31 March 2009

Gays Running Amok!


Well, at the risk of starting a firestorm debate over a subject that kind of annoys me, I felt someone at least should post this since it is pretty big gay news. Now, I don't get too fired up over the marriage debate. A lot of you do. So knock yourselves out in between whacking off to porn.

New Hampshire House OKs same-sex marriage

New Hampshire and Vermont are both on the road to legalizing gay marriage. Which, if they do, will pretty much leave Maine all alone in New England as far as the gay thing goes. We're taking over baby! Though, really, who wants to live in Maine? At least Vermont has skiing. And New Hampshire has...well..."Live free or die?"

I actually held off on posting this to see if it took off at all as big news. It really hasn't. Maybe that's because it's not finalized yet. (I also haven't paid attention to FOX News. For all I know they could be on "GayWatch '09".) When the decision is finally settled on whether to allow it or not in the two states, then it might take off in the news. Or not. Maybe people just aren't getting rabidly fired up about it. Which would be a good thing.
In any case, its far from settled. Vermont's governor is sure to veto it, and New Hampshire's governor, while opposing it, is staying tight-lipped. Depending on the support in the state congresses, it could pass, or it could not. We'll have to see.

Oh, and just for a fun side note. Now the bad economy's a reason to allow same-sex marriage. God, we're good at marketing. And you're correct: Those figures kissing above do have breasts. But I fucking love that image.

19 March 2009

Gay Essentials: My Own Private Idaho


Yeah, yeah, I saw Mason’s post from the other week. The fact is, my fellow queers and queer wannabes (yeah, I’ve noticed the occasional comment from a girl, and don’t doubt there are a few delusional “breeders” getting off on visiting here), times are tough, in just about every way imaginable for all of us. So I figure, why not lose ourselves in entertainment? Isn’t that why we’re here anyway? The movie industry’s doing all right these days (porn industry too, I believe, but there are *gasp* things beyond porn) so let’s focus on some must-see gay movies every self respecting queer should be familiar with.

First up: 1991’s My Own Private Idaho. Why is it a gay essential? It’s written and directed by openly gay Gus Van Sant who’s also directed one of the most recent queer icon movies: Milk. (He also did Good Will Hunting, but as homotastic as Matt Damon and Ben Affleck can be together, it’s not a gay film. At least not that way.)

It stars River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves as street kids turning tricks; one of them to survive, the other just to piss off his daddy. Plus, it’s got cult actor and Warhol buddy, Udo Kier with a memorable and wholly bizarre cameo as one of the boys’ Johns. (Though if you want to see a truly freaky role of his, check out – among many choices - Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein. Necrophilia, over the top 70s gore, bizarre fetishes, and a totally fucking hot 26 year old Joe Dallesandro, spending a good chunk of the movie unabashedly, full frontally, bareassed naked.)

My Own Private Idaho is funny and touching and will, at times, beg the question: Is it wrong to be turned on by someone who’s dead? Especially by such a loss as River Phoenix when you see in this movie just how good he could be. And it’s wholly quirky. It takes Van Sant’s hyper-realistic scenes with real life street kids bullshitting in a coffee shop, and stirs in some bizarre surrealism like when the photos on dirty magazine covers come alive and start talking to each other. And it’s based loosely on Henry IV, Part I. If you don't know it, tough shit, you'll get an idea when you see the movie.

Keanu Reeves is Scott, the movie’s version of Prince Hal, hell bent on upsetting his rich and powerful father. River Phoenix is Mike, Hal’s sidekick, the closest analogue of which is Poins. But that doesn’t really matter, because the story revolves around Mike and the Shakespeare is just a part of Mike’s search for his mother. A search that takes he and best friend Scott from Oregon, to Idaho and then over to Italy. Though, yes, during the Henry IV parallels the dialogue is done in Shakespearean iambic pentameter. Which is kind of odd, but it works because the whole movie about a narcoleptic hustler is odd. Oh yeah, River Phoenix’s character has narcolepsy. And it can be as funny as it sounds. Tragic too.

