29 June 2011

A Certificate of Death

This is a clarification for those of you who want me to make a triple X resurgence under the glare of a professional camera. Mason Wyler, the porn performer, is dead. I've tried my best to resuscitate what was once a thriving and vibrant career but it simply isn't happening. I've contacted every erotic studio you can think of and haven't had any response. No one is interested in casting me anymore and I don't have the know-how, capital, or drive to start my own studio. I have officially flat-lined for much too long to ever come back. It's time I face the fact that my porno-making days are over and move forward. Thank you for all the support, kind words, and adoration you have given me. I hope that you will continue to allow me to entertain you through my blogging here on Wyler Nation.

28 June 2011

Listen Up! "Light Years"

This is Amber Davis. Amber is a halfie (half American, half Filipino) trying to gain an audience beyond the Philippine Shores. "Light Years" is her latest attempt at that feat and to be honest I find it to be fairly generic by U.S. standards. With that being said, a U.S. sound, even a bland one, is a great leap forward for a song coming out of the Philippines where the music industry seems to be mired in soft cheesy love ballads. Besides, in America, generic typically spells HIT so you might like it. That came out wrong. What I'm trying to say is that most of you have bad taste in music so something mediocre yet polished like "Light Years" might sound amazing to you. Give it a listen.

The Other Half: Nick Hissom

Ever wonder what an affluent twink would look like? Well wonder no more because I found pictures. This is Nick Hissom, born and raised in London by American parents, educated in Switzerland at an elite preparatory boarding school, and step-son of billionaire real estate developer Steve Wynn. Nick is currently attending the University of Pennsylvania, has a modeling contract with M and P Models in London and ROCK Models in Paris, and has his very own apartment in Manhattan. It's safe to say this is one young boy who has no need for a sugar daddy. Looks like you old pervs are shit out of luck with Mr. Hissom. But if you want to try anyway here is a bit of useful information: On his Facebook page he wrote, "July 4th is my birthday. I'm celebrating with a party at VIP Room in St. Tropez on Saturday July 2nd! See you there!"

More pictures and even VIDEOS of him are in the full story below!

New Slut On The Block: Noah Brooks

Meet Noah. Isn't he the most adorable thing you've ever seen? Noah may even be so cute that one might think it'd be wrong to defile him but don't be fooled, beneath his innocent good-boy looks is a filthy submissive cum-slut, living to service the world. See his slutty side in the full story below.

Better Bottoming: The Perfect Position

A good bottom should always know which positions work best for each steamy situation and sexual partner he encounters. When you have a dominant top who wants to get in real deep, the face down - ass up position pictured above is perfect. It's a position that says, "I'm a submissive horny slut ready to take your cock, SIR!", and dominant tops love that. Right?

27 June 2011

Listen Up! "This is My Life"

The Greatest Song/Performance/Singer EVER! Take a break from the auto-tuned whores of today (google Nicki Minaj or Kesha) and listen to some real music for a change. Let's it hear it for a real class act, true music royalty, Dame Shirley Bassey.

Southern Boys Do It Better: Colt Fucks Tyler

Let me start by saying this post is a little biased. I am a Texan so my viewpoint may be a little skewed but I seriously believe country boys are the cream of the crop. I mean is there any accent sexier than a country accent? I don't think so. Sex is good. Gay sex is better. Gay sex involving good ol' country boys is best. Don't believe me? Just ask Laura. Need more explicit proof? Check out "Colt Fucks Tyler" over on Southern Strokes, a website featuring exclusive content of Southern studs fucking Southern sluts. Colt spends some time working up Tyler's appetite and before you know it Tyler's hole is devouring the man's cock. WATCH. You won't be disappointed. See full story below for more pictures.

