03 November 2008

Let's Play a Game: Part 2

First, let me just say thank you to everyone who posted comments yesterday and shared some of their past sexual experiences with me. Because of y'all I'll be busy stroking my dick all day..

Second, many of the scenarios seem a bit far stretched but I'll have some credulity and say anything is possible. If even just half of the comments posted on "Lets Play a Game" are true then I'm not as naughty as I thought (Compared to the "Lets Play a Game" Participants).

Third, alot of situations overlapped with one another so I will be counting those as one.

So without further ado here is the list of things that YOU ("Lets Play a Game" Participants) have done, that I NEVER have done... yet.

  • I NEVER did anything sexual on a train, bus, and any other type of public transportation system.
  • I NEVER did anything sexual in a public bathroom.
  • I NEVER did anything sexual in a park of any sort.
  • I NEVER did anything sexual on the beach.
  • I NEVER did anything sexual in an area where random strangers were present.
  • I NEVER did anything sexual under a table during dinner.
  • I NEVER did anything sexual with people who were related to each other.
  • I NEVER Had sex with people who were related to me.
  • I NEVER Had sexual relations with any of my heterosexual friends.
  • I NEVER shot my load in a guys ass and then sucked it out, and I have never had someone do that to me.
  • I NEVER did anything sexual in a graveyard.
  • I Never have blown an actor on the CW or anyone in mainstream media... although I could name a few that I would LOVE to suck off.
  • I NEVER did anything sexual with someone while their relative was in the same room.
  • I NEVER had a threesome when I was 12.
  • I Never had any sexual relations with a "straight" guy off camera... nor do I believe that to be technically possible.
  • I NEVER knelt down in the middle of a gay sex club.
  • I NEVER did anything sexual in ambulance.
  • I NEVER sucked off a police officer to get out of a ticket... but it sounds like it could be a hot way to get out of it.
  • I NEVER acted like a dog, had sex with a dog, or any other animal. Beastiality is a definite no no in my book.
  • I NEVER had sex with a minister, priest, preacher, or altar boy.
  • I NEVER did anything involving poop. Scat is something I will NEVER try.
  • I NEVER had sex with a female.
  • I NEVER did a live sex show... Yet.
  • I NEVER have tried fisting.
  • I NEVER have let a casting agent fuck me to get a job.
  • I NEVER have hate-fucked someone.
  • I NEVER have thrown up on someone while deep throating them.
  • I NEVER have taken two dicks in my hole at the same time... Yet. But I have always wanted to try getting double fucked.
  • I NEVER simulated a rape scene.
  • I NEVER have pissed up a guy's ass or had a guy piss up mine.
That makes it a total of 30 times I have to jerk off today! The most I ever did in 24 hours was 8! This may take me more than a day to complete...

One Question: I'm just curious but...What's up with all the public acts of sex and sex with or around family members?


  1. You NEVER have pissed up a guy's ass or had a guy piss up yours? That's not what I found at BP.com ;)

  2. We pissed ON each others holes... not up inside them.

  3. Guess that's what I missed ;)
    Excuse me, I'm from Europe and my English isn't that perfect, guess my fantasy took me away.

  4. I once had sex with my bf in my bedroom, door semi-closed and my mum was in the living room! It's an apartment, so no downstairs or anything...just across!
    Dude...the thrill!! The fear of being caught while humping my boy was so so awesome!
    Another situation was sucking my boy, while he was driving...that was good stuff!

  5. hmmm nothing mentioned about having sex in a graveyard zombie style lol

  6. Zomba-

    Read a little more carefully, it's there.

  7. Ok. I guess I need to be clear about the desert and mountain sex I have had. There is a place where I live in Arizona that a lot of men can hike in the nude and a lot of times, they have sex up there. It's far away of the city and cops don't visit there. It's kinda of a turn on to have it in the open and outside. I have also had sex in a pool (someone's private house) and given a bj in a pool and hottub. Both outside. I also have gotten bj's in the men restroom. It's all about the thrill and excitement of it. I also fooled around with two guys in the men's locker room at my university. No one was using it.

  8. Another time was me getting a bj from my ex while driving back from California. We were on vacation. It was hot. We also have had sex in our hotel room while on vacation in Vegas and San Diego.

  9. All I can say is have a good time and we'll all be hard thinking of you getting yourself off.

  10. Of course sex in a crypt is even better.
    oh yeah and I found it Mr. Wyler.

  11. Definitely it was just for the thrill.

    Also for bragging rights in case something like this should ever come up. It's a story to tell when people start talking around the table.

