09 December 2008

The Wyler Nation DICKtionary: Straight Boy

Straight Boy: Noun. 1: A male who has no physical attraction towards other males and has absolutely no interest in having sex with men for pleasure. He has no sexual desire to let you suck his cock and he is disgusted by the thought of sucking your cock. 2: A man who is solely aroused by members of the opposite sex. 3: An object of lust and a symbol of masculinity for many closeted, confused, horny, lonely, and/or sex-starved gay men.

In a GAY porn industry where the majority of models claim to be "Straight Boys", What do you think it really means to be "Straight?"



  1. Alot of them say they're straight but it's odd to say that when you're sitting on a cock.

  2. haha well done mason nice way to define it. I dont know if i could do any better. just remember not everyone is exactly what they appear even "straight boys"

  3. To me a straight guy is someone who will only have sex with women, no experimentation, no desires to be with a guy. I have been with so called "straight guys" and it still thrills me to death to think i have been with them. By definition, none of the guys I have been with are truly straight, but they sure got me hard sucking them off.

  4. Well.... "straight boy" could be the difinition of a heterosexual man having sex with another heterosexual man for the love of money. much like in the MTV series True Life. It is claimed that straight boys who make gay porn earn wayyyyyy more than the straight porn flicks. who knew?? (: either way.... it's still hot.

  5. Yeah... "straight."
    I don't think theyre 100% straight... cause 'straight' is my best friend... who wudnt DARE want me touching him sexually.

    'gay for pay' is a bad term for it. They've been curious for a long time... especially if for most, >$5000 will be enough for them to get fucked.

    While I do admit, I love straight guys... it's a bad thing because it is the thing that makes all gay guys look at every man and wonder "I wonder if he would do anything for money." -- While it's a nice fantasy, It's bad when it transfers to real life.

  6. i've always kind of wondered about that. i know a lot of guys are gay for pay. i first saw mason on corbinfisher, and i thought he was billed as a "straight guy." it wasnt until i started to follow his career a little bit more that i realized he was gay.

  7. A Guy is Straight if he walks into a gay bar by mistake, sees guys kissing & playing grab ass and RUNS FOR HIS LIFE. If he frequents a gay bar, or is in gay porn, he is NOT STRAIGHT. Call it anything, but not straight. Over 40, I have a weakness for so called straight boys. Stay with one long enough & he will admitt, he knows he is not so straight.

  8. Some straight boys do have a temporary attraction toward males and are curious enough to become physically inimate with a male. Therefore my definition of a straight boy is this: a male that is nearly exclusively attracted to and desiring to have sexual relations with females. IOW, a straight boy is a male that is 5 or higher on the Kinsey Scale.

  9. At 2:00 am and a six pack of beer.

  10. "straight guys" that have sex with guys for the money are not truely "straight" I am friends with straight guys that wouldnt touch a guy sexualy if it was the last thing on earth, all i can say is you have to be attracted somewhat to guys to be straight and do gay porn, not bi but maybe what they do is a new term. but no "REAL STRAIGHT GUY" would have sex with another guy, no madder how much they pay.

  11. a lot of straight guys just like to have their dick sucked or to fuck a guy for the sensual pleasure of it, or to feel like they're being dominant or dominated. Therefore, they're not aroused by the sex of the other person. Rather they are aroused by a sensuality or a psychological condition brought on by the sexual encounter. The sex partner is moreso an actor, or a masturbatory aid, as opposed to being another man.

  12. to me, straight means that you desire relationships with the opposite sex, and not just to appear straight. i do think it's possible for straight guys to get off on gay sex, but at the end of the day, i think straight vs. gay. vs. bi is all about who you love rather than who you fuck.

  13. ps: can we see the straight boy from the photo naked? lol

  14. mason if he is straight then why is he in the gay porn thing gees is this just a front to him so he can tell his friends he is straight

  15. Hey Dave,

    I couldn't DISAGREE with you more. I'll explain why later but I just wanted to say that for now.

    Also, the guy in the pictures is NOT in porn. He is just a guy I met through friends and hung out with while I was in NYC. And yes, he is actually straight. No, I don't have pictures of him naked.


  16. It means you have a panic attack and leave school for a week every time you suck my dick.

  17. well now that you mention it, I was wondering what are Gay men who have sex with Guys like "Buck Angle" you know the man with the pussy who also has a wife. as for Gay for Pay I am sure if the Price it right a Gay man could be convinced to eat a bit of pussy. and what is a pussy anyway but an ass on backwards with self producing lube. Anyway a bit of imagination helps in every situation :-). Gay or Straight, male or female if someone thinks you are attractive you shouldn't be surprised if they try to get you in bed. And Buck is Hot but there is nothing Hotter then nice Ass with a (Big) Dick to go with it :-)

  18. It isn't that simple. Consider the Kinsey scale. Most people called "straight" or "gay" are predominately that way, but those in the middle have both characteristics. Because of societal pressure and denial, lots of people truly believe they're straight until they "come out" -- which might not occur until their twenties or later. In some societies (Thailand and Brazil to name two), the "gay for pay" thing is no big deal as long as there's money to be made. At least the US is becoming more tolerant overall, though it has a long way to go.

  19. I believe a straight man can appreciate the 'look' of another man artistically without being attracted sexually. When sexual attraction kicks in, I believe you are either bi or gay. I also think that all young men (and women) go through a phase of attraction to their own sex while they're growing into themselves, a 'what if phase' which doesn't necessarily mean they're straight, bi or gay. If you're 'Gay for Pay', I think you're bi whether you admit it to yourself or others or won't admit it at all.

