17 March 2009


*People that annoy you

Can you guess the title word?

Before I reveal what it is I want to take the time to explain my story from yesterday, my choice of words, and my opinion on the subject matter.

In the simplest of terms, racism is the belief that one racial group is inherently superior to another. It's a doctrine that a persons race determines his capabilities, his merits, and his shortcomings. By that definition I would not consider myself racist and I would argue till the cows came home with anyone who would label me as such. My use of a racial slur was inexcusable, insensitive, and ignorant. But not racist. I do not think white people are better in any way than black people.

I know that I will never understand what it feels like to be a black man and hear/read the n-word and that's why I will never argue that it is OK for me to use it. Regardless of the situation.

I am sorry to anyone that I may have indirectly offended. I did not have any racist feelings when I used the n-word and I apologize if my story hurt you in some way. To the Fat Black Man in the Purple Sweat Suit, this apology is not for you, I INTENDED TO OFFEND YOU as you offended me.

But please keep in mind that I am no saint. I am not patient. I am not very tolerant of opinions I do not agree with. I have a bad sense of humor. I am hypocritical. I have a bad temper. I don't normally think before I speak. And I am human.

If everything I have said so far is not enough to gain the forgiveness of the gay black community then what if I offered up my ass in The Next Black Balled Movie or Niggas' Revenge 2? Would that set things gay?

Although that might be more of a reward to me instead of a punishment... But I'm sure if you find the right models, dominant rough tops that would have no mercy and just tear my hole apart, like say... Diesel Washington for example, then I'm sure I'd learn my lesson.

And maybe I'd never go back ;)

P.S. The title word of this blog is:
N_GGERS - People that annoy you = N*A*GGERS
If you thought it was some other word. Does that make you a racist?


  1. Mason,
    While I understand your story and applaud you for not taking any guff from someone who was clearly trying to get you upset, you allowed that person to take away your control and put you in a position to use it.

    I actually laughed when I read it and I for one, don't think you should apologize for how you felt at the time. If you intent was to hurt him, then I am sure you did.
    By the way, I am African-American, and if it doesn't fit to the person, then they shouldn't be offended.

  2. You were angry which is understandable. There is no need to do anything but say sorry and admit what you did already

  3. stop apologizing, there is no need. i too am not a black man (so take my next comment for what it is worth...a white man's thoughts), you were not addressing all black men in your story OR in your use of the word, rather you were addressing a certain black man and it was your opinion of him...specifically in the context in which it was used a tit-for-tat offensive exchange. i am not insulted when i hear an intended derragotory remark made at white people by a person of color (any color i mean), so if someone was offended by your use in the context of telling your side of the story then they were looking to be offended.

    furthermore, this is the "age of obama" are we not now past race as a sensitive subject that only the person to which group they belong can discuss openly?

  4. Mason,

    White guy getting gang-banged by 50 black guys is such a TIRED trope (read your writers)! If you really want to make amends to all blacks, come to NYC, give me your hotel number, and let me tap that ass for a few days (ps: I'll ignore all your pleas for mercy). Do that and all blacks will forgive you. I promise.

    On the serious side, I'm confused what the big deal is. The guy called you a faggot. Now unless you are lying, throwing nigger back is a-okay. You can't use a slur and not expect to get one used against you. Strange people are going crazy over the n word but sort of immune to the f one.

    P.S.: Now don't get the shit twisted. You can't be using the n word around me or some furniture is going to start flying.

  5. Mason sweetie, I laughed really hard when I read that story.. but I do think you could have reacted a bit better than that ignorant fucker. You stooped to his level, which means he won.

    I dont mean to say that using that word was wrong. It is, but sometimes people earn it by there actions/words. I just think you could have responded on a higher level than that asshole. I grew up in alabama, so I was surrounded by rednecks. I called them dumb ass white trash rednecks all the time WHEN they acted like it. I call gay men who are being stupid, shitty, mean, etc nasty cunt faggots WHEN THEY ACT LIKE IT. Its not about their race, their skin color or even their sexuality.. its about their actions and their words.

    Only reason I dont use some other words like ignorant or hateful is cuz that rarely sinks into their little pea-sized brains. I do my best not to say mean things to people based on things they cant change, like their looks.. but I let ignorant, hateful people have it with both barrels.

