02 January 2009

Loving Every Minute Of It

A porn director once told me, "Sign an exclusive contract with us and we'll make you a star!" I never signed the contract. Looking back at it now, I'm not really sure why I didn't sign it, I guess I didn't believe him. For starters, I never understood the correlation between being in porn and attaining stardom. And even if I could grasp the meaning of "Porn Star", I was almost certain that I lacked the qualities to become one, with or without an exclusive contract. I mean we're talking about ME here, the scrawny kid who spent the first 18 years of his life getting picked on for having an offbeat personality, pointy ears, and a big nose, the kid who always got picked last in gym class. A Porn Star? I don't think so.

So like I said, I never signed the contract. I knew I wasn't star material, hell I wasn't even sure I was back of the box model material. I just wanted to have fun, I wanted to have tons of hot sex with tons of hot guys. I figured I'd apply to every studio and website that tickled my fancy, I hoped that at least a few would hire me, and I assumed that within a year my time in the porn world would be over.

Now more than three years later, after being booked by more than 20 different studios, and appearing in over 100 different videos, I realize that I vastly underestimated myself. I realize that although I may not be porn star material, I at least have what it takes to gain the attention and support of enough people to allow me to continue doing a job that I love. I realize that even though I was strongly advised to be exclusive, that I can go against the grain, opt to be a free agent, and choose to film as much as possible while still lasting longer than some may have predicted. I realize that I can forge my own name in this industry, on my own terms, without being beholden to one particular studio.

But regardless of my recent revelations and my success thus far, my much beloved job as a porn model is one that I fear has lived past it's expiration date and might soon come to an end. It's only inevitable. You grow old, people get bored, they move on. But just like any other job, there are things you can do to try to safeguard your career in hopes of extending it's lifespan. When it comes to porn models, there are usually three options you can take, you can sign an exclusive contract (usually never offered to a model in his Junior year), you can create your own website and hope it's a success, or you can remain freelance and see how much longer you can last. I am choosing a mixture of all three.

Not too long ago I began filming for Next Door Studios. They are probably the easiest company to work for. The shoots are natural, nothing contrived or forced. No made up back stories, no false pretenses. To top it off, imagine 10 very gorgeous and very horny models staying together in one big house over the span of a week. And speaking from experience, things definitely do go "bump in the night" on a Next Door Shoot. I always have fun when I'm there... both on and off camera.

Now I know this sounds like I'm going exclusive... but I'm not. About a month ago Next Door Studios gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. They offered to fund the creation and filming of all original content for my own website. Not only that but they offered it to me without having to be entirely exclusive. With that being said, why would I want to film for any other website but my own???

Here's hoping for at least another three cock-sucking, hole-pounding, and cum-drenched years of being Mason Wyler!



  1. Mason, you are definitely a porn star--a major one! And one of my favorites.

    Your paid site looks interesting, but I have one big problem with the design. I really can't find out how much it costs without first assigning myself a username and password? Isn't that kind of nuts? I understand it's probably built off the template next door male is using for all their model sites, but still--that's crazy.

    Also, is there any way to find out how big the photos are? I see that each set has lots of them, but I'd really like to know how big they are before I decide if I want to join.

  2. mason i have told you for MONTHS that you always underestimate yourself,a nd i am glad someone else (nextdoor studios) agrees with me! congratulations.. and dont forget to "pimp out" your yahoo group!

    LOVE YA!


  3. Not a porn star? What are you talking about??? You may not be the huuuugest name or anything but you are a porn star!

    (Hey, you even got mentioned as part of the Jack Pack on Wolf Hudson's blog!) Mason Wyler, you are definitely a porn star!!!!

  4. AWESOME CLIP!!!!! You may not think of yourself as a top level porn star but you have countless video is and countless more guys who would love to do a scene with you. Your blog is doing great, your talk-a-thon are doing great, and your website will be one of the most visited sited on the net. We love you THAT much!

  5. congrats mason! and why only three years? whos to say we wont still love mason wyler when hes a dirty (hot) old man teaching the new pups how its done?

  6. no way man, you are a fucking ROCK STAR. I have unloaded so many times watching your hot fucking body going at it. I'd give anything to be you for just a few days...active days, of course. you're the hottest damn piece of ass on the world wide web and don't every forget it.

  7. I noticed that you listed Brent Everett as your fav. porn star. So tell us, why with all the questions from myself and others have you never responded to the posibality or even a desire to do a film with Brent?

