11 November 2008

Mason: The Gay Gamer

Questions & Answers: Part Three

***Warning: If you're not a gay gamer then you might not like or understand what you are about to read. And YES, You can be a gamer AND still have a life.

Cock may be my addiction but video games are my passion. I spend more time questing than I do cruising. I have gulped down more Nuka Cola's in the past week than the total amount of cum loads I have swallowed in my lifetime. I've killed more necromorphs on the U.S.G. Ishimura than the number of guys that have plowed my hole on Planet Earth.

So what kind of gamer am I?

Even though I own four different gaming systems, I would consider myself mainly a Sony Play Station Loyalist and a PC Gamer.

I built my own PC, specifically for gaming. An Asus 8AN32 with SLi Mother Board, An AMD Opteron 185 Processor overclocked to 2.9 GHz, A Zalman CNPS9500A LED CPU Cooler, Two NVIDIA 8800GT Graphics Cards, 2 GB of DDR500 RAM, and a Western Digital 300GB Raptor Hard Drive... Now thats my idea of poetry. The rig is a couple years old but it still runs every PC game I play with ease.

Games that I play on PC are:

World of Warcraft: I just started playing it a month ago. I'm a Blood Elf Paladin, level 57. I play on Mal'ganis.

Fall Out 3: I found my father and freed him from Tranquility Lane. I chose to knife all the residents to death myself instead of having the Chinese invade.

Bioshock: I originally bought and played this game on the XBOX 360, in fact it was the ONLY reason why I bought an XBOX 360. I just bought it for the PC as well to compare the versions. I like it on the PC more. Better graphics.

Other games for the PC that I own but do not play that much anymore are: Oblivion, Age of Conan, Crysis, Fable, STALKER, F.E.A.R., The Orange Box (Half-Life 2, Team Fortress, Portal), and Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars.

Why am I Play Station loyalist? When I was younger I used to play Nintendo. But then I got burned by the N64, the games were lacking and they were entirely too expensive. Then Sony revealed their Play Station gaming system and it had me at hello.

Final Fantasy VIII
Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil
Resident Evil 2
Silent Hill

I was hooked.

And then came the Play Station 2 and thus began one of the longest love affairs I've ever had in my 25 years of life... Oh the memories:

Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy 12
Metal Gear Solid 2
Metal Gear Solid 3
Ace Combat 4
Ace Combat 5
Xenosaga 1
Xenosaga 3
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II
Soul Caliber III
Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution
Marvel Vs. Capcom: 2
Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry 3
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 3
Shadow of the Colossus
God of War
God of War 2

Then on November 17, 2006 I fell in love again, this time with the Play Station 3.

Though I may have an affinity with the culture of the past, I also have a great appreciation for new gaming technology and cutting edge graphics. I'm an out and proud technophile and the Play Station 3 speaks to my heart.

First of all, unlike my sex partners, when it comes to video games not only do I need something pretty to look at but I also need a great deal of substance. The games on the play station 3 tell stories that I find enthralling. Science fiction, Fantasy, Adventure, and War. Take your pick. I LOVE that the games play out almost like interactive movies, which I know some people despise. The more cut scenes and story they put in a game, the more I like it.

Second of all, Blu-rays are amazing, the picture detail is superb, HDTV required of course. And in the arena of home entertainment, size definitely matters. Bigger is better, I went with the 55-inch SXRD Sony KDS-55A3000. And don't forget about surround sound. Blu-rays are packed with HD sound. If you want to get the full experience then you need to make sure you buy a receiver and speaker system that can give it to you. Trust me, if you care about sound quality, there's a HUGE difference. I chose an Onkyo receiver and definitive speakers to compliment the Sony PS3 and HDTV. It's so amazing I could cream my pants.

I've never done porn just for the money, but thinking of being able to afford my idea of the perfect home entertainment system definitely helped me take some of the bigger cocks in my porn career.

So what GAMES have I played on the PS3?

