16 March 2009

Everyone's a Little Bit Racist*

*UPDATE: CLICK HERE for an explanation.

A few days ago, after swimming a couple of laps at the gym pool, I decided to spend a few minutes in the dry sauna while I dried myself off. Two fully-clothed, rotund, black men were sitting inside, one was dressed in a purple sweat suit while the other seemed to be wearing a work uniform. From what I could hear of their conversation, I gathered that they were under the impression that simply causing their bodies to perspire would get rid of their excessive fat content. As I sat down, the one in the sweat suit turned to me and said:

Fat Black Man in Purple Sweat Suit
"Are you a faggot son?"

"Excuse me?"

And like it was nothing he repeated his question:

Fat Black Man in Purple Sweat Suit
"Are you a faggot?"

If I was in the suburbs or in one of the many ghettos that surround Houston I could see how this kind of question could be asked with such indifference (and ignorance). But this wasn't a gym in the suburbs or the ghetto, We were in midtown, the gay area of town. It would be an understatement to say that at least 50% of the members in this gym consist of totally out of the closet homosexual men.

"If you are asking me if I am a HO-MO-SEXUAL, then yes I AM A HOMO-SEXUAL. But You shouldn't use that word!"

"What word?" the fat black man in the purple sweat suit asked.

"Faggot. You shouldn't say the word faggot. It's offensive."

The Fat Black Man in the Purple Sweat Suit
"Faggots are an offense to god. You need to be a real man, the way god intended you to be"

"Can you please stop saying that word?"

The Fat black Man in the Purple Sweat Suit
"Do you know that it's wrong to be gay, it says it in the bible. Aren't you afraid of burning in hell?"

"Listen, you believe what you want to but please keep it to yourself."

The Fat Black Man in the Purple Sweat Suit
"And what the fuck are you wearing? Some kind of faggot ass bikini? You know this is a gym right?"

I was wearing a speedo. Like the kind pictured above.

"I was swimming. This is what swimmers wear."

The Fat Black Man in the Purple Suit
"That's what faggots wear."

I wish I was a better man. A man who could take the high ground, turn the other cheek, and simply just walk away. Or I wish I was able to peacefully converse with those who I may disagree with, without letting anger and hatred cloud my judgement and dictate my actions, but I'm just not that man.

"And that purple sweat suit is what niggers wear"

And then I quickly ran for my life...

When was the last time you were a little bit racist?

*I'm only racist when I'm put in situations like what I described above... OR when choosing between sex partners. I prefer ethnic boys. But as most of my videos show, I like white boys too.


  1. Mason,
    I live in Houston (suburbs) and know EXACTLY what you are talking about. I would have said the same thing. Not that I am racist or anything but him calling you a fag like that deserved that response. That's my opinion.

  2. I think I would have said the exact same thing to him, then I would have gone to the management and report the incident and demanded that his membership be revoked. If you ask me (and many people may disagree with me) The "F" word to gays is and should be as offensice as the "N" word is to black people.

  3. Woah! That guy was a complete jerk!

    Sometimes I get really mad at my best friend (who's black) because she makes fun of me for being gay or getting a question wrong on a test or something like that. When I get that angry at her, I drop the n-bomb and she gets super upset...

    Not to be un-PC...but if someone's gonna call me a fag, I better have the right to call them by whatever epithet that I so choose...so long as I don't get shanked haha.

  4. as an Openly gay black man I get this shit from other black guys all the time (it also doesn't help that most of the adults in my family are pentecostal pastors, lolz) I never take the high ground and can be often be seen getting dragged away from a fight by one of my friends.

    I have no idea why black people are like uber racist.

    last time I was racist. . .prolly this morning when i was talking to this Mulatto guy.

  5. Wow, I would have done the same for the least bit of the reason i would have said do you like it when ppl call you a nigga and then ran for my life. But ya, I agree I would have complained to the gym about them too.

  6. (photographer from myspace)

    those guys were ass holes man. We all are racist to a certain extent.and that's coming from a black man who is mostly attracted to white men.

    I think you handled yourself well.

    we should do a video together lol haha

  7. He deserved the comment. I hate the term "nigger" but some people, both black AND white, deserved to be called that. Not because of the color of their skin, but by their ignorance. It has nothing to do with race. Only stupidity, ignorance and intolerance.

