14 December 2008

A Better Christmas Gift For Your Dog


Unless your dog is Japanese, I don't think it truly enjoys playing with inanimate objects. Sure they might be intrigued for a few days with whatever new toy you buy it but that intrigue will soon wear off. Why not save money and give your dog something that it will get a lifetime of enjoyment out of.


Just think of how much fun your dog will have with it! Dogs love terrorizing smaller animals. Why else do you think those chew toys you buy at PetsMart squeal every time your dog bites into them? This year get your dog something special, get him something that's fun AND edible, get him a Stray Kitty. Stray Kitties can be found for free, roaming all over inner city neighborhoods and suburbs.


  1. That's mean,I don't find cruelty to animals,especially kitties at all amusing.You must be a hateful woman marcus.

  2. WOW! I never expected a post like this on your blog. Whether your serious or just making a joke animal cruelty is not. Disappointed.

  3. what's next, crippled old ladies? stupid, tasteless post.

  4. You know what, I thought that was funny! Yes animal abuse is not funny but this was a joke and it was ridiculous so it was funny. You guys need to get over your selves. Marcus I thought this was funny, just ignore the others.

  5. My impression is that this post was created to go with the picture -- which looks sort of like a dog carrying around a fellow family pet without hurting it. It's a joke, but abandoned and/or feral animals sure aren't.

  6. Animal cruelty is not ok, but it is just a joke people get over it!!! I personally that it was very cute. Its not like the dog was ripping the cats head off! Besides the only thing a cat is good for is winter traction!! LOL

  7. Your sense of humor has been noted. Please submit yourself to the nearest re-education camp for indoctrination. Until we all share the same values and beliefs, none of us are truly equal.

    Remember - the surest path to a truly progressive populace is to immediately surrender to your authorized GroupThink bureau.

    Risistance is futile; thank you for your cooperation.

  8. Um...Do I look amused?

  9. Hey, cut him some slack guys! Don't be so hateful towards someone because their sense of humour is different to yours!
    I'm sick and tired of people whining on because someone is slightly different than your routine...You make me disgusted. If my old Samurai self aroused again, I might make sure you would feel the wrath of Yukimura Sanada, the most famous of all samurai!
    Pack it in, or face thy wrath!

  10. HI....(wait for it) ...LARIOUS!!!
    That dog looks as though he's having as much fun as mine when he terrorizes any of my three cats. All the haters can get over it too, Bradley had Maxima in a head lock just like this one only a few hours ago. Tree huggers... sheesh!

  11. Dear Mason,
    this is rather disturbing. Most well behaved dogs will not attack cats, rather they will acknowledge who is boss. A cat will tolerate this npnsense for a limited time after which it will blind the dog to escape.

    You have gained a considerable amount of credibility on your website, but this sort of presentation may not endear you to some of your fans.

    Do consider


    Bill from OZ

  12. I love how all these fags get angry and fucking text.


    get a life.

    stop bitching about a post and go do something.

    jesus christ.

  13. Wicked sense of humour Marcus! Love it!

    Are they yours or just an amusing pic you found?

    Any underlying symbolism or am I overanalysing? ;)

  14. What a stupid inappropriate posting even if in jest its tasteless and to use a picture to illustrate just makes it all the more disturbing one would have thought after the amount of negative press lately this would be something you would have steered clear of VERY DISAPPOINTED.

  15. First off... let me say that there are too many people who don't have the balls to post a comment with their identity or web url... The whole "anonymous" thing is just one of those things that allow people to be hypercritical and then run and hide.

    Secondly... you have a twisted sense of humor but I found this hilarious. And for further edification of those who would say " awww... that's sooo tasteless or cruelty to animals isn't funny", I would say that I grew up on a farm and love animals. The detractors of this HILARIOUS post need to lighten up. It's just said in jest. Take the stick out of your respective derrieres and learn what darker humor is.

  16. At least he's not chewing shoes!

    Oh! yeah, that's because they have all been sent to journlists to chuck a GWB's head!

  17. HAHAHAHA! My dog loves kitties...in fact, he loves all small animals. He once almost tried to eat a Chihuahua...and I wanted him to. I hate small dogs (or rats). AND FOR THE RECORD...HOW IS ANIMAL ON ANIMAL ACTS CRUELTY YOU DUMB-ASSES? Nature is a cruel world...whether the cats are roaming around or whatever...it's going to happen. Stop your crying about it.

  18. Back off! You have no right to dictate what he can say. Shame on you humans!

  19. That is sooo sick. Why am I laughing so hard?

  20. Just awesome! Mason, you are a funny and beautiful man. Let me know if you're ever in Oregon and want to go skiing.