27 August 2010

What did I just sign up for?

I gave in and got on twitter so if you'd like to, Follow Mason_WylerXXX on Twitter
I can't promise it'll be anything exciting but you never know.


  1. Yay! Finally!! already am following you :D You will get the hang of tweeting once you see how many people are fascinated by your life :P I personally don't tweet much but i have nothing to tweet about! I'm not a celebrity! OH but you are soo keep on tweeting :D Love hearing from ya!

  2. I don't know how people have time to post what they are doing all the time, but this may get me to finally sign up for an account.

  3. Hello! I work as a journalist and would like to interview you, who do I contact?

  4. MASON, I totally believe you and support you in everything.

    I know you've been through difficult times lately, finding out you were VIH+ and being letdown by some "friends".

    However, even if I don't know you I'm sure you'll make it through, not only 'cause you are beautiful on the outside, but because you are a honest and kind person, you care about people even if they don't care about you, and you have the balls to admit your HIV status despite all the negative stuff it implies.

    Just remember, KARMA IS A BITCH, and those who have done bad things to you will someday pay for it one way or another.

    Keep going, you're a great guy, you're young and beautiful, you're hot, you're intelligent, you're a great person, you're still starting to live, and I'm sure after the storm there are REALLY GREAT THINGS coming to you, YOU'LL SEE.

    Wish you the best of the lucks, I wish I was there to hold you for hours (and then fuck you, ok) and make you see what a great person you really are.

    Greeting from Perú.

  5. I hope you will find to entertain us with brazen, sexually deviant, bold and wickedly funny vintage Mason Wyler tweets. That would also have the nice added bonus of pissing off the haters :D

    You know, I believe the reason they attack you so strongly has nothing to do with sexual irresponsibility or glorifying bb sex or whatever else they scream.

    What really pisses them off is that you have never whined or begged for their mainstream morality approval. And I for one love you for that. Rock on Mason!

  6. definitely following! love you!

  7. Je vous aime Mason Wyler

  8. I have followed your career since you started. And I will continue with affection you're in the porn industry or not. You are worth much, the industry is not the only thing in this world.