27 June 2011

Bel Ami Stud Florian Barebacks Hung Bottom Erik

Bel Ami features some of the most beautiful boys in the world engaging in THE most beautiful thing in the world: Hot Gay Sex. Eastern European hotties Florian Nemec and Erik Bouna clearly fit the bill. They are honestly two of the cutest boys I've ever jerked off to. They're young, clean-cut, defined, and tanned but the hottest thing about them is the way they interact with each other. There's some playful flirting in the beginning but as the scene progresses their intensity builds and their attraction for one another becomes palpable. The two deliver one scorching must-see performance proving that not all Eastern European boys do porn just for the money.  

See the full story for pictures of Florian and Erik fucking bareback.

Did I mention that this video includes a cum-swallowing finale? That's right, they both eat a load of cum in the end!


  1. It would still be exciting if you find out that Florian get hard after watching straight porn before the scene.A French pornstar, don't remember the name, made a scene with Florian and posted a picture with him doing that!

  2. I am glad that you like these boys because both of them are Hungarian, AS I AM. I have some 'behind the scenes' videos and I heard them speaking my language (believe me its their native language). This means I still have a chance at you Mason :D