02 June 2009

I Have a NEW Friend and Today is His Birthday

His name is "Aiden". He lives in Houston. He suffers from high-self esteem. And he is one of the two people I call a friend in the Bayou City. Aiden is gay. A gay whorey bottom (we have that in common, among other things...). And today is his gay whorey bottom bitch birthday. Can you guess how old he is turning? 14? 16? I swear he's legal... in some countries.

Our friendship sprouted on the pretense that I would help take him from a twink whore to a bona fide muscle slut thus enabling him to spread his ass-cheeks on such classy and tasteful sites like MasonWyler.com and HoleandaHeartBeat.com. As he is right now, skin and bones, the only work he could get would be for various twink sites/concentration camps. Sure, concentration camps are fun but he wants more than that.

He wants to become a well-known porn model, one that demands a high-scene rate and everyone's cock-stroking attention. He needs muscle to achieve that. He needs to look more like a corn fed Texas boy not an Auschwitz/BoyCrush Survivor. I was suppose to help him gain that muscle and put some meat on his bones...but it seems like I'm better at simply showing him how to be a better dick-worshiping slut. What can I say, it just comes naturally to me. Marcus is a more effective drill sergeant in the gym anyway. All the hot sweaty muscle boys working out just take my focus away from almost anything else going on. Regardless of who's pushing him to reach his goal, I have no doubt in my mind that one day Aiden the twink will become Aiden the stud. It'll just take some time... and alot of HARD work. Like seriously hard work. Maybe even some plastic surgery. Okay, that was lie, he'll need a ton of plastic surgery. But he'll eventually get there.

Like a Brother... A Little Brother.


  1. Cant thank of a better "Sex trainer" Happy B-day Aiden and Mason little brother huh hmm ;)

  2. Ha Ha Ha! Thanks Guys! That Totally Made My Day... But The Plastic Surgery Comment.... Just Wait Till I'm Your Spotter... I Might Just See A Cute Boy And When That Weight Falls, Who Will Need Plastic Surgery Then!?! Much Love Boys!

    - Aiden


  3. Happy birthday to him.

  4. He's so cute. Looks like a male version of Tweety Bird. Happy Birthday Aiden. xoxo

  5. You two could totally do a porn together and pass as brothers as well.
    Aiden is a lil cutie

  6. "Auschwitz" .... ha. Sometimes you've got some good lines, Mason.

  7. I've been following Aiden's blog for months and I've been saying he looks like your little brother since the first time I saw him. I think it would be unbelievably hot to see you two get it on because it would be like you were corrupting him. Or you could do fake brother-on-brother incest porn. =)

  8. Hmmm... Brothers eh... LOL he teases me like one. =D

  9. If they still published Gay "Erotic books" like Hand Jobs, Mason would be a good choice for a contributer. One of the best perverse writers on the net today that's Mason Wyler!

  10. I like the skinny, underdeveloped young guy look. I must have pedophile tendencies or something. lol. However, Aiden's not going to be a twink forever so it's sensible for him to start transitioning to a stud, with an eye on his future career.

    Could I please request a photo of you guys at least kissing. I could fap to that =)

  11. That guy there Aiden, you said that he is legal in some countries. Can I just say, he looks like a school child i.e. 12?
    It also looks like you may get into the incestual business too...Well at least you are expanding your horizons...lol

  12. Hey Mason,

    No offense to your new friend, but he doesn't come close to your "hotness".

    You should go your own way instead of trying to surf on the twink wawe ... You are 500 % better looking and sexier than he is ! And like you mentioned it yourself it would takes time for him to reach the level of your ankels !!
    You ARE and always WILL be the true sexiest man on earth !! (If you have to "relate" to someone to "boost" your career = I do not think you don't ... Stay with guys like Tommy D or Cody Cummings or Zack Randall and let the "Auswitz twin" to his own fate .......

  13. aiden is so cute. He's so lucky to have a friend like u Mason =]]

  14. Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty or more
    The Bloody twink Baron was rollin' out the score
    Gay men died tryin' to end that spree
    Of the Bloody Red Baron of Germany

  15. What happened to Aiden Ash?