10 December 2008

Intro to Sexuality 101 With Mason Wyler

In the Book of Mason, Your sexuality is determined by the gender of the people you find sexually attractive regardless of who you choose to date or marry. As we speak there are probably hundreds of gay men reciting their empty vows to unfortunate women everywhere. But that doesn't change the fact that those men are gay. You see, sexuality isn't based on dating patterns or marriage certificates, it's not even based on the sexual activities you participate in. People have sex for various reasons, some do it for money, some for love, some for lust, and the list goes on. So in my opinion, sexuality is based on what you physically desire. Particularly who turns you on, who you instinctively lust after, and who you fantasize about.



  1. I personally totally agree!

  2. agree been married now have boy friend never been happier

  3. Mason you know your stuff. I call myself bisexual but really prefer men so I really am gay.

  4. you are right! but what happen when it's a bi person? can a person really love,2 people? i know that a lot of gay people say that you can't have it booth ways, your either stright , or gay! as a bi person i do hold feeling for booth men and women. but i can't see myself with out one or the other. i'm i being shilfish?

  5. I agree with you 110%!!!

  6. I agree whole heartedly!

  7. I will take any class you offer and I do agree with you! Thumbs up!!!

  8. Mason very true man I've been lusting over you since I first saw you man you are the complete package hehe.

  9. Hi Mason,

    When I first saw you on Corbin Fisher, I thought you were straight, and I still prefer to fantasize about you as a "straight boy". LOL

    I mean, you definitely do NOT act gay, nor by your own admission do you associate with those who openly flaunt their "gayness". You also do not frequent gay clubs nor rent yourself out to those clubs or events.

    So, would you say you're a "closet straight guy"? LOL

  10. sure man i would love to

  11. I know of several guys in denial who need to read this posting. And if there's a formal discussion, I'd like to be included if I can.

  12. I can completely agree with the entire statement Mason. I would take that class anytime.

  13. You know, I'm going to disagree with you here...it's not so much what you physically desire - though that has a lot to do with it - it's what you emotionally desire.

    I tried to form emotional attachments to a woman in college...it just didn't work.

    Physicality has a LOT to do with it...I'm not physically attracted to women, but I think that sexuality is a blend of the emotional AND the physical...not just the one.

  14. I agree..yet i dont. In reality...sexuality is defined by who you LOVE...i mean REALLY love. Anyone can have sex with anyone. But too love someone...that's the special part.

  15. People-
    Enough with this blubbering pussy love bullshit. Sexual Identity and Love do NOT go hand in hand.
    Sexuality is all about sex... I mean its in the damn word for god sakes, It's SEXuality... Not Love-ality. LOVE is an entirely different matter than sex. Sexual attraction is clear cut and pretty easy to figure out (even though acceptance of ones sexual identity may be difficult), you know what your body is drawn to and what its not... the heart on the other hand is complicated, it's affected by many different factors, from sexual identity, to environment, to one's past experiences, etc.

    I don't think it's impossible for a gay man to really love a woman but that doesn't change the fact that he is a gay man. Take Cole Porter for example.

  16. i totally want you

  17. Question: How would you define my sexuality?

    I'm not gay ie not a Lesbian (I'm female) and I don't find myself attracted to women. I AM attracted to men. I'm not a fag hag. I don't have gay friends. I will NEVER and NEVER WILL HAVE any desire to send a gay man 'straight' - I don't believe that's possible. Not picturing a threesome either.

    But two men together turn me on.

    Go figure?

  18. I personally 100% agree!!

  19. Mason, you're a smart guy, but
    it's obvious from these many posts
    that this whole definition of "sexuality" is complicated and
    very subjective. It's not black and white. The simple labels of "gay, straight, bi" don't work.
    I also think that "being in love"
    certainly has a lot to do with sexual preference. I also think that it's certainly possible to be
    very attracted to guys and at the same time be very attracted to a special woman. All of these things I have experienced. Mason,
    if you will... being so attractive physically and personality wise, how have you dealt with girls, women
    hitting on you?!? I'm sure a lot of your readers are curious about that.

  20. Go head Mason! I wholeheartedly agree on this. If only I could get my buddy to realize this lol

  21. You are right on the mark! Agree totally

  22. I was/am in the same situation as the original poster -- married my college girlfriend despite having attractions to guys. I was very happily married, and very very much in love with her. I never cheated on her, unless you count the threeways I had with the internet and my hand. I am good looking enough to know I could have hooked up with guys easily, but I was loyal (and in denial). But after a while, the sex with my wife became more and more empty. The love was there, the sex was not. It took me some time before I realized that what Mason says is absolutely right -- sex is sex, and love is love. But to be in a lasting, happy relationship you must have both. Believe it or not, it hit me like a bolt of lightening, and three months later I was living on my own and getting a divorce. Now I have an adorable boyfriend who I love and fuck the shit out of (his ass and his throat) -- and I couldn't be happier. I still love my ex, and have huge amounts of guilt for breaking her heart. But she is remarried and having happy sex with her new husband. I DID HER AND MYSELF A FAVOR, despite the short-term pain.

