16 November 2009

24 Hours Till I Get What I Need

In 24 hours I will be boarding a plane that will whisk me away to the land of over-priced real estate and under-priced whores, better known as California. You see, once a month, for an entire week, I get to do what I was born for. For seven gay days I am lucky enough to partake in a balls-to-my-asscheeks fuck-a-thon where I get to fill up on cock and cum to my hole's and throat's content. Mostly in front of a video camera of course. Sadly, that seems to be the only time I get a good hot dicking these days. If only I could keep the fuck-a-thon going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year... Anyway, check out pictures from the previous fuck fest below!
This scene is starring Parker London. An incredibly hot stud with an equally hot dick. I don't normally watch my own porn and even when I do it's usually just to critique myself but I have to admit that I just jerked off to this video. 5 times. This morning. Sex with this man was amazing. Just kissing this man got me my heart pounding. Having his dick in my mouth while I stared up at his beautiful body sent me into euphoria. Having his hole engulf my cock sent me out of this world. And just when I thought I couldn't take any more pleasure he flipped me around and plunged his cock balls-deep into my ass shooting me straight into ecstasy. He was definitely one of my favorite scene partners thus far. He is a sex god. Verbal. Versatile. Masculine. Dominant (even as a bottom). Intense. Commanding. Perfect. I am in lust with him.


  1. Fucking HOT!! Dress warm, it's been cool out in California and you might be drenched with something other than cum

  2. Parker is fucking hot! I can see why you'd jack off to it! Love his tatts too! LOL! Tattstoo. Wish I as on that plane with you! I'd get you warmed up by sucking and fucking you in the bathroom! Have fun!

  3. "im in lust with him" LOVIN the word choice, sounds like somethin id say! have fun mason! xx

  4. Parker is a hot top. He's very manly.

  5. Mason, You are so lucky to be able to be with so many hoooot porn partners. He's definitely in the top few. Who decides when you eat a porn partner's load? You or the director or just the chemistry. I don't know how a cum lover like you resists every time.
    Do you know of any other Next Door models besides you and TommyD who eat cum in their videos so I can watch for them. Your scenes in Drafted were the reason I signed up for MasoWyler.com, and I have not been disappointed.
    Happy New Year,

  6. Dear Mason,

    your performances are growing in their artistry and credibility. You are becoming a better performer, keep it up. One question - you said in one of your columns that what you really really enjoy is the big stick - The big dick. big. Big. Small dicks need not apply.

    But then i read your column about your heated lust with Parker. I have not yet seen his vid with you but only with Tommy D and a few others. He's good looking, but just average endowmnet.

    Do you care to elaborate or expand on your size preferences, now that you have met someone who so strikes your fancy so, while being of normal endowmnet. ?

    Keep up the great work ! Anon.