17 March 2009

Playing With Chris Redfield in RE5

Well I've sworn off WOW for at least a month. That game was sucking the life out of me and not in a good way. I still have Kill Zone 2, F.E.A.R. 2, and the Prince Of Persia to finish. But it's Resident Evil 5 starring the molestable Chris Redfield that's got my full attention. Free blow-jobs for any and every guy that looks like him! Y'all know where to find me.

What are you playing?


  1. Damn Mason, I'd love to give you a bj and you tell me it was good. That would keep me jacking for months perhaps years.

  2. I'm still playing Diablo 2. I'm in the last chapter but somehow, I can't finish it. Always loosing against Diablo.

  3. I'm playing WoW and Prince of Persia. I haven't got far in PoP yet because of WoW raids and alt leveling. GOD this game is exhausting.

  4. right now I'm playing Eternal Sonata.
    I'll look for Afro Samurai. I played the demo and fell in love with the game

  5. Wow, I googled for Chris and this came up!


  6. I might not be Chris, but I am made of polygons.
    No, sorry, that is a lie...
    Give me Prince of Persia any day. I remember the day that I heard Jake Gyllenhaal was going to play a gay cowboy and that was just so many fantasies realised. Now he's playing the Prince in the film, it's like this man was made to taunt me!

  7. I thought that Prince of Persia was a little boring.

    No bad guys (apart from bosses) and not being able to die! What's with that!

    I haven't even bothered to download the new level because I know it won't be any different!!

    Now Street Fighter 4! There's a game and a half!

  8. Currently just swore off WoW myself! Nothing planned yet to pick back up.

  9. Quitting MMRPG's is the way to go. I was ridiculously addicted to Everquest II to the point that Id forego sleep. And before that, it was a MUD (of all things!) called Dragonrealms. I'd miss that class and skip hanging out with friends for that game.

    Now Im cold turkey with MMRPGs... I need a game I can turn off, walk away from, and where the world in the game doesnt keep moving when I leave the room.

  10. Just finished Left 4 Dead (wicked game!), getting ready to start RE5.