10 December 2008

Changing The Game

As many of you already know, I am holding a contest where the winner will receive an all expenses paid vacation with Marcus and myself as well as a $1000 cash prize. I decided to have the contest after a boy named Max got cold feet and turned down an offer to join us Vegas. The rules of the game were simple but after some thought and numerous questions and emails, I decided to change them up a bit. Here are the new rules of the Wyler Nation Vacation Sweepstakes:

1. In two sentences or less, create a sign stating what you want to do to me sexually. Bonus points for creativity and dirtiness.

2. Take two separate pictures of yourself, one from the waist up (INCLUDING YOUR FACE) with the sign and one from the waist down (INCLUDING YOUR DICK) with the sign. If you have no problem taking a full body picture (INCLUDING BOTH YOUR FACE AND YOUR DICK) then you may do that instead.

3. Write a two paragraph essay explaining why you should win the Wyler Nation Vacation Sweepstakes.

4. Send your essay and pictures to WYLER_NATION@YAHOO.COM

5. Marcus and myself will personally interview all the contestants who interest us to determine who will move on to the semi-final rounds. This does not necessarily mean we will meet with you in person. Interviews may be conducted through AIM, YAHOO Messenger, Telephone, or possibly face to face depending on your location.

6. If chosen as a semi-finalist you will be given the choice as to which photo (Face, Dick, or Full Body) you would prefer to be posted on Wyler Nation for voting.

7. There will be 3 semi-final rounds. Marcus and I will choose two contestants for each semi-final round to compete for your votes. The contestants that get the most votes during his semi-final will move on to the final round. That means 3 guys will be in the final. In the final round, the contestant that gets the most votes wins.

*If you have already submitted a contest entry then you do not need to send another one.



  1. shane frost is hot but I don't like the angle from which the photo is taken. If it's a picture of him hard, I think it would be hotter to see him in a full body side profile shot so we can see how long his dick is. Front-angle shots are good for seeing dick thickness though.

  2. Oh my god you really challenge not only the contestants' physical attractiveness but also their mental attractiveness. That's great. Anw, Shane is really hot.

  3. Theree should be a contest to see who gets the guys you don't choose ;)

  4. Well if I had to vote I would cast myself....lol but since that is not likely to happen and since I think SHANE FROST is sexy as fuck...I'd vote for him.

    That photo alone is the winner if you ask me the contest is over, but please please record it for your fans :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. There are multiple chances to win, Tim. Mason's going on multiple trips. You might not be up against Shane for the trip you want. Good luck to you!

  6. If Shane Frost doesn't win, I'm sure Chris and I wouldn't mind if he took a vacation with us. :P

  7. You can always see more

    I agree with Cedric though, whats on the inside counts just as much. xoxo!

  8. you should do diffrent sex postions and have pics to go along

  9. Guys don't get you hopes up. Instead, you might as well play the game. You never know, Lady Luck could be on your side. I'll try and have a chat with her later....and convince her to help you guys ^_^
    Don't worry, I don't need thanks, that would be unnecessary
    Good luck to you all

  10. Shane Frost is hot. Loved seeing him fuck Ryan Foxxx bb and dump his load up his butt in Sling Fuckers from Tipo Sesso.

  11. hey mason, why not pick all 5 and fuck with all 5

  12. make another movie with jude collin. you both are hot together. anthony

  13. Quick Question...if you wanted your face to remain annoymous (like when people had to vote and you put up your dick photo) when posting the winner, if that person won...would their face be revealed?

  14. Dan has certainly got my vote!