17 March 2009

I STILL Want Trey

Now before anyone suggests that I stop yearning for SC Cock and actually get my ass in a Sean Cody video with the boys of my desires, let me just say this: I TRIED BUT THEY DON'T WANT ME! They wouldn't touch me with a 10ft pole. That's just how it goes if you decide to work for 20+ different companies and spread your hole around like it's the porn village bicycle. By industry standards I'm old and rotten, they want fresh and new. Or at least they want models who are as hot as Trey is and I don't even come close.

Oh Well. At least I can still watch and fantasize. Which is exactly what I've been doing. Watching his videos in between playing video games and working out. Fantasizing I was taking his cock while I was fingering myself in the shower. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

I really can't help but lust after the boy. Maybe if I met him in person I might change my mind. But I highly doubt that would happen. Nothing short of him saying, "I'm a Vegan, Republican, Mac owner, born-again Christian, and Wii Player that thinks sexual identity is a choice", would turn me off to him. How often do you find one of those? And even if he said all that and then whipped his cock out and told me to "suck it!" I'm not sure I would be able to resist. Yeah, I'm not very good at withstanding temptation, especially if it's with a guy like Trey (Republican Vegan or not).

What's strange is that in my opinion Trey looks so much better as a bottom BUT if by a slim chance I got to have one night with him, I'd want him to be a total top. I'd want him to dominate me every way possible. Verbally, Physically, Emotionally, and Sexually.

See what I mean about him looking fucking hot as a cock hungry bottom? But for some reason that I can't explain, watching Trey stuff his face and ass with man meat just makes me want to spread my ass-cheeks for him even more.

What would be even hotter is if I could watch Trey get fucked in person. I walk into his hotel room to find him riding some random studs cock, they keep fucking oblivious to my presence. And then after the top blew his load and left, Trey would grab me and force me to eat his freshly fucked twat out. Of course that would be followed by him ramming his rod down my throat, making me choke and gag on it... And once I got his dick all wet and slippery, he'd flip me on my back, spit on my hole, and shove his dick in my ass balls deep, pumping in and out of me until he blew his wad.
Yes, I know the likelihood of that ever happening is slim to none but a boy can dream can't he? Now excuse me while I go shower.


  1. Hey, what do you have against Mac owners, Mason? The rest of the list I understand :-)

  2. We can all dream all the time as much as we want. A lot of us want Trey and you making us a sandwich

  3. The last line lol
    Now, I'm scareed because of that imagery XD
    Dreaming helps us to keep alive, and shows that the spirit of the person is still strong.
    That's just my opinion anyway

  4. Isn't there someone that your fans can contact at Sean Cody and we can all bumbard them with e-mails telling them that we want to see you in one of there videos?? Maybe if they get enough requests they'll ask you.

  5. He is super hot, and yes, more attractive as a bottom. It's always great seeing guys who identify as straight take cock like pros.

  6. Well, there's nothing (aside from their contracts and your ethics) stoping you from "poaching" SC models to work on your site...

    And when you consider that you have "competing" web-site's, yet you continue to give him free publicity, for him to say that he dosen't want you is just plain rude. The potential benifets of a model exchange agreement between Nextdoor Studios and Sean Cody as well as Corbin Fisher, Chaos Men and Active Duty are endless and quite possibly enough to crush the monster studios like Falcon (are any of their models happy there?)and Titan...

  7. is there any way that you could contact him? perhaps he would do a scene with you, outside of sean cody... unless of course he has signed exclusively with them.

    on a side note, a rep from sean cosy has actually asked vinny if he wanted to audition... he hasn't answered back yet ;)

  8. Def agree with ya concerning Trey..he was the only reason i re-upped my subscription to SC..and actaully i like seeing him top guys..he's such an aggressive dude!And his bod totally rocks. Here's hoping we see you two together on your site. I'd love to see you two in action!!

  9. It's their lost that they don't want you and I agree with you, Trey is 1 hell of a guy. I hope that Trey will read your blog and contact you in the future. Good Luck !