16 November 2008

Ignorance is Bliss

Questions & Answers: Part Six
Retractions and Revisions

Before reading this let me be clear, in the context of this post I am talking strictly about times when the opportunity to have sex with a guy that I find hot presents itself. I'm not saying that I turn every encounter I have into something sexual. I know the difference between a friendly hello and a sexual hello.

In, Can I Have Sex With You?, I tried to explain that I could have sex with people that I find physically attractive even if they had a lack luster personality. Which is actually just partly true.

I do it alot in my line of work. When deciding on whether or not I want to do a scene, I'm not given much time to get to know my potential scene partners. I can't call them and interview them before hand. We don't get to go out on a date first or read each others horoscopes. Most of the time a studio will just email me an offer, telling the date of the shoot, what type of scenes they want me in, how many scenes they want me to do, and who my scene partners would be. I basically just have to look at their pictures and decide from there in about a day or two before they offer my spot to another model. If I accept the offer and I get there to find the guy is a complete jack ass, then I still have to do the scene. In those cases I just focus on the fact that the guy is at least good-looking and not focus so much on the person behind the exterior. Even though its rare, sometimes it really does feel like a job. So that right there is one of the main reasons why it is safe to say that most of the extramarital sex I have is based solely on looks and not personality.

Now when it comes to recreational extramarital sex. The story is a little bit different. For me, most of the sex I have, involving guys who aren't Marcus, is just sex. Its all about pure physical pleasure and desire. I already have someone special in my life and if I want to make new friends, then I'll make new friends at a different time. But when I'm horny and Marcus isn't available, if an opportunity arises then I just want to get off and have some fun. Plain and simple. I don't need nor do I want to get to know a guy that I probably won't see again after I'm fucked and he cums. The times I have seen a previous hook-up again, it was because his cock tasted so good I wanted more.

I try my best to keep things strictly sexual because outside of filming, a personality can be a deal breaker. One little statement can turn what would of been a sweat inducing, cum drenching night, into a sex-less waste of my time. And why on earth would I want to ruin the chance of a free, hot, protein filled meal? Just like you, there are many things a person can do or say to me that would completely turn me off.

One person can have many different faces. For example: Bob is a complete bore in public, at parties he just sits there and doesn't say much, you could have a more enjoyable conversation with a mute than with Bob, but get him naked and he turns into a totally nasty, verbal, dominant top.

Now see, if I take the time to get to know Bob's non-sexual side first then I probably would never find out that he's hot in bed. I would lose interest five minutes into our non-sexual conversation and move on. And honestly, I'd rather spend hours getting fucked by a wild hot stud than spend five minutes getting to know the non-sexual side of a person that I might end up disliking. I mean, if the main goal here is to have sex, then lets talk sex, not life stories, not movies, not work, not politics, not relationships, JUST SEX.

I'm not saying that every guy I have sex with is a person I wouldn't ever be friends with. Obviously it would be cool to find guys that I would love hanging out with and having sex with. I'm just saying that when I'm horny for a guy, getting to have sex with him is more important to me than finding out if he voted for McCain or Obama.

So when I said good looks can make up for an unattractive personality, it was a mistake. The correct statement would be: If I found out that the dick I wanted to suck was attached to someone I found mentally unappealing, then I most likely wouldn't suck it. So when it comes to a potential bedmate's non-sexual side, ignorance is bliss.


  1. Right on. Sometimes when guys pot their hot pics on line, they want sex, and you want sex. Friendship is nice, but unlikely. Let's just suck and get it over with if you are a total jackass. If you're hot and i never hear from you again because you're an ass hole, glad I never did hear from you again.

  2. Awww. Shannon. Thats not what I meant. I never assume a guy is an asshole. I just would rather not know if he is or isn't an asshole. Especially if our connection is just purely sexual. I want to keep things fun and light without the need of there being anything more than just that.

    And I personally don't take offense if I never here from a hook-up again. But I suppose thats because I myself don't normally call anyone back. Am I an asshole? Probably. :(

  3. Mason, let's face it, vereone is an asshole at times.
    May I ask, why do guys always treat this like an appearance competition? That is unfair to the other side. What happens if I was put into the mix? I'm not the most attractive of people, but if someone said I was an asshole because I didn't have the looks, then the person making that comment must be an asshole. Seriously. Personality matters. If they have a personality like a dead hedgehog, then they have to go.
    Here's another thought. What happens if you do the things that you want to do with that person, and you feel terrible afterwards. Haven't you just wasted your time?
    Just a thought. Contact me if you have any issues with what I've said. But I think you understand where I am coming from.
    Your good old English pal
    Rav ^^

  4. i hear you man, sometimes you just want the sex, i don't recall giving them permission to speak do you?

  5. I appreciate your honesty.

  6. Sounds like those casual just-for-sex hookups might be a generally good thing for your (open) relationship with Marcus. If you are both committed to each other, anything resembling the start of a budding romance could easily get triangular and therefore uncomfortable. Of course I'm just guessing; I don't know how he feels about it.