Resistance: Fall of Man
Resistance 2
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
Heavenly Sword
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Grand Theft Auto 4
Metal Gear Solid 4
Devil May Cry 4
Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty
Assassin's Creed
The Force Unleashed

I'm currently playing Dead Space and shitting my pants... Yes, I get scared easily by horror games. And yet I cannot wait until Resident Evil 5 comes out! Have you seen how hot they made Chris Redfield?!


You can check out more artwork at The Humplex


  1. I am ...an AVID Gaymer...
    I play WoW ( just started) Ive logged over 5000+ hours on guild wars. I loves video games. I love cock. I love to read your blogs.


  2. Mason...u know i luv u man....Unfortunently(i spelled that wrong) i never got into games such as world of warcraft lol
    But i live and breathe ur page :)

  3. Is it wrong that I got hot reading your description of the PC you built?

  4. I made it as far as N64 and got turned off as the prices of the systems and games kept going up and up. that was about the time DVD's started becoming big and I have thrown most of my extra time and money into more movies, both mainstream and porn.

  5. gamers have shit for brains

  6. Wow, this post makes you way hotter. I mean anyone can lift weights and suck cock. But to appreciate the pure awesome that was the PS2 is what makes a real man. Though I sadly sold my soul to Xbox 360 because I just don't think PS3 has a great library.

  7. Dude what's the deal with your nose?Did it get broken 5 tmes over man? Plastic surgeons can perform wonders even in extreme cases like yours.Here's hpoin you'll do the right thing.Nobody should have to be subjected to looking at that monstrosity.Not even satan.

  8. Gaming is so lame you guyz.Seriously.Grow up already.

  9. I am leaving a message, my screen name is texasboy75 on yahoo, does that mean we can chat now?

  10. funny that i was about to head out to buy a wii when i saw this post. i know u hav no desire to own one but they really are a bunch of fun. i might be buying one for sole reason of playing super smash bros brawl (a large part of my childhood went into the original n64 version) but im still lookin forward to slashin my controller and whirling my nunchucks around in the force unleashed.

  11. OMG my bf Chris and I play WoW as well! We have two Blood Elves we don't use much cause our Alliance characters seem to know more people. What server are you on, maybe you can get us more into the Horde! :)

  12. hey dude. do i really have to comment to chat? i'm not much of a gamer, but i did get into grand theft auto a little this summer. i stopped playing when i had visions of pulling out my nine and shooting out the tires of the bad drivers around me. i do like adventure games as well. i was big into a series called king's quest (pc) when i was young. anyway, speak to you soon stud.

  13. dead space ranks right up there with assassins creed. im on level 7 and its getting so good.

  14. Just started wow too just at lvl 40 though

  15. No you cannot Mason.You cannot be a gamer and still have a life.While the majority is out experiencing life at its fullest you losers/gamers are inside acting out pent up frustrations and anger issues on your pc's.Sad.

  16. I hate you guyz.Seriously.I hate you guyz.

  17. you seem to be a really down to earth person you keep surprising me more and more =D

    i bet people just have this idea of who you "are" but they don't really know...

    you're awesome!
    love your work!

  18. Gaming has no redeeming qualities.It's a self absorbed egocentric waste of precious time.Aids and other virulent diseases will never get cured if everyone is busy gaming their life away.Pathetic.

  19. I can see you James.

  20. i love how you manage to incorporate one into the other

  21. JD (jdeasternkntcky@ymail.com)November 11, 2008 at 9:35 PM

    Hey Mason...

    I also am a gamer... Don't laugh though... On PC... I play the Sims Series of games... Sims 1, Sims 2 and soon to be Sims 3... Also Sim City and now Spore...

    I own a PS3, 360 (Elite) as well as a Wii... I mostly play my PS3 though... gotta love Uncharted and some of the Racing Games... as well as DMC 4 ... GTA 4... Waiting for the New Tomb Raider Game later this mornth... the Ratchet and Clank Games are awesome... and YES... I definately want Resident Evil 5...

