12 January 2009

A Wyler Top Ten List: Best GLBT Movies

10. 20 Centimetros

9. Männer Wie Wir

8. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

7. De-Lovely

6. Mysterious Skin

5. Nine Dead Gay Guys

4. A Touch of Pink

3. Saving Face

2. Notes on a Scandal

1. Beautiful Thing

Honorable Mentions:

Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds

The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green


Savage Grace

The Talented Mr. Ripley

What are your favorite Gay Movies?


  1. Although the acting may not have been too strong, i've always been a fan of "Latter Days"- Excited to see Lifetime's "Prayer's for Bobby" coming out soon as well it was filmed down the street from me so I know the plot I just need to see how they execute it...TransAmerica isn't bad either

  2. 'Borstal Boy' always makes me tear up a bit... And I absolutely loved 'Shelter'.

  3. i agree with the man above me.....latter days was a great movie and i cant wait for sat the 24th to see prayers for bobby... i absolutely luved a touch of pink...its my fav gay movie ever

  4. "Parting Glances" is my all time favorite. Check it out.

  5. Notes on a Scandal was outstanding and Beautiful Thing is my Fav!

  6. La Cage aux Folles, of course. How could you you leave that out?

  7. I had no idea that Talented Mr. Ripley was a gay movie. I guess its time to watch it, eh? haha

  8. Fantastic, Beautiful Thing is your number 1 choice!

    I love the film, the original stage play, you can't help but feel good once you've watched it.

    90s Britain, more or less how i remember it growing up!

  9. I like the above mentioned Latter Days & Beautiful Thing, but I also like Shelter & Bent

  10. Latter Days is way up there for me

  11. "Shelter" is , Hands Down, the best gay movie I've ever seen. You guys should seriously check it out. I was reluctant to watch it, but when I did I had One Thousand & One moments.

    Great actors, great story, and a CLASSY way of telling a coming out/ gay love story.

    ...and it has Brad Rowe in it!

  12. I agree !!!
    "Latter Days" is my All-Time favorite!
    I also like "Shelter", "Circuit", and "Loggerhead" (was filmed in my neighborhood when I lived in Wilmington, NC.)

    Watch'em some time!!!

  13. Ciao! - GREAT!
    Latter Days
    Shelter! - A tremendous movie
    Rock Haven
    Beautiful Thing
    Get Real
    Big Eden
    Just a Question of Love
    Longtime Companion
    Sommersturm (Summer Storm)
    Mysterious Skin
    All Over the Guy
    Yossi and Yagger
    The Laramie Project
    Boys in the Band
    Wedding Wars
    Boy Culture
    Edge of Seventeen
    In and Out
    Angels in America
    Verbotene Liebe - Forbidden Love a German Soap Opera, even though it is not a movie the storyline between Olie and Christian is great...it does not focus on gay vs straight but the love between two people and how love is limitless! You should watch it, here is a link to the subtitled episodes on YouTube; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DMd1dKqqWRI

    Thanks - Jake

  14. Another vote here for the excellent and already mentioned:

    Latter Days
    Get Real
    Big Eden

    I also liked Trick and Twist, and the new "Were the World Mine."

  15. Beautiful Thing is definitely my number one of all time. It was without a doubt the best of the bunch of teen gay films from the time. Also mentioned have been Shelter and Latter Days. Both of those are amazing. I also want to mention a little known film that I love. It's probably number 2 or 3 for me. Lilies was amazing. Anyone who hasn't seen it should check it out. It's a Canadian film and it's great. Another important one is Boys in the Band. That movie always gets a bad rap, but considering the time it came out, it's very well done and a very important cultural touchstone. I would recommend to anyone to at least watch it. There's a lot of reasons it's not as bad as the reputation it's got. At the very least, it holds an important place in history and shouldn't be forgotten.

  16. I cant believe noone mentioned Broken Hearts Club....definitely top ten!

  17. Mine has to be y tu mama tambien, bad education, and the dreamers I LOVE Gael gracia bernal I also have a thing for michael pitt there's something about his lips and louis garrel if you haven't seen those movies definitely check em out! They both have some pretty hot scenes

  18. The Trip (2002)
    Circuit (2004)
    Leaving Metropolis (2002)
    Latter Days (2003)

  19. I agree with De-Lovely and Notes on a Scandal, but there are a few I disagree with.

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof? Really? I think that is one of the worst film adaptations of Tennessee Williams. Streetcar Named Desire is much better, and in some ways, even gayer. After all Blanche DeBois was the inspiration behind Blanche Deverough in Golden Girls.

    And Talented Mr. Ripley gets only honorable mention? Do you not remember the tub scene, or Matt Damon's sultry rendition of "My Funny Valentine"? Or the fact that his character is constantly pretending to be someone he's not. If that's not gay, I don't know what is.

    And there are some great films that are missing here. Where are Brokeback Mountain, The Birdcage, Adventures of Priscilla, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, TransAmerica, Interview With the Vampire, and Angels in America?

  20. Glad to see Beautiful Thing as your Number 1 - it's my absolute favourite. Jonathan Harvey is a genius. Also love Get Real, Another Country, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Victim and Torch Song Trilogy – a superb film. Will definitely catch up with some of those you've all listed that I haven't seen!

  21. I love Touch of Pink. I also really liked Boy Culture.

  22. Hate to admit that there are several I've not seen, but totally endorse the inclusion of 'Beautiful Thing'. Must admit, too, that anything with a Mama Cass soundtrack would be on my list. DAMN, I miss her!

  23. Really Beautiful Thing? Really? Can't get more preachy and sentimental than that.

    Some of the others mentioned, I can understand... but Beautiful Thing. Not that I'm saying its bad, I'm just not sure I'd include it in my top ten. I am, however, very gald to see 20 Centimetros on your list.