  8. I think I'm a bit too chilled out to get worked over people being any type of prejudice to me.
    If it's a guy I've never seen before and am unlikely to see again, then it's really hard to rate them or their opinion.
    Or maybe tell a lie. I love telling creative lies. I'd probably say "I am, but I'm using this cream and it'll clear up in a couple of days." or "I used to be until Jesus told me not to. Now I smite the evil" or I'd probably just do what I normally do. Laugh and walk out of the place laughing.
    Either that or just say, "No, you can not sit on my dick, move along..."

  9. I'm not a racist, I just hate everyone ( a universal hater). But I can justify what I say, I'm not an "all talk, no walk" sort fo person.In my life, people have turned a blind eye to me, and one day Karma will bite back. It maybe after I die, but so what?
    I'm passed the stage in my life where I want to make everyone happy. Tried and tried and tried again, but failed everytime. I've learnt a lesson from my mistakes. Don't bother with humans, there's no point. Yeah, you may think I'm strange, but in all honesty, I don't give a teddy bear's rectum what other people think of me.
    Back to the matter at hand, you need to remember that these are colloquialisms, and unfortunately they still exist to this day. This can also be called people speaking.
    Oh well...

  10. As an extra thing, Christians make the world polluted with their "preachings" of God. Please....If I could give them one piece of advice, I would say, "Put a sock in it"
    But that's my opinion...

  11. hey Mason, im glad u said something to him. if that was me, i probably would have told him to fuck himself. Im also glad to hear u tell him that u were gay, so am I. its cool that u said the truth, and didnt even care what he thought. thats awesome, good for u, im always proud to hear that. Oh yeah, im on ur myspace, which is how i got ur site, and ive been going to it since October, keep it up! Donnie

  12. First off I'm amazed you kept your temper for so long...
    My people forget sometimes to be nice.
    The question that got me is how they know unless they've been on your site... makes you wonder doesn't it.
    I've learn its best to keep my peace.

  13. Mason, you did the right thing, when someone acts very rude to one, people expect you to walk away, but nowadays we cant let things slide, one must stand up for themselves and you did the right thing. I myself have been randomly harrassed on my way to school and in the gym lockeroom. It sux but one must stay shut.I have to admit I am somewat racist only when it comes to people who behave in a nasty way, but ive learned not to take their race in consideration, not everyone is the same, it is the people who grow up with no respect that show no respect for others and themselves. yes you do porn and yes to a religious man gays will burn in hell. regardless if its true or not we choose to live however we please. we live once so we must enjoy everyday. stay cool as always, much love cutie...-noe

  14. Who wears purple sweat suits. Do they even make them anymore?

    Where do fat people get these crazy ideas from?

  15. Hahaha good. I look at it like this if your rude to me I'll be rude to you.

  16. Wow, Houston is a racist city for the most part. But I'm surprised they even had a membership too the gym if that's the attitude they carry. Why would they be hanging at a mixed Gym... Closeted to say the least... Ignorance is bliss and after all the oppression Blacks have had you'd think they would know better. It only takes a few bad apples to spoil the rest. You should have reported them and walked away. But under the circumstances you did the right thing. I might have asked him if he liked the word nigga and that faggot was just as offensive a word. I might have also reminded him that God made all of us in his image and that we are not to judge. Love you! D:)

  17. Ok mason i think the world of you but i think i must be the only one who sees somethin wrong this. first off, had he a been a white boy wearin the same outfit, your response would have been? ok yea he was talkin head bout being gay. im bi AND im half rican/ half black. i dont use the N word even when pissed off. furthermore, this is some random jackass u will most likely never see again so no need to worry bout what he thinks. sorry man, cant say i agree with ya this time

  18. Jeez, does he not know that speedos have been around for a while and straight guys wear them too? In addition, I don't think that God would let this guy past the pearly gates being a hate filled hypocrite and all. This guy had it commin' to him...

  19. Hi Mason,
    The Purple-Jumpsuit-Wearing-Bigot was an ass; an ignorant ass to be sure. Pure and simple. More than likely he's some closeted, self-loathing super queen. The only way he can feel better about himself is to make others feel bad about themselves. You didn't owe him the time of day and leaving (as much it irks me that this is often the best way to deal with these overzealous jackasses) was the best option.

