26 January 2010

I Like My Shirt

Meet Jean-Baptiste. This insanely adorkable man is the founder of SquidFire.com, a Baltimore based T-shirt company that champions the oddest of designs and I mean that as a compliment. A couple of months ago Jean-Baptiste sent me one of the most peculiar T-shirts I have ever seen. I really like it. I think I might wear it all the time, except for when someone is ejaculating all over me... I wouldn't want to stain the shirt. And while I'm on the subject of ejaculating, Jean-Baptiste, if you are reading this, I'd let you ejaculate all over me or in me or both on me and in me. I mean it's only fair, right? You did give me a free T-shirt after all. That's like twenty bucks and who wouldn't spread their legs for twenty bucks? In any case, SquidFire.com has some pretty neat stuff, from clothes to lunch bags and everything in between so check them out. Pictures of me in my nifty new shirt below.

25 January 2010


Indolence. It's my own worst enemy. Creeping up on me quietly and slowly, almost at a snails pace. Very careful not to warrant any alarm. Allowing me to get comfortable and content, and before I know it, indolence has me in its grasp. For more than two months I have let life pass me by. I've lost fifteen pounds of muscle and I'm seriously behind on my blog. What's even worse is the fact that I have only had sex with twelve people since I became single back in October. That's pathetic for a self-described cock-a-holic like myself. For gay CHRIST'S sake, what kind of porn slut am I? A pretty bad one for sure. Twelve boys in nearly four months?! God that's a sad realization. It should be more like twelve hundred. It's like I'm one of the snormal boys. I have been way too lazy for way too long... Well not anymore. No more masturbating because I'm too lazy to put in the effort required to find a hook-up. No more eating out for every meal because I'm too lazy to cook. No more skipping out on the gym. No more sleeping half the day away. No more eight hour gaming sessions. I have to conquer old indolence once and for all. Starting today I will be a new man. A man that works out every day, goes to bed before 2am every night, and wakes up before 10am every morning. I will limit the amount of time I spend on video games. I will make an effort to write at least once a day. And I will stop ignoring my sex addiction and actually go out and get some dick. It's time I start living again.