    I'd have to consider TransAmerica, and definately Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Brokeback Mountain is another good one. And there's Milk; The Laramie Project; Angels in America (brillant!); Hairspray (I mean c'mon John Waters is a genius and really I should just say any John Waters movie - particularly the ones with Divine); and there's C.R.A.Z.Y. (got to love those Quebecios)! And for a touch of the old school cult classic and camp... Rocky Horror Picture Show!

    I could go on. I'd have to really think about this, there are so many choices. What would even constitute a gay movie? Harry Potter could be included too! And the X-Men movies. So what do we consider a "gay" movie? And should lesbian movies like Gia be included?

  24. Yeah, but fon't all films/movies have a touch of gayness, even though it may be the tiniest of pieces? Just because it is so small, does not mean it does not exist.
    I believe that all films have everything required in order to make it enjoyable. But, hey that's my opinion....
    Take care

  25. My favorites were Mambo Italiano, Beautiful Thing, Edge of Seventeen, The Trip and Latter Days

  26. 1)My own private Idaho
    2)Brokeback mountain
    3)Torch song trilogy
    4)Gods and monsters
    6)Drole de Felix
    8)Another country
    10)Le fate ignoranti
    12)Bedrooms and hallways
    13)Walk on water
    14)A home at the end of the world
    15)Mysterious skin
    17)Beautiful thing
    18)The rules of attraction
    19)Vevet goldmine
    21)Love and death on Long Island
    23)Mambo italiano
    24)Almost normal
    25)The raspberry reich
    28)The wedding banquet
    30)Les témoins

  27. SHelter its a good themed movie

  28. My top Favorite is "Latter Days"...can't believe it wasn't in masons' list at all. Other Favorites:

    Birdcage, Trick, Touch of Pink, Too Wong Foo, Adventures of Priscilla-Queen of the Desert, Broken Hearts Club, Big Eden, Defying Gravity, Beautiful Thing, All Over The Guy, In & Out, and Three (which is more of a documentary on a Gay couple & their permanent third living in the U.K.)

    Prayer's For Bobby looks like it will be really good as well...I guess Lifetime has finally realized that they aren't just "Television for Women" but are "Television for Women & Gay Men"!!

  29. You've got to see SHELTER -- starring Brad Rowe. One of the best movies ever made.

  30. I'm amazed at how many people have Latter Days up there as one of their favorites. Count me in! I absolutely love that movie. Other notablees for me include Brokeback Mountain, Get Real, Rent (although not really a gay movie per se)

  31. I must say Shelter is my fav movie. It's just soff!

  32. I just luv it when they really swallow it. It suck when some guys pretend to swallow and then spit it out in some ways :D

  33. High Tension
    Dog Day Afternoon
    Dressed to Kill
    The Hunger
    Breakfast On Pluto
    The Fruit Machine (aka Wonderland)
    Sleepaway Camp
    Profondo Rosso (aka Deep Red)
    Night Warning
    The Fan (1981)
    A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge
    Apt Pupil
    Fear No Evil
    Night of the Creeps
    The Phantom of the Paradise

    There would be my top twenty Gay Films.

  34. just a question of love (french film) - the best film ever!

  35. Ok List starts
    The Fluffer
    Lie Down With Dogs
    Ethan Mao
    Get Real
    Billy Elliot
    Like It Is
    Relax... It's Just Sex

  36. watched Mysterious skin and Eating our 2.

    Mysterious skin was really good. i like 8/10.

    Eating out two was okay 6/10

  37. Flawless
    Longtime Companion
    Plaid Green Shirt

  38. TransAmerica
    Big Eden
    Burnt Money
    Angels in America
    Desert Moon
    Personal Best
    Brokeback Mountain

    are nine that should be honorable mentions..they are on my lists of top 20 queer films..

  39. Wow! Beautiful thing is also my top all time gay film. It's over ten years old, and a little dated but it still moves me. I watch is once a year: My and my husband's anniversary.

    Ripley is one of my favorite films period. And, Yes Vagina, it is a gay film.

    Way to go Mason. Awesome site. I've lost 5 hours today reading through it.

  40. I think the best thing about this list and all our posts is truly how lucky we all are to be living in a time where we have so many open and honest Gay films that aren't blocked or butchered by straights.

    These are our stories. This is our cinema. We thank all the brave men and women, on and off the screen, for giving us so much to hope for. It is the legacy that will be remembered and remembered fondly!

  41. aww... no broken hearts Club, Trick, or Urbania? haha. Cool list though :-)

  42. You've got #1 right. "Beautiful Thing" is my favorite movie of all time. Ste is so hot but I know I'd fall in love with Jamie in a minute.

  43. omg what about LATTER DAYS???? the movie was A-MAZING!! and Priscilla, that was my first gay movie i ever saw (and it was only 2 yrs ago so I'm still a "gay-culture virgin")

  44. Hedwig and the Angry Inch' and 'Shortbus'

  45. Noahs Arc Jumping the broom
    Another Gay Movie
    Adam and Steve
    Locked Up
    Too Wong Foo

  46. coffee date
    boy culture

  47. :D love: männer wie wir <3 , De-Lovely (kevin spacey <3 when will he come out of the closet?! :P Mysterious Skin (joseph gordon levitt <3 in infatuation with him since 2005) nine dead gay guys <3 the rest i have not seen, though i am reading tennessee william's ( love, love him, definitely one of the men i'd like to share a meal with, dead or alive) cat on a hot tin roof. i recommend patrick age 1,5: soooo lovely. cut sleeve boys <3! and oh god so many more, (: