28 February 2011

Twitter For Porn

Over the years I have created quite a few homemade sex tapes. I'm not talking studio porn made with professional equipment and a paid crew, I'm talking private videos made with a simple handycam and a slew of willing volunteers. These videos can not be found in your local porn store, they aren't on xtube or gaytube or rockettube... in fact, they aren't online at all... not yet at least.

Here's the deal, help get my twitter following to 25,000 followers. Follow me on twitter. Tell all of your followers to follow "Mason_WylerXXX" on twitter. Once I reach 25,000 followers I will post the videos on Wyler Nation for your viewing pleasure. Until then, enjoy these screen shots from some of my homemade sex tapes.

27 February 2011

Skeet Fighter

Are you a fan of Street Fighter? If you're answer is yes, then watch the video after the jump. If you're answer is no, then watch the video after the jump.

24 February 2011

Winter's End

Hello Stranger,

As seasons change, so do I. Spring time is upon us and it's about time I kick this blogging thing into high gear. Like they say, "Third time's the charm." Please check back every day, multiple times a day, and witness the awakening (for better or worse) of Wyler Nation. Regardless of whether you think I'm stupid or witty, disgusting or arousing, boring or entertaining, just you wait... I've got a lot more to show you starting March 1st, 2011. Set your expectations low... real low.

Mason Wyler

20 February 2011

Suicide is for Pussies

The video below sums up my opinion of the people who contemplate and/or commit suicide. These are the Jingle Cats and this is their Last Resort.

15 February 2011


Last week, RawFuckClub.com released a scene I did in December with owner Owen Hawk and his boyfriend Brandon Hawk. Condoms were not used during the shoot. I don't have any sort of ideological reason behind why I chose to do what I did but I do have reasons.

I did it because my career had been at a standstill (or dead) for nearly nine months. I sent out emails, made phone calls, and tweeted to little or no avail. I got offers from plenty of bareback studios but the big studios, which are "safe-sex" studios, weren't interested. There are many justifications as to why my time in the mainstream part of the industry is seemingly over. I don't look as good as I used to... especially compared to who's out there today. I've worked for nearly every major studio/website there is when companies covet exclusivity. I make headlines and gain attention for horrible things. I'm HIV Positive and everybody knows it. I've been in this business for six years, that's a long time for porn, maybe too long, but I can't bring myself to throw in the towel. When RawFuckClub.com gave me an offer too good to refuse, I took it. I love having sex on camera and I can't think of anything else I'd rather do. Not yet anyway.

I did it because I wanted to get fucked by Owen Hawk. Out of all the performers in all of gay porn, bareback and condom, Owen has always been and will always be my ideal top. I have spent the last few years getting to know Owen and in that time my desire to work with him has only grown stronger. He has created a bareback production company which shares similarities in quality with the bigger "safe-sex" studios. His roster of attractive models (his boyfriend and himself included) buck the ugly trend that a lot of the other American Bareback studios create and perpetuate. And his pay scale is inline with what I'm used to, which contrary to popular belief, bareback porn usually pays far less than condom porn. But above all that, Owen Hawk is simply one hot man who on many levels, fully understands me. Ultimately, I chose to go with Owen Hawk and RawFuckClub.com over the other studios because his offer was far more appealing all-around.

I did it because I prefer bareback sex and I'd rather be with other openly HIV positive men. It's understandable for HIV negative people to fear working with me due to my status, even when a condom is part of the equation, but that fear also turns me off to them. If everyone is turned off then why bother? Even if a major "safe-sex" studio wanted me, I'm not sure I could shoot with a HIV negative partner or with a partner of unknown status (unlike my situation, most models HIV statuses are not revealed to the public or within the industry itself), even if said partner was totally fine with me. A part of me would be afraid I could possibly spread infection to them which would hinder my performance. As it stands right now, I feel more comfortable being in bareback with models whose statuses are known to me.

My video has reinvigorated online debate about the role gay porn serves in the gay community and the correlation between bareback porn and viewers participating in bareback sex. My opinion is that porn's role is to entertain not to educate and that bareback sex does not influence real life behaviors. I truly enjoyed making the video with Owen and Brandon. I hope some of you take it for what it is (entertainment) and enjoy watching it.

08 February 2011

The Payoff in Patience

Please watch the following video in its entirety. Believe me, it is worth one minute and eleven seconds of your life. Pillow Pants even makes a cameo appearance!

Nice Try Detroit

I'm all about civic pride but 9 million dollars of civic pride for America's 1st ruin? Detroit is a city that has "been to Hell and back" (although I don't actually think it ever came back). Its reason for boom was also its cause for bust. The automobile industry. So I guess it's fitting a car company (going bankrupt) pay for the classiest Detroit (going bankrupt) ad I've ever seen. Watch the video below to see how Chrysler tries to save two sinking ships with a 9 million dollar inner tube.

Does the video change your image of Detroit?

06 February 2011

As Long As You're DDF

Gotta love them HIV negative bareback bottoms!