24 December 2008

The Wyler Nation DICKtionary: Jock

Jock: Noun. 1: A male athlete that is on a varsity high school, college, semi-professional, or professional sports team. 2: An incredibly physically attractive, muscular, sports-playing man that embodies the epitome of masculinity to some people. 3: The image hordes of gay men think of when they fantasize about straight boys.

Fabian Hambüchen is currently the Jock that I lust after. For those of you who do not know who he is, Fabian is THE star from Germany's Olympic Men's Gymnastics team. He's a 21 year old pole-grabbing, leg-spreading, short, flexible muscle god. I'm sure if given the chance, I could come up with one hell of an interesting floor exercise with him. Who is your favorite Jock?

When I think Jock, I think HOT. I normally picture a handsome, muscle-bound, athletic stud who is certainly unattainable and way out of my league. However, some people think that anyone who plays sports, regardless of their physical features or ability to be used as jerk-off material can be considered a jock. What qualifies a person to be called a Jock in your book?

The guys below are professional athletes, are they jocks as well?



  1. To me a jock is any one of the fit, trim and fine ass baseball players I see when i go to the ballpark. I'm a fan of the young, fit pitchers with the slim bodies and hot outline of their jock throught their tight baseball pants.

  2. Wow, you posted some sexy pictures there.
    Gotta love the heterosexual muscular male look.

  3. Well, I think that a Jock is a guy that plays sports more than a normally physically fit guy. To the point where they almost spend all their time playing sports and working out and have amazing physiques because of it.

    So, the professional football player would be a jock if he was working out all the time, but not if he was just lazing around. The Sumo wrestler is a kind of jock, although not one that me, with my western sensibilities can appreciate.

    There's also the popular gay definition of jock, which just denotes a body type.

    In the former sense, my current favorite jock is a friend of mine. In the later sense, I like Erik Rhodes.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Mason!

  4. Jock to me connotes "attitude"
    ...a kind of swagger, sense of self confidence...sometimes a negative connotation like being a dickhead, prick or just plain asshole.
    For me it also means a guy/gal who's into their body, take care of themselves...spend time working out and take pride in the way they look.

  5. i would like cristiano to be my own personal jock. please and thank you.

  6. I like your taste!

    Merry Christmas to you and Marcus too!

  7. Mason, did you know the skyline behind those 3 spunks in the indoor pool is Melbourne, Australia?

    A jock is someone who's serious about participating in sports. Not all jocks are jerk-off material, but the average jock is hotter than the average non-jock. Jocks are fit to play, and fit to fuck.

  8. I think you are a jock yourself..

    Merry Festivus to you Wyler.

  9. To describe "jock" in dictionary terms will be hard to explain. Normally, the term for a jock is someone who has a more athletic physique and takes valuable care of the appearance. They also give the impression that their one-eyed trouser snake/partner's best friend is larger than the average size. He, what's the point in doing that anyway?
    For some reason, you lot are all so concerned about only think about the exterior of someone. Isn't the interior of a person more important, or is this another prime example of how the human race only thinks about the short term, not the long term?
    Whoever has that approach to life will have their eyes forcefully opened by someone in the future.
    Whatever am I going to do with you all? Who knows...
    I hope that everyone had a nice Christmas. What did you all get?
    Tell me please, and I'll tell you what I got.
    Have fun

  10. Abian Hambuechen wet looks good too. He can dive too, youtube video's



  11. Damn, i don't think i could have defined that any better myself. I'm pretty sure your first definition hits the nail on the head perfectly, nothing better than a tight gymnast tush. You and Marcus have a great holiday and thanks for posting, cant get enough of it.


  12. He's not hot because he's a jock.... He's hot because he's a GERMAN!!!! Fröhliche Weihnachten!

  13. I'd say your first definition is the one that describes them the best.

    Also, not all jocks are hot. Most of them could fuck off some of that fat off their bodies.

  14. Abian Hambuechen is hot, but Tom Brady is hotter!

  15. I just like jocks in general. I like military boys and men too. I like jocks cause I know they are in shape, have stamina, and typical 1 1/2 times or more my size and can toss me around.

  16. my definition of a jock is simple...a guy that plays sports ,hot,fit body....example would be the second picture on ur blog

  17. I think your a hot jock Mason! :)

  18. My favorite jock, Eli Manning, wouldn't fall into the category of jock as a "type" I suppose, but he's got that offbeat charm that I like.

    Outside of that, my other favorite jock would be the one I can see through Colt McCoy's surprisingly sheer football pants.

  19. I think of a Jock as being the typical pretty athleat whom has a distinctive agrigance about him. And mine would be Rafel Nadal the tennis player!

  20. Not sure what my definition of jock is, but quarterbacks usually fit the bill. And OU QB Sam Bradford is absolutely gorgeous.