The movie’s from Mike’s eyes and he’s frequently out cold. So when he’s out, we’re out. The viewer’s left as disconnected and confused as he is. Which is beautiful because the movie revolves around his disconnection and a loneliness so deep that all he wants is find someone to love him. And like any good gay kid, that ends up translating into falling in love with his best friend. Keanu Reeves shows that he’s capable of acting beyond his usual “Whoah” as Mike's often tender, but much too straight, caretaker. Of course he still pales next to River Phoenix’s touching performance. The fireside scene where Mike shyly admits his feelings is one of the most beautiful scenes ever filmed.

It mixes comedy, tragedy and poignancy all at once, and you aren’t gay if you haven’t seen My Own Private Idaho. Seriously. You know who you are. Give me your fucking card: you're out. It’s only Van Sant’s third film, and it’s one of River’s most nuanced performances. (Reeves’ too, but it’s not like we set the bar that high for him.) Check it out. You’ll see why everyone always has to work “tragedy” into every sentence that mentions River Phoenix.

And no, not in a sentence like: “The walking tragedy that is River Phoenix’s brother.”

17 March 2009

This is RARE

OK. You're right. Me down on my knees sucking a dick isn't rare at all. In fact, it's quite common. BUT this is:
Yup. That's me on top for once. Surprised? So am I. But every now and then I do get the urge to plow some tight boy-hole. Trust me when I say, if I'm in the mood to top, I can go for hours and hours before I bust my nut. I even get a little rough and dominant.


*People that annoy you

Can you guess the title word?

Before I reveal what it is I want to take the time to explain my story from yesterday, my choice of words, and my opinion on the subject matter.

In the simplest of terms, racism is the belief that one racial group is inherently superior to another. It's a doctrine that a persons race determines his capabilities, his merits, and his shortcomings. By that definition I would not consider myself racist and I would argue till the cows came home with anyone who would label me as such. My use of a racial slur was inexcusable, insensitive, and ignorant. But not racist. I do not think white people are better in any way than black people.

I know that I will never understand what it feels like to be a black man and hear/read the n-word and that's why I will never argue that it is OK for me to use it. Regardless of the situation.

I am sorry to anyone that I may have indirectly offended. I did not have any racist feelings when I used the n-word and I apologize if my story hurt you in some way. To the Fat Black Man in the Purple Sweat Suit, this apology is not for you, I INTENDED TO OFFEND YOU as you offended me.

But please keep in mind that I am no saint. I am not patient. I am not very tolerant of opinions I do not agree with. I have a bad sense of humor. I am hypocritical. I have a bad temper. I don't normally think before I speak. And I am human.

If everything I have said so far is not enough to gain the forgiveness of the gay black community then what if I offered up my ass in The Next Black Balled Movie or Niggas' Revenge 2? Would that set things gay?

Although that might be more of a reward to me instead of a punishment... But I'm sure if you find the right models, dominant rough tops that would have no mercy and just tear my hole apart, like say... Diesel Washington for example, then I'm sure I'd learn my lesson.

And maybe I'd never go back ;)

P.S. The title word of this blog is:
N_GGERS - People that annoy you = N*A*GGERS
If you thought it was some other word. Does that make you a racist?

Tommy D and I Like to Share Boys

Well at least one in particular and his name is Miguel Prange. In case I forgot to say this before, Miguel is one of my favorite scene partners thus far and I'm keeping my fingers crossed (and my hole lubed up) in hopes that I will get to work with him again soon. Check out the preview video below of Tommy D and I servicing the gorgeous Miguel Prange.

Seriously, the boy is hot! Even Cody Cummings can't deny Miguels natural beauty. If you fail to see why we have the hots for Mr. Prange then let me take a few moments to show you why our mouths water and our holes twitch everytime we hear his name.

If you still don't see what we see in Miguel then maybe you need to check out our videos and get a better look at him...




