19 January 2009

The Re-United Mexican States


After Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821 it made several crucial mistakes, the greatest of which was failing to secure its Northern Borders. Thus enabling thousands of Americans to illegally cross the borders and settle in the territories of Coahuila and Tejas. In a matter of years, English-speakers from America quickly became the majority in Texas. Texians began to demand things like statehood (a Mexican state), a regional capital, the freedom of religion, commerce, and owning slaves (and make English an official second language?). Mexico of course did not grant any of those wishes, which eventually led to the Texas Revolution in 1836, which led to the Mexican-American War 10 years later. In that time period, Mexico was dealt many humiliating defeats and ended up losing about 66% of their territory to the United States of America. If it weren't for the USA's victory, we might have never possessed today's national treasures such as the Church of Latter Day Saints, Hollywood, and 80's icon Dallas... Why am I bringing all this up you ask?

You know how they say that history has a habit of repeating itself? Well given our ailing economy and the two wars that don't seem to have an end in sight, immigration reform seems to have been forgotten about. I'm know where I stand on this issue (that's a whole different article) but I'm no expert on what kind of reform would be best, whether we should loosen our borders or close them... Whether we should grant amnesty or kick people out. I just know that something needs to be done, a compromise has to be made and soon.

In the states of California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas, the U.S. citizens of Hispanic descent are swiftly becoming the majority and millions of illegal Mexican immigrants are joining their ranks. Like waves of immigrants before them, they come here in search of a better life, sometimes even risking their health to cross the border on foot. Most come for job opportunity, better wages, and safer living conditions. Many have families back in Mexico to support and feed. Some take jobs away from legal citizens by accepting lower wages. Some are actually better at the jobs. Unfortunately some also come to traffic drugs and fight gang-wars. But the fact remains, most are honest hard-working people who deserve the right to pursue their dreams.

The majority of them even pay U.S. taxes. The IRS says that at least 8 million illegal immigrants pay their yearly income taxes. How do they know? Back in 1996 the IRS began issuing special tax ID numbers specifically for that purpose. Why do the illegals pay them? Probably in hopes that in the future the U.S. government will reward them with some sort of citizenship and clemency. The U.S. government can't just brush aside 8 to 12 million PEOPLE when they are demanding attention. Especially when they have 44 million Spanish-speaking, American Citizens mostly concentrated in the same region, who are standing beside them... and they can vote.

I think our government is failing to see how important of an issue this is. These people can not and will not be ignored. Not only do Hispanics make up for about 30% of the population in the territories we took at the end of the Mexican-American War but some estimates say that in 10 years they will be the MAJORITY in the Southwest United States.

I know it's a long shot, but if indeed Texas and those other states became part of Mexico again... it wouldn't be that bad. Would it?


  1. I don't see much change if any, culturally. We eat the food readily and eagerly. We have Hispanic co-workers. They do a lot of the jobs that many of us do not want to do. Some of the Mexican guys are hot as hell, and are not tuck up as hell. Spanish is one the preferred foreign language students take as a requirement in school. We have immigrants coming to California legally or illegally daily, and as long as they pay their fair share, welcome.

  2. I have to say that I disagree with you on this one. Sorry!

  3. " In a reversal of past trends, Latino population growth in the new century has been more a product of the natural increase (births minus deaths) of the existing population than it has been of new international migration."

    I don't believe for a moment that the Southwestern U.S. is going to become part of Mexico again; they can barely manage their own government, let alone such large states as California and Texas.

  4. I live in new mexico and mexican's make it dirrty im off to new york where they cant afford to live! there is way to many off them! they all live on welfair and have 15 babie more than half of them here dont even work they collect welfair and sell drugs live somewhere where its a problem and you will be tooting a diffrent horn they trash everything they touch and make it trashy and they all think they are gangsters

  5. see, the sad thing is that as much as most of us legal immigrants want the governent to approve some sort of amnesty for our close non-legal immigrant relatives, there will be that other percentage of ghetto, uneducated people that will start braking the law and trafficking (is that a word?) digs and illegal shot like that, so what I think the goverment should do is put a number of tasks that the individual should achieve, like a clean criminal record (both from their native countrys and the us), pay their taxes, learn proper English, know at least basic US history, and swear under oath that they will only get one shot to stay here, and if they screw up, that they will be kicked out and banned from the us... Basically, EDUCATE THEM PROPERLY!

    I'm just saying this... But offcourse, where would the money for the classes come from? Whatev. Lucky me, my mom popes me out in Cali, and educated me to be an overachieving man.