    However, using the fact that this idiot used the "f-word" to justify calling him the "n-word" is something that I would expect you to realize is intrinsically wrong. It's inexcusable to justify bigotry with more bigotry. You were certainly just in getting upset and snapping; but your counter-actions were not exactly laudable.

    Emotions run high in situations like that and I'm sure, as a result, you snapped a little. It is my hope that you are already aware of the fact that his actions didn't give you a blank check to utter a racist slur; but I just wanted to point it out again. :)

    There is no need to feed a vicious cycle if you have hopes of ending it. For the record, everyone is a little ignorant or naive at times; not everyone is a racist, even a little.

  20. Wow, I love you Mason... That story was so funny. How was he at a "gay" gym and calling a random person (you) a faggot. Maybe he was ignorant to the fact that men wear speedos. A straight man could have walked in there with a speedo on! It's funny that you ran for your life though. LOL. I still hate the "N" word though. It just doesn't sound very nice. What gay guy uses the word "fa**ot" anyway. If we do, we jokingly use the term "fag," and even then it still isn't all that funny. I think his fat ass shouldn't have been so judgmental to begin with! That was pretty friggin' rude! I think more men should be able to wear speedos in Houston. I think it would be better for everyone! The last time I was racist was probably towards other Latins like myself. They were a bit ghetto and I felt a little disturbed and uncomfortable. P.S. It's not "wrong" to be gay and you're not going to hell!

  21. aaaa me being a homo and a black man i c both sides of the story but what u said mason was sooooo not kool i to have a bad mouth but taking it there was to far

  22. Wow. Haha. I can't say that I wouldn't get mad either. Haha

  23. Taking it too far? NOT AT ALL
    Not only was the fat man in the purple track suit offensive he was obscene!

    I do agree that rather than sinking to his level was probably the last thing I would have done I would have insisted that management be involved.

  24. Well as a gay black man, i think both words are wrong. He was wrong for saying faggot, but you were just as wrong for saying nigger.

    For those that praised your decition, they should be ashamed. Using hateful words only makes people feel like it's ok for them to use THEIR hateful words. You just perpetuated the cycle. If you are going to use words like nigger, you cannot be offended when someone calls you a faggot, because as far as you know, you could be the cause for their willingness to be so offensive.

    Just my two cents.

  25. sounds to me like these two gentlemen knew exactly what they were doing... they wanted to cast judgment on gay men, no matter who it was... so they went to the gay epicenter hunting for a target... i mean, who in the HELL wears anything MORE than a speedo into a sauna??? so i say way to go mason -- frankly, i would have launched into him after the first time he asked his question!

  26. wow mason i had a lot of respect for you but now since you made that comment i kinda don't care for you anymore. i thought you could be the bigger man and just leave but instead you acted like a little bitch and ran when you called him the n word. i mean like do you even know what the n word stands for? i hate people who use the n word out of contents just because there mad. i hate people who uses it in general, its a word that should be eliminated. i guess karmas gonna come and bite you right in the ass for being just as stupid as they were. but for right now you can go suck a big black racist dick and choke because guess what we got a new president and according to you hes a "nigger"

  27. As a black man who has fantacized about having sex with you many of times...it makes me sad that you'd use the n-word (outside of the bedroom) they were wrong as were you...you're not a faggot and they aren't niggers.

  28. Dear Jake,

    I do not think poorly of black people. I do not think every black person I meet is the same as the one I encountered in the dry sauna. Was it wrong of me to say what I said. Maybe. I'm not any better than the rest of them. I let my anger get the best of me when I shouldn't. I'm not extremely polite/smart in the best of times and obviously, as this story reveals, I'm not smart at all in the worst of times. BUT I will say this, in this situation, I WAS KARMA, just giving back what he gave me. HATE.

    Mason Wyler

  29. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area you can't help but have a few of those moments. The night Prop 8 passed by a small 4%, the news flashed the graphics of votes by race. It displayed blacks voted for Prop 8 70-30. Every other group was in the 50-50 range. First words out of my mouth you probably know already.

