25 January 2009

Rainbow Colored White House


Before getting into more fun topics like, I don't know...porn, I thought I'd start out with an interesting political tidbit. Obama's been in office for less than a week at this point - hell the paint's still drying - but there is one massive, glaring change that's already happened that hasn't been talked about that much. The White House website. I know the only thing I've seen in the news about the new site was that it switched over from Bush to Obama at noon on Inauguration day. I guess it's not dynamic enough to get much attention, but it was enough to pique my interest. So I thought I'd go dig around a bit and see what it was like. Not that I ever visited Bush's White House site - Purely for health reasons, mind you. Blood pressure couldn't take it - but this seemed like something new and fun to visit.

Check out http://www.whitehouse.gov/ and take a look at the first thing under The Agenda up top. Civil Rights. (OK, so it's arranged alphabetically, and "C"'s pretty early in the alphabet, but it's still first damn it!) In any case, with it's own set of agendas within Civil Rights is "Support for the LGBT Community". I knew I voted for this guy for a reason. It goes on to outline support for civil unions and federal rights, expanding adoption rights and hate crime statuses, denying a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, supporting AIDS prevention and so on. Whether or not you voted for him (Seriously, is there anyone who didn't? And no, it doesn't count if you didn't vote at all) that's pretty good. Especially when compared to the previous administration's White House site conveniently archived for our perusal at http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/. Deep breath before diving in people. Air's kind of toxic. And musty. In any case, notice the complete lack of interest in civil liberties. But hey, we already knew that. After all, civil liberty is just a breeding ground for Terrorism! Most glaringly, though for all the Bush administration's website acknowledged, we didn't even exist for 8 years.

So what does all this mean for the gay community? How the hell should I know? I'm not a social or political analyst. Though, let's face it, there's still plenty of bigoted congresspeople and state governments out there. And realistically, there's a lot on our new president's plate before we even get to any kind of rights. But it's there. It's support from up top that will hopefully some day make its way down to state and local governments, police and medical support and so on.

And yeah, I know that's not a picture of the White House. My research has led me to believe rainbows just don't like it. Maybe that'll change in the next few years. In the meantime, I say a giant phallic symbol penetrating a rainbow is just as good.

23 January 2009

From Banker to Spanker: One Way to Keep Mortgage Holders in Line


I recently came across the three decade old story of David Rhodes, a former bank manager from Baden, Pennsylvania, who discovered a way to ensure that customers who were late on their loan payments would never be late again. His solution? Spank them. That's right, Mr. Rhodes (that's Sir to you) punished more than 50 delinquent customers by spanking them in his office.

The bank master reported that it was very effective, saying, "I never had any trouble with them afterward." This proved to be a premature statement since he was later convicted of misappropriating $88,268 in bank money and sent to prison for three years.

Why did he do this? Well six of the Spankees apparently didn't appreciate the free discipline and threatened to report Master Rhodes to his Superiors unless they were given unrecorded loans. Those loans equaled the amount misappropriated, Rhodes never took any money for himself. One of the six threatened to report it as a homosexual activity... You see, David Rhodes only spanked young men and back in 1979, in the great state of Pennsylvania (just like many other states at the time), it was still illegal to participate in homosexual behavior.

During his trial, his attorney presented numerous polygraph results and psychiatric tests in defense of his clients heterosexuality. David's lawyer even brought up the fact that Rhodes was married with two children, eventually disproving the allegations of homosexuality to the satisfaction of the FBI.

What I want to know is if the other 44 Customers truly never defaulted on their loan payments again...

Have you been late on your loan payments?

22 January 2009

The Devil is in the Details


Its time to clarify a few things. I am NOT the only writer on Wyler Nation. There are multiple authors in this great country of mine, four to be exact, and we're getting awfully pissy at the people who have failed to realize this. Marcus my boyfriend, Noah the law student, Captain the Faggot, and Me your porn slut, all contribute to the upkeep of Wyler Nation. Many of you have been leaving comments addressed to me, but in response to articles that I did not author. Little mistakes like that make me feel as though I have attracted a mentally disabled following, people who flunked elementary reading and nap time. All posts that I do not write have a "BY" line at the very top of the page, directly underneath the title, so as to let the readers know who exactly to give credit to. I may even start adding a "BY" line to my posts, just to help some of you out. I wouldn't want you to continue being confused. I know how tricky figuring out who the author of these blog posts can be.

