03 November 2008

The Corner Girls: Shove It Up Your Taco


Daphne: Aw damn GURL, I have to go change my panties again!

Juanita: What's your problem chica? Tchu just pee yourself?

Daphne: Naw bitch, my pussy just keeps leaking semen.

Juanita: Seamen?! Tchu can fit a whole grown mans in your taco!?

Daphne: NO you retard! SEMEN as in sperm, cum, jizz, man spooge, seed, boy batter, nut juice.

Juanita: Shit... Tchu sure your water didn't just break? Cuz that's alot of liquid dripping down your leg. I don't know many chicos that have loads THAT big.

Daphne: Yes, I told you I ain't pregnant no more, that's why I borrowed your coat hangar last week. This stream right here is 100 percent man made.

Juanita: Damn puta, tchu stupid. Don't tchu tell your tricks to wrap their dicks?

Daphne: Naw, I don't need to use condoms anymore. You know my brother Ray Ray, the one who passed High School Anatomy? Well he helped me tie my tubes up after I queefed out the embryo last week. No more buns in the oven for me.

Juanita: Forget about births control puta. I mean using condoms to protect tchu against the AIDS virus.

Daphne: Oh please... Only homosexuals get that.

Juanita:That's not true chica, anyone can get it! Tchu so stupid tchu probably already have it.

Daphne: Oh really? I don't see you making your man wear a condom. So you probably have it too then.

Juanita: No I don't! I can have bareback sex with my mans cuz he's my Chulo, I trust him, He don't have condomless sex with anyone other than me. It's not the same as letting any big dicked hoodlum on the street stick his unwrapped hot dog in my spicy taco. That's just straight up dangerous, tchu should go get tested.

Daphne: I don't needs to go get tested. I just know I don't have it.

Juanita: Yes tchu do gurl. Everybody should get tested regularly.

Daphne: When was the last time you got tested?

Juanita: 4 years ago when I first met my Chulo.

Daphne:That ain't regularly!! Bitch you don't know left from right. And just so you know, this stream of jizz leaking out of my pussy is from your "trustworthy" Chulo. If I have AIDS then you have AIDS too. Take that and shove it up your taco.


  1. HA HA!! This is hilarious!! Neeeds to be posted in every liquor store to be seen by all!!

  2. Too funny Mason! Thanks for posting!

  3. I like how she saved all that cash by performing her own abortion. Initiative!!

    Ha! "Bitch you don't know left from right." Cracked me up!

    Very nice PSA.