  30. Why can't we have some awful word for fundy Christians that could be as offensive to them as faggot is to us? It is too bad that in American culture it is acceptable to accost someone like that in public and openly judge them for their attire. How oppressive.

  31. Mason,
    You were absolutely well with in your right to call him a nigger. As a double minority I would be so offended for what he said and say exactly what you said, if not more. By definition "nigger" is an ignorant person who say or do ignorant things(no matter what the race or ethnicity) and he was a nigger. So congrats for standing up for yourself. And to "jake" this does not mean mason called the president a nigger. President Obama is an articulate and intelligent person who would never say or do anything like that fat black guy. Mason I have more respect for you than ever. Keep up the good work!!!

  32. Guess I'd react the same way... maybe I'd spoken to the mgmt and tried to get them kicked.especially because of the pink sweat suit ( why do Americans wear any awrdrobe in Dry Saunas ? This is insanitary )
    Aditionally I think that this bloke wanted to escalate something...

    Besides ... isn't pink a very gay colour ?????

  33. Sjchan,

    Do me a favor. If you are going to talk a lot of hot noise at least get your freaking numbers right. Those CNN numbers have been disputed and I would think you would know that. Instead you come here and show us how much you love to use the word nigger.

    If you care at all here is a link. Go learn something.


  34. This whole "hate word" thing is tricky. Gay men often jokingly refer to each other as faggots, and black men call each other nigga! as an in joke. It's supposedly acceptable within the minority, but offensive if it crosses the border.

    I'm reminded of the row over Prince William's reference to one of his fellow soldiers as "our little Paki friend" when the guy was right there to hear it. Before that, I didn't even know "Paki" was considered derogatory; just sounded like short for Pakistani to me. But if he had described an Indian as a "Desi," I guess that would have been OK.

    Hey Mason, next time try using the term "Negro" and see what reaction you get. Probably puzzlement. As the old fart James will recall, that used to be the P.C. term for a Black or "African-American" person. Today, nobody really knows how to categorize it except as obsolete.

  35. Dearest Mason,

    i dont even know where to begin. Ok yes these guys were jerks. you were pissed cuz they used the word faggot. so the best you could do is use the n word? then you ran for your life. simply speaking? you knew u were wrong and beelined for the exit. i am a white guy and i would never dream of using that word.

    for all of the ignorant asses out who said you would call these guys the same thing. how the hell can you equate them calling him what they did and mason using the n word? surely all of you racist lil turds coulda thought of a better comeback? oh i dunno comment on how barney wants his gym clothes back? or how fatty is mad he himself cant wear a speedo? hell you coulda even asked him if he watched the olympics, im sure he didnt, the mike phelps had on a friggin speedo!

    there are other options even if you choose to stoop to their level. everyone preaches they want to stop hate, yet i look at over half of your comments and everyone agrees with you using the n word.

    i would say its a sad sad day on WN when everyone sits around and agrees that racism was the best way to handle that situation.

  36. I would've done the same! Your response was perfect given his words.

    Everyone discriminates some way or another but he wouldn't stop so I see no problem with your retaliation.

  37. Oh my god, that was funny! I would have said the same thing.... or called him Grimace. Then again, he might not have been offended by my words. Me being a nigger and all.

  38. ouch. that situation sounds a bit sweaty.... okay i'm corny.

    BUT you should have turned to him and said "you know, purple is our favorite color. are you hiding something?" and then walked away (well, walked at a brisk pace).

    but kudoo's to you for standing up.

  39. LMAO. Thanks for the laugh! I would have done and followed through the same way!

  40. Deeewwwd! Now really 2 wrongs dont make a right. Yeess I think everyone agrees they were assholes and yes saying that would be the 1st thing to come to mind. But it jus woulda showed some class by taking the high road even if they were coming from the gutter. Theres just no justification for either word. Still think you're adorable anway. LOL

  41. Dear Mason,

    Thank you for responding to my comment even though you still didn't answer the question "What does the n word stand for". Also how are you karma giving him hate if you used a word just as bad? wouldn't that also make him karma? another thing what if it was a white guy were u still going to call him the same thing? Hmmmmm... i wonder. i just have too many questions for you to answer but i am not going to waste my time when your probably not even going to give me one... one good one for that. this is the last question i am going to ask for right now until you respond "are you ever going to meet that call again" which the answer to that is no so why do you have to use such language.