    Blu-Ray is awesome too... I just about quit watching regular DVD's and have switched to Blu-Ray...

    Any chance you feel comfortable sharing your PS3 Network ID... I could add you as a friend on there...

  22. Dear Disgusted Author,

    Owning a PS3 actually has helped with disease and virus research more than you think. "Folding@Home on the PS3" - Google it!


  23. No Sega?!?!...Dreamcast???? (as defunct and as useless as it was for new games, it still played ported versions of practically every "classic" game EVER...)
    Genesis??? That was the shit in the day...
    My brother used to kick my ass at Mortal Kombat all the time...

    ....FREAKIN' AWESOME animated porn... got me all hot and bothered...

  24. So this is officially the very first blog of yours that I have read. I'd actually never even BEEN to your Wyler Nation site, but I saw your bulletin on MYSPACE about gay gamers and I had to check it out. (my myspace url is : myspace.com/ryokunn)
    Great blot, I'm also a PS3'er! Almost every game you named I have spent hours upon hours playing until I'd beaten them.
    The Silent Hill series, Resident Evil, The Final Fantasy Series, all of them!
    I recommend you check out "Little big Planet" for the PS3. AMAZING graphics, fun with endless levels and multiplayer features.
    ALSO, STAY AWAY from Silent Hill 5!!! It was such a disappointment! Nothing like the series, there was NOTHING emotional or psychologically scary. It was a big turn off.
    Resident Evil 5 WILL ROCK!
    Oh, and I'm bookmarking your Wyler Nation page now. Thanks!

  25. Must be quite the multitasker, Mason. I have to say that I'm impressed by your wide variety of interests, aside from your sexual prowess, which is undoubtably unmistakable.. As we say in the UK.. Good on ya mate.


  26. games are cool.....anyways. blog about ur workout routine!!! please......how can i look like you?


  27. Resident Evil...yeah baby! I knew I loved you for a reason. How did you like The Force Unleashed? I'd like to know how it does on the PS3 compared to the 360 & the Wii. Did you ever try out the original Knights of the Old Republic on your PC? Now that's a story driven game!

  28. u should try little big planet!

  29. Wow... Mason, this is BY FAR your best blog entry ever! I love that you used so much art by Humbugged, I love that you too were a FFVIII fan. Most people were obsessed with FFVII, but I felt like the story in FFVIII was infinitely deeper and more captivating. That's also why I loved FFX and Kingdom Hearts. The night that FFXII came out, I was at a costume contest/release party at Gamestop to be among the first to get my collector's edition copy. And I won the costume contest and a gift card.

    I even went so far as to join the Sony Gamer Advisory Panel and beta test a couple games for them. I even started a yahoo group called the "gay gamer's guild (or G3) of Dallas" but was disappointed by the limited response from the community. Then when my ex gave me a laptop for Christmas a few years ago, I chose it specifically for its ability to kick ass for gaming. It STILL plays everything wonderfully (after maxing out its RAM). And I STILL play beta test after beta test of awesome MMO's. Hot gamers really need to unite. Non-gamers just don't understand. LOL

  30. I recently bought a ps3 because of the force unleashed and I am in love w/ the system. For the ps3 I have soul calibur 4, The force unleashed, spider-man web of shadows, sonic the hedgehog, dynasty warriors 6, dark kingdom, and marvel ultimate alliance. The blu-ray rox too, only downside is that now I'll have to buy my 400plus dvd collection all over again
    For pc I have Star Trek armada2, Star Trek legacy, Star Trek bridge commander, Star Wars, Jedi academy, Star Wars KOTOR2, Star Wars the best of pc although I don't play galaxies any more because I got burned out w/ how repetitive the grinding is. I was thinking of trying WoW or MXO until Star Wars:TOR, Stargate worlds or Star Trek online come out.

  31. your srt work is good maybe you can help me get out of my ps2 games???

  32. runescape... addicted.

  33. You really need to get laid.

  34. what annoys me about some games is the lack of cut scenes. Seriously I want the over long scenes full of glorious cinematic I can drool all over. Its one of the reasons I play games!