I've also been receiving emails from people asking me how to leave a comment, asking me to where to find my porn videos for free, and asking me if I am gay or straight... I even get emails from AMERICANS in some language I can't understand, usually something like this: hEyYo MaSe WaT UP BRAH? I FeEl StUpid aSkIn U Dis BuT LOL MaN U GotZ bIg DIkS CaN yO FuKz me Or sHoW a BrUtha WeRe 2 FiNe Yo fREe PoRns?! SRRY, I aInt Gotz MonEy 4 DaT ShIt. HoLLA LMAO...

Are you one of these people?

Want to learn how to finger things out for yourself? Here I'll show you:

If you know how, then CLICK HERE to leave a comment

21 January 2009

Faggot Responds to Small Town Dumb Ass


A comment from Jason in response to my very first article:

Yes, I'm going to up root my life and quit my job just so I can move to the bright, progressive city and meet a man. Being in a relationship is just that important. Besides, we're so backwards and close minded in Small Town, USA, anyway. I'll move to a "gayborhood" so that I can isolate myself from the real world and pretend everyone is OK with the lifestyle I live. Then I'll be so shocked when something like prop 8 passes. "But everyone I know voted against it! I don't understand." Give me a break.


Dear Jason,

As specifically stated, my advice article, "Still Single?", was intended for single gay men who strongly desire a significant other but are having trouble attaining one. There are many reasons why an individual may be having difficulties finding the love of their life, which is why I discussed a gamut of scenarios and solutions.

If indeed there are gay guys stuck in small towns across the country, who feel as though they are the only homos around and desperately long to meet someone they can relate to. And if the only thing keeping them in small towns was a job, then I don't see why it's ridiculous to suggest they try moving to a big city. Obviously a person needs to do some research before making such a move, make sure finances are in order, make sure work is attainable, make sure housing is affordable, and so on.

But since you felt the need to be an ass, I'm curious... What advice would you give? If a gay man who is looking for love, lives in an area that has nothing to offer him but financial stability and not much else... what should he do? Should he just stay there because the greater possibility of finding a relationship and love isn't as important as a job?! Because living in a gay friendly city is somehow not as "real" as living in a town where people hate you?

What kind of bitter, jaded, self-hating dumb ass are you?!

By the way... Living in a big city, regardless of whether or not you live in the gay district, is hardly isolating yourself, in fact it's throwing yourself into a veritable melting pot, forcing you to inevitably cross paths with individuals who are ethnically and socially diverse. By doing so, it usually breeds mutual acceptance and a more liberal attitude. Is that so bad? If anything is isolation it's small town America.

Give Mason, Marcus, Noah, and Me a break, stay in your backwards small town and off of this website.

19 January 2009

The Re-United Mexican States


After Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821 it made several crucial mistakes, the greatest of which was failing to secure its Northern Borders. Thus enabling thousands of Americans to illegally cross the borders and settle in the territories of Coahuila and Tejas. In a matter of years, English-speakers from America quickly became the majority in Texas. Texians began to demand things like statehood (a Mexican state), a regional capital, the freedom of religion, commerce, and owning slaves (and make English an official second language?). Mexico of course did not grant any of those wishes, which eventually led to the Texas Revolution in 1836, which led to the Mexican-American War 10 years later. In that time period, Mexico was dealt many humiliating defeats and ended up losing about 66% of their territory to the United States of America. If it weren't for the USA's victory, we might have never possessed today's national treasures such as the Church of Latter Day Saints, Hollywood, and 80's icon Dallas... Why am I bringing all this up you ask?

You know how they say that history has a habit of repeating itself? Well given our ailing economy and the two wars that don't seem to have an end in sight, immigration reform seems to have been forgotten about. I'm know where I stand on this issue (that's a whole different article) but I'm no expert on what kind of reform would be best, whether we should loosen our borders or close them... Whether we should grant amnesty or kick people out. I just know that something needs to be done, a compromise has to be made and soon.

