20 August 2010


Since testing positive in May, I have hooked up with a total of three people and they were all HIV positive themselves. Seriously. I have not gone around fucking, barebacking, or infecting HIV negative people. I am a sex fiend. I am NOT a monster. So to the people who are spreading rumors that I have done otherwise, STOP. You are not saving anyone's life by talking about me so STOP. You can not equate countless hours spent browsing hook-up sites and blogging about my sexual desires online to a wild and irresponsible sex life offline so STOP. You don't know what I do in my private life so STOP. What you are saying about me could be considered defamatory so STOP. You have already done enough damage so STOP. Seriously. Just STOP.


  1. Exactly what I thought, Mason. There has never been anything remotely deceitful or secretive of the persona you come across - instead you are by all accounts an upfront and also a generous and goodhearted guy.

    So what would make sense to me is that you have not wanted to change your hookup bio status because the issue is private, but you have discussed the matter with your partners.

    Anyway, to assume anything else and violating your privacy is audacious, malicious and quite possibly illegal.

    I'm beyond angry about this.

  2. Don't let them get to you, babe. *hugs*

  3. Mason... I know how horrible this must be for you. Well no... I can only imagine. That said, we in the industry are solidly in your corner and the only people going after you are the nasty loser shut-ins who sit and home and attack from the anonymity of their own computers.

    And for the record... NOBODY believes the horrible things said about you. Anyone who knows you knows that you're not the monster that a few assholes say you are.

    Nobody deserves the shit rained down on you over the last couple of days. But those of us who know you know that you're going to rise above all of this. You've never been one to shrink away and I'm sure you won't now, either.

  4. Mason, this is my first ever comment to you. I've found that there are plenty of petty people, gay, straight, black, white and every color between, that feel that they must spread information like this, whether to be vicious, stupid, unthinking or whatever the reason. I do not think outing someone in this way is acceptable at all and condemn this behaviour.

    On the rare occasion that a sex partner asks my status, I simply say that I haven't been tested in a long time, and I've been a major load taking slut, never asking anyone's status, so if that is a problem, they should take proper precautions. Which, since I only bareback, they can either backback with me or go look for another fuck. I'm a firm believer in honesty.

    As for your future health and life, you're really lucky to have found this out now, rather than 25 years ago. With proper meds, exercise and sensible living, you'll probably still have a healthier, happier life and outlive most of the 'str8' guys you went to school with. And still have a fullfilling sex life.

    Go forward with your life, stand tall, smile and above all, have FUN! Live every day to its fullest. Don't look back, chastise yourself, or listen to those fools out there. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to many more years of lusting for your hottness ;)

    - Your friend Jimmy

  5. Hey! Don't let people knock you down for who you are or what you have!
    Stay strong and focus on the positive things that still count. I know from exp on this issue and although it's tough at the best of times and people are always going to make some kind of remark! I ignore them and it shows who's the bigger person by doing so.. I wish I could turn the hands of time and take this away, truth be told I can't. I didn't ask for this and yet I have no one to blame but myself for not acting a little more safe. Ignore the people who talk and trash you. Stay strong and focus on your future, it's not over and it'll become brighter as time goes on!


  6. Time to move on.. focus on other things like life and the pursuit of happiness... Time to move on.. focus on other things like career and the pursuit of stability.. Time to move on.. focus on other things like health and the pursuit of strength.. Time to move on.. focus on other things like family and the pursuit of true friends.. Time to move on.. focus on other things like life..

    - My poem - dedicated to Mason Wyler

  7. The haters are gonna hate regardless.... but well said buddy. I respect you immensely!

  8. Love from Australia, Mason. I am a big fan and I am saddened by the news that people are making up stories about you. I am also sorry to hear about your recent HIV status. My thoughts are with you xx

  9. Mason, I regret there's nothing we can do to change other's actions.

    Rage requires little cause and is all too easy to feed. I suggest silence is the better part of valor for now. Without added fuel and time this topic will burn itself out.

    With affection and best wishes...