    By the way, another outcome of this experience for me was the realization that I'm happy in an open relationship in which both of us can have other (safe) sex partners from time to time if the urge so strikes. In fact, nothing turns me more than screwing my boyfriend while he's blowing some hottie, or even having him tell me about the screwing he got just before I got home from work.

    Part of why I think Mason is so hot is that virtually everything I read about his thoughts on sex are right on the money.

  23. WOW, this is a good one...
    A little of the conversation about who's gay and who's not tends to feel a bit like a witch hunt, because of the disdain with which some people speak of those who's comfort with their sexuality doesn't mirror those who are out and proud. I feel like there's a bit of a "campaign" to prove that most men are somehow closeted and gay, and that seems to be related to as more of a judgement than a distinction.
    Something you said though Mason, really caused me to write this: "I don't think it's impossible for a gay man to really love a woman but that doesn't change the fact that he is a gay man."

    So I feel it important to look at the converse of that
    such that the statement reads: I don't think it's impossible for a straight man to really love a man but that doesn't change the fact that he is a straight man.
    I've been really fascinated by this conversation in particular because a lot of my life revolves around people (men in particular) that stand a little outside of all the distinctions you speak of.
    I tend to have this "effect" on men in general but CERTAINLY with straight men. They feel very safe with me and are regularly inclined to be intimate with me (be clear, I don't mean sexual necessarily, but intimate...which may or may not be sexual). I find that both validating and exhilarating. Men who love me, truly, and are not only not attracted to me sexually, but are upset by that fact that they are not because they love ME so much, and have tried to "make it (sex) work". So does that make THEM gay?
    It doesn't feel right to me to answer yes to that.
    I personally run into more and more men (outside of the gaycentric world) that enjoy male/male intimacy, or just kissing but nothing else, or sucking dick but uncomfortable (and unresponsive) to anything else. I have run into expressions that go all across the board and I think the gay or straight or bi questions, are as you said, ONLY ABOUT SEXUALITY, but the behaviors that go along with that are what seem to inform us as to what we want to qualify people as.
    Mason, given the world of people that I tend to meet with regularity, your definition is probably the closest to accurate that I've heard.
    I appreciate that, and I applaud your many insights. Whether I've agreed with them or not, I gotta admit, you're not just sitting around waiting for your holes to get filled...you're actually THINKING about stuff.
    I like you...bro.

    (I just HAD to do it...can't lose your sense of humor baby!!)

  24. P.S. After writing that last post I thought I should add that I am currently in a(n) (awesome) relationship with boy a man and a woman. We are all aware of each other and it's all good among us.
    We've gone though all the usual questions about who I'm more attracted to and all that and it doesn't really change the facts of our relatedness.
    He's more attracted to women, she's somewhere in the middle, and although I am more attracted to men, I enjoy sex with women. So what does that qualify me as?
    Bi? gay? Confused?
    Well I certainly aint confused about this: I seem to like it all and I wouldn't have it any other way.
    Thanks for listening.

  25. Anonymous Muslim asks: "Have I made the right decision?"

    I don't think so myself, but I was raised in a far different culture. Living alone might be better than living a lie, but I have met numerous Muslim men who fool around with other males. Do you think it's at least OK to jerk off occasionally? That isn't a sarcastic question.

  26. I say yes... I know I am gay... there is no doubt... it's not necessarily a narrow definition as some make it out to be either... I just know what interests me and I know that Women... (sorry)... don't have it!!!

  27. i also agree. lol i am a bisexual guy. i adore girls and i love guys. i ended up with a guy and haven't ever been happier. so i am proud to say that i am gay. and that I AM IN LOVE WITH A MAN!

  28. Correction..sexuality AND love DOES go hand and hand. I'd think you'd know that...hmmmm. Sorry,but that's how it is.

  29. As per your previous statement, you are 100% correct in saying Sex and Love are two completely different things. Alas, they are ...together in the same, but different in the level of expression.

    Sex does NOT = love

    Love does NOT = sex

    Sex can be an expression of love.
    The opposite is not true.

    But such is nonesense, first define love on such as is a global scale then we can discuss who are all are sexually.

  30. very well stated Mason

  31. I think your book is going to go under some strain....stating your opinions like that could be painful. I just hope that you are prepared for all consequences. If you have trouble, message me and I'll put them in line ^_~
    The class sounds interesting; I might join, but only as a viewer, not as a participater. All of the other guys are better suited for that task lol
    I'm best at keeping an eye on things, that's what Mystics do XD
    We'll see what will happen, hope it all goes well

  32. that pic of you getting sucked is so hot! That guy must be hot! Look at those tats!