In the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas, the U.S. citizens of Hispanic descent are swiftly becoming the majority and millions of illegal Mexican immigrants are joining their ranks. Like waves of immigrants before them, they come here in search of a better life, sometimes even risking their health to cross the border on foot. Most come for job opportunity, better wages, and safer living conditions. Many have families back in Mexico to support and feed. Some take jobs away from legal citizens by accepting lower wages. Some are actually better at the jobs. Unfortunately some also come to traffic drugs and fight gang-wars. But the fact remains, most are honest hard-working people who deserve the right to pursue their dreams.

The majority of them even pay U.S. taxes. The IRS says that at least 8 million illegal immigrants pay their yearly income taxes. How do they know? Back in 1996 the IRS began issuing special tax ID numbers specifically for that purpose. Why do the illegals pay them? Probably in hopes that in the future the U.S. government will reward them with some sort of citizenship and clemency. The U.S. government can't just brush aside 8 to 12 million PEOPLE when they are demanding attention. Especially when they have 44 million Spanish-speaking, American Citizens mostly concentrated in the same region, who are standing beside them... and they can vote.

I think our government is failing to see how important of an issue this is. These people can not and will not be ignored. Not only do Hispanics make up for about 30% of the population in the territories we took at the end of the Mexican-American War but some estimates say that in 10 years they will be the MAJORITY in the Southwest United States.

I know it's a long shot, but if indeed Texas and those other states became part of Mexico again... it wouldn't be that bad. Would it?

The Prettiest Dick in Porndom

During my career thus far as a smut peddler, I have had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of dicks, both in person and on screen. I've seen big dicks and little dicks, thick dicks and thin dicks, ones that had too much foreskin and ones that didn't have any foreskin at all. Some of these dicks made me laugh, some made me cry, while most just sent me shooting into cloud nine. But out of all the dicks that I have ever laid my eyes on, Josh's dick has got to be one of the most mouth-watering, hole-wetting, and fantasy-inducing dicks I have ever seen.




The 10 Dreamiest Boys on YouTube


Millions upon millions of people upload their own videos on YouTube everyday. I would say 99.9 percent of it is rubbish. And if you are like me then you only have two reasons for going on YouTube, to find videos that make you smile, laugh, and swoon. With all the trash being posted daily, it can prove to be difficult to find any videos that do just that. So in an attempt to help anyone who might be interested in the same things as myself, here are my choices for the 10 best boys to watch on YouTube:

10. Dave Patten

9. Alex Killebrew

8. Brent and Jon

7. Bo Burnham

6. Joseph Vincent

5. The LoveNotes

4. Dan Talevski

3. Jon LaJoie

2. Wade Johnston

1. Nick Pitera

Catch the theme I have going on there? Cute guys who can sing instantly make my heart melt. Did y'all know that Mason can sing??? ;)


To Recommend Other YouTube Hotties to Watch

17 January 2009

Still Single?

By Captain Faggot

According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are over 92 million single adults living in America and I'm guessing about 2% of that figure is gay men. If you're somebody who's in that 2% and you want out, then I'm here to help. But first we need to figure out why you're still single.

Because you live in BFE
As a gay man, you're in a very small portion of society. We're basically the invisible minority. We don't have rainbow colored skin or glowing eyelashes to help us find each other. Trying to find a gay man amongst the overwhelming majority of straight men is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Given our minute numbers and our lack of a unique and visible biological trait, living out in the middle of fucking nowhere doesn't help.
Solution: Move. More specifically move to a metropolitan area with a gayborhood. We all know that the big cities tend to be gay friendly, much more so than small town America, which is one of the reasons why hoards of us gay boys flock to places like San Francisco and New York. Remember, the more gays there are, the higher the chances that you will find a beau. CLICK HERE to check out the top 10 U.S. Cities in terms of GLBT Population.

Because you're cheap
Nothing kills a romantic evening quite like asking to split the check after dinner. Blame it on every sweeping romantic epic or run of the mill chick flick out there but going Dutch never wins you the girl (in this case its the bottom boy).
Solution: If you like the guy then always offer to pick up the tab or at least on the first few dates. If you aren't made of money and find yourself on a limited budget, then take your date to a place that you can afford. Need help finding an affordable yet first date worthy restaurant? The people over at Frommers and CitySearch can help!