  10. So sorry they are doing this to you. Hope that you can get some good legal advice asap to take action against them.

  11. i dont know you personally, but you seem like a very fun loving guy. dont let what these tired old queens keep saying ruin who you are. you might be positive, but youre still MASON WYLER.

  12. There are too many ass holes in this world. Only the people who know you and have spent time with you, either in person or via the net, know what a truly good person you are.

  13. Hang in there, dude! You've brought me hours and hours of enjoyment. I hate that people are getting you down.

    You've got a lot on your plate right now. Just keep your head down, take care of yourself, and just do what you need to do.

    And FUCK those losers whose lives suck so hard that they need to spread their misery around. You're MUCH better than them.

  14. you're one of the most blunt guys on the web. Don't worry, people wont believe bullshit about you.

  15. Whyler - There are always jerks in the world. I know you are going through a tough time right now but you can get through it. Hold your head up and don't betray your core values.

  16. I would sue. Nothing says "FUCK YOU!" like a big fat lawsuit. Also technically they did break the law publishing your personal info

  17. While I do feel bad for you... Its sad you can't do anything... Being a public figure your private life is up for discussion by law. I'm sorry to hear it mate. You should just return the posts back on your very well read blog.

    - Jim

  18. Mason, keep strong. Fuck all the people talking shit, they are NOTHING. Its devastating and its not something everyone can relate to so take what these people say with a grain of salt. you know you are better than them. I dont even know you and all I want to do is just give you a huge hug and tell you it will all be ok. your fans will always be here for you. much love

  19. Mason, i wish i had the balls to admit to being positive in the industry as well.
    I read this blog a few times, and alot of the time, i think i saw myself in you.
    If your anything like me, Sex was never an option, it was something to keep you sane and you had no control of yourself.
    i could be wrong. But i guess what i'm just trying to say is your not alone. Just hang in there... it does get easier.
    We actually just met for the first time, very recently and i guess if you wanna sound off to an out ear in the same place...

  20. Good luck to you mate. Ignore the others and just keep being true to yourself Gerry

  21. Mason - get a lawyer...... end of story.

    Also....... get a pyschologist to assist with the mental transition - that is not a criticism but a constructive suggestion from someone who has worked in HIV.

    All the best.

  22. Mason, whatever happens you'll get through it. You've entertained many and are appreciated. No matter how things went down, people are gonna talk sh*t. You know the truth and the people who know you know the truth. That's all that matters. Don't give the haters power by acknowledging them. You'll be fine because you're beautiful inside and out. Whatever you do, just take care of yourself. You're in our thoughts babe.

  23. .... I have seen some of your videos, although I only like a few, but I find your face pleasant, from your blog too.

    I hope you are hanging there, life is never calm for a minor celebrity. Just life your life the fullest you can for now.

    My regards from half across the world to you. And keep on blogging, some people DO CARE for you.

  24. All those posting trash about you Mason ought to remember Karma, cause she can be a bitch!

  25. Hey Mason,

    Please gimme a hollar... Yeah I'm that famous blogger. Go to my link on this comments and hit "contact us" and write me your email address.


  26. Gorgeous babyface... I was shocked when I read this... I couldn't believe it. Giving time to this I. want to sen.d my deepest condolences and also my upmost congratulations for having the testicles to admit this publicly. I have admired you for years, from website to website. I have nothing but respect for you, for taking the bull by the horns and accepting the repercussions of this. I trust you have surrounded yourself with caring trustworthy people to encourage you on this path. If I can, in any way, assist you just email me: legarcon2@yahoo.com... xoxo

  27. Sorry to hear about your troubles, Mason. It shocks me because I've worshiped you as a sex god for ages. You are beautiful and you have given your beauty to the world. I hope things work out - we will always love you.

  28. Mason, I don't know if you even read these comments or not, but I'll speak to you as if you do read them... Keep going man, I don't know you well, but know you well enough to know you WON'T let the "haters" get you down. Keep feeding your hole and fucking all you can... thousands of ugly gays are living vicariously thru you !!