  7. You're young mason,and when you're a young guy getting off and bolting is enough.Once you hit your thirties you start realizing you want more.Now you have Marcus and so you don't need a swcond lover,but friends are a very important part of life and some may even develope from what once were only fuck buddies.You're a Capricorn,I'm a Virgo and have had best friends since I was a little kid,who all were for some reason Capricorns.I know and understand men of your sign perhaps men of my own sign.Capricorns can be dryly funny,surprisingly warm hearted,generous at times,wise,understanding and usually very loyal.Capricorns can also be annoyingly stubborn,too pushy,too unwilling to co-operate and snobbish.They all seem to have an intellectual superiority complex.Now,I have never met a Capricorn without intelligence,but they nevertheless have many flaws that they are oblivious to.Being a Virgo I can see them all.Common sense or better yet good sense is something many male capricorns lack.Prejudging people is a seriously flaw that virtually every male capricorn is guilty of.I'm not talking prejudice in the sense of not liking blacks,I'm talking about taking one look at someone or having a brief conversation with a person and saying"oh,I wouldn't want to get to know them".I am telling you this because it is this prejudice that leaves many capricorns with few or no friends later in life ,with noone to blame but themselves.Food for thought.The good thing is you're stilll young and can avoid the loneliness that older capricorns now are trapped in.Nick.

  8. I agree with Steve and a friend of goats

    I've already been through hookups and it's really left a scar on me cos let's face it...I get attached.

    I want that special someone. I'm not even 21 yet, and have been affected by love. that's me though.

    I know that I don't want casual hookups anymore. When I soon learn that my budd has hooked up with every other homo friend I know...and then he casually forgets to tell me issues he's got down there...c'mon...you really wanna play with fire?...

  9. For me, when I have a sexual relationship with a guy it's because I like and I want more than sex. I'm looking feelings, the hidden side charming and gentle feeling to feel our bodies ... I do not sex for sex. Make love because we must make love ... No thank you, I prefer to masturbate. Now I think if I had to choose one guy to love prevail feeling before sex. I don't like to see myself have a sexe relation like animals

  10. fuck who you want under whatever conditions you feel work for you. i have a friend who only has sex with guys who drive trucks - not lying. for me, how a guy kisses is way more important than what he has between his ears or what he drives. to each his own

    what changes as you get older, contrary to what some say, isn't that you desire deeper relationships (i think making that kind of statement is insulting to younger guys who want that out of the gate, so to speak). it's that with time and experience you learn that it's OK, and satisfying, to share different and more personal parts of yourself with tricks/hook-ups/whatever without fear that what you let out will be criticized or used against you in some way.

    it is absolutely possible to be open, honest and naked (beyond the physical) with a trick then when you're done pick up your toys and go home with a smile on your face. it’s no different than dating where you get experience with sharing emotion and building romantic relationships. with tricking, you’re getting experience with sex. Both contribute to the day when a deeper relationship blooms.

    if there really is a connection with a one night stand, well then perhaps it might be time to explore more. and if you get rejected - thems the breaks. alls fair in love and war and you got to risk getting the bad to the get the good.

    as for not calling a hook-up back, isn't that how it's supposed to be? i don't see it any different than asking a guy to spot me at the gym - he serves a purpose, hopefully a functional one that meets my expectations, something he willingly wants to do, and when we're done he goes about his merry way.

    Not wanting to do those things isn’t narrow-minded or prudish, it’s just different. but just because some view hooking up as empty and emotionless doesn't mean that's the way it has to be.

  11. i'm glad i got to know you. i still wanna bang :)

  12. i hope tommyD wasn't an asshole. he's got that rockin' bod and that sexy assed, mischievous voice :)

    surprised tommy didn't toss your salad. he seems to enjoy that.

    oh ya i've had sex with guys who had zero personality until they made me beg for cock.

  13. what do you think about sucking dick without a condom when you have sex? i have met a guy off craigslist before and i sucked his bare dick for about a minute but got too scared.

  14. I think maybe sometimes there is room for a personality. Sometimes that how you get a fuck buddy who could potentially be friend with benefits. And with guys, that just usually how it stays, just friends with benefits. When I hook up with a guy or two or more in the same week, I try to make some conversation, even if just to break the ice, but the sex can also be awesome without words. haha. I guess its all just up to you.

  15. By the way, if you ever just want to text or just have some random text sex fun, here's my number. 760 680 6580 It would be cool to talk to you. You seem like a cool dude, not a jerk

  16. Just ran into your blog while surfing aimlessley and what a biggest POS Mason you are! So you say "I am sleazy but not easy", "I don't spread my legs for you"...then pussycat someone else will do that for you. Like the guy who you claimed raped you in your other fictituos post. Maybe you perverted slut pig tried to hit on a perfectly normal guy and he flew off the handle and beat, rape and almost killed you because that's what you deserved. Imagine if there were more people in the world like you who would think about sex 24 hrs. a day - there will no progress, development, procreation, innovation in this world - it won't be called world, it will be called Hell!! Thank goodness there are not many morons like you on this planet just Al Keaida and a few other jerks. Are you not ashamed of your pitiful life where rather than contributing to the progress and development of this world in some meaningful way, you drink the AIDS infested cum of guys both on and off screen. Just thinking and writing about this makes me PUKE. Your ignorance about what a world is as opposed to your living hell is not BLISS, it is a CURSE. How pitiful of you Mason!

  17. Hey anonymous, just a few facts for you. Its actually not that bad to swallow cum. By the time it hits your stomach, the acid has killed anything that might have been bad. And guess what, we're all basically thinking of sex all the time. Everytime you see a guy or girl, it passes through your mind to maybe have sex or pound them real good, but it doesn't get processed into your long term memory so you don't notice it. Do your research man before you talk shit. We all have our preferences and we live differently. Hope you get what you deserve man.