04 November 2008

$1444 and a Thank You to a Nobody

By Marcus Wyler

What could you do with $1444?

You could go on a 7 night cruise or spend a weekend in Vegas.

You could buy a big screen HDTV.

You could probably even feed an entire village in Africa for a year for $1444.

OR if you are one of the millions of Americans without medical insurance, like I am, you could possibly get charged $1444 for a Parkland Hospital Rape Kit.

I know what you're thinking, "$1444 for a Rape Kit?! This can't be true!" Well I can't believe it either. I certainly don't want to believe it. But I have the bill staring at me in the face.

I was actually going to just pay it and move on but then a rude little nobody told me today that Texas doesn't charge victims for rape kits, that they are covered by some sort of law, and to do some research on it.

So I did my research and this is what I found out:

Since the Violence Against Women Act (One of Joe Biden's biggest Achievements) was signed into law, States have been required to cover the cost of forensic exams for victims of sexual assault in order to receive federal funding.

Today most states have enacted laws specifically designating a certain entity as the payment source for forensic exams. Under the Act's provisions, these entities have three options for compliance:

  1. The entity itself can provide forensic exams to victims free of charge
  2. The entity can arrange for victims to obtain exams from another source at no cost to the victims
  3. The entity can reimburse the victims for the cost of such exams

If the 3rd option is used then certain conditions must be met by the paying entity:

  • reimbursement must cover the full amount paid by the victim without limitation or deductibles.
  • victims must be given at least one year from the date of the exam to apply for reimbursement
  • reimbursement must be given within 90 days of written notification of the victims incurred expense
  • the entity must provide information to all victims at the time exam is conducted concerning procedures for obtaining the reimbursement.
In the State of Texas, the entity responsible for covering the cost of a rape kit is divided into two parts, Texas Crime Victims Compensation and the law enforcement agency requesting that's requesting the victim to have the examination performed. In my case that would be the Dallas Police Department.

So I went to the Dallas Police Department Website to see if I could find out which option they chose, 1, 2, or 3. They chose option 3. The victims pays upfront and then you get reimbursed.

Texas Crime Victims Compensation is the state program that actually reimburses the victims expenses and the law enforcement agency is responsible for giving you the claim form at the time of your examination and sending your claim form along with other required documents to Texas Crime Victims Compensation.

The Dallas Police, Texas Crime Victims Compensation, and Parkland hospital all failed to tell us about any of this.

So even though this nobody left me a comment that was both hateful and rude. I have to thank him for pissing me off so much that I researched to try and prove him wrong but ultimately proved myself wrong. If it weren't for him I would of paid $1444 and never would have figured out the way to get reimbursed.


Dear Nobody,

I think its hilarious that you think you know someone "close" to Mason, nobody in your world is close to Mason, nobody. As for his end in the "major" DVD based studio world. You are probably right. The last "major" studio movie he did was in June 2008. Although I don't see why that is relevant, I don't think either of us ever claimed that he was a star or that his career would last very long. But thanks again for helping me out with my reimbursement and for giving me something to write about, you nobody.

Sources: U.S. News & World Report, Dallas Police, Violence Against Women Act, Department of Health


  1. You go boi! I say look into what legal grounds you can bring against the fucktards who failed to inform you of your rights & options.

  2. ummm,love the song and i would really love if my man and I were able to make it official, by getting married.............

  3. stop bitchin. Why should other tax payers have to pay for your exams. Its not our fault you don't have insurance. get off your whinning butt and get a job that offers insurance if you want it so bad or do some additional research that find private insurance companies.

  4. well, it's good to hear you found out about this b4 it was too late

  5. For Anonymous, Nov 4, 2008 9:03PM.

    First off, I find it amazing how "brave" and opinionated people try to be yet they haven't the balls to use their name or an ID..only anonymous. Second, why the fuck should someone that was sexually assaulted have to pay for any type of exams required by the Police Dept? Obviously, the word compassion is not one you are familiar with either. However, since you missed the whole point of Marcus' post, I'm doubtful that this response will have much impact.
    Nice job of research Marcus!!

  6. Hey mason i am glad to hear you are doing ok and good job doing your research i am glad you were able to catch it before you paid because thats a lot of money

  7. Although we hate the ass holes, they do help out in a minor way by pissing us off. Also tells us how little they have to do that they spend time attacking you on your own blog/

  8. First off, some people are miserable, nasty, cold-hearted bastards.

    By virtue of the fact that you have paid lots of taxes on your earnings, you fully deserve to be reimbursed for the kit (as if being a victim weren't enough of a reason). Nice detective work.


  9. Happy that you found out about getting your money back, but seems like they should bill the fund directly. Why should the victim have to pay at all. I bet many who are raped don't have that kind of cash to put out in the first place, hoping to get it back.

    Glad you are well.

  10. Hey Mason,

    I really can't believe that aswell...to me it's just like somebody said " Oh youve been raped.... that's your own fault!"
    Although I'm German and far away from seeing behind the scene I'd definitively say that "Law and order" is something that only happens in the tally ...
    I wont be living in a state like that...
    Hope that you at least get your money back.

  11. "If it weren't for him I would HAVE paid $1444 and never would of figured out the way to get reimbursed."

    it's "have" not "of"

    carry on

  12. The typo has been corrected - Thank You

  13. Well all I have to say to this is that unless you are in a situation like this you should keep your comments and opinions to yourself. You would know about this unless you are a VICTIM, I dont feel someone should be made a victim again because they dont know the laws and its ridiculous for someone to post crap about saying someone is lazy and to the bill. That like asking someone to be a victim twice!! Glad it worked out for you. People like that is why our country is so fucked up!!

  14. Aren't these laws onlt tu protect womens and not gays? The peoples no care about us getting raped or beeten ya know.We done't count.Tchriko.

  15. E markus ba sonkalijum ayo enchi kohta.Ma wali kundayo ke peli mwehengi annan che kohma.So rushto sam peli hidimme ka poshu wa ankali wa che gosma.Etto?

  16. hey buddy. yeah, i know what it's like to not have insurance. last semester i was quite ill and i was afraid to go the hospital because of it. eventually i had to go and ended up with a bill of almost $2000. i didn't have the money and the specific hospital that i went to was able to reduce the bill by 90%. So, i'm glad that we were both able to work something out that wasn't ideal, but is at least manageable. take care.

  17. Mason,
    Thanks for the information. You really are helping a lot of people telling your story. My other thought is, boy is bureaucracy a BITCH!

  18. Mason is a liar. And a bad one at that. Such a poser. Lying about a rape and then making light of it is the bottom of trash.

  19. Mason

    There is nothing wrong with your nose or your ears. They look good on you. Your sense of humor and your wrings/ musings are enjoyable. Have a great weekend and keep in touch!