  29. So you've been 'Outed'. Yes it's unfortunate that your ability to control the message was denied. The fact is however that your status would eventually have become somewhat public knowledge. There is no way to keep such information totally private as long as you are a sexual being. As soon as you disclosed to a single person whether a boyfriend or fuckbudd you're ability to control that information becomes nearly impossible. As stressful as it has been to find this personal information in print all over the 'Web', now that it is done you'll not have to endure the behind your back whispering and gossiping. Give yourself Kudo's for testing and knowing your status. When 30% of HIV+ people don't know they are indeed Poz, and therefore don't seek treatment nor can they inform their sexual partners you're now part of the solution rather then part of the problem.

  30. ROCK ON MAN! YOU'RE DA BOMB! And plenty of studios will sign you up, you'll see!

  31. Tommy D introduced me to Mason Wyler. I found u thru his website and really didnt notice u until they started posting behind the scenes clips recently. Your personality just lit up the screen, your warning about falling in love with you was true, I can see why guys would easily fall for you.

    You probably will never know the joy and happines u have brought to the lives of many people(of all races). I just wanted to write this comment to let you know you are loved.

    Eventhough we will never meet, the news about your HIV status is causing me many sleepless nights. It hurts my heart to know that the person in those "behind the scene clips" at nextdoorstudios so full of joy is in so much pain.

    Once again, i send you my love and stay golden.

  32. anyone that takes the time to talk or say nasty things about anyone is uncalled for. I have always said if someone feels the need to talk about me behind my back than I am flattered as hell that they are including me in their sorry lives.

  33. Focus on the people who love you sweetheart. Gather your support network around you. Take care of your physical and mental health and DO YOU!!
    I've only seen a few of your movies (go head with your bad self!) but I listened to your interview on Ben&Dave. You seem like a sweet young man dealing with some very rough stuff but you are obviously strong, you're still here and you're going to be for a long,long time.
    Haters gonna hater. Don't you let them see anything by the back of your hand.
    Let the bottom-feeders troll the gutters. Don't even let it get to you love.

  34. It's so disgusting that a person that has to deal already with such shocking news for him must also confront himself with the meanness of other people (who deserve nothing but contempt).

    One has to cope with the scare of the disease, reinvent his own lifestyle AND deal with such petty haters? That's really frustratingly awful.
    But remember, as you can see, there are many people (people who know you just for your career but I'm sure also peopel who know you personally and appreciate and love you regardless on what you're doing in video) that care and support you. Take their strength, add it to yours and carry on, it's worth it!


  35. dear mason, i dont know if your going to read this but

    i have the upmost sympath for you i realy do
    i worked in the industry my self and am now poz and have been since i was 19 (now 23) i am sadly all too familier with sinde self rightious people who dont have one iota of human compasion.

    coming out and telling people and being able to talk about it is soo much more then most can do

    leo mack

  36. Mason
    I live in Houston. I have seen you out at clubs "meteor" This is 2010 at which time everyone is resposible for there own health. I know you will not willingly going out and infecting someone. Being that you only have sex with legal consenting adults, it is there responsibility for there health case closed. I want you to take care of your health and get the medical attention needed and disregard the losers who have nothing better than to cast stones.

  37. i know how you feel been tested + last year it has a big impact on your personal life i wish you all the best and good luck

  38. I trust in you! sunshine

    Keep it on,boy!

    Cheer Up!!!

  39. I think you are great. You have really helped me more than you will ever realise.thanks for all your great work. Stay strong and be positive about being positive. I wish you the best. You deserve it.
    You have given a lot sexually in the last few years and you have given much of yourself for the porn biz. Hugs, Ken. UK.

  40. Mason,

    Thank you for coming out positive. An an HIV+ man I find it great when people in the public eye are willing to come out and show that HIV is not a death sentence, and that HIV+ men can still be VERY sexy (I'll refer to you to prove my point).

    Never let anyone get you down for who you are, or for being HIV+. There are millions of guys out there who couldn't care less that a guy is positive.

