13 March 2010

The Top Ten Fucks of MasonWyler.com: 10. Brandon Bangs

I have shot nearly 75 scenes since the launch of MasonWyler.com back in 2009. Out of all the models I have worked with on my website, ten of them really stood out to me. In my opinion, these boys were the hottest, the most passionate, the dirtiest, the most intense, and the horniest of them all.

10. Brandon Bangs

Brandon Bangs starts the list off at number ten. Physically Brandon is exactly what I like. He's a young, thick, brute of a man with big muscles that seem to be forged from years of playing football or working on a construction site but not from hours in the gym. Brandon makes it on my top ten list because he is arguably one of the most verbal men I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Something about a man calling me a whole slew of degrading names while I do what he tells me to just really turns me on. I LOVE DOMINANT MEN THAT TALK DIRTY TO ME!


  1. Damn, we all need a lot of that!

  2. Hahaha...looks like you're having fun...
    Don't get too carried away though ^^

  3. agreed. definitely in the top 10 of masonwyler.com.
    are you counting oral scene partners too?