31 March 2009

Gays Running Amok!


Well, at the risk of starting a firestorm debate over a subject that kind of annoys me, I felt someone at least should post this since it is pretty big gay news. Now, I don't get too fired up over the marriage debate. A lot of you do. So knock yourselves out in between whacking off to porn.

New Hampshire House OKs same-sex marriage

New Hampshire and Vermont are both on the road to legalizing gay marriage. Which, if they do, will pretty much leave Maine all alone in New England as far as the gay thing goes. We're taking over baby! Though, really, who wants to live in Maine? At least Vermont has skiing. And New Hampshire has...well..."Live free or die?"

I actually held off on posting this to see if it took off at all as big news. It really hasn't. Maybe that's because it's not finalized yet. (I also haven't paid attention to FOX News. For all I know they could be on "GayWatch '09".) When the decision is finally settled on whether to allow it or not in the two states, then it might take off in the news. Or not. Maybe people just aren't getting rabidly fired up about it. Which would be a good thing.
In any case, its far from settled. Vermont's governor is sure to veto it, and New Hampshire's governor, while opposing it, is staying tight-lipped. Depending on the support in the state congresses, it could pass, or it could not. We'll have to see.

Oh, and just for a fun side note. Now the bad economy's a reason to allow same-sex marriage. God, we're good at marketing. And you're correct: Those figures kissing above do have breasts. But I fucking love that image.


  1. Maybe if enough of the northeastern states pass the gay marriage law we could just take them over, secede from the US and start a new Wyler Nation. LOL

  2. Dude Maine has Ogunquit, don't knock them. Although Boston is still so much cooler. I wouldn't say it won't pass yet. It's definitely not a smart move to piss off the gays right now.

    There was an article in Spirit magazine about a lesbian couple who were looking to register online for wedding gifts. Not only did they find that there were precious few that had categories appropriate for same-gender couples, they received a flat out Bible-thumping response from one website owner when asked to reword their forms.

    The pic of Lady Liberty and Justice is awesome by the way. It was all over the signs at our Prop 8 rally!

  3. And Rhode Island. Rhode Island doesn't have it either...

  4. Mason -
    I've been a fan of yours for a long time - (fan = anonymous guy who has come (often) to your vids) - I've been reading your really entertaining blog for a few weeks now since I discovered it - and followed (almost by accident - what news and gaysip (gay gossip) you generate on so many OTHER blogs - congrats on all your success - both in creating such a wild/pig/fascinating character aka as "Mason Wyler", but also revealing so much of your true self. As a creator of characters myself (longtime sitcom writer) - I really appreciate the creative and marketing genius you have shown. Anyway, sorry, I didn't mean to go on this long, but just had to say, you are one of my very favorite blogs to read (wish you'd blog/update even MORE often - and yet, have to admit, you write more often and more than a lot of others) - uh... what was my point? I guess it's that you're fun, hot, intelligent, surprising and interesting -- all at once. (Did I mention fucking HOT?!!) Anyway, babe, hope you keep blogging for as long as it's fun for you. It's a lot of fun for us.
    Later. Love ya.
    Jeff D

  5. As of today you can count Iowa as the 3rd state to allow gay marriage.... yep IOWA!!! When is NY going to jump on the wagon!!!

  6. Oh yeah, Rhode Island. Sorry. No offense but a state not much larger than a city tends to slip the mind. Though now there's Iowa. Who saw that coming?

  7. Here are a couple of semantic questions that get bandied about periodically. What do you think?

    Assuming the status were defined as economically and legally the same as marriage -- but called a "civil union" or "domestic partnership" -- how do you think that compromise would be accepted by (a. gay people, and (b. straight fundie Christians?

    I Ask because there is a lot of religious baggage that goes along with the terms "marriage" and "wedding."

  8. If you think about it logically, the New Hampshire governor cannot move with ease, in any way. He/she has to think about everyone who lives in this particular state. Whatever decision they make, will seriously affect their perfromance, overall popularity and ability to do their job properly. Yeah, we all stereotype politicians as liers, thieves and whatever you also may think; however they have a pretty massive job on their hands. Could we at least not focus on what "you" want, and focus on a more balanced opinion/argument?
    Another thing, just out of curiosity. Why, and I repeat, why should we even get involved in this debate? It doesn't technically involve us in any way. So it would look like we are a fighting a battle for those people, and they are not fighting for themselves. Wouldn't that cause more arguments, if you really think about it?
    Just a few thoughts to think about

  9. Damn that Iowa thing came out of left field. I could almost hear that torpedo going off in the religious reich's throne room LOL. Can't wait for NY to pass it too!

  10. Hopefully it will start a wave of legislative changes in your country.... Thanks for reporting it Mr! Gives the rest of us hope:)