16 March 2009

Suck On These!

Speaking strictly physical appearances here. Some guys are ass-men, some guys are size queens, some guys care more about the size of your body (be it skinny, chubby, or muscled) or whether you have 6 pack abs, while other guys fall for a handsome face. Most guys want all the above plus something else like blond or brunette, brown eyes or blue eyes, and the list goes on and on. In my book, what really matters is how much you have in your bank account. Just kidding.

Like most gays I know, I want a stud who's a "total package". I'm not too particular on color. The color of your hair, eyes, skin, underwear, it doesn't make that much difference to me. Nice muscles, big dick, handsome face, AND a nice ass... That's what really matters. But if you work out at the same gym as I do, or work in gay porn, or live on Planet Earth, you would realize that men who can be classified as "The Total Package" are actually quite plentiful. Once I realized this, then certain physical features, things that can differentiate a person from the pack or make a guy slightly unique amongst his peers, became more important for me to look for.

When asked to choose the hottest between two "Total Packages" based solely on what my eyes can see (not that this happens often or ever), the deciding factor would probably come down to the chests. I'm a chest man with an emphasis on nipples. More specifically, I love gym-sculpted, shirt-stretching pecs and a pair of big, suckable nipples. A man who possessed all the above would send me over the edge.

These guys have my vote for the most suckable pecs/nipples on the internet!

What physical features do you look for in a man?


  1. I like curly hair, and brunettes with blue eyes. What attracts me the most at first though is a guy's ass and smile. It's what I consider a starting point, and please NO DRUGS!

  2. Mason, your chest & nipples are two of my favorite parts of your body, just after your handsome face.

  3. I love the smile on a guy, not to mention a nice tight ass!

  4. lol jakub stefano

  5. I'm definitely with you on the nipple fetish. But I don't really like huge, puffy ones; I go for the smaller nips.
    I love tasting them, blowing on them, then biting (and licking them again).
    PERFECT NIPPLES: Justin Timberlake.


  6. Pecs and nipples are amazing!!!

    Esp. that last guy from corbin fisher, he has the biggest pecs/nips that I've seen in porn!

  7. My favorate are men with thick hairy legs. Man I LOVE THAT. usually if you have legs like that, you wish is my command. But I also love guys like Wyler who loves to fuck and is sexy as hell.

    also hair on his chest is a huge plus. Not as important as the hair on his legs, but I love the way it feels.

  8. definitely number 2 or number 4. They're the hottest and have the most "suckable nipples".

    Not bad choices.

  9. i look for muscles on my man.

  10. pic 3 is jakub! yummy! i plan on stalkin him all the way to the altar lol

  11. So, am I the only weirdo who's totally turned on by a guy's armpits? Looking at them, feeling, smelling, licking or anything with them turns me on (this leads me to also LOVE pecs and biceps). The only thing that comes close to this is really hot ass hole (natural look)or foreskin (LOVE UNCUT DICK). Seriously, who wants to look at an erect scar?

    All these are why I love you. I would lick you all these places.

  12. The second guy is a french singer: Matt Pokora, he's pretty hot but his music sucks

  13. Pecmaniac
    I love a set of big pecs with enlarged nipples. God, that's just the best.