I STILL Want Trey

Now before anyone suggests that I stop yearning for SC Cock and actually get my ass in a Sean Cody video with the boys of my desires, let me just say this: I TRIED BUT THEY DON'T WANT ME! They wouldn't touch me with a 10ft pole. That's just how it goes if you decide to work for 20+ different companies and spread your hole around like it's the porn village bicycle. By industry standards I'm old and rotten, they want fresh and new. Or at least they want models who are as hot as Trey is and I don't even come close.

Oh Well. At least I can still watch and fantasize. Which is exactly what I've been doing. Watching his videos in between playing video games and working out. Fantasizing I was taking his cock while I was fingering myself in the shower. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I really can't help but lust after the boy. Maybe if I met him in person I might change my mind. But I highly doubt that would happen. Nothing short of him saying, "I'm a Vegan, Republican, Mac owner, born-again Christian, and Wii Player that thinks sexual identity is a choice", would turn me off to him. How often do you find one of those? And even if he said all that and then whipped his cock out and told me to "suck it!" I'm not sure I would be able to resist. Yeah, I'm not very good at withstanding temptation, especially if it's with a guy like Trey (Republican Vegan or not).

What's strange is that in my opinion Trey looks so much better as a bottom BUT if by a slim chance I got to have one night with him, I'd want him to be a total top. I'd want him to dominate me every way possible. Verbally, Physically, Emotionally, and Sexually.

See what I mean about him looking fucking hot as a cock hungry bottom? But for some reason that I can't explain, watching Trey stuff his face and ass with man meat just makes me want to spread my ass-cheeks for him even more.

What would be even hotter is if I could watch Trey get fucked in person. I walk into his hotel room to find him riding some random studs cock, they keep fucking oblivious to my presence. And then after the top blew his load and left, Trey would grab me and force me to eat his freshly fucked twat out. Of course that would be followed by him ramming his rod down my throat, making me choke and gag on it... And once I got his dick all wet and slippery, he'd flip me on my back, spit on my hole, and shove his dick in my ass balls deep, pumping in and out of me until he blew his wad.
Yes, I know the likelihood of that ever happening is slim to none but a boy can dream can't he? Now excuse me while I go shower.

Playing With Chris Redfield in RE5

Well I've sworn off WOW for at least a month. That game was sucking the life out of me and not in a good way. I still have Kill Zone 2, F.E.A.R. 2, and the Prince Of Persia to finish. But it's Resident Evil 5 starring the molestable Chris Redfield that's got my full attention. Free blow-jobs for any and every guy that looks like him! Y'all know where to find me.

What are you playing?

16 March 2009

Blame Commonpeople

By James B. Wyler

Yes "the fucktard" returns rather quickly; however, it's not my fault. Put the responsibility on Commonpeople because what follows his fault. Let's be clear though beyotches. I know why you are here. If I told you tales of pushing Mason on his stomach and filling his ass with dick,
I'm sure all of you would be loving me with jealousy. So I understand the game. And when Mason closes this thing down, I'm off the radar back to my cosmos and straight bartender lust. However, before that happens I'm going to have some fun and Mr. Commonpeople had a great equation when he commented on my last post:

Porn + Education = Revolution!

So we are going to start a Wyler book club (WBC). Don't start sweating beyotches. If you don't want to do it, you don't have to. No one will be forced to read and there will be no testing. I'll throw out a book title and 4 weeks later ask people to talk about it. Real simple. And the shit is voluntary. Please don't make me repeat that. The only thing some of you might not like is I'll be making the book choices. Think Oprah, minus the the talk show, media power, and best friend named Gayle.

Okay. So let's get started. Our first Wyler book is Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian. You might have heard of McCarthy. The movie No Country for Old Men is based on his book. Warning: if you love rainbows, puppy dogs, and believe the world is a magical wonderful place, you are going to hate the book. McCarthy deals with dark themes (even though I tend to think at his heart he's an optimist).