  12. I have to say that I have tried many of these things as well and ENJOYED everone of them!!

  13. so im guessing you HAVE had sex with a school coash and some teammates as well...lol...if you did i wanna hear the story ok =)

  14. probably cause guys lik u wyler r whores and them tooo...soo most of the shit u guys do is just nasty sucks cause of u ask most of ur fans i bet they have stds! lol or some nasty shit lol just lik u haha!

  15. I love your work and am a huge fan keep up the hotness.

  16. wow that is a lot of happy time! public sex is really erotic. in high school i had a friend jerk me off while other people were in the room. a group of friends would all hang out at one house and he always sat next to me so he could slip his hand in my shorts. i'd cover my crotch with a blanket while he stroked me off. one time there were seven other people within 15 feet including parents. he even scooped up and tasted my cum once!

  17. Anonymous November 3, 2008 5:28 PM-

    Don't insult my fans... ass wipe

  18. mason have you ever wanted to try fisting??? or to piss up or have someone piss in your ass?

    21 cali~

  19. I have never...had sex with Mason Wyler... But would fucking love to!!!

  20. me n fren blowjob each other while me driving back home n also at cinema watch movie blowjob each other hehe
    sorry my english not very gud
    me from brunei ( asia ) small country

  21. I hope you have some good lube Mason. If not, your dick is gonna be pretty raw and sore from all this jerking off.

    BTW - I love your work. I haven't seen a video of you yet that wasn't fucking hot.

  22. Thanks Rob,

    I think I'd enjoy having sex with you too.

  23. Mason - I propose to the group that you be allowed to reduce the number of times you have to jerk off by performing an equal number of sex acts you haven't tried yet, and posting pictures here for us to see. For example, if you try 10 of these sex acts, you can jerk off 10 fewer times. But you've got to show pictures.

  24. So, can you give us a list of some of the crazier things you HAVE done? (^_^)

  25. Dude..my cousins are hot why not suck then off!!

  26. Dude..my cousins are hot why not suck then off!!

  27. the only reason i had sex with an alter bot was because he touched me first! we just got it on before prayer class! it was so hot and the thrill of maybe being caught by our priest who was very hot and i'm thinking he was gay would of watched us! putting on a show is great shit!

  28. You had sex with a college professor!?! Well done! I'm still quite surprised that you managed to narrow it down to 30 things you've never done before. That's quite impressive. The first few on the list are easy to accomplish. You should work your way down the list over the next few weeks, except for the whole, relative/scat/throwing up thing. That's gross.

  29. i thought it was normal to do stuff in public places lol cause i have done it in public places before.

  30. I've had sex with an adult wearing a diaper.

  31. Mason babe,Never say Never! I've been into scat since I was 14 and I love it.Scatmen are hot as shit(pun intended).Check out manscat.com you'll see just how hot meninto shit can be.I would love you to sit on my face and feed me your dump sometime Mason,you have the perfect ass for feeding!!

  32. Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better. I must say I was surprised about the double fuck, fisting, and the piss. Not sure why since I don't really know you.

    In regards to your questions - there's just something really erotic about having sex in public...perhaps it's the fear factor of being caught. As for the family members...I guess it's the heat of the moment...or just being a horny teenager...

  33. I find it hilarious how some anon people talk shit about other people but are to much of a coward to leave their contact info.

  34. Mason, I was really surprised
    that you have never had sex
    with a woman!? You are one
    really good looking guy...
    haven't you been hit on many
    times by girls over the years?
    How did you handle that? Did
    you ever do anything sexual
    with a girl?

  35. ever want lover i want one.

  36. So you HAVE given a DJ a BJ while he was talking on the radio huh? I want to hear more about that because I thought I had you there. As for public sex, the idea that someone might see you just makes it more exiting. Just like you get a thrill out of people watching you have sex, you just show off in a "safer" more controlled enviroment.

  37. :-O I thought you have done almost everything was wrote... You have still too many things to test! ;-)

    I hope you survive number 30... Good luck!! Althought you can look for help too! ;-)

  38. Kevin -

    Guess that one slipped my sight.. you do have me there.

  39. I've never had sex with Mason either...unless jerking off counts :)

    Ever had sex in the back of a police car? It's hella hot...especially when it was your car :)

  40. I have always been excited at the prospect of having sex in parks. It is a thrill to find a hot man/boy walking the wooded trails and within minutes have their pants down and their cock in your hand and mouth or my cock down their throat. There is no bigger turn on!

