05 December 2008

I Want Curtis

Tired of watching big thick cock go to waste in the uninterested mouths of "heterosexual" males who clearly don't know what they're doing. Sick of seeing "straight" boys mechanically plow ass like they were watching a "How to" video? Fed up with witnessing models look like they're enduring a creepy prostate exam instead of exuding the pleasure one should feel from having hard throbbing dick deep inside? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to start watching Curtis porn!

Curtis loves dick and I mean he LOVES it. He loves stroking dick. He loves the taste of dick. He loves sucking dick and he definitely loves having dick fill his hole. Seriously, if listening to him moan like a bitch in heat doesn't prove to you that he LOVES dick, then watching his mouth watering tool, fully erect, bouncing around while he gets pounded should.

His appetite for cock is insatiable. His mouth and hole simply just can't get enough of it. I'm a cock addicted bottom boy myself but watching Curtis in action brings my top side out. I honestly would love to see him down on his knees, with his pretty mouth slurping on my pre-cum dripping cock while he strokes his own meat. Then I'd lay him on his back, get his legs up in the air, spread his ass cheeks open, and eat his hole. I'd make sure I got my tongue pretty damn deep inside of there, tasting his insides, getting him all ready for a LONG, HARD, sweat-drenched pounding. After his hole was all sloppy and wet, I'd slobber on his dick for a bit while I used some fingers to loosen up his pussy a little bit more, just to make sure he is fully prepared for the main event. Once, I felt his hole begin to pulsate, I'd slide my shaft balls-deep inside. Fucking him relentlessly with my thick uncut dick, over and over again until his hole was so raw that he begged me to stop... And then I'd fuck him some more anyway. I wouldn't let up until the stud's cunt was soaked in my cum and I was out of lube.

That's just me though. If given the chance, what would YOU do with Curtis?


  1. Hey Mason,

    I'd let you continue pounding Curtis, just as you described, while I stick my OWN thick uncut cock up YOUR butt & pound the living daylights out of you until both you guys scream with pleasure (and some pain) and shoot your hot creamy loads... then I'd lick it all up! :P

  2. Mason, you should contact Sean Cody ASAP and let him pair you up with these boys :-)

  3. Wow, three sean cody boys? Mason, you're working on the wrong websites! Like every cock hungry gay boy, you tend to like the straights, don't you?

  4. I agree with the rest, you're definitely really into seancody lately? What's holding yah back?? Isn't there like a 'amateur' porn model site where everybody can interact and mingle with one another?

  5. I would love to shove by rock hard cock up his ass while sucking off another guy!! I love the way guys moan when they're getting it good from another guy!!. He moans almost as great as you do!

  6. Dear Anonymous 9:07PM,

    Although I find physical beauty in both gay and straight models. I strongly prefer boys who like boys.

    Ever read my "Bio" over at Corbin Fisher? Or watch some of my video on there where I'm looking at straight pussy porn magazines....

    Do you think that was really who I was or do you think that particular studio made up my "Bio", fed me the lines, and told me to play the part?

    Like you said plenty of gay boys fantasize about straight boys, so obviously theres a Market demand for "straight" boys in gay porn.

    But if they had me pretend to be straight for the sake of satisfying porn fans fantasies, wouldn't you think there are more models who are also just pretending as well?

    And don't mix my words up, I never said that all models who claim to be straight are actually gay. I'm just saying I think some might be.

    It's like high school all over again ;)

  7. omg..i luv that we love the same exact porn haha...have u seen ramond yet ;)

  8. However hot he is, I don't find him as hot as you are. You're the best forever ^^

  9. mason this hot and sexy i would love to have you do that to me anytime

  10. double fuck is needed

  11. i wanna pound your hole

  12. I love your taste Mason! I've just recently been slobbering over Curtis (and jacking), and I'm glad to see we have the same interests! ;P I'd love to see you guys get together, it's be an awesome combo.

  13. Hot! Steaming! Please keep up with posts like this one. They make me come ... back again and again.

  14. Erm....Not really what I would look for, but I can see where you are coming from. Also, for people who don't know the industry, Mason is a lucky one. The industry is not all it claims to be. They pair you up with anyone, old/young, fat/slim, personalities of angels/personalities of dry pieces of wood. You have to be careful about what you want to do.
    I personally advise against it, but I don't mind what your decision is. This is your life, and I will not stop your desires (no pun intended).
    Unlike that Christian woman who was on the last blog, I have no issues with what people do. If they love it, then why should I stop them?
    Just so you know, I'm not being the nice guy, so people will like me. I'm being the nice guy because this is me that's talking, not my alias.
    Mason, a few words of caution. Doing this is all is well and good, but there is someone out there is going to target you. Please be careful.
    I think it's best if I leave now, or else people will start to freak out because of me XD
    Take care then beloved people

  15. Hey Mason,

    I think Rav's Desire needs a good hard pounding from you to get his head straight (pun intended!).

    Rav's, you can't be scared of taking chances in life, or else you won't find your rewards...

  16. I would fuck him while i have you fuck the daylights out of me. I'd love for ya to coach me and turn me into cock addict like yourself. To take that pounding from you as you sensitize my manhole as I'm filled by your seed and I pass out from utter exhaustion and an overload of pleasure. Thats what I would like to do. Well goota go and jerk of now.

  17. Mason, don't you think that *many*
    guys are somewhere in between "straight" and "gay"? It
    seems to be un pc for guys to label
    themselves "bi." "Straight" CF
    models (esp. Logan, Lucas, and Dawson) seem to *really enjoy* gay sex!

  18. gotta say as one of your bottom fans this was a nice treat! i can only wish that if we ever met i would inspire similar ass-lust in you!

  19. i'm right there with you man . . . curtis is definitely my crush of the moment. i'm more bttm myself as well and i'd fuck the hell out of that stud -- especially if i could get him to return the favor ;)

  20. I'm crazy for Curtis as well... he's the best thing on Sean Cody since that other cock hound Colby Keller...Curtis begs to be double fucked. And with my 9" cock, I'd stretch him wide while he screams in ecstacy. Once on the brink, we'd pull out and blow our sticky loads on his pretty face...

  21. Curtis is definitely my favorite guy on the site now.

    Honestly Mason, the way you just described him, was the way I felt about Patrick, who retired from the site some time ago. There's only been a few guys since that got me as excited. And yup, Curtis is one of 'em. Those moans drive me wild.

  22. MW: Like you said plenty of gay boys fantasize about straight boys, so obviously theres a Market demand for "straight" boys in gay porn.

    You were cute when I thought you were straight but much, much cuter when it turned out that you were gay. I think one of the issues is that for most of these guys, if they only do one or two scenes, we never know truth. Or if they get locked into a "straight amateurs" site like Corbin Fisher or Sean Cody or Randy Blue.

    What does it say about gay people who have fought for years for the ability to be who we are without pretending that one of the last places that keeps people in the closet is our own porn industry?

    Hey, at least due to the internet I know that you're gay, which cheers me up. I don't have a lot of inherent gaydar, so I'm always happy to know that a guy that I'm attracted to is also gay.

  23. that was one of the hottest blogs i have ever read, i had to j/o after it for the thoughts it called up, very nicely done

  24. I agree with Queer Me Now, contact sean cody and have him pair u up with Curtis for a nice Flip Flop Fuck, tell him your hole and cock demand it...