Some may ask, why start with this. Why not some gay writer? Easy. Why do the obvious? We can read, and like, non gay shit. It's allowed. Also I hear Hollywood is going make the novel into a movie. You know what that means. Once the movie is out, no one minus us nerds will read the book anymore. Send all complaints to Commonpeople.

Okay, enough yapping from me. And because I'm that type of guy here is a Yale professor talking about the book. So head to your local independent bookstore or public library and let's get started. We'll talk about the novel the week-end of April 18.

Suck On These!

Speaking strictly physical appearances here. Some guys are ass-men, some guys are size queens, some guys care more about the size of your body (be it skinny, chubby, or muscled) or whether you have 6 pack abs, while other guys fall for a handsome face. Most guys want all the above plus something else like blond or brunette, brown eyes or blue eyes, and the list goes on and on. In my book, what really matters is how much you have in your bank account. Just kidding.

Like most gays I know, I want a stud who's a "total package". I'm not too particular on color. The color of your hair, eyes, skin, underwear, it doesn't make that much difference to me. Nice muscles, big dick, handsome face, AND a nice ass... That's what really matters. But if you work out at the same gym as I do, or work in gay porn, or live on Planet Earth, you would realize that men who can be classified as "The Total Package" are actually quite plentiful. Once I realized this, then certain physical features, things that can differentiate a person from the pack or make a guy slightly unique amongst his peers, became more important for me to look for.

When asked to choose the hottest between two "Total Packages" based solely on what my eyes can see (not that this happens often or ever), the deciding factor would probably come down to the chests. I'm a chest man with an emphasis on nipples. More specifically, I love gym-sculpted, shirt-stretching pecs and a pair of big, suckable nipples. A man who possessed all the above would send me over the edge.

These guys have my vote for the most suckable pecs/nipples on the internet!

What physical features do you look for in a man?

Everyone's a Little Bit Racist*

*UPDATE: CLICK HERE for an explanation.

A few days ago, after swimming a couple of laps at the gym pool, I decided to spend a few minutes in the dry sauna while I dried myself off. Two fully-clothed, rotund, black men were sitting inside, one was dressed in a purple sweat suit while the other seemed to be wearing a work uniform. From what I could hear of their conversation, I gathered that they were under the impression that simply causing their bodies to perspire would get rid of their excessive fat content. As I sat down, the one in the sweat suit turned to me and said:

Fat Black Man in Purple Sweat Suit
"Are you a faggot son?"

"Excuse me?"

And like it was nothing he repeated his question:

Fat Black Man in Purple Sweat Suit
"Are you a faggot?"

If I was in the suburbs or in one of the many ghettos that surround Houston I could see how this kind of question could be asked with such indifference (and ignorance). But this wasn't a gym in the suburbs or the ghetto, We were in midtown, the gay area of town. It would be an understatement to say that at least 50% of the members in this gym consist of totally out of the closet homosexual men.

"If you are asking me if I am a HO-MO-SEXUAL, then yes I AM A HOMO-SEXUAL. But You shouldn't use that word!"

"What word?" the fat black man in the purple sweat suit asked.

"Faggot. You shouldn't say the word faggot. It's offensive."

The Fat Black Man in the Purple Sweat Suit
"Faggots are an offense to god. You need to be a real man, the way god intended you to be"

"Can you please stop saying that word?"

The Fat black Man in the Purple Sweat Suit
"Do you know that it's wrong to be gay, it says it in the bible. Aren't you afraid of burning in hell?"

"Listen, you believe what you want to but please keep it to yourself."

The Fat Black Man in the Purple Sweat Suit
"And what the fuck are you wearing? Some kind of faggot ass bikini? You know this is a gym right?"

I was wearing a speedo. Like the kind pictured above.

"I was swimming. This is what swimmers wear."

The Fat Black Man in the Purple Suit
"That's what faggots wear."

