14 December 2008

Run Sluts Run!

OK, stop looking at the whore outfit and check out the creepy boy in the background... I wonder what he's thinking. I'm thinking he has the makings of an American Psycho. What's your guess?


  1. Yes it is dreadful, it seems out of a mental asylum ... He should ask what he would do sexually with this girl. it is quite frightening

  2. One of the girls probably turned him down for a date in front of the whole school making him look like an idiot and now all he can think of is how to get his hands around her neck.

  3. I've seen another version of this photo that better expresses his intentions towards the young ladies


  4. Creepy , or he has down syndrome?

    ima cover all my bases.

    if hes not ..challenged : well ..fuck yeah thats a lil creepy

    If he IS challenged : You sick bastards. He cant help it.

    /online sarcasm.

    Who cares.

  5. maybe he's upset one of the girls got the dress he wanted??

  6. What is funnier is that my word for verification on this comment is "penie". Is that a word for tiny penis? Do you have a penis or a penie? I think it has become my new word.

    Oh, oops, I forgot, my comment: He just looks like he is contemplating wacking them over the heads with the flowers. That ain't that bad .. hehe ... The little devil in his head is saying, "do it, do it" as his facial grimace reflects his internal struggle. I want to see the following picture where he is pommeling them with the flowers.

  7. Poor thing, maybe he wanted that...dress? XD

    Anyway, to me...it looks like a...marriage or something similar ^^'

  8. um, perhaps at the moment the camera shot he was moving his head up/down with his eyes already/still tracking what he will/was-just looking at, you know, the way the human head works every second of every day?

    but no, lets not let the most likely scenario detract from a good freak-show chook-gobbling session.

    the poor bugga now has not only that pic all over the net, but this meaningless discussion too. who the fuck cares about shit like that!??

    c'mon Mason, just get your dick out & camera filming for us :p