20 November 2008

Random Love

There are many things in his world that I love. Some much more than others. This is just an extremely small sampling of my incredibly long love list.

1. Cats can be cute but I'm a dog person. I love puppies!

2. I wouldn't call myself a people person. I lack some very vital social skills so I love it when I am actually able to make a new friend.

3. I love it when guys shoot streams of warm jizz all over me. But I love to swallow more.

4. I met this guy over a year ago. He's hilarious, naughty, and down right sexy. He made time to show Marcus and I a wonderful time in his Windy City. I love him for that.

5. I love gay erotic art. Especially pieces that illustrate rougher, dirtier sex scenes. It never ceases to arouse my creative side.


  1. i better make the cut next time.

    love you xx

  2. Hey Mason,

    You look damn hott with all that cum on your chest.

    Of all the cum that you've tasted, how would you rate Marcus' cum?

  3. I love reading Wylernation. I look fwd to the updates. There is something about knowing that some one that appears so innocent can have such a nasty, freaky, yet sexy mind.

  4. I'm curious about your "missing vital social skills". Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. Life is full of loves, so many that you can't even put in words. We all just need to take the time to think about the things and people we love before we lose that chance.

  6. I love taking all the cum a guy's got and being his human toilet.YUM!!!

  7. People can say what they want, I think you are so incredibly cute with your clothes on.

    You already know you're smokin' hot with them off.

  8. I guess it would be redundant to say I love you, since thats a given around here lol And you know what I mean by "I love you", so dont freak out lol And yes, what do you mean by missing vital people skills? honestly I could say the same thing but yes inquiring minds want to know ;)


  9. hey, I love gay erotic art too!