  41. Am very impressed at just how pure you are Mason, though slightly worried about what some of your readers have been up to! Still if gets you wanking all day ;)

  42. Mason wanted to drop ya a line to say hello. Ya have a very hot page here. This is my first time to your page as well. I have to say that I have had sex outdoors many times. From the Farm to a Park before. LOL
    I hope that ya are doin well my friend and I hope to hear from ya soon. Take Care


  43. Actually, I had the opportunity about a year ago to have sex with this hot latino guy and his cousin. It's not the first time I was ever the middle in the sandwich, but it was one of the hottest fucks I've had.

  44. "One Question: I'm just curious but...What's up with all the public acts of sex and sex with or around family members?"

    It's hot!! My first time w/ my bf was while we were at an AC casino. his sister, brother and a friend were watching tv and me and him were in bed groping under the sheets and before we knew it we were fucking. All of a sudden we hear his sister scream "eww they're doing it" and the room cleared out, lol.
    We also did it in a small patch of wooded area that's between a catholic school and a train station under the rain.

  45. hey, i know it's not my place, but how can you have a boyfriend when you're sleeping with so many other guys? I don't mean that in a bad way, but how much your boyfriend has to love you if he is letting you to do that?

  46. its weird to say that i'm straight but its true. When i think of a straight guy i simple thinks of one who falls in love with females, i wanna hve kids and what not and i am emotional attached to women but. I have...

    1. jerked 2 guys dick at a sleepover when we were 12 also licked and asshole

    2. slept naked on the same bed as my bestfriend at 14 (we embraced each other all night, not on purpose we realized in the morning)

    3. made out with a guy when my bestfriend wasn't looking at 15
    i also jerked him

    4. at a get together with like 10 ppl (guys and girls) i stuck my finger up a guys butt! he also jerked me and we played around that whole night my girlfriend and bestfriend 2 feet away. unaware of what was going on

    5. gotten my dick suck and cum swallowed twice at 15

    6. sucked cock at 15 and liked it.

  47. I think the public act of sex is exciting cause you are taking a risk and doing something taboo that you'll remember for the rest of your life. Even if its just road head, you run the risk of the car next to you watching and wanting to join. haha

  48. 'outdoor sports' have a longstanding tradition in the gay community, since prior to Stonewall most of us had to conduct our intimate lives on the q.t. many guys who live in places that aren't so tolerant still do -- either that or they 'model' for Corbin Fisher haha! btw was that your story, mason?

    when i have sex in a public space, like a park, beach, etc, it just sorta happens. i suppose there's an added exhibitionist thrill element, but i think the main reason is that we're horny. it's not like we seek it out.

    i was with a guy on a commuter rail once who wanted to find an empty car to mess around in. however, the thought of being caught by some asshole conductor and getting fined was a serious mood-killer for me.

    i got fucked for the first time at 16 by the guy i was supposedly tutoring in chemistry. his mom was downstairs in the kitchen making us dinner while i was seriously biting the pillow. if she hadn't been home, i'd have made a lot more noise haha!

    sometimes 'outdoor sports' are necessity-driven. at my college, roommates and general lack of privacy made nearby woods, the lower stacks, and shadowy nooks behind the library or gym hot sex spots for homos and heteros alike. once i did it in the laundry room at 2 a.m.

    i have a few second and third cousins who are seriously hot and would have no qualms about doing. however sex with members of your nuclear family is seriously twisted.

  49. anonymous- november 6, at 1:25

    could you elaborate on ur sex story at 16?!?!

    it sounds hot!!!

  50. I had the opportunity once to have a great relationship with a friend of a friend ... we were 6 surf near Biarritz and we surf at night. Before surfing we drank lots of beer and water leaving a friend told another, "you want me warm in masturbating?"
    The other boy said ok if you do the same thing for me.
    They started and I was very excited .. Then another friend of a friend came beside me and asked with a laugh if I wanted the same thing ..
    A few days before he told me that I was hot and good surf!
    As I said in smilling ok for his proposal because I thought it was not true.
    the guy started with me caressed, sex, which was already very exit. He also kissed me gently and sensually ... I thought fall into the apples. I also eagerly caressed. The others laughed and then have masturbated each.
    The friend and I continue to masturbate until ejaculation before the others and around the fire .. It was very hot.
    Finally it was a collective ejaculation

    PS this boy who was returned several straight night to sleep with me during this summer

  51. i always wank on the bus and around my brother lol both are hot to do :D

  52. You did end up having relations with twins ;)