    And if you're ever back in the UK, hit me up! :)

  41. There have always been people in the world who focus solely on the actions of other people in order to forget the problems in their own lives. The only thing a person can do when hatred and lies are thrown at them, is to remember that the person saying it is a fame hungry piece of crap who only worries about these things to make themselves look and feel better.

  42. Thanks for the updated posts Mason, please keep it up! The fact that you've received 128 comments in the last three days from a site you have not maintained for almost two months should speak VOLUMES!

    Take care of yourself Mason and those you love first. But please don't forget those blogging with you and supporting you electronically!


  43. You have the choice - don't become the new Joey Stefano. Spit in the eye (metaphorically) of those that are spreading this. Don't fill the role others want - they want you to end up like Joey for their media fodder. I know it is easy to say not being HIV poz, but you have a choice to live a good life and that is a good revenge. Joey chose not to. You do. I also don't know Cody Cummings or Barry (Paul Wagner) or Trevor Knight but surely they ain't going all insane ATM knowing this. Beat this by living a good life and everything that is said about you online, it's hard but ignore it. You believe what they write, as I did, you nearly lose your mind. Beat them and read Joey Stafano's bio; you have the choice at this moment not to be a tragic bio book story. Good luck.

  44. Hey mason. Always been a huge fan. A little shocked, but hope you pull through ok. You strike me as someone who can easily say Fuck what anyone says/thinks, so chin up. And holy shit do you need to get rid of some people from your life

  45. Strongly suggest that you get an attorney and be honest with them totally. By what you have said various other parties have committed a few crimes in outting your HIV status to the public. Clear violation of HEPA and privacy laws.

    Retain an attorney and let that attorney speak for you to these idiots. No one has the right to out your HIV status with out your written/oral consent barring a medical ememergency and/or a crime has or will take place.

    I would get an attorney and put the fear of GOD into these idiots now before this becomes a big mess than you want to or can handle.

  46. Hey Mason,
    we have something comparable happening in Germany the same time ...
    It's really sad, how people react on those news. It feels like we fell back to the eighties, where the people who got infected get accused for what has happened.
    I feel sorry for you, but as long as you look for your personal health and fitnes, check your status on a regular basis, you will survive!
    Don't loose your positive attitude!
    To me you're still what you have been for quite a long time, one of the hottest twinks that I ever have seen!

  47. Mason, people SUCK!
    I understand where you are. I'm sure you get all kinds of stories.
    We met once a couple of years ago. You're a great guy, and I know you'll get thru this time, and you'll know who your real friends are in the end.
    Much love Mason.

  48. Dear Mason,
    I have been HIV positive since May of 2004. i am healthier than I have ever been in my life since i work out and eat right. I have taken meds since I tested positive with no side effects. I look no different than I did back then except for the ravages of age...I am 46. With the meds my viral load is undetectable. I have a very active sex life with people who know my status.
    I wish you well as you enter a new stage in your life. I hope you career move on without a hitch since I love seeing you in action. All the best.

  49. Mason. You have many people in your corner who still love and support you for who you are. Life happens, those that are throwing stones, someday will be smacked in the face with those same stones. As an outsider who reads your blog and follows your career for what it is you are awesome and have never come across as nothing but honest and caring. It will sound stupid but tell yourself that you are as good as the best, and better than the rest! That little thought got me through high school in the deep south as a gay boy with a long list of haters after me. My thoughts are with you and sending you positive energy to keep your head up high and continue to live your life the best way you know how and always keep a smile in your voice and a twinkle in those pretty eyes. Jaxon

  50. Don't let the Internet trolls get you down. When you become famous there's always someone who is jealous of that and wants to abuse you for it. It was good you came out about your HIV. Now manage it and keep yourself healthy. Should you get very sick it can turn into full-blown AIDS like what happened to me. So go and get a pneumonia shot first thing. Watch the booze and drugs as those lower your immune system. Take this advice from me, I know what I'm talking about. And good luck to you, young lad!