Because you have bad breath
If the man of your dreams runs away when you lean in for a kiss, either he doesn’t like you or he doesn't like your breath. To find out if you're a bad breath offender, lick the back of your hand, wait a moment, then smell. If you detect a whiff of rotting food and BO, then it's probably time you revamp your oral hygiene regiment.
Solution: Go to a dentist to get a check up and a thorough cleaning. I would also recommend using a tongue scraper on a daily basis as well as Therabreath. Trust me, talking from experience, it works wonders.

Because you're a promiscuous slut

If you're a ridiculously hot porn star who wants an Asian boyfriend that will let you do whatever you want then this shouldn't be a problem. But if you're not then this is a serious problem. Sleeping around can speak volumes about a person. It says I'm easy, I'm horny, I've got a big dick, I've got STDs, I'm good in bed, I fucked your bestfriend, or... I'm NOT boyfriend material.
Solution: Stop being such a filthy whore. Can't do it on your own? Join a support group, Sex Addicts Anonymous offers group counseling at over 900 locations around the world. Who knows, you might find Mr. Right while you're there or at least Mr. Right Now. I always imagined that a sex addict group meeting would turn into one giant orgy, I'm probably wrong though.

Because you're a fat ass

Some may say that beauty is only skin deep, but none of us can deny that it's one of the biggest factors that plays a role in who most of us choose to date. Just look at our porn, our magazines, our go-go boys, our television shows, and other objects of our affections and desires. Let's face it, chubby-chasers are few and far between. If gay men make up for 2% of the population then gay chubby-chasers make up for 0.002% of the population. Looking for love when you already take up room for two isn't entirely hopeless, it just means you have to widen your horizons and try a little bit harder.
Solution: If you are happy with your body and you simply want to find guys like you, guys who will accept you for who you are, then might I suggest joining a Bear Club. There's also dating websites for bears, the one I found to be most helpful is called GayBearDating.com. If you are fat yet want someone who looks like...well... Mason Wyler or some other hot hard-bodied stud then I suggest you hit the gym and lose some weight. When people say opposites attract, they're usually talking about personality traits not body types. There are gyms everywhere: 24 hour Fitness, Bally Total Fitness, LifeTime Fitness, L.A. Fitness, Gold's Gym, and Crunch. Been working out and still can't get in shape? Then you're doing it wrong. Work out harder and longer, run... for miles, go on a diet, push yourself until you see results. Doing all that and still a fat ass? Then stop eating.

Because you're full of yourself
You're a fashion model or people tell you that you could be one and you scored a 1470 on your SATs. You know an A-list star and you've eaten at five star restaurants. You've got a killer personality and a six figure bank account. Why aren't people falling head over heals for you? Because you're already in love, with yourself. Bragging about spending $500 on a dinner makes you sound stupid, not attractive. If you look that good then your date will be able to SEE it, you won't need to spell it out for him. And nobody cares about who you know, besides wouldn't you want some that likes you for who you are instead of who you know or how much money you have?
Solution: Shut the fuck up and show a some humility. Try volunteering at a homeless shelter or for Meals on Wheels to help turn on your humble switch.

Because you hate yourself
Are you a conservative republican? Did you vote Yes on Prop 8? Is Ann Coulter your hero? Do you believe in the bible and therefore think that being gay makes Jesus cry? Maybe you've always been a self-loather but could never exactly figure out why. Either way, you secretly hate yourself. Honestly, I'd hate you too. How do you expect anyone to fall in love with you when you can't even accept your sexual identity? And seriously, whatever reason you may have for being a gay anti-gay is NOT a good reason.
Solution: Grow up. I know, you can't just grow up overnight so I recommend taking a few baby steps. Start by finding a therapist, you probably need one. The APA Help Center can easily locate one for you. Then join these two groups, The Log Cabin Republicans and the Unitarian Church. You will find people who may be able to understand where you are coming from and who will help you become a better person.