I wish I was a better man. A man who could take the high ground, turn the other cheek, and simply just walk away. Or I wish I was able to peacefully converse with those who I may disagree with, without letting anger and hatred cloud my judgement and dictate my actions, but I'm just not that man.

"And that purple sweat suit is what niggers wear"

And then I quickly ran for my life...

When was the last time you were a little bit racist?

*I'm only racist when I'm put in situations like what I described above... OR when choosing between sex partners. I prefer ethnic boys. But as most of my videos show, I like white boys too.

14 March 2009

I Hate the Gays

By James B. Wyler

After Mr. Man Mason decided to call me out, I figured I should write something. The Mason simply could have sent a brother an email, but we all know how that beyotch acts. All you fans keep your funky emails to yourself because the last sentence was a freaking joke.

So here's a story. I'm at my local gay watering hole, lusting after the straight bartender (yes I'm that pathetic), and I look up from my drink. The place is crowded. A few of the cuties are preening and even some of the uglies, who should know better, are walking around like they are the one. Some have that look that if they don't get any booty they are going to rape someone, and some of the old heads are dreaming about back in the day when they ruled the scene. As an old head, I never ruled the scene.

So I'm looking around and it hits me. I hate queens. Not in the let's burn them all mentality or the ex-gay crap (to all the former queens out there: kiss my ass you weak punks). My distaste for everything gay is in the way we act. Sure a motherfucker is generalizing but if I can't do it here where can I do it?

What are our ways, you ask? We are some shallow whores. I always put my ear to conversations around me and on this night I heard more shit about workout techniques than I need to hear. Yes, Yes. I know. Everybody wants to be healthy and have the body of Adonis. That shit I get, but is that all we can talk about? Do we really need to waste air yapping about personal trainers and diet?

And when did it become cool for queens to copy each other like sad clones? Must we all wear Abercombie clothes? Just because you wear those cheap ass t-shirts, you are not going to be gang-banged by the models in the ads. And shit, haven't we heard the freaking company was a little bit racist.

If we wear bullshit clothes, we also make ourselves the center of the world. Maybe it's a NYC queen thing, but every gay has some bullshit story about being a star or fucking a star. I once had a date with some mf (stop laughing) who went on and on and on and on and on and on and on about his brief moment in the sun when he was a guest on the Rosie O'Donnell Show. Yes I know the heifa hasn't had her own show in ages but this man was still telling the tale, with pictures.

And what the fuck do we have about age. I'm not asking for you young things to hop in my bed (if you want to give me a call), but why is every old queen acting like he's 18 by using the words "bro" or "dude" or dancing to some song that came out yesterday? Is it a sin to be old now and groove only to the sounds of Monk?

And you young things need to calm the fuck down. Yes your booty is nice and tasty now but you are going to age like everybody else. And this is the thing no one tells you about getting old: desire never leaves.

Lastly we are dumb. Dumb as rocks. We don't read books nor know any history; however, we can tell you the freaking clothes in Britney's latest video. As if what that tart wears really matters.

I got nothing against my fellow sodomites, but I do wish we as a people stepped our game up a bit.

09 March 2009

What Happened to my Writers?

Wyler Nation has a roster of 5 talented writers (excluding myself of course) but it seems as though those writers have disappeared on me. Oh where, oh where could my writers be? I miss the blunt writing style of Captain Faggot and the crabby rants of James B. Wyler. Noah and Curt can go fuck themselves, just kidding, I miss hearing from all of you!

Wyler Nation Vacation Sweepstakes: Update

Some of you may recall that I am holding a contest where the winner will receive an all expenses paid vacation with the Wyler family along with other great prizes. I just wanted to give everyone an update on the progress of the competition thus far.

I have narrowed down the playing field to just 10 guys. Out of those guys, 9 of them have been interviewed by Marcus and 1 still needs to be interviewed. The voting round will commence once all the interviews are completed and Marcus has chosen 6 semi-finalist out of the 10 interviewees. YOU will get to vote and the contestant that gets the most votes wins!

