22 September 2009

The War of Northern Aggression

The battle rages on in Wyler Nation.

Currently this land is embroiled in a bloody civil war. The fighting begins a few months back when the prudish populated North voted to abolish slavery, a long-running institution in which the libertine South heavily relies upon to feed its carnal appetite.

The South argues that without slaves, there would be no one around with big enough tools, capable of plowing deep into Wyler Nation's fields to plant buckets of seeds and harvest vast amounts of a precious white crop that half of the country thrives on.

Once a pro-slave territory itself, The North now decries slavery, claiming that it is destroying the heartland of this once great nation and demands that the North be the only entity fulfilling the needs of the South. But the North does not possess equipment large enough to properly hoe the farmland down South. Revelation of this fact enrages the North, leading to a Northern preemptive blockade on one of the South's world wide portals rendering said portal inaccessible to tourists for a short period of time.

The South tries to implement the use of manually operated rubber tools that mimicked those of slave-held tools in an attempt to appease the North. But the rubber tools alone can not do the work that legions of slaves have done, they can not plow as good as a slave plows, they can not plant seed like a slave can plant seed... In fact, rubber tools can not plant seed at all and therefore could never produce the precious white crop the South craves. Thus rubber tools are not the answer.

There appears to be very little hope for a resolution, secession increasingly seems to be the only solution.


  1. Was the civil war analogy really necessary? I don't think a domestic squabble is really anywhere near the same thing as abolition.

    Seriously bad taste, Mason. Marcus can do better.

  2. Glad to see you are back blogging, but does not sound like good news. Hopefully things work out, and you can just be happy and enjoy life

  3. ummmm dunt think the civil is a great way to describe u and marcus' squabble, although it did grab my attn to actually read the blog.

    marcus did state in an earlier blog that he was ok with u sleeping with more than just him in the beginning. however, it seems that marcus has moved on from that period in ur lives and wants to be with just u. usually, im full of positive advice on relationships, in this case, it seems that u and marcus may need to part ways for u both to be happy. as much as i would hate to see it happen, marcus has a reached a point in his life that you have not yet come across and the only way for u both to be happy is to separate. u obviously dont want to have just marcus as a sex partner. and thats fine, but marcus wants only u and if he cant have all of u then why does he only need a part of u? he deserves a chance at monagomy whether it be with u or someone else.

    hopefully u two can come to a respectable resolution to this matter. if not, then i hope that u two can at least still be friends.

    all my best to the both of u! xx

  4. If he can't live with your lifestyle, so be it.

  5. I'm glad that you back to posting comments. I am sorry to hear that things have not improved in the civil war. I also cant believe that the North was responsible for the termination of the communication line to your loyal fans. Anywho, once again im happy to have you back. hopefully the south will be able to manage.


  6. Im sorry to say this, but this does not make you look so good Mason.

  7. I absolutely loved this post. Very creative, informative, and unique. Perfect way to bring a news update back to the site.

  8. lol, i had to read that twice to work it out. interesting analogy.

    im glad you're back blogging

  9. You're saying he has a small dick? That's a bit below the belt (pun not intended)

    "The South argues that without slaves, there would be no one around with big enough tools, capable of plowing deep into Wyler Nation's fields to plant buckets of seeds and harvest vast amounts of a precious white crop that half of the country thrives on."

    "But the North does not possess equipment large enough to properly hoe the farmland down South."

  10. I had to read it twice too =)

  11. There is no way that anyone believes, based on what you write about your relationship in this blog; that if Marcus had a bigger dick; you would be able to stay faithful to him.

    I feel bad for both of you, because it seems as if you have a sex addiction, not just a high sex drive. That can be just as devastating as a drug addiction.
    I have a high sex drive, but if my boyfriend says it really hurt him; I would be able to control myself enough to stop making out with other people in front of him. It's one thing (high sex drive), if you both agree to bring a third person into bed or to be with other people discretely. It's something totally different (an addiction), if you cannot stop making out with other people in front of him.

    I just hope you let Marcus know that even if he had a bigger dick, you would still want to screw around with other people.

  12. You two seriously need to just break up already. I honestly don't understand why you guys are still together in the first place. Mason, you're a slut. Pure & simple. You've admitted it. And Marcus is obviously no longer willing to tolerate and live with it. And Mason is not willing to change his ways for him nor should he be forced to do so. So I think it's time for you guys to part ways and be happy.