Because your too close to your friends (especially your fairy princesses)

It's good to have close friends. It's not good to have friends who dictate your love life. Nothing deters a potential boyfriend like making him feel like he has to gain approval from your friends. And it's definitely a mistake to make a guy feel like he has to compete with your friends for attention. If you're the kind of gal that relies heavily on your friends for advice when it comes to problems in your relationships then you're definitely doing it wrong.
Solution: Keep your friends out of it. I'm not saying your lover and your friends should never meet, I'm saying the only people who should be allowed a say in what goes on in your love life should be you and the man you are seeing. Communication is key to making a relationship work, if there's a problem, talk to your significant other. If you are really that feeble minded that you can't make your own decisions then ask advice from someone who wouldn't be biased in any possible way, like a mutual friend or a total stranger. Your own friends, especially the ones with a clitoris, tend to get jealous of anyone new who takes your time and attention away from them, so inevitably, their advice will be slanted.

Because you don't know how to turn off your cell

You know those people you see walking down the street, texting away oblivious to the people and things around them? You know, the people you watch every now and then in hopes of seeing them unknowingly walk out into the middle of the street and get hit by a bus. No? Guess that's just me. How about the people you see out with their friends at lounges and restaurants yet their cell phones are glued to their ears, you know those people? Yeah, they deserve to be single. Answering your cell phone during any social dinner is bad manners, answering your cell phone during a date is just plain rude.
Solution: Turn your cell phone off. Better yet, just leave it home. I know I know, Your cell phone is your crack, you can't live without it but that is exactly why you must learn to do just that. Try turning your cell phone off for a day, then try to go for two days, slowly working your way up until you only turn it on when you need to. 10 years ago cell phones were not a necessity and that fact still remains. You don't need it, especially not on a date.

Because you're too old
According to the same U.S. Census data, almost 14% of the single population is over the age of 65. Which leads me to another harsh reality of being gay, we have an age limit. Yes, age is just a number... as long as that age isn't old. With each new wrinkle that appears on your face, 1000 gays boys lose interest in you. Every time your flesh sags another inch, you become invisible to another 1000 gay boys. Its a cold world out there, I know, but it's the truth. I've heard time and time again that us youngins are a shallow bunch, that when we reach old age we will realize that it's what is on the inside that counts. Its partially true and that kind of sucks for you, in my experience it's the old bitter fags who have the shitty attitudes, walking around like they own everyone and know everything. Usually the pretty young things have wonderful personalities, I mean they're pretty and young, what's there to be bitter about? But if in fact I'm looking through rose colored glasses and it's you old men who actually have all the wisdom and great personalities... then there in lies the solution.
Solution: Use your ability to look past one's exterior and start dating your fellow senior citizens. They have great personalities right? I know some of you already do so the rest of you need to follow suit or at least be content having a boytoy who is only with you for your money. If you decide to go the geriatric route then try SeniorFriendFinder.com. For boytoys try RentBoy.com. If all else fails then you could always throw a Lemon Party.

Because you look anorexic
Some of you boys are so skinny it hurts just to look at you. People want to be able to count your abs not your ribs. Looking like a pre-pubescent girl doesn't win you many admirers in a community where muscle is hot and thin is not. Granted some men love twinks but if the men you're after don't, then its time you put some meat on those bones.
Solution: Eat something and work out. Here are a few stellar options for gaining weight fast: McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, P.F. Changs, Whataburger, Sonic, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Shipley's Donuts, Krispy Kreme, Carl's Jr., Dunkin Donuts etc. If you are someone who suffers from a high metabolism (fuck you), then it may do you some good to eat just one big meal a day, doing so may lower your metabolism thus enabling you to pack on some weight. Careful though, America doesn't need another fatty.

Because you only form crushes on straight guys

OK we get it, you're a masochist. You love trying to get the unattainable and you think getting a straight guy to have gay sex with you would be hot. Or maybe you only want a masculine man and you think Masculinity is synonymous with heterosexuality. News flash, a real straight guy will NEVER have sex with you... unless he's desperate for cash and you pay him. Also, the masculine gay man is NOT a myth, there are plenty of unattainable masculine gay guys out there.
Solution: Get your priorities straight err... gay and start chasing Homos who are out of your league. You never know, one might actually like you back. Start by visiting one of these stud-filled gay bars: Minibar in Chicago, Round-Up Saloon in Dallas, the Abbey in West Hollywood, Napolean's Itch in New Orleans, or the Gym Sports Bar in New York City.