    P.S. All one needs to be a "star" is fans, and you seem to have plenty of those, besides people call Paris Hilton a star and WTF has she done?

  8. Mason, You're my favourite Porn Star & I absolutely enjoy your blog!

    You've definitely underestimated yourself in the past & I still think you are. I predict you'll be around for a whole lot longer than you're expecting even now.

    All I can say to the clip - WOW!

    I look forward to seeing your new work & the paid website looks great. I haven't joined yet but the promos etc excel. Downer - it does seem a bit too similar to many of the setups out there - however there is one major difference - it Stars You!

    I noticed your blog on the paid site & it was pretty bare. Q: Are you migrating this one over or maybe the paid site could link to this one instead? I hope you keep running this blog even if it has to be consecutively as here you're so informal, it's personal, it's different and doesn't get lost in the 'same old formula' ie the setup works and people keep coming back to see/hear what you have to say.

    It's also free which is a major drawcard.

    Again, great to see you continuing to change it up.

  9. Congrats on your new site...but will we ever find out who wins the contest to fuck your brains out?

  10. Maybe not signing the contract was one of the best things you could have done. Focus on here and now. Forget about the future, it is irrelevant for the time being. I've had to learn that the hard way. Just waiting for the future doesn't help matters. Hey, so what if your porn career ends? Surely you can do other things. I'll let you in on something, once you are engrossed in a particular career choice, that is all you can think about. You may think that you have underestimated yourself, but think about it this way; would you have rather underestimated yourself, or overestimated your abilities?
    Take no crap from anyone, ever!
    Take care


  12. If you are part of Next Door Studios now, I'd sure like to see you and Ken (the smooth, muscular blonde guy who was in a scene with a jacuzzi and moved into the bathroom) go at it. I've only seen him in solo videos though, so I'm not sure if he is straight.

  13. i fuckin love you Mason! You are great and i think you were very wise not to sign that contract....very wise!! hope to see you soon babe!
    -Scott Tanner

  14. Mason, I tried to visit your site a coule fo times today and got a broken link. Perhaps it is overwhelmed with hits or is down for maintenance. In any case, I'll keep checking back.

    One of the things you did not mention as to how pornstars have extended their careers is to change their look. I can think of a couple of Falcon or Chi Chi LaRue's guys who were nice looking, but not exceptional in any way, who disappeared and came back with bods ranging from gym-toned to full on muscleboy. I think you have a great body already, so I am not sure if you could scuplt a body thats' even better. Just don't get a million tattoos (yuck -a personal thing with me)

  15. this is a great opportunity to do American BB porn like you were talking about concerning the Eastern European stuff. Do it YOUR way!

  16. Your site is great Mason!!
    It will be huge.You deserve the best, always.

  17. Congrats! very very cool!

  18. I am beyond psyched about this!!

  19. OMG the video is gone... what happened Mason... that vid was so HOT

  20. Mason..u're really great. I like all your naked photo. I wish to touch you oneday. I like to see u naked and your ass hole..wow..beautuiful

  21. I sure hope you get the clip back. I'm disapointed it's not available. It was Fantastic! Great Promo!

  22. SAY WHAAAT?!!! Not a porn star? You are ridiculous. You are definitely a porn star. You've got so many fans. If you can make my pecker stand on up and blow my load, then you sir are a star. One of my favorites. However, don't let it get to your head.

    Honestly, I don't have any preference for what you do career-wise. JUST BE SAFE AND BE SMART. And make yourself available for the average college student. If your struggling about your future path, write a list of the pros and cons of each possible decision that you might pursue so that will help you make a decision about that. I am looking forward to seeing your hot, anime-loving bod in many more films in the years to come. You're awesome.

  23. Looks great and worth the $29.95. Just downloaded some of the videos and they are great. I have to check out the pictures yet but I'm sure they are high quality.

  24. yes, you are a porn star... and a very cool one! I think you will be a good friend too. Have the feeling than you are very funny and smart...

    I went last night to Club Houston... and I was thinking, well, what happens here, could be a great movie...lol, have a great time in a group encounter in the maze, six of us playing, sucking, fucking... very nice and sexy

    Happy new year and I hope this year you had all you wanted and deserve


  25. tell us about your new scene with Brent Corrigan! i miss all the updates on my favorite porn star blog!!

  26. Are you done blogging???????????