15 February 2009

Rant Dos


What's up motherfuckers. Yeah, I'm back.

A little intro before tonight's festivities. I know no one is here to read the rantings of a bitter, old, fat, colored queen (a special note to Andy, my friend from across the pond: listen heifer, if you want to insult please go at it, but stop with the reality show mess. I'm TV free and the only telly references I get come from the following shows: Hill Street Blues, Homicide, The Wire, and The Flintstones). You all want Mason's tales of incredible booty sex and how you too can tap his loverly ass. Really can't hate you for that. Alas all you get is me and my ranting. Well deal with it peoples. No one said life was fair. If it were, do you think I would be writing this shit for free?

Without any more delay, my second round of things that annoy.

1) Queens who like to point out how they are not like other queens: you hear this all the time in the bars. Some man, doing his best to swallow the cum stuck in his throat, going on and on how glad he is that he doesn't act nelly.

2) Gay porn stars with great asses who only top: this is going to make me marry a woman because it is immoral. A beautiful backside in gay porn is supposed to be filled with lots of dick, not stared at.

3) Conversations on race: if I were queen of the US of A, no one would be allowed to talk about race for 100 years. It's an important topic, but 99 percent of what is said is either drivel or just plain racist. And for the record: just because you date a man of a different color does not give you a pass to get in my face to yammer about the struggle for equality. I get no royalties from this, but you should read Richard Thompson Ford's The Race Card.

4) Gay porn and race: take away the gay sex and the KKK would love gay porn. Jesus, what is up with the segregation where Asians bone Asians, blacks do blacks, Latinos bed Latinos, and whites do the nasty with whites. And the few times there is some cross racial loving, the stereotype is right behind. Chi-Chi baby I loves you, but damn! How many times can you do the one white guy being gang banged by 50 black guys thing!?

5) The New York Knicks: I love them. They are my team, but they suck. And not in the good way.

6) Guys who don't watch their teeth: my dick is thick and the few times I've gotten it sucked (I know you motherfuckers are not shocked about my pathetic sex life), I've had to say more than once to be careful with the fangs. The only time I didn't have to make that request was with this woman I was dating back in the day (long boring story). She knew how to to handle it. Rather well actually. She needs to give lessons to some of you.

7) Queens who get grossed out about eating pussy: I've done it. It ain't bad.

This is enough to chew on for tonight. Do what you need to. The picture is from auteur Vidkid Timo.


  1. Well James, regarding item (2, I think that if you wait patiently, you'll find most of those purportedly exclusive tops with beautiful butts will eventually give up their holes. Maybe they're just waiting for the right financial offer or timing.

    Relating that to item (4, you'll surely be gratified to know that Chi Chi LaRue directed Asian porn star Brandon Lee in his first bottoming role (Wicked) in 2005. That was after something like seven prior films and eight years off and on in the biz as a top-only porn star.

  2. You really do like ranting, don't you? Hahaha....
    Well, I think about it this way. Some people in this world need to rant about everything. You are basically providing a service to this world. So what if there are small minded people who take offence to this, we all need a wake up call.
    Please continue ranting, as it is important for us all to hear.
    Take care

  3. whatever.. what movie is that brock webster pic from?.. it looks HOTT!

  4. A nice dick and/or nice ass doesn't mean one should do things in bed if they don't want too lol. its their body.

  5. I completely agree with the fact that the KKK would love gay porn. What's up with the whole racial segregation in porn? More than just that, there's a complete lack of Asians in porn in general!