    And I really don't understand why the both of you are airing your dirty laundry like this in a public forum for the whole world to see. It's inappropriate and in poor taste.

    Mason, I think you're sexy as hell and I would kill to be able to bang you myself. But I gotta tell you - this whole public posting of your domestic squabble is a rather boneheaded move.

    Cut your losses, let it go and move on with your lives.

  13. Erm, I don't think that people have actually grasped what this entry is truly about. It isn't a physical analogy, but rather a mental/spiritual analogy. The idea of slavery isn't real in this context; however the slaves represent something that is held very dear by Mason himself. Whether it is regret, or fear, he is entitled to show his feelings no matter what people say. So people know, I'm not trying to be in Mason's good books, I'm simply the truth. As an outsider, who looks into "this", it seems unfair that the rest of you have to stick your noses where it doesn't belong. They had their dispute about the relationship that they have. The decent thing to do is to support them, no matter your true opinion.
    The more I think about it, the more I start to understand what Mason is talking about. Here is what I'm getting from this blog entry:
    1) The slaves in the story represent their past relationship. I think Mason was trying to emphasise that Marcus was compared to a slave from that time; forced to do something that they are not really comfortable, but for their sake, they would do it.
    2) The tools are a symbol of personal feelings toward each other, and the precious white crop represents true love and happiness.
    3) The North and the South show how Mason's thoughts are divided. The North shows rage and anger, which could be him realising what he did in reality, and the South are struggling, which shows that Mason has no idea how to resolve this.
    So, in other words, the analogy of the slaves was actually an analogy of himself. For everyone who wants to give him a bad time, I suggest they back off because taking sides is utterly childish and pathetic. However, if you are like me, I will support them both in the best way that I can, even though there are things which they have done and I don't agree with.

  14. I've missed the south

  15. Rav's Desire,

    My opinion (not everyone's "truth", just mine) is that you don't grasp what this entry is about. I don't think it was meant as a mental/spiritual analogy.

    You say, "It seems unfair that the rest of you have to stick your noses where it doesn't belong."
    WTF? This is a public forum! They both aired their dirty laundry! Marcus asked for public opinion in his first post! The only reason that Marcus's most recent posts had 100 comments was that people were taking sides and posting their opinion. Mason has posted intimate details of their relationship from the start. If he didn't want people to comment on it, he would have left out any info. related to his boyfriend.

    1) "The slaves in the story represent their past relationship. I think Mason was trying to emphasise that Marcus was compared to a slave from that time; forced to do something that they are not really comfortable, but for their sake, they would do it."

    Marcus has admitted that in their past relationship, he wasn't forced to do anything; he was totally into all of their experimentation. He even said he was the one who set up their first four-way.

    2) You say, "The tools are a symbol of personal feelings toward each other."
    So, according to you, when Mason mentions using plastic tools as a solution, he doesn't mean dildos, he means he tried using plastic or fake feelings toward Marcus as a solution. WTF? Huh?

    Come on, seriously, you don't think that Mason is talking about the size of Marcus's dick in this comment:
    "But the North does not possess equipment large enough to properly hoe the farmland down South."

    And in this comment, you seriously think that Mason doesn't mean dick size, when he says "big enough tools"; he means the size/intensity of personal feelings:
    "The South argues that without slaves, there would be no one around with big enough tools, capable of plowing deep into Wyler Nation's fields to plant buckets of seeds and harvest vast amounts of a precious white crop that half of the country thrives on."

    I don't normally comment about other people's posts, I just respond to the original post; but, when you wrote this, I had to respond:
    "So people know, I'm not trying to be in Mason's good books, I'm simply the truth."
    What? Huh? I'm Simply The Truth! How condescending! Your comment is your personal "truth" or opinion, just as mine is. Only Mason and Marcus know "the (real) truth".

    Steve B.

  16. the irish made slavery obsolete. just ask the yankees who put guns in their hand as they made their exit from the boat. look for a new economic model.

  17. Moreso than the post itself, people's comments made me laugh.

  18. Wow. You break up because someone's dick isn't as large as you prefer. Way to go, brainiac.

  19. I really don't understand what people found offensive about this post... is it the reference on slavery? oh come on!

    I concur with James: if the "agreement" you had previously with Marcus regarding extra"marital" sex is not accepted by Marcus anymore and you don't want to change your sex habits, you should break up.