    Much love to you and yours ;)

  6. I think you should do a black gang bang...it would make amends...i love your gang bangs...then you could use the nword when you're supposed to...while getting fucked

  7. Mason-
    Two wrongs DO make a right, often.

    Sometimes it's simply a power trip on the parts of others to bring you down to/below their level.

    Don't look back with regret.

    A jackass is a jackass, period; and sometimes you should deal with them in that manner.

  8. mason,

    lol u never cease to amaze me. doing a black gangbang is not the answer to tryin to make ammends! thats not necessary( although it would be hot!!) just takin the time to actually apologize was enuff. so i commend u on ur efforts.

    with that being said, i noticed a few comments that ppl were upset (my views only) that we were not upset about the f word. personally, i dont use either. i do not allow my friends black or white or whomever to use them in my presence either. and it was not ok for the barney wannabe to call u one. i like to fight so me and barney would got down i woulda kicked his fat ass. but u def cool in my book again. so im good!

  9. Mason,
    I love you man. You are always awesome. Some people are just too damn sensitive, and if you've offended someone who was offensive to you, then I say well done.

  10. hmmm that would be a good porno. maybe you should "get on that".

  11. Don't fret about it, Mason. You're a good guy and it shows 'cause it bothers you that you said it. You did what you had to do with that ig'nint-ass fool. A slur thrown at you is perfectly deserving of a slur in reply. I would've also told him to just say no to the next side of beef...wearing some Barney suit alone ain't gonna knock those pounds off.

    I don't think I could do it myself though, I usually respond to the F word with a sarcastic comment about how long it took that person to figure out the brutally obvious. "Yeah I suck dick...DUH...and I suck it much better than you ever could!" (for the women). In any case, I feel that stupid ignorant people will always be that way no matter what you say to them, but it's nice to blast 'em with both guns blazing sometimes.

    Never mind an all black on 1 white boy gangbang...but perhaps a rainbow ganbang? Let some of my Latin brothers hit that fine ass too\ ;) Love ya man!

    LOVE YA'S!!

  13. Mason,
    I applaud you for standing tall and admitting your fault. That guy that called you a "faggot" deserved it back but that word is loaded with harsh meaning. It is unredeemable. I am one of those black guys that do not use that word or any racial type word.
    I believe that you are not racist.
    I believe you are sincere.
    I too am not perfect and will continue to make mistakes.
    Anyway, you stand taller with me as a result of what you said.
    kirk, Dallas, TX

  14. You want epithets? The sister of the father of Bristol Palin's new baby reports that Bristol doesn't want to bring the baby over to their place because she considers the family to be "white trash." Is that racist, just in bad taste, or simply true? LOL!

  15. As a black gay man, and someone who is a big fan of your work, I ain't mad atcha. You said that in the heat of the moment, and I don't think for a moment you're a racist. Though I cringed when you, one of my favorite porn stars of all time, said it, under the circumstances, it was understandable.

    It sort of reminds me of that Spike Lee movie, Do The Right Thing, where the character Sal was portrayed as a sweet, humble character, and later in the movie when he was pushed over the edge by one of the black characters, he screamed "nigger," and that painted him in a different light. To me you saying that in a moment of anger, with some labeling you racist, is the same as some child yelling at their parents that they hate them and want them dead, and people labeling them psychopaths. You're not a racist. We've all make mistakes.

    However, what shocks me the most is some of the posters here who pat you on the back for saying it as if that was the perfect way to respond. I find that more disappointing than your reply to those black guys at the gym. Anyway, you're a fine ass white guy, and I admire the fact that you're one of the few who do interracial scenes in your films. Most gay porn stars of your statue steer away from interracial, especially with black guys. But you're definitely color-blind when it comes to sex, so I admire you for that!

    Now may you excuse me, I'm about to pop in one of your videos so I can jerk off. ;)

  16. They gonna tear u up on the next blackballed...hilarious dude lol!

  17. Also, here is another point. Saying the word in a close group of friends who don't care about your choice of your words ISN'T classed as racism. When it's more public, and used with intent then that IS racism. If you are saying it in your thoughts, but allowing everyone else to see your thoughts, it's still NOT racism. It's hard to understand at first, but what I'm saying is still technically true, even if anyone has a different opinion.