Stay Tuned...

You Are What You Eat

Whenever conversing with a nutritionist, the phrase "You are what you eat" always manages to find its way into our dialogue. I always thought they were talking about my skin color, "You're so pasty white because you swallow too much cum!" You know, kind of like the all shrimp diet is why flamingos are so pink. Apparently that's not exactly what they meant. I figured that out on my own when all I ate was dark chocolate for a month and I still maintained my see through complexion. I guess what they meant to say is that what you eat, in one way or another, will reflect the kind of person that you are.

If I truly am what I eat, then earlier today while I was shopping for underwear, I was a total asshole, a big dick, and an even bigger dick-wad. Actually, to be exact, I was one smooth asshole, two huge dicks, and two ample dick-wads... I shouldn't shop on an empty stomach and especially not in a men's underwear store with a predominantly gay clientele. I barely know how to properly interact with non-porn homos as it is. When I'm hungry, my poor judgment suffers even more and it becomes easier for me to forget whatever manners I may have and just turn into a complete asshole/dick. Of course being a dick ultimately results with things blowing up in my face...

What does your diet say about you?

05 March 2009

Screwed Loose

A couple weeks ago a handful of well known gay porn blogs wrote stories about me basically saying that I'm mentally insane. Words like 'train wreck', 'controversy', and 'meltdown' were thrown around with references to the apology email that was leaked to Queer Click as well as some of my past blog entries. The Dallas Voice even printed an article with the same "this kid is insane/desperate/over" message. I don't really know who they think I am but I DO know that I am NOT that important of a person to be writing about... Not even in a bad way. Not even in the Gay World.
It must of been an incredibly slow news week.

Some of the stuff that was "reported" about me as "fact" wasn't even true.

According to Unzipped, I just filmed my "newest release: Bareback Filthy Piss Boys, which just hit shelves this month. The movie is sure to ignite some flames, but it also might be an indication that Wyler's 15 minutes of infamy is beginning to wind down."

First of all, my 15 minutes were up a long time ago. We all know that.

Second, I filmed two bareback scenes TWO YEARS AGO for ONE small website, and BOTH scenes were shot in the SAME week with the SAME model. I have NOT filmed any NEW bareback scenes.

Believe me when I say that I will be the first to let people know if I ever do.

So if indeed I appear in some "new" bareback flick, it is just a repackaging of the scenes I did TWO years ago and NOT any truly new material.

Look, if you're going to report "facts" about me then please get your facts straight first. Haven't you people ever heard of LIBEL? I know I have...cough...cough... (*lesson learned)

Moving on...

Being an attention whore, you'd think I'd love all the recent (bad)publicity but you'd be greatly mistaken.

I want attention that gets me laid not committed.

Even though people have many reasons to believe that I have lost all of my marbles I'd like to convince them that they are wrong. I'd like to show them that I'm actually a sane human being with just an odd sense of humor and a filthy imagination. That even though I make foolish statements and participate in foolish activities from time to time, I am not in actuality a fool but just a simple porn model trying to keep people (and myself) entertained.

The problem is that I can't really prove or disprove my sanity or lack thereof unless they spend some quality time with me face to face.

But for most problems there is a solution.

The Answer: In an attempt to win some new friends in the industry and wash away whatever preconceived notions that YOU may have about me I am proposing Bowling with the Porn Stars. That's right. I want the writers of TheSword.com, Unzipped.net, QueerClick.com, Gay.Fleshbot.com, and other major gay porn blogs to join me (and maybe some fellow porn models) for a night of bowling (Don't make fun, bowling IS fun). I promise you'll have a blast.

Here are the details:
You Decide When:

Sunday March 29th at 8pm
Monday March 30th at 8pm
Tuesday March 31st at 8pm


Presidio Bowling Center
93 Moraga Ave
San Francisco, CA 94129
(415) 561-2695

Email me at: WYLER_NATION@YAHOO.COM to confirm

Billy Joel - you may be right