  20. As I understand it, the North won. ;)

  21. Well I don´t think it is a spiritual analogy, MASON is talking clearly and plainly about dicks in his ass, its the way it is dildos don't work. If you can't be with him, the way he wants you to be, stop tormenting yourself. it is OK to be slut if that is what you want but don't become someone you are not just to make Marcus feel good, it won't last if you do that because sooner or later you'll cheat on him. You'll have to Go separate ways or get a new profession, but just ask yourself, is Marcus the person you want to spent your life with? if not stop doing this to him and to you. Take care and good luck

  22. Mason, you knew Marcus' dick size when you hooked up with him in the first place. Love is about more than sex. Obviously you don't love Marcus enough to control your sex addiction. You probably are incapable of loving anyone more than sex itself. You are a sorry excuse for a human being.

  23. In this day and age, with the president being called everything from a liar to a racist to a fascist, I think you're choice of the civil way analogy was unwise and unfeeling.

  24. Mason you are just a really bad lost soul. I hope God can heal you eventhough you don't believe in him. I think that what you are doing to Marcus is extremely selfish and immature. I side with him because he has actually grown up. He loves you and is trying to do everything he can to stay with you and you just slap him in the face with this stupid immature, distasteful, analogy. I am amazed I was attracted to your videos. I no longer see an attractive person but simply something worthless. Which is sad considering you used to look so hot in your videos.

    Marcus if you are reading this, bless you for having the patience that you do. You need to move on and find a better person; one that respects you and that truly will love you. Mason clearly does not.

  25. I dont think you should try to make something like a joke out of BOTH things (war or your problems in your relationship).
    Bad taste. Not funny at all.
    And if it wasnt meant as a joke why was this analogy necessary?
    Shame on you!

  26. Ha, I meant to us this profile instead.

    My best friend texted me and told me he saw you in a mall in Houston. I said, "He's got a blog ya know. Check it out."

    Nice blog.

  27. Mason, how often do you watch your videos or read your posts after the fact? Aside from what's obviously occurring on camera (for the videos), they tell another clear story. You are deeply and desperately looking for something - someone(?) - and you are not finding it. You've spoken of your loneliness and desire for real friends before ~ this kind of work and daily life isn't going to help in establishing that. Look beyond the physical gratification or the next hot item that may cross in front of you. Do something that is purely to make someone else happy and doesn't necessarily provide a 'kickback' for you. Marcus is hurting because you are taking, taking, taking...and he (and others) may need you to give. Give time, give some help with a task, give from the heart.

    Okay, I know you and others didn't browse here to read this sort of thing, but I just had to add my 2 cents.

    'Dr. Phil' signing off.

  28. Yay! So glad you're back posting. Sorry things aren't working out so well. Hope you can work something out.

  29. YEs, this blog may be in bad taste... but then again so is the both of them airing their dirty laundry and public and trying to make the other side look bad.
    Mason is a sex addict, that much is obvious. Mason also doesn't seem to have a lot of regard for other's feelings, that is also obvious.
    But I also have a problem with Marcus, who apprently had no problem whoring out Mason for years (even said he encouraged and kept on encouraging him to do porn and hookups)and now seems shocked that Mason won't change.
    Sorry, you had no problem with it or using it for years,you just can't turn it off.
    My option, the relationship is over. Both of you need to move on.

  30. Mason, this entry is realy something else. Not only do u come along as a sexy slut, which I totaly love, but also intelligent, innocent & honest.
    U too have points of view to respect.
    U guys need to have an open talk & decide if u are better of as friends.
    Good luck

  31. Oh I see....remaining anonymous, are we? Very fitting for someone like that. Protecting yourself against possible insults with the "anonymous cloak".
    I respect that you have your opinion, and it may differ from mine, but there is need to try and undermine what I am saying.
    In actual fact, you have twissted my points. First off, "I'm simply the truth" is a spelling mistake, I should have said "I'm speaking my truth".
    Second of all, about the tools represent their feelings toward each other....You say it as if it's a physical analogy of themselves. I was talking about their inner feelings, and not what they want to use in their personal, private lives.
    And while you're using quotes directly from the source, you are (not suttlely) implying that I am plucking these thoughts from thin air, and don't have much IQ. Believe what you will, because I have no time to listen to someone who trys to humiliate me in public, it's childish really...
    Another thing...the whole point of being anonymous is so that people don't know who you are. You broke that by saying your name at the end. Who's the foolish one now?
    One last thing, try and get your facts right before you try to make me look stupid again, OK? ^^

  32. Great to see you finally returning Mason! We really did miss you!

    Like in any war, there are no winners, only losers, but also like in any war, the people look for a symbol of hope that will rise up, mostly in the form of a hero!