Because your too picky

Let's try an experiment. Make a list of all your "deal-breakers", the qualities in a guy that would bar him from ever being your boyfriend. If that list is as long as this whole article then you've got a lifetime of loneliness ahead of you. Nobody is perfect, not even for you, and this you've got to realize.
Solution: Learn to take the good with the bad. No one is telling you to settle, hold firm to the big things like... can't have missing teeth, must be able to read, must not be sleazy, must have a job etc. but try to give people the benefit of the doubt if they don't meet one of your lesser qualifications like must speak Greek or must not drink Fanta... You see the great thing about people and their personalities is that we have the ability to change. Relationships take compromise, that whole take me exactly as I am or leave me bit is bullshit. If love is something as powerful as all the happy couples say it is, then it will change you and your future partner. That my friend is the silver lining. People will change for the ones they truly love, including you. So you know, if something really bothers you about the guy then once he falls for you, you can make him change it.

Need advice?
Email me at Captain_Faggot@Yahoo.com


Insert Cock Here

And the Hottest Hole on the Net Award goes to...

TREY from SeanCody!

I may be 99.9% bottom but after I properly eat it out, I would definitely love to give that hole a pounding. I mean it looks so good you can taste it. Don't you agree?

To watch Trey's hungry hole get plowed!

16 January 2009

Wyler Nation Vacation Sweepstakes: Contestants Pt. 2

For Your Consideration...
This is the 2nd preview showing another group of the
Wyler Nation Vacation Sweepstakes Contestants:

Want to see the first group of contestants?

Voting starts soon. Leave a comment and let me know who you think should make it to the final round!

14 January 2009

The Wyler Nation DICKtionary: Cum Guzzler

Cum Guzzler: Noun. 1: A gay male who greedily and habitually swallows other men's semen, as if with great thirst. 2: Someone who is addicted to the act of tasting and swallowing fresh loads of male seminal fluid. 3: A cocksucker who prefers the feeling of a dick shooting streams of cum down his throat over the feeling of a cock spraying his anal cavity with warm sperm. 4: The third highest level of Slut attainable on the Wyler Nation Cock Slut Scale, below Cum Dumpster and Cum Pig.
5: Mason Wyler.

Who is your favorite Cum Guzzler?

12 January 2009

A Wyler Top Ten List: Best GLBT Movies

10. 20 Centimetros

9. Männer Wie Wir

8. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

7. De-Lovely

6. Mysterious Skin

5. Nine Dead Gay Guys

4. A Touch of Pink

3. Saving Face

2. Notes on a Scandal

1. Beautiful Thing

Honorable Mentions:

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds

The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green


Savage Grace

The Talented Mr. Ripley

What are your favorite Gay Movies?

02 January 2009

Loving Every Minute Of It

A porn director once told me, "Sign an exclusive contract with us and we'll make you a star!" I never signed the contract. Looking back at it now, I'm not really sure why I didn't sign it, I guess I didn't believe him. For starters, I never understood the correlation between being in porn and attaining stardom. And even if I could grasp the meaning of "Porn Star", I was almost certain that I lacked the qualities to become one, with or without an exclusive contract. I mean we're talking about ME here, the scrawny kid who spent the first 18 years of his life getting picked on for having an offbeat personality, pointy ears, and a big nose, the kid who always got picked last in gym class. A Porn Star? I don't think so.

So like I said, I never signed the contract. I knew I wasn't star material, hell I wasn't even sure I was back of the box model material. I just wanted to have fun, I wanted to have tons of hot sex with tons of hot guys. I figured I'd apply to every studio and website that tickled my fancy, I hoped that at least a few would hire me, and I assumed that within a year my time in the porn world would be over.

Now more than three years later, after being booked by more than 20 different studios, and appearing in over 100 different videos, I realize that I vastly underestimated myself. I realize that although I may not be porn star material, I at least have what it takes to gain the attention and support of enough people to allow me to continue doing a job that I love. I realize that even though I was strongly advised to be exclusive, that I can go against the grain, opt to be a free agent, and choose to film as much as possible while still lasting longer than some may have predicted. I realize that I can forge my own name in this industry, on my own terms, without being beholden to one particular studio.