  42. Wow! The black guy in suit was very wrong in what he said and there is no excuse for it. with that said, there is no excuse for what you said. The black guy showed what kind of person he is and in my opinion you showed what kind of person you are.

    I am a black man and I have argued with white guys before and never did I have the thought to pick out the worst racist word or phrase I could find to spit back at them. I would have expected this from a lesser educated person.

    I was a really big fan but now I just don't know.

  43. Ashton Kutcher recently said on Twitter that the "n" word id like the "f" word. I disagree because while the derogatory word for gay people is offensive, the derogatory word for Black people is vile and inhuman.

    The "n" word is a word that demonstrates the social power of Whites (in your case, White men, the apex of the social pyramid). You are gay (sexual minority), but you are also a White man(social majority).

    The "f" word attacks your sexual orientation, but does absolutely nothing to your social status as a White man. You reveled in dominating these Black guys you encountered and then you want to disclaim it.

    There is no excuse for their rudeness, but it is absolutely wrong to use the "n" word in response.

    It is very ironic that some of the Prop. 8 opponents upon hearing of its passage quickly condemned Black people (a minority population in California that could not affect the result) by using the "n" word. The majority White population who had the power to pass the proposition did not receive this hatred.

  44. I'm actually puzzled by this whole dialogue mainly because so many people are patting you on the back for exhibiting racism as a knee jerk reaction when the ass who was talking to you was exhibiting HOMOPHOBIA.
    I might be crazy but I think homophobia and racism are two similar but separate conversations.
    That man was not attacking your heritage, he was attacking your lifestyle, but you in turn changed the subject and lashed out at his color.
    To be clear, that guy was an ass, but he would've been an ass if he were white and said those same things, correct? So I'm curious, what would you have said if the fat guy was white?
    If fat black homophobes get to be called niggers, then what do you call fat white homophobes?

    Although I completely appreciate and respect the fact that you shared this story because of the outpouring of conversation that has ensued, I must say that in all your "humanness" I've been able to side with you for the most part.
    Not in this instance.
    My biggest disappointment is that you let HIM being the way HE is cause YOU to be the way HE is.
    Reactive, judgmental, offensive and hurtful. What's worse is that you said it and ran. IF you felt so strongly about calling him a nigger, then why run? And if you were going to run, why bother saying anything to him at all? Just run right out and get that fat motherfucker ejected. That way he wouldn't get the opportunity to say that kind of nonsense to anyone else at that club.
    Yes everyone may be a little bit racist, but that's because we say that statement as if allowing it, even a little bit, is tolerable AT ALL.
    I've discovered through this conversation the degree to which racism is currently "allowable". I'm sure that the many guys who said they "would've done the same thing" are a microcosm of a greater racist macrocosm.
    Disappointing to say the least.

  45. Wow.

    I too am very surprised at the number of responses that condone Mason's response. You would think that gays, who are arguing for their right to be married, would be beacons of tolerance and civility to those who are clearly ignorant. Guess those Christians arent the only ones who are hypocrites, huh?

  46. oh man oh man skyeboy your comment was great and had a lot of meaning to it, very similar to mine. i love it, id love to see mason respond to that one.

  47. ah now guys, you have lived long enough to know that black people are the only ones to ever be offended ... doesn't matter who says what to who in whatever circumstance, only black people are allowed to be offended. Sheesh, you think you'd never heard of Jesse or Al! Racism is a business...

  48. Wow...

    Thank you for making my point about just how racist we've allowed ourselves to become.

  49. FUCK YEAH!!

    Well done! (Your response was OK)

    N*gger is a swear nothing is wrong with black people.

    Nigger is to faggot is to cunt is to honky

  50. Wow! That's the kind of thing I wish I had the guts to say in situations like those. I probably would've just played it straight. Bravo!

  51. Please please please don't try to pursue us with trying to go on a porn movie with black men. thats not going to solve anything id rather have an apology thats meaningful instead of you begging like a dog.