  20. This whole "staight" vs. "gay"
    thing is mostly bs. First of all,
    a person is either male or female.
    We can all agree with that, I hope.
    Alfred Kinsey, what ever you think
    of him and his work, was right in
    the sense that a normal person is
    somewhere between attracted to the
    opposite sex and the same sex. Why
    is the term "bi" politically incorrect?! Most guys are definitely more attracted to women for a lot of *different reasons*, but these same guys would very much enjoy gay sex if they
    actually engaged in it. Mason, with all of your experience, what do you think of this?!

  21. Hmm....I don't think anyone knows anymore...To be honest, who should care who's gay and who's straight?
    No one actually knows unless they can penetrate someone's mind....Don't worry, I can't do that.
    When you think about it, these "straight boys" are bribed into doing what they do. Is it just me, or is that degrading your worth as a human being? I'm not saying that doing pornography is degrading, because let's face it; pronography is the art of passion and love (if that makes any sense; it probably doesn't). What I mean is people who are bribed into doing it, are degrading themselves.
    No one call hurt you the most than yourself. It took a long time to realise that one.
    Am I the only using logic here? Because I don't want to be the only one thinking this through clearly. I have grown up being the outsider, the hermit and the guy who has no friends. But maybe that is my role, to feel what an outsider is like.
    Like any of you will truly understand....
    Take care

  22. I think that a straight guy can totally still be straight and do gay porn. However, I'm sure that makes them less straight...does that make sense?

    But...does it matter? I don't think so. In porn, they're acting. It's not real -- which, of course you know that Mason. You can "make love" to a total stranger, it's acting. So what if they're straight? Or gay? Or bi? You're not really catching a look at that person's real sex life, as much as you might like to be. It's the same as watching Heath Ledger and Jake Gylenhaal bang in a tent, except, you know, not on as big a screen and with less mainstream actors. :P
    (PS I hate that movie, it's just what I could come up with as an example. :P)

  23. The truth I've come across is that no one is "STRAIGHT" anymore. I believe that everyone in inherently Omnisexual (Pansexual). But because of a combination of social pressures and/ or they environment they grew up in, they might be led to believe they are truly interested in one sex.

    Now, of course, we do have preferences...preferences that possibly also have to do with what we grew up around (environment), or an unknown that we want (Closeted Men/Women). But these "preferences" don't make up our sexuality.

    For instance, I've had a "preferred" straight best friend for the past 6-7 years. We've talked a lot about sex and out lives. We're like brothers. He's told me that although he is indeed attracted to women, that he does think about being with me relationship-wise and sexually sometimes. And, in his words, he's never been attracted to a a guy like THAT before. Maybe thinking a guy is cute once in a while, but not full blown lost thoughts.

    I found that weird at first, but then had to think that out thoroughly. Although I'm more attracted to men, I have been known to be HIGHLY attracted to some women (And, no, not what they were wearing lol). And from there I'd flirt with them, seduce them, and have the most amazing sex the heavens ever granted a human.

    So...Straight, Bi, Gay??? That's a matter of the public, and I DO seem to remember a comment by some famous figure that said *QUOTE* "The masses are asses."

    When people learn to accept that, and learn that it's not about who you're fucking but who you're loving...then it'll all be gravy.

    Now...who wants Iced Tea?

  24. Mason, I think you missed my point. I'm not saying that if a guy marries a woman that automatically makes him straight. Rather, it is his love for that woman that makes him straight, and again, I'm not referring to the "love" that the guy you interviewed talked about, but actual love. Of course, only the guy in question knows if that love is real or not. But I have to say, defining sexual identity solely on what sex you have had is dumb. I have had sex with girls, but that doesn't make me bi or (heaven forbid!) straight. Likewise, just cause a guy has experimented with another guy doesn't necessarily make him bi or gay either. Do I believe that all these "gay for pay" models are actually straight? Of course not. After all, you started out as one of those lol. But I do think there are a lot of straight guys out there who have tried stuff with another guy, maybe even enjoyed the sex for its novelty, but still greatly prefer the touch of a woman. I think sexuality is very fluid, which makes these labels troublesome. But if you only love women (and I mean truly, not just to appear straight), you are straight, regardless of who you've fucked.

  25. Dave,

    You should read my latest post "Intro to Sexuality 101 With Mason Wyler" posted at 3:25PM on 12/10/2008


  26. In fact I did read your post Mason. And I do agree in general because, in most cases, the gender of the people with whom we desire to be connected emotionally is usually the same as those with whom we desire to have physical relationships. But I maintain that a straight guy can have sex with another guy (maybe even enjoy it; we all know the magic of the prostate), but still legitimately be straight. I just can't get behind the idea that sexual activity is the only barometer for sexual identity. But to me, this whole discussion about how to define "straight" just proves how useless these labels are.

  27. To me being straight is just that, you don't dig guys or want anything from them. Hence the dilemma I was once in. I had met this gorgeous guy online, it was a site called Hot or Not. He was "straight" and wouldn't kiss me or suck my cock, but he loved me to suck him, rim him and especially fuck him! Now I find that terribly hard to believe that if I "straight" guy can take my big dick up his ass and enjoy it (had a rock-hard cock all the time)then he cannot really be straight!

    Worse off was when I actually fell for this guy and then shortly after it all stopped. Such a loss, he was really a cool guy...he had a gf on the side and got her pregnant.

    Someday he will probably come out and leave her and their kids. But that happens alot, so thats life I guess!

  28. I don't know about the "disgusted" part. I mean I am COMPLETELY gay, but could probably get off from a woman giving me a BJ. I am not disgusted by the thought of it.

  29. There's always the Kinsey scale. There are straight guys that would have sex with men, and those that wouldn't, but that doesn't mean that they're not still straight.