    I am not taking sides in any ones personal life/lives, but I think maybe that it is time to give your loyal loving fans and bloggers, friends and lover just what they want after many months of war - a shinning light in the darkness, a feeling that someone will always be there to be looked up to no matter what or where their adventures take them.

    He always knows the right time to be Superman, but does he know when its the right time to be Clark Kent?

    Im sure he does!

    A hero, my hero, our hero, Mason Wyler!

  33. ahahahahahaha.
    that was fucking great.

  34. if you love each other REALLY love each other, work it out. somehow.

    if you dont or arent in the same place anymore, its time to move on before one of you does or says something unforgivable

  35. Have the North & South explored fully the possibility that the West and East may hold the answer? A melding of the four would encompass the needs of all citizens of the Wyler Nation. If only the West or the East is individually considered then there would still be a point left unfulfilled. Slaves are only a stopgap measure that will learn to rebel as time goes on. Unrest will, and obviously already has, occurred between the North and South without the influence of the West and East. I see your main problem as calling a truce to hunt down TOGETHER the West and East. You need to find the true compass points and not just slaves striving to imitate in an attempt to please. If the West and East are not already together themselves then it is up to the North and South to find them TOGETHER and bind them TOGETHER. I see the battles between the North and South turning into skirmishes and then allout War if this does not occur. Sorties seem to be occurring now in order to prepare for War. A diplomat should be called in to mediate a truce. Good luck to you both from a foreign Nation on the sidelines!

  36. Ravs desire,
    lol you implied that IQ is a group of objects that can be collected or lost. While I understand that most people arent sure what IQ measures it's silly to use it in such a way that you only look stupid while trying to make the point that you are smart enough to have an opinion much like any mentally capable person over the age of 4. If you wish to remain ignorant to various things such as the point of an IQ number that is fine, but when you chose stupidity by tossing around such misinformed info you only hurt the growth of those who also base thr facts on the half ass guesses of others. Anyway to whome this may benifit IQ is actually the measurement of problem solving. You are typically born able to find solutions at a certain rate and the only time it would change noticably is if you suffered severe brain damage. Anyone who has actually taken a certified IQ test will know that the questions usually consist of a simple math portion, the carefully worded yet pointless questions/statements(If a floop is sometimes a goop and a goop is always a poop then some floops are most deffinatly big steaming poops.), and finally puzzles like special blocks you must assemble in various ways as quickly as possible. Mr. Anonymous didn't really have to go out of his way to make you look stupid after all you are good at that on your own.

    I doubt the story was intended to be analized for a complex meaning to be debated over like the many religions that claim they know what the bible really means in that one verse that the previous branch of christianity so sinfully misunderstood. He's seems to be a nice guy fully aware of the readers who may not be able to understand the multilayered codes a few of you have come up with thus far making it more likely that it is what seems to be at first glance. Also remember the human mindloves to find patterns where thr arent any. Having said that bring on the many fueding branches of wylerism!!! This should be good. lmao

  37. It's about friggin time! You write well. It has always made me think.

    E H

  38. ...Love the whole blog entry. It's rather an online classic.

    The South wins this battle.

  39. You started out with the best blog, talking about your contest to talk to you on the phone, to who gets to fuck you, you talked about your in laws who were moving in.
    You had posts from Team Wilder chime in now and then. You talked rape stories, brought up race and then you vanished....

    Marcus posted something about the two of you and then there was not too much more said and now this the 'war of aggression'

    This blog is getting to be a joke, and your movies are getting stale.
    Will the real Mason Wyler please stand up.

  40. I wonder how many of these outraged comments come from lesser endowed men.

    Mason has needs. Marcus can't meet them. Like Mason, Marcus knew what he was getting into from the start.

    It's their life to live, not yours to judge.