  52. rabbit on the moonMarch 17, 2009 at 11:38 PM

    It's funny that people who want to condemn someone's lifestyle are the same people who usually do shit 10 times worse. And they want to bring God into it. If you think homosexuality is an abomination against God, then let him/her handle it and stop worrying about how others live their lives. Mason, I'm not saying what you did was right, but I do get it. I've let my anger get the best of me plenty of times and during those moments, I did and said things I'm not proud of. I'm still a fan of yours and pass no judgment. But in the future, I hope you'll find a better way to deal with ignorance.

  53. Mason,

    Being both a homosexual and a black man I feel that the man in purple was wrong for what he said. I mean you shouldn't have lost your cool for someone who really isn't worth it but you also shouldn't beat yourself up for it. Now I'm not saying that using the "n" word is right in any way shape or form regardless of what race you are, but I am saying that it is alright to have a slip of the tongue. I mean we all are only human.

    oh by the way. I love your work. keep it you

  54. WOW I never read so many rascits comments from a blog before!! Do white gay man have so much HATE for people who are different from themself's??? It's like the 1940's and 50's up in here...lol.. and its like a white person have never used the word "faggot" before! So Mason what would you have said if a white guy in a purple suit called you a faggot? I'm sure you have been call faggot before in your face by white man, you have done many many gay porn videos so I'm sure your face is known right? As a blk gay man I have been called faggot by white men and my come back line was "it take one to know one"! It does you no good to get on a bigot level, no matter if they are blk or white! besides if the guys where at a gym that was known to be over 50% gay they where looking for some gay action. There was no need to bring race in the picture. They didn't call you a "whitetrash faggot" did they? It seem like you have been hurt by a blk person in your life at one point, and now you feel the need to call any blk person that does something unkind to you a rascit word. Its a shame that all the "pro nigger" name calling posting on your blog can't see that! SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

    P.S I'm still a fan of jacking off to your videos, but I don't know now if I will be able to cum!

  55. lol =D though it does involve a serious issue its funny, good for you for fighting back(;P).

  56. "doesn't matter who says what to who in whatever circumstance, only black people are allowed to be offended."

    Keep those white sheets nice and starched you little man

  57. Mason,
    I am a Black Gay Man living in Dallas. I agree with your response to the two Black Men. They are racist and are niggers. Niggers are stupid and lazy people. Anyone can be one. Please realize that normal people do not think that way. Stand up for your rights and never allow anyone to dismiss you. Right On Brother!!

  58. Mason, I believe I wkout at the same gym, couple of comments:
    1.) I personally wkout out daily, the time varies & have never seen anyone in the sauna clothed. Speedo/swim suit or towel, but never in sweats. If the same comments were made to me, I probably would have responded, maybe not exactly the same wording, maybe attacking their mental capabilities rather than the race, but similar. ---then ran for protection.
    2.) This is a nice gym, it has its share of troll types that hang out for a glimpse of some hot dick, but it is in the gay area of twn, they certainly came to the right place to find it. Lets face it, trolls need the get some too.
    3.) On my run for security, I would have gone directly to the front desk & had ur sauna buddys ass booted to the curb.

  59. I probably would have taken this opportunity to denigrate his religion, rather than his race... unless I was carrying my gun... (no room for a forty cal named Rhonda in a speedo though...) BRAVO!

  60. "They are racist and are niggers. Niggers are stupid and lazy people."

    You are not black and are a lying silly ass ho. Your definition of the word isn't even rooted in history. Go read R. Kennedy's book "Nigger" and then come back and try to leave something intelligent.


  61. It's not racist to say something rude when provoked. The man clearly had no respect for your own personal wishes so he deserves none in return.

    It is funny to me that this person has such a problem with gays and chooses to attend a gym where, like you said, probably 50% of the members are homosexual.

  62. Maybe he was right. You possibly could've looked like a total fag.

  63. Dude, I'm black, and I think even though you shouldn't have said the word, you didn't have much of a choice in that situation. In fact, calling them the N-word was almost like proving a point, that using offensive words is not cool, and how would they like it if it were directed at them. I think next time some obese religious zealot fucks like this want to mess with you, all you have to say is: "Why are you fat?
    Isn't Gluttony one of the 7-deadly sins?!!
    AND, what the fuck is your fat ass doing at a gym, if you aren't working out? Haha, and who wears purples suits anyway?" Hope that helps Wyler. Keep up the good work buddy :)

  64. Yes their actions was wrong, but the fact that the first thing you reach for was the n words, was wrong also.
    You easily could have said, "So is that what over weight Christians wear" So is that what someone with self esteem issues wear" Maybe even better, "I believe the bible said love thy neighbor, excuse me."
    But an argument on which word is even more pointless. To meet hate with hate makes no one any better.

