10 February 2009

Now For Something Completely Different: Porn


I thought I'd take a page from an earlier posting by Mason and offer up a review from Eboys Studios, an Eastern European bareback studio he seemed rather...smitten with. So that led me on a quest for porn wherein I endured rigurous hours of searching and screening and enjoying that ended exhaustively with Raw Twink. That’s right, singular "Twink". Makes it sound more like a dish. What’ll you be having tonight? Why I think I’ll go with the raw twink, extra heavy on the cream.
Now why Raw Twink instead of a more recent Eboys movie? Well, if you just started with the most recent, you miss out on all the great stuff that comes before. And Raw Twink is one of Eboy’s best titles. Besides, as I said, I took my cue from an earlier posting of Mason’s where he showcased some of Peter and Micky Coolio’s talents. Look for them in this little gem.

There are no tops and bottoms, really. There are only cum starved cock fiends. Which is good for them, because the holes are wide open and the cum is plentiful, ending up on everything and in everyone. Actually, anything that does end up on someone ends up getting scooped or shoved inside them.
The first scene starts out fairly unremarkable. Ryan Phillipe (God don’t we all wish it was him) and Giovanni start going at it in the kitchen with absolutely no preamble. There’s some snake tongued kissing then Giovanni drops to his knees to suck a fresh load from Ryan long cock. And you’re left thinking, ok, that was it?! But that was just the warm-up. Ryan’s on all fours in no time, getting long dicked by his buddy, his own huge cock still hard, swinging back and forth like a pendulum below him and dripping precum all over the floor. This boy loves getting fucked. And Giovanni loves fucking him, so much that even after he pulls out and blows his load, he bends Phillipe back over the counter and pounds him awhile longer, with his cum still dripping off Ryan’s balls. Holy shit. I need a break.

I don’t know that it would be fair to go through each scene bit by bit and ruin all the surprises. There are, after all, five more scenes. Though…to be honest, no one watches porn for surprises. So how about a quick sketch? Be warned, though: expect multiple cum shots, flip flopping and post cum fucking, gaping, cum hungry asses and equally hungry mouths.

Scene two plays out with Micky Coolio playing the role of bottom boy and blond, tanned, muscular, but oh so young looking Carey Lexes as the top. And Coolio’s not like Phillipe. He doesn’t drip when getting fucked. He leaks a steady stream. Like that dick’s just forcing the cum out.

The third scene finds heavily pierced hottie Aurelian Duval walking in on his buddy Shemin working up a nice sweat with some crunches. Both boys take turns fucking, with Duval getting his tight hole worked over first and earning a huge load for his work. Then Shemin happily bends over. I always wondered what it would feel like to get fucked with a PA. Apparently pretty fucking good. Both boys ride those cocks for all their worth while staying rock hard.

Next up is our first threesome with Valentine (the dark haired guy smirking on the cover) sitting on the floor while his buddies, Lucky Look (ok, yeah, that name is a bit odd) and Peter Scott warming up behind him on the couch. It’s amazing how big these boys are. Look’s huge cock, hard throughout, bounces all over the place as he bounces up on down on Valentine’s gigantic stick.

Scene…five? Is that what we’re on? OK, yeah, it’s scene five. Anyway we get a treat when our bleached blond pal Carey Lexes returns with…Camel. I’d say he’s probably hung like a camel. Assuming they’re roughly on par with donkeys/horses and other such four legged friends. Lexes bends over this time. Then Camel does. They both cum. A lot. On each other. And they feed each other too.

The last scene is one big orgy with seven guys, though surprisingly light on the fucking. Honestly, the other scenes are better as far as sheer, raw ass pounding. But it does have a hell of an ending, with Jack Rebel, pretty much the bottom throughout the scene, getting five loads fed directly to him. The last two, including his own, get scooped up into his mouth. The whole world’s in a recession. Waste not, want not.

So, if we were going to rate this on the usual scale of 1 to 5, this would be a five. Unless we were going with how many times you cum watching it. Then it would probably go up to around 6. One for each scene or so. At the very least, I can guarantee you can’t watch without losing it a couple times. There’s no story. There’s no setup. But nothing’s better than hot guys who LOVE what they’re doing, as I think everyone here can attest to. Check it out. Bareback Eastern European porn at its finest.


  1. I love this idea!!! Thanks for the review! You can't make good porn if you don't know what MAKES good porn. Though I'll shamelessly say my first DVD is up for a GAY AVN award. (Though I think that is blind luck for me!)

    But I love this keep it up!

  2. -- "Bareback Eastern European porn at its finest."

    Well, actually I thought Raw Recruits with Jay Renfro was the was the finest I've seen in this genre, and still do.

    But I felt a bit guilty watching it knowing that one of these days, it's likely that he'll test poz. As for Eastern European porn at its finest, I'll take Bel Ami, which has some of the best camera work and ethics in the porn biz. Duroy must treat his boyz well, since so many of them continue to hang around and work for the studio, and have only good things to say about him.

  3. I know this have nothing to do with your post but might I suggest an archive for older post on like a part of the blog? Because I'm a new reader and has been going back to your old posts and its kinda hard to keep track of where i was and stuff...

    Thanks in advance!! even if you decide not to take my suggestion I'll still be a big fan..


  4. Omigosh its alex again.... ummm so i guess there was an archive all along? LOL i'm dumb, i couldn't find it HAHAAHAHA well its useless now i think i read this whole blog already XD I'm a fan of Mason from now on..

  5. This is a good idea actually. There should be more reviews like this. In my opinion, I believe this will benefit all of us.
    My only criticism is there is not enough detail. Sure, some people would be like wetting in their chairs, because of all of the imagery. However, people like me who crave detail, won't be excited enough to "let go" of their liquid, let's just say.
    This is a constructive criticism, not a negative feature. I think this was the first review on here, was it not? We can all learn from our mistakes.
    Take care