2
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
Heavenly Sword
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Grand Theft Auto 4
Metal Gear Solid 4
Devil May Cry 4
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty
Assassin's Creed
The Force Unleashed

I'm currently playing Dead Space and shitting my pants... Yes, I get scared easily by horror games. And yet I cannot wait until Resident Evil 5 comes out! Have you seen how hot they made Chris Redfield?!


You can check out more artwork at The Humplex

10 November 2008

Insulting Mason

Questions & Answers: Part Two

I appreciate reader participation, whether its good or bad. Reading some of the comments from my last post it's evident that some of you clearly dislike me or are disgusted by me. Which truly breaks my heart.

WHY DOESN'T EVERY ONE LOVE ME? I THOUGHT I WAS GOD'S GIFT TO GAY MAN!!! WHO WOULDN'T WANT ME?!?!? I SHOULD JUST OVERDOSE ON CRACK AND KILL MYSELF RIGHT NOW! Wait, I don't do drugs. Oh well moving on. One of you mentioned my huge nose and something about getting it fixed. Yeah it is pretty big and ugly isn't it? I'm not sure about plastic surgery though. I mean I don't think the best plastic surgeons in the world could save my butt ugly mug. And if anything desperately needs to be fixed it would be my ears, have you seen them?! They're HUGE, I'm like a mix between Dumbo and Spock! But for the time being they give guys something to grab on to while they fuck my face.

Some other people keep mentioning a James Robert Wallace. According to Wikipedia he is a Scottish Baron who is a member of the British House of Lords and we just happen to have the same birth name. Personally, I prefer to be called Mason these days but who am I to tell you what to do. Can I be expecting stalkers now? Maybe some mean spirited snail mail? Its been awhile since I've gotten a hand written letter! Oh I'm so excited!

I read a comment where someone accused me of being a liar and off my rocker... Did you know that I was offered the role of Bruce Wayne for Batman Begins but I turned it down, the character wasn't slutty enough. They offered it to me again for The Dark Knight but I was too busy sucking off Jake Gyllenhaal on the set of The Prince Of Persia to film my own blockbuster movie. Reese wasn't putting out enough to keep him satisfied. That bitch.

Some reader suggested that I'm in desperate need for help and attention. Yes Yes, My roof does need repairing, any one want to help me fix it? I also need help with painting my walls, I was thinking valentine red. What do you think? Also.... GIVE ME YOUR ATTENTION, I NEED MORE ATTENTION!!! I WILL DIE WITHOUT ATTENTION!!! Do I have your attention now? Awesome.

Another commenter implied I was soliciting sex from my readers and mentioned something about my rapist. I'm sure it was purely out of concern for my safety. Don't you worry about me mister because I'm just DYING to get raped again.

Somebody else said something about not touching me because I probably have a ton of diseases... Yeah I probably wouldn't come anywhere near me if I were you. I'm probably toxic and radioactive, like a living breathing Chernobyl. You could get cancer, herpes, male patterned baldness, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, AIDS, hepatitis A, B, C, D, F, E, AND G just for looking at my pictures. Hell, I feel sorry for the entire population of Houston, for simply being in the same city as me is probably enough for them to get a Mason Wyler STD, good thing they have the world's best medical center.

But there's just one thing that baffles my mind. I just can't possibly understand how my STD tests keep coming back negative, must be their faulty lab equipment. Or maybe my blood has become so toxic that no virus can survive in me. Either way those tests must be inaccurate.

I better contact 169,373 different models and anonymous hook-ups that I've had intercourse with so that we can plan a mass funeral together. I mean its best to plan ahead, right? Everyone is invited to attend, Bio-hazard suits required.

Yo estaba siendo sarcástico. J'ai été sarcastique. Mi è stato sarcastico.
Minä olin sarkastinen. Ich wurde sarkastisch. 私は皮肉されていた。
Jag var sarkastisk. الأول كان يجري الساخرة

Я был саркастический.

09 November 2008

Can I Have Sex With You?

Questions & Answers: Part One

I've always said that I was sleazy, but I never said that I was easy.

Contrary to what some may believe, getting asked by random people if I would have sex with them actually doesn't happen all that often. The times that I do get asked that are usually through the internet and mostly by picture-less strangers. I'm the kind of guy that always looks before he leaps. Which is usually why my initial answer to said picture-less stranger is a resounding, no.

Outside of making love with Marcus, the chances of me having sex is almost entirely dependent upon physical attraction between me and the other parties involved. Ideally, an extramarital sex partner would consist of someone that I find both physically AND mentally attractive, but let me be perfectly honest, I normally don't get both. In the cases where there is no mental connection but the guy possesses what I consider to be physical beauty, then that is usually enough to suffice. As for guys that have great personalities but who I find to be physically unattractive, it's safe to say that sex with me won't be happening.

Sure, I have sex with plenty of guys that I barely know. Yes, I do alot of naughty things both on and off camera. But that doesn't mean that I would have sex with everybody and anybody with a dick. I only get it on with guys I have the hots for.

In the context of a casual hook-up, a fuck buddy, or an on screen fling, physical beauty can usually make up for a lack luster personality but the most beautiful inside is unlikely to ever be enough to make up for an ugly outside. And please remember that everyone has their own opinion and their own tastes. Just because I don't want you doesn't mean the next guy won't either.

Don't take this answer to mean that I think I'm hotter than hell and can get anyone that I want because I definitely don't believe that at all. I know that there are plenty of guys that I would LOVE to get it on with that wouldn't touch me with a 10 foot pole.

Don't take this answer to mean that I only go for young, hung, muscle gods, because that is absolutely false, my taste in men is very eclectic. I like guys of all sorts. With that being said, I should also make it clear that I am not running a sex charity.

So will I spread my legs for you? It depends on what you look like and whether or not I find you attractive. And no, paying me won't make a difference in whether or not I have sex with you.


08 November 2008

I've Got Time

It's been almost 48 hours since the last time I blew my load, 60 hours since the last time I sucked a cock, and nearly 72 hours since I got my hole stuffed. Needless to say I'm going insane. I almost slipped this morning too.

Like I've said before, I usually start my day with sucking my boy's dick, swallowing his hot cum load, all while jerking myself off. I probably would of done just that today but when I turned over to try and grope him, I opened my eyes to find that he wasn't there. A note by the bed read: "Out running errands and don't forget, no sex or fapping for two weeks!" I totally forgot. I sat there for a minute and contemplated calling an end to my self inflicted punishment but then curiosity got the best of me once again. I really do want to know how long I can last without any sexual activity. And on top of that, I want to see if I become even more insatiable when I finally give in to my hunger. So instead of masturbating, I went for a run.

I've been slacking quite a bit lately with my marathon training and I figured all my pent up sexual energy would help me kick my running up a notch. And in return, the running would keep my mind off of sex. I was greatly mistaken. The trail was a veritable mine field of temptation. With each shirtless muscle god or fresh faced boy I passed, a new fantasy would fill my head. Within seconds blood would rush south to my nether regions engorging my boy parts, making it impossible to run. I had to leave.

When I got home I decided to take one of the commenter's advice and watch a Disney movie. Something G rated, surely that would get my mind off of cock. Wrong again. The only Disney movie I currently own is Enchanted. The entire time I watched it I kept thinking how hot it would be if Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden tag-teamed me.

Maybe it has to get worse before it gets better but as it is right now these are the thoughts that are constantly going through my head, "I need: Pumped Muscles. Dominant Tops. Big Pecs. Throbbing Cocks. Rough Fuckings. Huge Loads. In my face. In my mouth. In my hole."

My dick has been fully erect and leaking pre-cum for hours. It's seriously beginning to hurt! And my hole has gotten so hungry that every so often it voluntarily opens up like a mouth that's waiting to be fed. Writing seems to be the only way I can render my hands, mouth, dick, and ass inaccessible to myself and others during this period of celibacy.

In an attempt to keep myself busy with writing I've decided to take your questions. I can't answer every question I get but I will try my best. If there is anything you would like to ask me, anything at all, then please feel free to email your questions to WYLER_NATION@YAHOO.COM or simply post your question as a comment on here.

07 November 2008

Dirty Minds

After reading all the answer comments posted for the, "I Fail", entry question, it is quite apparent that dirty minds don't think alike. People suggested punishments ranging from: no sexual activity for an extended period of time, to taking two dicks in my hole at the same time, to getting gang fucked and swallowing as many loads as possible in a one day. Some of it, well most of it actually, sounds like a hot time. But the no sexual activity suggestion sounds the least enjoyable and therefore I think it would be the harshest punishment. For curiosity's sake, I have decided to go with that one. Total sexual abstinence. I am not sure how long I can last without jerking off, sucking dick, swallowing cum, getting my dick sucked, fucking my BF, and getting my ass fucked. Especially since putting my sex life on hold doesn't just affect myself, but the sex lives of others as well. I know some of you remember reading my entry titled, "The Sluttier Mason Wyler", and how I was going to give into my cock addiction. Well in the past 12 days I vehemently and insatiably yielded to my addiction, so going cold turkey is definitely going to be a struggle. My goal is two weeks, not because I believe I can get anywhere near two weeks without getting off but because I have another shoot in two weeks. Regardless, I'm going to put a great deal of effort into holding back my desires until then.

How long do you think I can keep my pants on?


06 November 2008

Oh, The Excitement!

In the past year:
  • I became a first time home buyer and moved into Downtown Dallas
  • I made my first and last live club appearance
  • I lost the love of my life
  • I won the love of my life back
  • I began training for a marathon
  • I spoke to my fans on the phone, non-stop, for 7 days straight and even made some new friends out of it (Shannon, Gary, Rene, Mark, HOT ZACK, & ADORABLE BRANDON)
  • I was sexually assaulted in my own home
  • I sold that home and moved out
  • I became a full-time Houstonian
  • I jerked off 12 times in 6 hours, that's a personal record for me
  • I was cast in nearly 35 scenes in less than 12 months bringing my career total close to 100 scenes in just over 3 years

2008 has been an exhausting year for me and I think its high time I go on a vacation. Nothing too extreme, just a few days for a little fun and relaxation with Marcus... and possibly a third person (more on him later).

My schedule is still pretty full (Which I am very grateful for) so I only have from December 15th to a few days past New Years to go. We're not entirely sure on where to go yet but we have narrowed it down to three places:
  1. New Orleans
  2. Las Vegas
  3. Washington D.C.
Help us decide on where to go! Leave a comment with your suggestion.

05 November 2008

I Fail

As some of you may have read in my, "Let's Play a Game" entries, I was challenged to jerk off 30 times in a 24 hour period. I thought I was off to a good start, I got 12 loads out of the way in a mere 6 hours. But my progress was short lived. In the last half of the 24 hour cycle, I suffered from self induced erectile dysfunction. Better known as, "My dick had been over stimulated and it just wouldn't stay up anymore!" I tried fingering myself, I tried sucking cock, I tried getting fucked, hell I even tried watching porn, all in hopes of arousing myself enough so that I could get hard and continue on to fulfill my duty. But it was to no avail, no matter what I tried, I just couldn't get it up again. I had no choice but to abort the mission. After milking 12 loads out of myself, my dick was too raw and too sore to claim victory. I Failed.

Even though this was just a silly little game, I feel kind of bad for not being able to keep my end of the bargain. I'm usually able to meet every challenge that I accept. Maybe once and for all I should learn not to bite off more than I can chew. I think some discipline is in order. Don't you?

Douchebags Ban Gay Marriage

Oppressors cheering for the passing of Proposition 8

Voters in Arizona, California, and Florida approved Proposition 102, Prop 8, and Amendment 2. That makes it a total of 28 states that have a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

California and Florida both went to Obama. So it would seem that a good amount of people want change for most people just not for gay people. And that's not very nice! Gay people have feelings too.

Way to go California, you might as well be Texas.