  65. It maybe easy to say in hindsight what one might do. I too live in Houston (not Midtown but Westchase).

    As a gay, Black man, I have had my share of looks. But, people avoid conversation which may cause a problem. One harsh look is all it takes.

    I would love to say that straight, Black men are accepting. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

    Just to make a judgment, the "n" word never can equate to the "f" word. Too many men & women of color have died just by the "n" word alone.

    I do though understand the little bit of hate & wanting to inflict the same kind of pain. But again, it is not the same.

    I guess you can ask if presented the question again is, "Why do you care?"

    And do with a smile.

  66. well my thoughts is that , i don't like either of the words used;but shouldn't have said anything to that was unkind live and let live right. and anyway if he had the balls to say that to u fuck him!!!! let me know if u need a bodyguard or if someone needs there ass kicked yours truely a a big black peace out

  67. ahem, fuck the high road, revenge is better

  68. Well we all know Midtown used to be fourth ward, before they put up all the nice stuff. And fourth ward is one of those wards (3-5) that you used to have to avoid...

    I miss houston.
    go mean green.

  69. Mason,
    You did the right thing. Explaining to him that it is as offensive to us to use the "f" word as it is to him to use the "n" word.
    He sounds like a real asshole and I have VERY little tolerence when it comes to a'holes. I have always said two things... I'm not prejudiced, I hate everybody and I will give anyone the chance to prove themselves an asshole.
    I am too old to be PC but do feel that deliberate and stupid remarks should be considered be fore leaving the oral oriface.
    You could have also asked him what the hell he was doing out of the 4th Ward. Anyone in Houston knows what I mean.

  70. hmm well as a black gay man myself (not that that pertains to what im about to say lol) i dont agree with most of the comments here. yeah he was totally out of line for that but thats just ignorance and intolerance at its fullest. yes what u said was out of anger and TECHNICALLY u had every right to say it. but at the same time both words (fag and nigger alike) are both immature, childish, and ignorant words of hatred. now i KNOW ur NOT racist but at the end of the day u responded to a ignorant situation with an ignorant individual with even more ignorance. honestly i think u both were in the wrong

  71. absolutely agree... how is faggot any better than nigger??? only i wouldnt have said anything... my temper prevents me. it would have been a dead nigger at the gym. (for use of the word nigger... who gives a damn!)

  72. Mason,
    I know this took place some time ago but...I does not seem your reaction was necessarily racist. considering the guy was a totally rude and offensive in his approach. The perception of racism (even by yourself)by using the word "nigger" is based on the fact that this word is taboo. If used by any one that is not black one is automatically considered racist, and in your case you used it as a defensive stance.
    If I may make a suggestion, the next time you could reply with "fuck off" or "if you think faggots have no place in society move to Afghanistan,this is a free country!" As far as him bringing up the bible, well, he is probably not intelligent enough to understand the concept that religion is a man made phenomenon- so that discussion would go nowhere, but for the next time tell them that "God as I know him accepts me exactly as I am... now fuck off"
    I am biracial myself and I do not consider myself black nor white ( though in the States it seems they would insist on pigeonholing me into one or the other), however I still find the term nigger very offensive, as is the word faggot.
    Be strong,don't go down to their level level.

    Good luck

  73. That is a funny story. Too bad black guys turn me on. (BTW, my word verification for this post is "pignag". I just can't cut a break.)

  74. Hey mason-
    I agree with what you did.... I hate people who insult
    Us an then get mad at us. Btw u should go black in one of your porn videos....... Cough.....cough.....Castro the supreme from it's gonna hurt.....cough......cough


  75. It would have been difficult for me not to say the same thing. Often, I wonder why I can't keep myself from being frustrated and just stay serene, but it's hard.

  76. I was going through all your posts, being nosy lol and i found this one! I agree with how you handled the situation, i laughed once i read the end. Love reading what you have to say, always interesting!!

  77. Not racist at ALL