05 March 2009

Screwed Loose

A couple weeks ago a handful of well known gay porn blogs wrote stories about me basically saying that I'm mentally insane. Words like 'train wreck', 'controversy', and 'meltdown' were thrown around with references to the apology email that was leaked to Queer Click as well as some of my past blog entries. The Dallas Voice even printed an article with the same "this kid is insane/desperate/over" message. I don't really know who they think I am but I DO know that I am NOT that important of a person to be writing about... Not even in a bad way. Not even in the Gay World.
It must of been an incredibly slow news week.

Some of the stuff that was "reported" about me as "fact" wasn't even true.

According to Unzipped, I just filmed my "newest release: Bareback Filthy Piss Boys, which just hit shelves this month. The movie is sure to ignite some flames, but it also might be an indication that Wyler's 15 minutes of infamy is beginning to wind down."

First of all, my 15 minutes were up a long time ago. We all know that.

Second, I filmed two bareback scenes TWO YEARS AGO for ONE small website, and BOTH scenes were shot in the SAME week with the SAME model. I have NOT filmed any NEW bareback scenes.

Believe me when I say that I will be the first to let people know if I ever do.

So if indeed I appear in some "new" bareback flick, it is just a repackaging of the scenes I did TWO years ago and NOT any truly new material.

Look, if you're going to report "facts" about me then please get your facts straight first. Haven't you people ever heard of LIBEL? I know I have...cough...cough... (*lesson learned)

Moving on...

Being an attention whore, you'd think I'd love all the recent (bad)publicity but you'd be greatly mistaken.

I want attention that gets me laid not committed.

Even though people have many reasons to believe that I have lost all of my marbles I'd like to convince them that they are wrong. I'd like to show them that I'm actually a sane human being with just an odd sense of humor and a filthy imagination. That even though I make foolish statements and participate in foolish activities from time to time, I am not in actuality a fool but just a simple porn model trying to keep people (and myself) entertained.

The problem is that I can't really prove or disprove my sanity or lack thereof unless they spend some quality time with me face to face.

But for most problems there is a solution.

The Answer: In an attempt to win some new friends in the industry and wash away whatever preconceived notions that YOU may have about me I am proposing Bowling with the Porn Stars. That's right. I want the writers of TheSword.com, Unzipped.net, QueerClick.com, Gay.Fleshbot.com, and other major gay porn blogs to join me (and maybe some fellow porn models) for a night of bowling (Don't make fun, bowling IS fun). I promise you'll have a blast.

Here are the details:
You Decide When:

Sunday March 29th at 8pm
Monday March 30th at 8pm
Tuesday March 31st at 8pm


Presidio Bowling Center
93 Moraga Ave
San Francisco, CA 94129
(415) 561-2695

Email me at: WYLER_NATION@YAHOO.COM to confirm

Billy Joel - you may be right


  1. Nate F, Dallas, TXMarch 5, 2009 at 1:52 PM

    That was amusing. You're certainly unique... but you make no apologies for who you are and have no delusions. There are plenty of things one could call you, both complimentary and otherwise, but insane is not one of them. If people are going to throw the term around so liberally, then perhaps we're all insane. e_e

  2. You have everything screwed in TIGHT and the bowl-a-thon is a great idea! I will do my best to be rooting you root you on that night

  3. U go boy! Let them know who is sane and insane here.

  4. Perhaps, if you got fucked by any of these people, they'd stop bothering you.

    Reporting about porn makes one think that they probably don't get laid very much themselves.

  5. I wish we were in SF - we'd go bowling with ya! We love you at our blog, Mason. If you ever get to Chicago, would love to hang out and chat - and get naked :) :)

    raphael & dolce

  6. wyler...FUCK 'EM...if they don't like you so be it...the can obsess about whatever homo fuck they currently wish to sleep with...what matters is what the public wants (thinks), not some ass who critiques porn for a day job. in terms of humoring them to stay on good terms in the "business world," do what you gotta do...bowl with the douches if you have to...damn shame its in CA or id be there striking set after set.

  7. Uh, where's MY invite, Mason? I've never written anything REMOTELY negative about you on GayPornBlog ... and this is what it gets me? Hmph. I see how it is. I guess I need to start shit-talking you.


  8. A whole other country, otherwise I'd be there to watch. I can't bowl for #@#.

  9. mason,

    tell the media world to kiss your ass with their tongues out! just a bunch of bs ppl writing bout something they have no REAL knowledge of. you have your fan base and im sure they are behind you 100% keep ya head up man!