    Saying that I'm in awe of left for dead, so far I've clocked up almost 30 hours on the demo in co op mode and I'm not nearly bored of it.

  35. omg omg omg
    resident evil <3

  36. I am impressed... I want your entertainment system... will you build me a gaming computer???

  37. Mason,

    If you want an MMO that is beautiful to look at as well as have substance, drop WoW and look into EverQuest2. I tried playing WoW but after you play with such beautiful graphics as EverQuest2, you just cannot do WoW. Plus the questing system is by far superior in EverQuest2.

    If you want more bang for your buck, EverQuest2 is the game you want to play.

    Take Care!

  38. you are my favorite person because of some of your video games that you have played and video games are cool

  39. Personally, every other MMO like Guild Wars, AoC, Everquest 2, Warhammer Online, etc. just feels like an unpolished version of World of Warcraft. They each may be superior to WoW in a single aspect but none of them present a complete package as well rounded as WoW. I think this becomes most evident when you compare the endgame content of each MMO. Hopefully when Mason gets more free time in his life he'll get an opportunity to experience endgame raids.

  40. Well, it seems everyone else on here has stated my own sentiments perfectly well.. so there ya go ;) Sadly I think I am addicted to gaming more than boys (which may not be a bad thing lol). Luv ya Wy.


  41. Wow, never had u down for a gamer, just another thing I love about you.
    I'm in the same boat as you, a PS3 and a PC pretty much takes care of all my gaming needs. I do want to get an XBox so I can play gear of War 2 though.
    I love God of War, cant wait for the next one.

  42. you are now my new hero.

    I'm a Final Fantasy freak. I like 7,8,10, and yes 10-2, and 12.

    I've tried PC gaming, but don't want to learn what keys do what. I did like that one with terabithium, i can't think of it now.

  43. OMG you people really need to get a life.Turn off the screen and step outside your front door.You may actually make friends like normal people.

  44. Dear Mason,point taken.Nevertheless you and your fellow gamers are not talking about molecular biological research.You are talking about banal games in which your fantasy character is an Elf or Wizard or some such title,and you go on for hours battling ridiculous foes such as the grogmar demon from the pit of everlasting woarsh.I have known young men,and some not so young anymore,who sit in front of their screen for 10 to 15 hours at a time playing these puerile games.I just feel like it is a waste of an otherwise active mind.The body suffers because of it as well.Now,I don't know how long at a time you sit in front of your screen gaming ,but if it's upward of 3 hours,I'd say you're throwing your life away.Just an opinion.

  45. Hi Mason,

    I think that Disgusted Author is suggesting you attend med school or run for president or something? I say skip it, and take theme pictures of the stereotypical "success" oriented life choices all sexed up Mason style. Like naked under a lab coat, or having sex in an old school judges wig with a gavel in one hand. Sort of like that American Girl video Carrie Underwood did, except for with lots more cock. Then Disgusted Author can get his rocks off on his World-Leader-Mason fantasy, and you can get back to questing and generally being awesome.

    Not at all bitter that you skipped the running questions,

  46. Did you eve eat shit from a guy?

  47. I knew I should have got TF2 on the PC instead of the PS3. :P

  48. Long time reader, but I had to reply to this one. Glad to hear that there are other people with goals, who take care of themselves, and don't sit in Azeroth all day like the stereotypical "nerd".

    Also glad to hear you picked horde as well!

    <---Blood Elf Paladin 70

  49. I agree with some parts of Anonymous´s post (November 12, 2008 06:09), on "INSULTING MASON". I don´t agree with everything he said, but I agree with the observation about focus.

    Mr. Mason, some readers - just like me - express support for you. Of course, there are many readers who have interest about your sexual life and your porn career, because you are a well known porn actor. This curiosity is natural for celebrities: don´t you see the interest about celebrities´s life (who is single, who is divorcing, who is pregnant...)? Being you a porn actor, people generally want to know about... sex when think on you (but it is NOT a rule).