But regardless of my recent revelations and my success thus far, my much beloved job as a porn model is one that I fear has lived past it's expiration date and might soon come to an end. It's only inevitable. You grow old, people get bored, they move on. But just like any other job, there are things you can do to try to safeguard your career in hopes of extending it's lifespan. When it comes to porn models, there are usually three options you can take, you can sign an exclusive contract (usually never offered to a model in his Junior year), you can create your own website and hope it's a success, or you can remain freelance and see how much longer you can last. I am choosing a mixture of all three.

Not too long ago I began filming for Next Door Studios. They are probably the easiest company to work for. The shoots are natural, nothing contrived or forced. No made up back stories, no false pretenses. To top it off, imagine 10 very gorgeous and very horny models staying together in one big house over the span of a week. And speaking from experience, things definitely do go "bump in the night" on a Next Door Shoot. I always have fun when I'm there... both on and off camera.

Now I know this sounds like I'm going exclusive... but I'm not. About a month ago Next Door Studios gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. They offered to fund the creation and filming of all original content for my own website. Not only that but they offered it to me without having to be entirely exclusive. With that being said, why would I want to film for any other website but my own???

Here's hoping for at least another three cock-sucking, hole-pounding, and cum-drenched years of being Mason Wyler!


01 January 2009

Ask The Nation: Bisexual Looking For Love

Dear Mason,

When it comes to relationships, I feel that it is important to be straight forward and honest about who you are and what you believe. I believe that sexuality is a big part of what makes you, you. I am bisexual. I'm not confused about my sexuality, I'm not a gay man just pretending to be bisexual, I know what I like and I'm not ashamed of it. I dig boys AND girls. Which seems to always get me in trouble when I'm looking for love.

It's not like I introduce myself as bisexual right off the bat but normally after the third date or so I share that bit of information. Immediately afterwards, like clockwork, whoever it is that I am dating at the time will suddenly have a change of heart. Sometimes they're honest and tell me that they "can't handle" being with someone who is bisexual. Usually they lie and say everything is cool but by the time the next date is suppose to happen they cancel and then I don't hear from them again.

I don't get it. I'm not trying to brag but I think I'm a pretty good catch. I'm a 27 year old chemical engineer who is financially stable, mentally sound, and emotionally available. I stand 6'1", I have 170 lbs. of well-defined muscle, and my endowment is nothing to scoff at. I've never had any problems getting laid by men or women but when it comes to relationships, I always end up failing. Is being bisexual really that big of a turn-off? Or are gay men and straight women just really close-minded?

Bisexual Hopeless Romantic


Dear B.H.R.

Contrary to the opinion of four urban chickens who famously squawked, "I thought bisexuality was just a stop along the way to Gay Town", I strongly believe that bisexuality is not a myth and that it's not always a step towards Gaydom. But with that being said, many people believe that it is and that my friend is why you are having trouble with being open about your sexuality while trying to land a steady boyfriend/girlfriend.

I think I speak for alot of out gay men when I say, subconsciously we equate bisexuality with greed, denial, and confusion. Many of us had to deal with all that back in high school. We've been emotionally attached to boys who left us for girls, we've experienced guys who renounced any homosexual contact they might of had with us as just mere experimentation, and we've dealt with boys so deep in the closet that no amount of rope could pull them out... Or maybe that was just me.

What's even more detrimental to your people are these new age "open minded" love hippes ie. flaming faggots (and I mean FLAMING) who for one reason or another think that spewing bullshit like... "it's the person that I fall in love with, not the gender..." makes them more attractive. Which leaves the rest of us GAY men thinking bullshit whenever someone claims to like both men and women. And nobody likes bullshit.

But in any case, I think that by the time most of us homos reach our 20's and beyond, we realize that there are millions of gay guys out there who embrace their sexuality and aren't afraid to label themselves accordingly. We realize that there is no need to be dealing with closet cases, boys in denial, hippie love BS, and yes, even true bisexuals. Relationships and Dating are complicated as is. Sometimes boyfriends quarrel over the smallest of differences. Why on earth would we want to deal with something as big as a difference in sexual identity when it's mainly our identical sexual attractions that bring us together?

I'm no expert on women but I can't imagine their reasons for staying away from you being very different.

My advice... Lie. Or date a fellow bisexual. I'm not saying there isn't a gay man or straight woman out there who is perfectly comfortable dating a bisexual man... But with the luck you've been having, I would assume they are hard to find.

Good Luck!
Mason Wyler