Bel Ami Stud Florian Barebacks Hung Bottom Erik

Bel Ami features some of the most beautiful boys in the world engaging in THE most beautiful thing in the world: Hot Gay Sex. Eastern European hotties Florian Nemec and Erik Bouna clearly fit the bill. They are honestly two of the cutest boys I've ever jerked off to. They're young, clean-cut, defined, and tanned but the hottest thing about them is the way they interact with each other. There's some playful flirting in the beginning but as the scene progresses their intensity builds and their attraction for one another becomes palpable. The two deliver one scorching must-see performance proving that not all Eastern European boys do porn just for the money.  

See the full story for pictures of Florian and Erik fucking bareback.

24 June 2011

One Night Only

Please join me on Friday July 8th for a night of play at Play Dance Bar in Nashville Tennessee. This will be my first club appearance in over two years and will most likely be my last. I'll be there in the flesh from 10pm till I pass out doing what any horny attention-whore would do: signing autographs, posing for pictures, giving out free porn, taking my clothes off, and trying my hardest to get laid.

Play Dance Bar is located at 1519 Church Street - Nashville, TN 37203. For more information go to www.PlayDanceBar.com

04 June 2011

Best Tits and Ass of the Week: Brandon

Brandon is the hot new model over at Sean Cody. This boy is beautiful all around but what truly sets him apart from the rest of the site's hunky line-up is his just-begging-to-be-fucked bubble-butt and his eye-catching pecs. I don't know which part of him I'd lick first. Watch his debut HERE.

03 June 2011

I Feel Just Like Chrissie

Watching this video was like watching my life. I'm totally a black chick (unwanted has-been) trying to get on a whites (desirables) only bus (porn industry) for the Miley Cyrus concert (shoots, parties, award shows, and conventions). And I totally get angry when someone doesn't bust a nut up in me - no metaphors in parentheses needed for this statement.

02 June 2011

One of the Last Men to Fuck Me on Camera

Two months ago I had the pleasure of being a total cum slut for Muscle Man Jim Ferro. I loved every second of it. From wearing a sub-style leather outfit (complete with black leather dog collar and ass-less leather chaps) to religiously worshiping Mr. Ferro's big thick dick, the sex was pure ecstasy. This man definitely used my hole for all it's worth. It felt so good that I think I got addicted to his cock. Ever since our shoot together I've been yearning for my next filling. The video will get you off. I guarantee it. A preview is posted below. CLICK HERE to witness the FULL VERSION.

01 June 2011


When a gay porn-something tells you he is retiring from smut-making, what he really means is his porn career is over. "Retirement" is a term video-whores like to throw around and devalue just like they do with the word, "star". Lots of times you hear of porn "stars" who "retire" to pursue loftier dreams in a wide range of other fields, from working their way up the corporate ladder to working the corner of rentboy.com and men4rentnow.com. Whatever they do after their days of fucking in front of the camera have stopped, they all end up having to WORK for a living, one way or another. This they call retirement and this is a total misuse of the word. In reality, to retire is to quit your job and cease working altogether because you can AFFORD to. Of course, the only people who can truly claim retirement are the people who have enough money in the bank to live off of for the remainder of their lives... or the people who don't mind being homeless. That being said, most porn-somethings I know don't have that kind of cash or tolerance. Retirement doesn't apply when you decide you don't like your work anymore, quit, and look for income elsewhere. And retirement definitely doesn't apply when your work decides they don't like you anymore, forcing you to find a different job. Call it what it is, quitting, being fired, getting laid off, unemployed, or simply over.

Over is exactly what I am. My contract is expired as of today. MasonWyler.com is officially dead. After 3 years of working for Next Door Studios they have decided I am of no more use or value to their company and have opted not to resign me. My porn career had been on life-support for over a year now so this isn't a big surprise for me. Still, having the plug finally pulled on something I love is depressing to me. I genuinely enjoy my line of work and I wish there was still a place for me in it, but I am fairly certain my time is up. I have never been an ambitious or creative person so I am having a bit of trouble figuring out what to do next. I, like the other porn-somethings, am in no position to retire so it is imperative that I realign my goals soon. Right now though, I think I just want to take a few days to mourn the end of a very big chapter in my life.