    But, for me, you are more than your body. And, being sincere, I don´t like a lot Porn videos. I prefer softcore or "Vanilla" porn, with romance, kisses and a good story. Hardcore is not interesting for me.

    About your body (again!), I don´t care about your ears, nose... In my opinion, you are perfect and I gave my answer (November 11, 2008 9:45 PM). In my opinion, you are very beautiful!

    Exactly now I think your recent posts can be a way that you found to express your anger. You are so young (you are just a 24 years old!)... and many things did happen in your life, mainly this year. You said something about this year and many changes and/or facts in your life in some of your posts (I don´t remember what, but you listed what happened this year); in this point, I think you are right.

    Well, I did my best. I´m just a common person, trying to express support.

    With support and respect (always!)

  50. Are you aware of a website called gaygamer.net, nice website for our kind!

  51. i no longer wish to keep you locked in my closet for nefarious purposes as i do your computer i may want to have sex with that more then you

  52. JMO, but the term gay gamer/gaymer has always been stupid to me. What the hell does a person's sexuality have to do with the fact they like video games? It has no relevance.

  53. i'm not huge on games...but oblivion is the most amazing game in the world!!!

  54. man this pics are hot. where can i find more of them?

  55. Sorry but the person who said the end game content in Everquest2 does not compare to WoW is very short sighted.

    Now I'll be honest and say I have never played WoW to the end content, just as I am sure many people who make the claim that end content in EQ2 sucks have never seen the end content of EQ2.

    What I CAN say is the end content in EQ2 is challenging and extremely fun! It makes you actually use your brain to figure out different strats etc.

    Also, EQ2 doesn't seem as restrictive as WoW. In EQ2 you can have toons from any city/alliance, you can send tells to people who are not on you friends list etc. I was very unimpressed with WoW that I could not try out different races without having to delete my toon if it happens to be of a difference alliance.

    Plus as I said graphically EveryQuest2 is probably one of the best out there and without a doubt destroys WoW in that arena.

    Anyways I rambled enough. Again Mason, if you want a game that's going to have you more bang for the buck, check out EverQuest2.

  56. For some reason, I haven't felt moved to get a PS3 (yet). All of the games seem like FPS-es. Not my thing.

    Been keeping my eye on titles like Mirror's Edge, Little Big Planet, Force Unleashed though. Oh, and PSN titles like flOw and Everyday Shooter.

    My all time fave games are:

    - Okami
    - Ico
    - Rez
    - God of War
    - Katamari Damacy

    Finally got around to playing Final Fantasy XII, but I like the story in X better.

    I wonder if I'll end up just waiting for the PS4. Still waiting for my kind of games (see above) to appear.

  57. Geez man.. I seriously just fell in love with you, before it was just lust. You don't know how happy it makes me to see normal guys just playing video games.
    Mason Wyler, I think your terrific


  58. I must be the odd one out then....I have a weird taste in video games. I don't know if anyone plays Dynasty or Samurai Warriors? I love those games! :)
    I'm addicted to Warriors Orochi at the moment....I know, I'm sad XD
    Blessings to you all

  59. What - No Call of Duty, DOOM or Wolfenstein. Love those on-line games.

  60. Hi again, the British nutter is back! ^^
    Sorry, haven't heard of them before. I'm more of a online game noobie XD
    The only online game I've pleayed is Fiesta, a simpler version of WoW
    Have fun then

  61. I am a Blood Elf Mage. I don't think I could ever play any other character. Oh and hell yea with the Final Fantasy games. Even the all girl dress up Final Fantasy X-2. I guss being gay this game should make sense.

  62. WHAT?! No Tomb Raider?? No City of Heroes?! You are missing out.

  63. Awesome artwork in this post Mason!! I'm a real Nintendo geek, as The Legend of Zelda series comprises several of my favorite video games! I have played some games on Playstation 2, and even an old Sega Genisise. I also play Dungeons & Dragons with acouple friends at work! It's really fun, a lot like Warcraft. I'm curently player 3 characters: an Elf Ranger, a Dwarvish Palidin, and a Human Wizard. Good luck gaming!!

