19 October 2010

I am the Face of HIV in the Gay Porn Industry

Is that pompous of me to say? Yes but I'm saying it anyway. Look. People keep telling me I'm not the only positive model in the industry and I know I'm not. In fact, I've met(fucked) fellow positive models so I know I'm not alone in the Plus Boat. Some have even voluntarily released their status to those who'd care to know. The problem is, none of their news has captured the public's attention enough to take my red ribbon away. Depending on your point of view, I'm still the cautionary tale, the walking PSA, the sympathy queen, and/or the HIV role model. I'm not sure if this is a good thing but I'll take it anyway! Until some other gay porn slut comes out as positive AND has his big story displayed/discussed in all four corners of the HomoWorld, then I am the ONLY Poz in the Gay Porn Village.

18 October 2010

Insider Tips for Future and Current Porn Sluts: Do It Yourself

You don't need an agent. Porn agents are extraneous. Why give 20 percent of your hard earned money to someone that is doing something you could easily do yourself? Finding studio work and negotiating scene rates is not rocket science. Seriously. Every worthwhile studio has their own casting director and model scouts. Simply go to any porn studio's website, click on their "Model for Us" page, and fill out their application. Easy as A B C. Is doing something as effortless as that worth paying for? I certainly don't think so. I have been active in the industry for over 4 years, filmed nearly 200 scenes, worked for 20 different studios, headlined my own website, booked numerous paid appearances, and I did it all without an agent. If I can do it, then any good-looking porn slut can do it. This is Porno Land not Hollywood. You don't need connections to get in. You need a hot body, a big dick, and a strong work ethic. Have all that plus a shameless sexual appetite? Then you're as good as gold. Still not convinced you can do it yourself? I'll help you free of charge. Email me at Mason_Wyler@Yahoo.com and I'll get you started.

Life Goes On

While my quasi-fictional life was being dissected and ridiculed online, I was busy living my non-fictional life offline.

After a very unpleasant summer in Houston, I decided to leave my troubles behind and spend a week on the Florida Coast. It was therapeutic to say the least. Beautiful ocean-front hotel room. Check. Full 8 hour play days at the beach. Check. Sexual reawakening via nightly hotel room sex-parties. Check PLUS. Just what the HIV doctor ordered. Believe me when I say I relaxed and fucked my blues away.

The trip helped me to realize I still have a fairly large and enticing pool I can swim in. To put it simply, plenty of cute guys have no problem fucking an immunodeficient Mason Wyler. THANKS YOU GUYS! Because of you, I came home with a POSITIVE outlook for my future. At least now I know my promiscuous affairs don't have to slow down if I don't want them to. For that, I am thankful. Of course I still have plenty of things I need to figure out, I still have problems to solve and issues to address but my seven day getaway definitely left me rejuvenated.

Amid the most trying time in my life, as my privacy became publicity, and stones were cast in my direction, I found solace and friends in town called Fort Lauderdale.