  6. Don't worry about this great nation turning into a United States Of Mexico; It already is.

  7. You are also forgetting that both Texas and California were at one pointe Independent Republics also.

    I know that for Texas they also have a right to split into three states at a whim if they so choose. I see that happening before I see a Federation of former Mexican States, let alone reunification with Mexico, although I see an Independent Federation long before I see reunification.

    Not all Hispanics in that area, or in the USA as a whole, are Mexican too; you would have a national pride issue as well. No Guatemalan or Honduran would accept coming to America to only become a Mexican, it is a cultural insult to the highest degree. A looser nit Federation that could overtake/ cleanup Mexican government eventually would be more palatable to more citizens in the long run.

  8. Firstly, YES, you are right, immigration is not controlled and is a "priority" that has fallen by the way-side year after year, administration after administration, congressional term after congressional term...and I don't think that will soon change.

    Secondly, the solution is going to be hard, on every front, for everyone involved both directly and indirectly.

    I don't know about the history, don't know much about the statistics, neither are important factors in developing a solution except to say they help set the stage.

    In terms of a solution, those who attempt to bring the problem up are quickly squashed and by one side or another deemed a "hater" and a biggot or a loon. Immigration is the "third rail" in politics in this country and i imagine most others as well.

    Think what you will about him, Bush tried to attempt some solution and both the DEMS and his REPUBLICANS fought him. McCain as well.

    No matter what you think the solution should be, the issue must be addressed, and best done soon. Also, forgiveness and immediate citizenship should be a part of the solution. And most importantly, OUR BORDERS MUST BE SECURED!!!

  9. 1. California has the 5th largest economy in the world.
    2. The United States would overcome mexico in any war.
    3. Border controls are being reinforced, you just have not been reading the right journals or catalogued information. Freedom of Information Act.
    4. 2 U.S. citizens will be released from prison in March 2009 for killing a Mexican drug dealer trying to enter the U.S. Borders illegally! Bush on his last day in office made a point to find them clemency.
    5. I do a lot of research. I am a graduate student. Mexico is not going to regain any U.S. territories. The Japanese and British are buying a lot of land from U.S. property owners! I do not think you knew that one. Britain is our strongest ally and has one of the worlds strongest Navy's. Some say the strongest.
    6. China is going to be a strong influence in the United States and in the world as its GDP keeps increasing. China and Japan and many other Asian nations have great population growth rates in the U.S.
    7. The United States is going to become more Socialistic with your new president. This means you will lose some of your personal Liberties.
    I like Obama, but he should take an Andrew Jackson/Ronald Reagan style approach to Domestic Policy and anFDR approach to Foreign Policy. This would ensure limited government and offer new jobs for ailing physical structures in the U.S. ; like roads, bridges, highway revitlization, etc..

  10. You are on a losing battle with this topic. The borders need to be reinforced. The western United States is NOT a Mexican colony.I don't have a problem with illegals trying to make a better life for themselves BUT there are millions of people who want to live in this country and can't because they chose to do it legally.
    Those Hispanics who do chose to sneak in need to learn English and try to incorporate an American lifestyle. But most don't. They refuse to learn English, are sometimes racist towards Black and other minorities, and never try to improve the quality of life in their communities. They don't take pride in becoming Americans. They take our money but yet treat our country like shit.
    Close down the border and change our laws to make it fair for all those who wish to chose to live in our country legally!

  11. I am all for anyone coming to this pathetic country of ours who has been sucked dry like a big cock by the greedy people at Wall Street...What, does anyone still want to come here? last I heard even the latin americans (forget Mexicans) are heading "back" in record numbers. I must say your research is a bit old! What a shame that from the riches country in the world we have become a fifth world country not becuase someone attacked or invaded us, but the GREED OF OUR VERY OWN CITIZENS. I see no hope for a nation so corrupt, so greedy - I'll gladly move to Asia if they let me in.

  12. I see this a little differently than most people. Many Mexicans have an historical memory that is still upset about losing territory in the Mexican-American war, and they favor a pipe dream of retaking it.

    The truth is, and all Mexicans described in the previous paragraph should hear this: We stole your land fair and square. And now, we're going to steal your people, too.

  13. Hello Marcus,

    I'm not American and I'm not Mexican. I'm not of Hispanic descent.

    I don't think the borders will change that much.

    I do find it very interesting, however, that it is generally acknowledged around the world that the USA will be a Spanish speaking nation with English as the second language within the next 100 years.