  51. Are You Going To Work for Treasure Island Media or SX Video?

  52. I hope you can get through this as soon as possible.Take a deep breath,hook on your friends and go on.Live your life the best way you can.Go back to study,read good books,travel,help other HIV+ people.Don´t think this is the end-maybe is just another beginning.
    I know these are words.But believee me they are really sincere.
    A hug and a kiss.
    Best wishes,
    From James P.

  53. you are still the best :)
    dont give up!!

  54. I wish you all the strength and willpower to overcome this obstacle. Life ain't over until it's over. So just live it to the fullest. Big hug

  55. Hang in there Brother! Yeah, you are a legend in your own right, and though it may have not turned out the way you would have thought, I believe I will even WANT YOU MORE knowing that there is less of you being filmed, less of your "crazy" antics to be watched, and at this point, not really any possibility of me remotely evening being able to sleep with you/fool around .... other than in my fantasies, because you now have HIV.

    Nothing has changed in my opinion, except that this learning experience will teach you something, and only for you to know, and you have NO NEED to share with anyone.

    I've seen video interviews of you, and YES, you seem to be educated, smart, and I think YOU WILL BE A KICK ASS PROFESSOR / INSTRUCTOR / TEACHER / COUNSELOR / PSYCHOLOGIST if you go down that route. You have experienced what the youth wish to do, yet have your foot tied down with a disease created from the 1980's, so you are history in the making, as you can make a difference.

    If you do decide to become an Educator / Counselor / Psychologist, I know you will do well. You got it in you... As you are a "self-professed" lazy person.... maybe this is the time to change, and not be lazy anymore, as you have come a long way, easily.

    You can still do porn.... POZ 4 POZ, and I would still watch you, and want you MORE, but such is life and my fantasy.

    But I'm sure you will touch the hearts, minds, and souls of many of your students if you become an educator/psychologist.

    Good luck and hang in there! I'm rooting for you! Thanks for the great shows/scenes, and feeding my "in the closet" situation. I would have come out of the closet, if I could do a gay porn with you..... But I guess it just was not in the cards.

    Your big brother,

    Mike in the Closet

  56. "Are You Going To Work for Treasure Island Media or SX Video?"

    the guy who said that go FUCK YOURSELF, not trying to start anything but that comment is completely uncalled for.

    Mason I can see why you have been away from your Blog now, you do what you have to do, been a fan for years and will still be one :)

    -Another fan, Darron

  57. Bonjour Mason ! Je ne serais pas ceux qui vous feront Moraller au contraire . Étant moi-même séropositif depuis 22 ans je sais ce que son peuple capable de t'evincer autour d'eux ou de faire stupide Moraller tandis qu'eux-mêmes sont les premiers à faire la mauvaise chose à faire. Je dirais que même si je ne vous connais pas , je suis de tout coeur avec vous!
    Merci quand même pour tous les bons moments que je passe avec vous à travers vos films .
    Regards ...
    Kisses amicale !

  58. Comes with the territory, and being that you are known and seen by thousands in Gay Adult sex videos and online streaming, you are bound to get the petty, the jealous, the HIV/AIDSphobic, and psychopaths out in the World starting antagonism for their own ends, and in media, for profit. The "bugchasers" are going to be the fetish irritants for celebrities that disclose HIV poz status. In So. Cal/Hollywood where I am, it's almost second nature and the Escorts that service Poz People of celebrity are open to cash disclosures about private lives and sex trysts. The men that will sexually and personally trust you will show themselves for what they are. The HIV Poz status often ranks a beautiful man even more valuable. You want to ultimate revenge? Be more famous as a climax. Video has given you an immortality most in life can't even dream of. Then leave the scene when ready. TREASURE ISLAND, DICK WADD, DARK ALLEY MEDIA, CAZZO FILMS, we who love your work will follow you wherever you chose a path, and then some.

  59. Hey Mason, i want to applaud the responsibility you have shown since your announcement. You put on a show online, but no one is privy to your private life but you. It is clear you are a very earnest individual and do not owe any explanations to anyone outside of those whom you sleep with. Take care man