  18. This whole situation has left me more confused than anything.

    I'm Black and am automatically pissed and a little taken aback that you and ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE COMMENTED can attempt to justify saying that under ANY circumstance. I roll my eyes as I read your update and see pictures of interracial sex and look back at the original entry and see you getting fucked by Black men and think if you're not racist you're CERTAINLY a bit prejudiced.

    But then, when I move my keyboard and look down at my pants, MY DICK IS ROCK HARD from seeing all these naked pictures of you and that ass tooted up. And I'm thinking to myself, Tip, this nigga (you) is hotter than a muhfucka! IN FACT, if this nigga (you) said nigga in front of me... I probably still would wanna fuck him! Then my last thought is SHIT i keep calling him a nigga


    Whatever the case is... when it gets down to people I'm attracted to, fuck all the other bullshit. NOW I'LL STILL GET MAD but I don't think you're racist and don't care how prejudiced you are... anyone who can make my dick hard is fine by me.

    That's just the kinda nigga I am :)

  19. Mason -

    After reading your blog, I must say, that being a hispanic black person, I really can't be truly mad at you for calling him a nigger. What I am truly mad at is you lowering yourself down to his level.

    I think that should have been one of those moments where you turned your nose up at him and walked away.

    Anyway, I do think offering yourself up in the next all black gangbang or the next niggas revenge is a terrible idea. Do it because you want to do it and the check cleared, not because you're using it as an apology of some sort.

    Firmado (signed),
    Mister Too Much


  20. how unfortunate to see a million uncle toms lower themselves to such a level as believing it is ok to be called a nigger, or only so when the time is right(if the person is fat black and wears a purple jump suit)* and you are angry at being called a homosexual..

    the way it is being paraded on this site to millions of gay people who stand and applaud this abhorrent display of ignorance and blatant disregard of respect is totally disgusting not to say sad.

    to see all these self proclaimed black men (I'M AFRICAN AMERICAN:) YAY!!)stand and cheer for the use of a term which very well includes your black ass as well, celebrating the very term which many fought to overturn and rectify so that today we would not feel the pains and sorrows of the past.

    and to have this reduced to you can use it only if you are angry by uncle toms who can see nothing more than there blatant lust which clouds their pride and dignity
    and to witness shallow caucasians limited by their own freedoms to casually toss it of, another day another nigger.......sad

    to Mason i harbor no ill will to one who has never experienced the pride of being a black man and happiness i have existing in a world where i know my history and cherish and live it...

  21. Mason,

    It was a good idea to run for your life, by his description, fat black guy in a purple suite, physics was not your side. Your comment was well suited for the moment, as it clearly articulated to him, hopefully, what he was doing by directing it at him instead.

    I don't think anyone could reasonably extract from this one situation that you are racist, if anything it would be that you know when not to let a good satirical moment pass you by. So I think you should brush off any comment to suggest as such as merely hypersensitive people being hypersensitive people.

    I am a queer person of color and I don't think one of the words is more offensive than next. While I wouldn't advocate repeating it, the story is a good anecdote about the sheer hypocrisy of some people.

    And lastly, the gang bang would not be a fitting form of reparations, but that alone should not stop you from doing it anyway.

  22. I think you could earn some fast/HARD money by the black interrac. gang bang, and bareback. If you want to earn some money and get a great fuck this is an idea to consider. There is a huge market for this. Hell, how about a SX video? The entire n*gga is way hot, I would buy it.

  23. argh I'd give anything to be Dean Monroe in that film..............:)

  24. I am not a nigger, but I am black. I'm offended that you would allow one ignorant person to pull you down to their level. Both faggot and nigger are some of the most offensive words I hear and each time I hear them I get a little sicker in my stomach. But when I'm called a faggot I generally go after the person using what I see, not the horrible words about them. Ashton was right (and I hate saying that) when he said you look like an idiot when you use such language.

  25. you may not be a flat out racist but you have racist tendencies. either way you have lost my respect.

  26. so which is it you are racist or not I'm a black man and a huge fan of yours I was just wondering why are you tryin' to be offensive? are u into black guys it seems that you maybe a little?