  10. Bad Press = Good Press
    No Press = a marketing problem.

    You do a good job and your Fans respect you and love you for it.

    maybe you need to do an Online interview "Podcast" It could be interesting and fun. Bowling also sounds like fun but we all can't be there.

    Hey can I get an Autographed Photo? A Head shot? and not your dick head :-)

    and by the way you are Cute, Funny and Sexy but you a long way from insane.

    have a good weekend

  11. We love you just the way you are ... whatever way that is! :)

  12. I guess they didn't get your intended irony in that leaked apology e-mail. In fact, some people will pretend to take things literally even if they do get a joke, just to be troublesome. You might want to run stuff like that past Marcus or someone else who can adopt the viewpoint of reading it out of context with no knowledge of your style.

    I actually thought the title "Bareback Filthy Piss Boys" might be a joke someone made up, but it's on sale at Bonerama.com and the description begins:

    "Wet Flip-Fucking!
    "Mason Wyler's controversial first-ever bareback scene with cockhungry twink Landon Reed!"

    You're only in the first scene out of four, but they did use your pic as the main one on the cover.

  13. Wait, who's 15 minutes of fame is up?

    Cause, see, I haven't even pretended to look at any of those blogs in about a year and half because they started going seriously downhill.
    Apparently they're continuing that trend marvelously.

    Actually does *anyone* still read those? I mean, occassionally I see a link to them being like "Look! I got mentioned in QueerClick!" or "Look, I'm on the cover of Unzipped!" and the comments I see in response are usually the nice, vague congratulations comments so that you KNOW that no one even bothered following the link....lord knows I didn't.

    So, my guess? They're trying to drag you down with them since your blog gets more hits than theirs. Oh snap, QueerClick, you been had. :P

  14. I think you are FUCKING FABULOUS and ALL of these people, blogs, websites, etc. "bashing" you should be flogged, tared and feathered! Unfortunately, they may "get off" on that!!!!

  15. Too funny - I don't for a second think u are sitting in ur little office w/ deep rooted pain reading articles on other blogs offering psychoanalysis from afar. Whats even funnier is this mental checklist is being offered by a bloger who's sole purpose is to review PORN for which the definition is FANTASY. The fact that the bloggers can't distinguish between reality and that hot huge imagination of urs is way over the top. What I really think is, u Mason were introduced in ur own way to the culture of the gay porn industry & hv orchestrated this whole thing. Its all part of the fun of playing w/ their heads, not only are ur films, posts & antices hot/fun/creative & well,,,porn, but it incites such reaction in the porn biz culture,,,& u are just sitting at ur little computer giggling while u come up w/ another bomb shell to level. Buddy, it is time to consider taking ur creative mind & focus ur imagination on the legitimate world. U could be the next advertising wonder kid. I want to see u come up w/ the next Super Bowl add & see u the next recipient of the Clio Award.

  16. Grahamburger,

    Thank you for your support but I just wanted to correct you on one thing: QueerClick is probably the most visited blog in the gay porn world. It's HUGE and easily dwarfs little Wyler Nation.


  17. Wyler Nation never fails to entertain. You're way too interesting to be one of those 15-minute-wonders. I did see a couple of those articles and had to chuckle at the wonderful tabloid-ness of it all.

  18. I wanna bowl!!!


  19. OK, here's a fact for you. No bullshiting whatsoever, this is the truth. Newspaper articles ALWAYS lie about something, no matter if it's big or small. The reason for this....entertainment and industry. Without a little bit of spice, the papers would be boring, so what do they do? They make fake truths and sadly, people believe it. Working for the newspaper is one of the "phoneiest" (if that's even a word) occupations on this planet. To overcome this problem, I only have one suggestion. Well two actually. You could either:
    1) Completely ignore what's going on, which is more of the reserved option; or
    2) Show your disapproval and make it more public. However, this is the more "double-egded" option.
    People would take notice that you, as a, how should I put it, a "semi-celebrity". But don't forget, you need to be very careful on what you say and how you say it.
    Then again, other people's opinions about you shouldn't matter.
    Just do what your heart tells you, we are merely advisors to your query, your hindrance.
    Show the world the meaning of you!
    Now is the best opportunity for you.
    Take care

  20. that is too funny, My father used to bowl there when I was a little kid. I hope you get your wish and get a good size turnout for bowling night.

    Bowling is always fun when there is liquer involved. So get blasted and throw some 16lbs ball around.

  21. Why did this appear in my RSS reader today?