    Others might find this a laughable idea however it seems to be a matter of convenience. A growing labour force, immigration (legal or otherwise) and birth rates are amongst many other factors to consider.

    Check statistics on Miami if you don't believe this is a possibility.

    According to Wikipedia (I won't cite Wikipedia's sources - take this with a grain of salt)..."Spanish is the primary language spoken at home by over 34 million people aged 5 or older. The U.S. is home to more than 45 million Hispanics, making it the world's second-largest Spanish-speaking community, only after Mexico and ahead of Colombia, Spain, and Argentina...."

    What are your thoughts on this?

  14. To add to what I have stated.
    1. Spain failed to set up governments and their cultures properly. Why do you think we had to declare war on Spain, even after Spain gave Florida to the U.S.
    2. Spanish cultures refuse to learn English as a second language. Almost every other culture or nations have learned English as a second language.
    3. There will be a fight for the official language of the United States due to these undereducated Spanish speaking cultures that live within the U.S. They morally and economically degrade societies across the U.S., Statistically speaking.
    4. Spain made many mistakes during its imperialistic time in history. Britain, France, Belgium, United States, Portugal, and many other European Nations were met with much better success rates in establishing and maintaining their acquired territories. Spain just did not know how to maintain their territorries. Britain, France, and the U.S.A. were the most successful in their imperialistic times.
    5. Britain had the most territories and released most of them during 1945-1950. Some view this as a mistake, as what is currently happening in the Middle East! Some scholars say these countries would better be served, still being under British Rule.
    Johnny D.

  15. Yo, Johnny D, you seem to be an educated person, yet you spew racial generalizations like the best red necks. No, not ALL illegal immigrants are ignorant and refuse to learn English. No, not ALL Hispanic countries refuse to learn English as a second language (this one was a laugh). Yes, Spain did a shoddy job with its colonies, but guess who also sucks at occupation? The USA! (i.e. a little country called Iraq).
    You seem to have a lot of interesting facts, but struggle to make any useful or coherent conclusions from them.

  16. Marcus Wyler,
    1. Put this into your memory, as your opinion is not entirely supported by statistical data.
    2. Australia has passed many laws rejecting certain cultures/national peoples from entering their country. This was done to prevent terrorism from continuing.
    3. Great Britain is moving into the same direction as Australia. France and Italy have passed laws restricting certain abilities to a population which is more than 1/6 of their own population; that is peoples of Middle Eastern Descent.
    4. Governments do and have taken some rights of certain other sub-cultures within their geographical territories away, when these sub-cultures have caused problems in the eyes of the Government that interfere with the needs of the majority! This has happened throughout human history and will continue to occur when needed.
    5. Population and Numbers alone do not dictate outcomes! Look what happened to the Spanish Armada when its overwhelming number of ships were destroyed by Queen Elizabeth's small British Naval Force!
    6. History does as you say repeat itself. Individuals rely on systems and advancement of their technologies. Wars always have erupted and will continue to erupt. Objectivity is a hard concept for many to grasp.
    7. Only when major natural disasters, global environmental problems, and great evil occurs do countries/cultures put aside their differences and unite for the sake of humankind to resolve or reverse the effects of these problems. This is truly when people are at their best!
    8. Wars determine who is left and not who is right. Wars are not what made America great. America bought most of its territorial regions from other countries. That is what makes America different from all other cultures. America has and can compromise on the World Stage.
    9. Clearly the variables suggest that Asian languages will become more influential in American culture than Spanish in the future.

  17. Wow,

    Thank you so much for bringing attention to this topic. Honestly much of the immigration from Mexico and other Latin American countries has much to do with the signing of NAFTA back in 94. Not only do we need to revise our policies on NAFTA but also our border and Human rights policies for all Immigrants. Not just those crossing South of the border. =)

  18. There is a compelling need to rid the country of aliens and we need to do it now. You see, we have no way to reduce population humanely, and I have no intent of having aliens on my land, roads, in my schools or in my pocket. Our failure of protect the citizens of the United States of alien invasion is an affront to our citizens and understanding that we have to educate the aliens if they are in this country, we therefore must make sure that they are NOT in this country. Obama has said we can not deport 15 million illegal aliens but I am firmly convinced that we must employ every act in our arsenal to rid our country of the alien invaders. The infestation of foreign nationals must stop.

  19. I'm Mexican, and they should only let the hot guys here :D. On the other hand im with you man.

  20. Let's just say, it would be bettter if they joined us so that we have a slightly less corrupt govt, but wouldnt be bad if we become the United States of Mexico! :)