  64. i know this is like two years late, but if you haven't played assassin's creed everyone should go do it, it's awesome (and no, it's no repetitive, or as an alternative answer, of course it is -- you're an assassin, you assassinate).

    definitely get fable 2 as well :)

  65. Mason, you have great taste in games. As someone who grew up with the PS I definitely appreciate story driven games. If you enjoyed the PS2 FF games then you should check out Shadow Hearts II. Not only is it hilarious and fun, it's also populated by more gay characters than any other game I've played!

    Also, what has happened to Chris Redfield? At the end of Code Veronica him and his sister were flying on that jet, talking excitedly about taking down Umbrella... clearly the second they landed he dumped her and hit the gym (and hasn't left since).

  66. Awesome. Love the FF, Kingdom Hearts, Soul Calibur. If you're ever in NYC, let the gay gamers know and I'll buy you a beer or drink.

  67. I had no idea that you were a RPG love god. But seriously, dude... build a better PC! I personally thought you would have been on WoW for 3 years, at least, not a month (Depending on the date, sorry, I didn't look.), But what about the other previous Final Fantasy titles?

  68. hey mason I play WoW lvl 53 belf hunter but my passion is City Of Heroes I run a gay supergroup there on the victory server. You could play a 14 day trial.


  69. I noticed you loved Xenosaga 1 and 3, but not 2. Truly, you are a man after my own heart. I tried WoW once, but couldn't get into it. The Night Elves are hot though.

  70. Reading about you being a gamer and all reassures me that it was indeed you whom I saw at QuakeCon this past August. I remember that you were in some kind of brimmed hat. I used to play some WOW, I have a 70 NE Hunter and a 40 something BE paladin, but then I quit playing because it was taking up too much time. I then picked up violin lessons and am now thinking about maybe learning a foreign language. My bf on the other hand is a BIG gamer! He has all the fucking characters on WOW and they are all tricked out. We also have Wii, XBox 360, the newest Playstation, (3 I guess, I don't even really know haha) and whatever makes him a gamer.

    Anyways, I live in Dallas, and so do you right? Just saying hello!


  71. you have just become my new fave cosmic buddy, yay wow, and see not i'm going to have to get a ps3, just from the way you talk about it, also i must play little big planet, rofl how do you like wow? i've been playing for a year now

  72. Ugh, as with anything, just don't let it consume your life! In other words, don't become a video game addict... Just casually playing a video game with a friend or by yourself isn't gonna hurt anyone, plus it's fun! Mason, if you get RE 5 you MUST tell us about it, cuz I won't be purchasing any of the new systems, but I do love the Resident Evil series, and would like the 411 on what's going on with Chris & the gang..

  73. OMG you're an otaku!
    And just when I thought you couldn't get any hotter

    Please, please play with me online sometime. I want to be able to say I was killed by the hottest porn star alive.

    My 360 tag: P05T F03TU5 (the 0 are zero's)
    My PS3 tag: P05T-F03TU5

  74. What is your PSN name? I would love to play some online games with you. Mine is aathroser if you are anyone else here wants to add me

  75. Overclocking one's AMD Opeteron can actually reduce performance. Just a nugget of advice from one newb to another newb. (Lest somebody run afoul of a true gayming master and be labelled a noob for that hardware faux pas...)

  76. It's amazing we have slot in common but my Dave color is orange lol well I would love to play re5 with u I have vs. And it's amazing my gamer I'd is dameion1993 add me plz and love the blog!

  77. WOW! You're just so hot and amazing, and the fact that you are a Gaymer, just makes me love you even more! I'd love to play re5 with you online sometime!! If you ever decide to add friends, or even have room for that, my ID is DanceInTheDark-

  78. im a wow addict lol, do you still play? Im a level 84 Warrior Human...never got into the Horde much!